Buying My Step-Sister Ch. 03


I had the corner room up on top, their so-called ‘Presidential Suite’. Really, it wasn’t all that impressive. In reality, it was a one-bedroom, walk-up apartment on the corner of the L-shaped building. Nothing that special, just standard hotel furniture — but, it was new furniture, clean, and the room had a small view. I heard Ashlynn coming up the steps, so I went ahead and opened the door.

“I thought you had that little separate cabana down there?” she asked.

“It’s being renovated and not ready yet,” I replied. With Ashlynn in, I handed her the same envelope as last time.

“What did you mean by ‘and then some’?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at the cash.

“Well, let’s see if you wore what I requested, then we’ll talk,” I replied.

A good girl, Ashlynn was. Under her t-shirt and short-shorts, was the bright yellow, skimpy bikini secured by ties, that was in one of her profile pics. Unlike our last meet, Ashlynn was a bit more like an escort this time, modeling her bikini in an almost-lap dance way, showing me her boobs and rubbing her ass on my tented pants.

It was erotic, yeah, but I was going to control this, and besides, I had a different plan for today. I had gotten there ahead of Ashlynn, so I had the bed ready. Leading her to it, I said, “Okay, here is what we are going to do…” and taking a long sash I had handy, I used it to wrap and tie Ashlynn’s hands in front of her.

“Oh…” was all she said, and being the natural submissive she was proving herself to be, Ashlynn allowed me to do so, and it was only after she was laying in the center of the bed, her hands secured above her head, that she asked, “You’ll let me go when I ask, right?”

“Just say so, and I will, yes,” I replied, half-lying. Using similar robe sashes to secure her legs spread-eagle, she even lifted her hips so I could work a pillow under her butt. I smiled as I looked down at this fucking total hottie, Ashlynn Luker — she was at my mercy.

“So,” she asked. “now you’ve tied me to the bed you’re going to fuck me?”

“Who said anything about fucking?” I replied, and held up a Hitachi Magic Wand.

Ashlynn’s eyes went WIDE and she asked, “Hey, John, what is your plan here?”

Flipping it on, I started working it, lightly up inside her thigh, as I kissed my way up the other. “Just pleasure…” I responded.

By the time I had worked my way to her bikini-clad pussy, those bottoms were already-visibly wet. I was all smiles, as I kissed the fabric, and then oh-so-carefully touched where it covered the entrance of her yabancı gaziantep escort vagina. Ashlynn arched her back and grunted, and I began working it slowly in circles. It was going to be a tortuously-fun afternoon, I thought.

By the time I used my teeth to untie and remove that bottom, Ashlynn was moaning and writhing back and forth. Her hips were tightening too. I had yet to penetrate her though, either with dick, fingers, or tongue. Instead, I kept it up, working to j-u-s-t below her clit, then back down to circle her vagina.

“Oh-Oh-Oh-ohhh…” Ashlynn moaned. Her hips were starting to tuck in, and she said, “J-John? Oh…Oh, Gah… I’m…I’m gonna…”

My response was a very simple one. I lifted my head, and while again making those small circles on her vagina, I plunged my mouth onto Ashlynn’s clit, applying suction. Instantly, her hips raised her ass in the air, and with one mere flick on her clit with my tongue, Ashlynn Luker screamed bloody murder; a crying, orgasmic wail as she shook uncontrollably for at least ten seconds, before falling back limp onto the bed.

As she laid there panting and gasping, I set the Hitachi aside, and began to massage and rub her thighs, up across her pubes, then up to the bikini top. Again ‘biting’ it off, I enjoyed holding one nipple in my mouth, suckling it. One hand pinched and kneaded the other nipple, and very soon Ashlynn was starting to moan again.

“Oh, baby…are you going to fuck me?” she asked, pensively.

I just smiled, and picking up the Hitachi, I looked into Ashlynn’s eyes. Not speaking, I simply shook my head ‘no’, and then started the Hitachi process all over again, exactly as before.

This time, it took longer, but soon enough, Ashlynn was writhing and moaning. At last, it must have occurred to her, and she finally said, “Please, John…Please stop…”

Setting the Hitachi aside, I raised up so that I was over her. It may have seemed as though I was about to untie her, but instead, I looked at her with a knowing smile. Her pussy was so fucking wet, there was no resistance at all to two of my fingers, and I began to plunge them in and out her, very fast.

“Oh…AAAHHH!” Ashlynn outright screamed now. She had dug her heels in, and had arched her body up, raising her ass off the pillow, and was pulling hard against her bonds, as I plunged my fingers in and out of her. Her second intense orgasm washed over her, and this time, she was all but crying, as I reduced her to a puddle on the gaziantep yabancı escort bed — she made quite the puddle with her juices, too.

As Ashlynn was laying there, totally limp, gasping and panting, I smiled, and at last, I untied her. I started with her legs, taking time to give each a good rub, and shifted them together. Releasing her arms, I brought them down by her sides, and, rolling her over, I straddled her as I rubbed her shoulders and biceps. Slowly, firmly, and caringly.


I had been giving her a full shoulder and back rub for at least ten minutes, working all the way down to her hips, then back up the center of her spine. Ashlynn was looking back at me, smiling, like she was drugged, or perhaps in a daze.

“Oh Johnathan…ah-again?” she asked. I was straddling her, and sliding my dick down her ass crack. I stopped for just a moment at her anus, paused, then slid down a bit more….and…in. My entire seven-plus inches of thick, solid dick, slid inside this woman half my age. She didn’t resist. Far from it.

Ashlynn was on her stomach, and half out of it, when I mounted her. I knew from the look, she’d gladly take it — there was no resistance left. Best part was, one corner of the pillow was now in between her legs, so I guessed that was pressing on her clit, and it turned out, I was guessing right.


After seeing Ashlynn Luker be sexually tortured at my hand, you could imagine I was pretty damn horny, so it wasn’t like I started nice and slow. No Sir. From the moment I shoved the old meat-whistle in there, I started SLAMMING myself into her. The one thing I did, though, was to control my pace.

Each time I bottomed into Ashlynn, she yelped. She was totally passive, her face turned to the side and pressed into the sheets, her ass on the pillow so it was higher than her head, and I was on top of her, bringing my full weight down on the piece of ass I had bought for the day. With each thrust, I found myself calling out, “UH…UH…UH!!!” I mean she was damned gorgeous and I was totally prone-bone-pounding her, so why wouldn’t I, right?

“Le-Le…Le-Let me se…se-see you…” Ashlynn was saying, in between yelps, along with, “Gah — your di-di-dick…”

I pulled out and got off of her. Firmly and bluntly, I said, “Turn yourself around, face the foot of the bed, woman. DO IT NOW.”

She reacted like her life depended on it, but now, I let her raise up just a bit, onto her elbows. The top of her legs were still trapped escort gaziantep yabancı by me, as I again buried that dick DEEP inside her, the pillow corner between her legs as before. Across from the bed, was a dresser with a large mirror on it. Pulling — or rather, holding — Ashlynn’s hair back, she was looking into the mirror, right at me. I stared back at her, smiling like I owned her.

When I had made the room reservation, I had ‘asked’ the staff to change the sheets to the high-count Egyptian cotton that would go into the little cabana being refurbished for me. Those silky-soft sheets, held against her clit by the pillow, along with my non-stop fucking, was doing it again, I could tell.

“Is Ashlynn going to cum again?” I asked, as I pumped and thrust into her. “She better answer me.”

“YES! Oh gah…I…I can’t…I’m…I’m GONNA!!” she got out.

In response, I started pounding her just a bit more, and while keeping eye contact in the mirror, I said, “Cum on this dick, Ashlynn…CUM ON IT.”

Ashlynn’s entire body spasmed, as she came yet one more time, the same scream as always, and her pussy twerked and grabbed my cock like a vice, as she screamed and writhed. That was all I could take, too — with a matching, mighty, bellowing roar, I emptied spurt after spurt after spurt into my rented piece of ass. What a great day!


Ashlynn had been there for more than a half hour, out like light, before slowly getting up. I had taken the time to shower. I mean, hey, the room was paid for, so why not, right? I left her alone because she looked pretty spent after that last bit of fucking — her ‘Grand Slam’ orgasm.

“Well I’d say you got your money’s worth,” she said, with a grin.

“Yeah, baby, I did. Every penny.” Motioning towards the shower I said, “Take one if you like. I am going to go back to Dad’s. He is grilling and I need to make sure we arrive at different times.” I petted her head, and added “Also, if I get there first, I get to choose my steak.”

She smiled and started to step past, but I pushed her up against the wall and held her there, as I stooped down and took a nipple in my mouth, suckling and flicking it, while one hand slid through her pubes and played with her clit.

Ashlynn was panting again, as I worked my way up to the nape of her neck…then let go.

“Hey, what the fuck was that all about?” she asked, her question tinged with a bit of irritation

“Well, I’d hate for you to forget me,” I said with a sly grin, and walked out the door.

From the other side of the door, I heard, “Not likely.”

I grinned as I tromped down the stairs.


Hey everyone, and thanks for reading! this is one part of a multi-chapter story, so please give me your votes and constructive criticism, any suggestions as to storyline appreciated!

Special thanks to Kenji Sato for this editing help. Without him this would not have been possible!

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