Candi Meets Mia


“This is a lovely house,” Candi smiled, gazing around the richly-furnished interior of the Alvin Nelson living room, her heart pounding. She had worked hard that morning at her studio, taking care of all the rush photo jobs, and then she had turned the afternoon’s assignments over to her assistant, Laura Wheeler. After… she and Laura had a hot session on the couch in the studio. Candi had thought it prudent to take the edge off before her appointment with the luscious Mia Nelson. Besides, sweet Laura was plenty luscious in her own right.

Alvin Nelson was a very rich man and he had a gorgeous, new, young, trophy wife, the sexy, honey-blonde, 24-year-old Mia. The richer he got, Alvin Nelson discovered more every day that young pretty girls were as easy to get in his bed as snapping his fingers. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered dumping his wife to marry Mia. Yeah, all right, of all the young cunt he enjoyed and continued to enjoy even after marrying Mia, she was the most spectacular. But she sometimes annoyed Alvin with her seemingly endless capacity for spending his money.

It was in an effort to get Mia an income of her own that Alvin had suggested that she resume her modeling career. Alvin had heard from some of his bed-mates about Candi Martin, and called her, suggesting she visit his wife. A very skilled photographer for various magazines he had heard, and, bonus – a total plus for Alvin – a dedicated lesbian. This meant Alvin would not have to worry about some horny photographer trying to get into his beautiful wife’s panties. Silly Alvin. He did not know his beautiful young trophy wife as well as he thought.

Rushing back to her apartment, after her hot session with her assistant, Candi had showered again and gussied up for a very special occasion — the call on Mia Nelson. And now she was inside the big Spanish-styled home. Inside Candi was gushing. Mia obviously liked her, and Candi had nearly drooled at the first sight of Mia. Instant attraction. The first big step toward a new conquest had been accomplished. Now they were seated on a big sofa, chatting.

“We were lucky to get it,” Mia smiled back, her green eyes flicking across snugly-delineated titties inside Candi’s pant-suit top. “You certainly are young-looking to be such a successful photographer.”

“I started early,” Candi said, feeling a sweet tingle in her clit. The vibes were good. The instant the front door had opened and Candi had explained the purpose of her visit she had felt the interest in the beautiful honey-blonde’s manner. Mia wore shimmery gold-colored lounging pajamas that revealed every sweet line of her exquisite body, especially her big, jutting breasts. What a chassis!

She also had that lazy, well-fucked look which might make Candi’s mission to bed this babe more difficult, but then she did not expect to make it all the way home so quickly.

A piece like this would take time and her best efforts — but she was sure the rewards would be all the sweeter. Mia was no giggly Nancy Wells, she had class, she had been around a little, and certainly, Candi’s gaydar was telling her, despite Mia’s current status as being married to a man, she’d had experiences with women. The gleam in Mia’s eyes when she first ran them over Candi, head to toe was enough to broadcast to Candi that bedding this gorgeous chick was a distinct possibility. In Candi’s opinion Alvin Nelson was just Mia’s sugar daddy and judging from a rather badly-posed photo on an end table, was at least twice her age. Probably he was not up to satisfying what Candi was sure was a persistent pussy-itch for Mia.

“Well, will you model for me, honey?” Candi asked, taking a sip of the wine Mia had given her. “Say, in just bra and panties. I could make you some nice extra money.”

A faint pink flush touched Mia’s cheeks. She was flattered, all right. Candi was making points.

“I used to model some back home, style shows and things, but… ” Mia hesitated. “I’d have to check with Alvin… “

“You have just about everything going for you,” Candi said, winking. She feasted her eyes on the startling juts of Mia’s breasts, then along the full slightly opened thighs to the sweet cunt-curve so cleanly outlined by the tight gold-colored pajamas.

“Well, I do love compliments,” Mia giggled. “But I’ve gotten a little plump — here and there… “

“Not at all, honey,” Candi said, her clit tingling again. “You’re just right for nudie shots, or a bikini. Those skinny high-fashion girls don’t come out so good half-naked.”

Mia flushed becomingly. “You must model, too.”

“Oh, once upon a time,” Candi said. “But I’m 40 now and more than a few lines are starting to show.”

“Nonsense! You’re very attractive,” Mia smiled. “Long legs are so sexy… “

“Why, thank you, honey,” Candi said, smiling and stretching her long legs out for Mia’s hot inspection and viewing pleasure. A warm throb started in her crotch. ‘She’s going for it, she likes me and my bod’, Candi thought, shivering, Anadolu Yakası Escort ‘Jeeeese, I’m getting a beautiful hard-on. But I can’t rush this, I want it to be just right.’

Mia felt a sweet excitement in her crotch. She had never met anyone quite like Candi Martin. Professional, but gorgeous and with a definite eye for the ladies. Her lesbian tag definitely fit. Mia could plainly see that. With the gorgeous Candi sitting close by her on the couch Mia’s body had the tingles.

‘God, she’s really beautiful’, Mia thought, shivering again. ‘We vibe real nice together. Despite her long hair, big tits and totally womanly attire, there’s something a bit masculine about her, and that appeals to me. I haven’t had a girl work on me for years, ever since Pam went straight’.

Candi winked, wet her lips with her tongue and arched her pointy breasts forward. “We gals have a way of getting our own way, huh? Getting what we want?”

They both laughed.

Candi glanced at her wrist watch. “Oh, shit. I better split — you said your hubby was coming home later. Look, call me as soon as you talk to him, honey. I think he’ll go for it. After all, he was the one who called me, about you.”

As they walked to the door, Mia was not at all surprised to feel Candi’s left arm slide around her waist and squeeze a little. A delicious pang of need touched her clit. Their eyes met and held.

“I think we’re going to get along just great,” Candi said. “Mutual admiration, huh?”

“Right,” Mia smiled, hating it when Candi drew her hand back. But this was not the time or place, they both knew it. Each girl would have time to think a while and anticipate…


“Well, how do you want me, Candi?” Mia asked. She glanced around the rear studio, at the various props, flood-light stands and other equipment Candi used in her business.

Candi trembled with excitement. Two days had passed since she had called on the sensational honey-blonde, they had visited several times on the phone, notching up the intimacy with each call, and now she was here, ready to pose.

‘I want your pretty ass on that couch and your cunt pushed up for a fuck’, Candi thought, her clit aching. ‘But I have to take this slowly, carefully’.

Mia’s miniskirt, dark sleek nylons and well-filled blouse, her dainty girlish moves, that long rich mane of honey-blonde hair, all had stirred Candi’s glands the moment Mia had walked into the studio; now Candi’s clit was already stiffening sweetly.

“Let’s try you in bra and panties first, honey,” Candi smiled. She wore a snug black pant suit and high heels to give her a leggier appearance, and Mia was noticing. Clit tingling, Candi took full notice of Mia’s noticing.

“Would Alvin mind if you showed up in a girlie magazine?”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Mia laughed. “Might improve his performance.”

Candi winked. “You mean he isn’t taking care of you — and of all your nice goodies?”

Their talks on the phone had put them on a very intimate basis, so far as words went.

“Alvin’s a little quick on the trigger, if you know what I mean,” Mia smiled. Her hands went to her blouse.

“Oh, I know,” Candi laughed. “Not many men take the right amount of time with an eager girl. They just don’t have what it takes.”

A faint flush touched Mia’s cheeks, but she looked away, then glanced around, apparently looking for a dressing room.

“Hell, take your stuff off right here, honey,” Candi said. “I have special undies I want you to wear for the photos.”

“I guess in your business you’ve seen naked girls before, huh?” Mia giggled.

‘Not like you, baby’, Candi thought, her hands shaky. ‘Not like you! I gave Nancy a nice long fuck last night and I was thinking about your cunt the whole time!’

That what she thought. Out loud, she just said lightly, “Oh, sure, but you are a little special. Very sexy.”

“Nnnnnnn, tell me more,” Mia giggled, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. To keep from staring too greedily, Candi adjusted several floods and checked her camera. She wore one of her special bras that left the peaks of her titties exposed; her nipples were hardening against the hug of her suit-top, her cunt was turning wet.

“You have very beautiful tits, honey,” Candi said. “At least, what I can see of them, so far.”

“Well, yours are cute,” Mia smiled, giving Candi a warm glance. “I guess size isn’t everything.”

Making sure was Candi was watching her, she removed the blouse and the sudden view of Mia’s jutting breasts in the thin pink bra, the coral nipples showing clearly through, sent waves of need through Candi’s crotch.

“No, but a set like you’re packing sell better, honey,” Candi laughed. She draped some black velvet material over a chair nearby; blondes always looked more provocative against a dark background. This suspense was killing her!

I’m sure she knows I want to fuck her and she’s flirting with me, Candi thought. Ohhhh, shit! Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I never wanted a piece of pussy so badly in my life!

Mia reached for her miniskirt, a delicious heat building in her crotch. Every move Candi made heightened her anticipation. Of the moment when she was sure Candi Martin would pull her into her arms. What a beautiful slender figure she had! She was not rushing, she was playing it very smoothly. All the little niceties of a girl-girl friendship had been observed, the hints and glances all said it loud and clear, I want to fuck you, honey, and today’s the day.

Mia wanted it to be today, too. Her nipples ached, her clit ached. Nearly two years had passed since she had enjoyed her last sweet cunt-rub with Pam. Alvin had not screwed her since that evening after his arrival home, and then she had finished her fun in the bathroom afterward, as usual. She had imagined that Candi was teasing the goodies from her cunt.

That fantasy had been so exciting, she had peaked out twice more.

She had often read that a lot of dames never turned into a good fuck until they were past thirty. Maybe so. Mia wanted to find out. And she was sure a knowing 40-year-old girl like Candi, who had surely had plenty of experience, could make a fuck just sensational. Well, she had thought about it enough, she had to find out.

She dropped her skirt and stepped out of it, posing with her hands behind her head, legs slightly apart, her tits arched forward.

“Neat!” Candi said, her eyes sliding hungrily along Mia’s figure, a tell-tale flush touching her throat. “Ve-ry sexy, honey. You’re a natural.”

Mia shuddered. The nitty-gritty time was almost here, her pussy was leaking juice into her sheer, lacy bikini panties. A mirror behind Candi told her she looked her best; the smoky nylons accented her long full legs, her tender nipples were sticking out sharply inside the filmy bra, she had spent half an hour fixing her hair and mouth and eyes.

“For modeling — or a little fun?” Mia breathed.

“Both,” Candi giggled, moving nearer. Her eyes flared, her breath sucked in.

‘God, she’s ready’, Candi thought, shaking with wild excitement. Her clit erected between her juiced cuntlips, the fragrance of pussy and lilac perfume touched her nostrils, whirling her senses.

“Do I read you right, honey?” Candi breathed, her nipples stiffening out.

“Oh, you know it!” Mia whispered, swaying closer. Her full carmine lips were parted, her head tipped slightly. She was all ready and waiting…

“Jeeeeese!” Candi murmured, her arms sliding around the warm, pliant waist of Mia Nelson, pulling the gorgeous chick in close. Her tongue shot out, Mia’s arms coiled across Candi’s shoulders, their mouths brushed together as if they had kissed a dozen times. Candi probed her tongue sweetly inward, their covered breasts burned as they met, a little whine of excitement came up in Mia’s throat.

The luscious cling of the younger girl’s mouth, the spread of her lips, her incurving crotch, fired Candi’s lust. She was in. She had it made! She pushed her cuntmound firmly into Mia’s crotch and hunched. Mia shivered, her velvety thighs opening; she knew instantly who was the boss girl, who was the fem. Her soft yield to Candi’s grip, her tremors of mounting delight, were just as sweet as Candi had expected, maybe even sweeter!

Candi stroked her tongue in Mia’s mouth and slid her hands down to the alluring ass-curves. Mia hung on, shivering, her tongue flirting across Candi’s tongue. The silky rump was delightfully firm, smooth and sexy. Those luscious big tits were pushed forward; seemingly alive to Candi’s passion.

‘Damn, she’s got it for me’, Candi thought victoriously. ‘Big time! I’ll give her a better fuck than her husband ever did. I’ll pop her gun till she faints! She’s so much woman my clit feels a foot long.

Candi eased the mouth pressure and flirted her tongue more slowly, slipping her hands down inside the sheer bikini panties of Mia Nelson. Mia’s lips were puffing, her breathing was jerky. Slow and easy, now. She had to make it very good for this bundle of ripe girl. That first climax was so important!

“Nnnnnnnn!” Mia breathed, shaking. Her lips clung, her crotch pushed in eagerly.

“Oh, you sweet thing, you,” Candi panted, hunching again. She bit the full lower lip, gently. Her right hand, went down inside the panties to the dewy soft cunt. Tell-tale wetness leaked out on Candi’s finger.

“Over on the couch, honey-bunch,” Candi murmured. “We’re going to have a lot of hot fun.”

“Oh, you, you’re a devil!” Mia said, her lips still open, dainty shivers running up and down her lush figure. “You don’t want me to model at all.”

“The hell I don’t,” Candi murmured, teasing the velvety lower reach of the cuntslit. Mia back-hunched, offering more of her pussy. “But first things first. I watched you the other day and got a neat hard-on. You did, too. Pictures Escort Anadolu Yakası can come later!”

“Shit, yes,” Mia giggled. “I guess I wanted you to want to fuck me then, honey.”

“Certainly, I did and we’ll make up for it today,” Candi giggled back. She drew her hand from the panties and steered Mia over to the couch, easing her down. The beautiful honey-blonde leaned back on the cushions, her fine thighs spread, pussy-moisture showing along her crevice under the hugging panties.

Candi began to undress.

‘I’m easy and I wanted to be easy, for her’, Mia thought, her cunt aching. God, she’s something! I’ve been ready ever since I saw her last. She watched Candi remove the tight pants top. What a sexy bra, the peaks of her titties showing. What a sweet, leggy bod! She had missed Pam Nugent more than she realized but it would be different having an affair with another blonde; and Candi was much sexier than Pam had ever been.

“Cute,” Mia giggled, staring at Candi’s pointy tits.

“I wore it just for you, honey,” Candi smiled, loosening the band on her pants. “You’ve been there before, haven’t you?”

“A long time ago,” Mia said. She watched the pants come down, shivering. The black lacy bikini panties were so mini they barely covered her cunt. Those long, long thighs sent hot tremors through Mia’s crotch. “But she sure wasn’t like you, Candi.”

“Mmmmmm!” Candi smiled, removing the pants. She moved right in front of Mia, spreading her thighs, tipping her cunt forward, undulating her trim, pretty ass. “What you husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him, huh?”

“Oh, right!” Mia laughed. God, I wish she’d hurry! Mia thought. I teased her and now she’s teasing me. But that’s fun, too! Oh, the way her tongue moved in my mouth I just know she’ll eat me good!

Candi was glad she was not a butchy-looking lesbian; she did not mingle with those types at all. A lot of her best fucks had been with married gals looking for new thrills. And she’d found women who regularly shared their bed with a man, when they cheated, often wanted the polar opposite of their husband. A gorgeous feminine-looking woman. For Candi, stealing some husband’s goodies made it even sweeter.

She dropped down at Mia’s right and slid her hand between those lovely, nyloned thighs, her left arm circling Mia’s waist. She had never wanted a fuck so badly in her life, but this preliminary exploration was very important; it was where most men fell down in their eagerness to plow the cock in and get the gun off. Candi knew even Alvin Nelson fucked Mia often. She, Candi, had to do it better!

Candi shuddered, playing her hand along the silken V of Mia’s legs, feasting her eyes on the amazing tits inside the stretched, pink bra. She brought her mouth over close to Mia’s waiting lips, her clit a hot dagger between her moistened, swelling cuntlips.

“Well, yessss,” Mia breathed, trembling. Her crotch moved forward, she pushed her cunt into Candi’s palm. “You really know how to handle a woman, don’t you, Candi?”

Candi chuckled, thinking of Nancy Wells and Laura Wheeler. Her imagination ran rampant. ‘Maybe’, she mused, enjoying Mia’s tongue action in her mouth, ‘she could get all her girls together with Mia have some nice fun, all together… a real pussy-party!

Deftly she eased her play hand down inside Mia’s panties, cupping the soft, soft cunt. Teasingly she pressed it, thumbed Mia’s clitty and continuing to kiss the moaning blonde, drove her tongue between her waiting, heated lips. Mia shivered delectably, she whined in her throat again. Her beautiful big tits arched forward, her arms clamped tightly around Candi’s neck, her ass lifted. With the skill of long practice, Candi inched her middle finger slowly into the dewy cunt, slick and shivery and hot.

Mia shook wildly, her mouth broke free, her rich thighs swung open farther, and Candi felt the delectable first shivers of Mia’s need. This was it!

“Nnnnnn — ohhhhhh, honey!” Mia cried, hunching.

“Come, baby!” Candi panted into her puffy, sweet lips. “Blow your goodies! Fire your gun!”

Mia’s beautiful, flushed face contorted, her head swung back, her tits heaved in the stretched, pink bra, her ass shook on the couch. Just as the honeyed pounds of her fun vibrated her lovely body, Candi found the dainty clit with her thumb again and pushed it and wiggled it, the way she liked to have her own clit teased. Oh, it was a very well-developed girlie nub, stiff and slick and quivering!

“NNNNNN — OH, OH, OHHH!” Mia whimpered loundly, hunching with the throb, throb, throb of her surging delight. “Ohhhhh — OHHHH! Fuuuuuck!”

“Oh, you’re breaking a good one, baby,” Candi gasped, keeping her finger in deep. A light, voluptuous inner cuntal spasm enriched her thrills. God! There was nothing like busting a new girl’s cunt for the very first time. Nothing!

Mia stopped shaking and slumped back on the cushions, breathing hard. Her ass worked up and down with the waves of her aftermath, her coral nipples ready to poke holes in the clinging bra. She softened, at last, her eyes opening, wide with wonder.

“Oh, goody-good!” she breathed. “You’re just way too much, Candi!”

“Neat, slick pussy,” Candi giggled. “I love the way you come.”

“You make it so good!” Mia giggled back. “What about you, honey?”

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