Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag

It was the highlight of Camp Pride, a special camp for future camp councilors and directors. The campers were between eighteen to twenty-one- years-old. There were six tribes in the camp with about fifteen young adults in each tribe. The final Tuesday night was the game of Capture the Flag.

The rules were simple, the camp flag hung in front of Camp Pride Headquarters, the tribe who took it down and managed to raise it in front of their main cabin won the game. It was easier said than done. Before the game ended many campers would be bruised, beaten and captured.

Terry Cox, the 5’6″, extremely cute, 18-year-old, who could still pass as a Cub Scout, with big bay-blue eyes, thick wavy golden-blonde hair and a smooth well-toned and tanned 135-pound frame his white Speedo barely contained his thick circumcised 9″ penis and smooth egg sized balls was a good swimmer so was sent to sneak to the camp office. He put on his rubber beach shoes and for the Mohawks swam in Playtex Pond and got to the north beach He dashed into the woods only to get grabbed from behind! Three Crow warriors stuffed a balled up pair of skid marked panties in his mouth and wrapped a red bandana over his lips. The warriors tied his hands behind his back with clothesline.

He was prodded with branches and guided through a narrow trail! He meowed with excitement and fear! He ended up at the Crow campsite. He was brought into the cabin and sat in a wooden chair. Two warrior girls and a boy interrogated him. He was questioned and slapped with a branch. He was still gagged as they questioned him for ten minutes. He was erect in his white Speedo throughout his questioning session!

Bored and because of a new prisoner they brought him to the ‘pen’. Two captors tied his ankles together and added rope around his wrists. He was their first captive.

Thirty minutes later Julie Stone, a 5’9″, Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 19-year-old, from the Cherokee tribe, with almond shaped hazel-green eyes, thick wavy shoulder length auburn-red hair, a well-sculpted 157-pound figure and wore a 40EE white sports bra that went well with her shiny red spandex leggings and red running shoes was brought in the ‘pen’. She meowed through her worn jockstrap stuffed mouth as they wrapped a second red bandanna over her full red lips sinop seks hikayeleri and retied her her hands together behind her back. She wet her leggings as a girl tied her pencil thin ankles together and laid her on the 9′ X 12′ plastic tarp four feet away from Terry. He had a raging hardon as he checked out his fellow captive.

They tried to talk and made a feeble attempt to untie each other. A girl slapped them with a stiff branch.

Terry regretted eating the extra helping of baked bean for supper, but he loved baked beans with hot dogs and cheeseburgers. He wet his spandex swimsuit! He got a good whiff of a few pungent farts and it wasn’t him. Julie blushed as she let loose a few more unladylike rancid smelling farts! She was a gas machine!

Aat Montri, the 5’5″, adorable, golden-skinned, 20-year-old, Apache, with almond shaped black eyes, thick shoulder length raven hair he tied in a ponytail, and a silky smooth 135-pound swimmer’s build his gray tank top, bright yellow spandex bike shorts and white sneakers left little to the imagination arrived, gagged with a well-worn thong panty shoved in his mouth with a 5″ wide ace bandage wrapped around his smooth lower face six times. The captors tied his hands together a second time and tied his ankles together. The girl warrior fondled his uncut 6″ penis and smooth plum sized balls! He spurted boy juice in his stretchy shorts!

Terry was jealous. Why wasn’t he getting the same attention.

Aat didn’t seem the least bit nervous or afraid and seemed to enjoy being smacked on his bottom with a stick. He wet his spandex shorts with warm amber piss.

Julie was embarrassed as she peed in her legging s a second time and with the help of a fence post got to her feet! She barely pushed as she farted out a hot, smelly, semi-solid, shiny bronze turd slid between her clean-shaven womanhood to her upper bum crack! She meowed loudly as she had a series of intense climaxes! She was very animated as the last of her four-melon sized BM settled in her stretchy leggings!

Terry got rock hard as he looked at and inhaled the voluminous fecal deposit! He didn’t know why, but he was completely aroused! He hoped the game didn’t end.

Michael Valdez, the, movie star handsome, 5’8″, olive-skinned,

24-year-old, swimming and beach director, with big dark brown eyes, thick clean-cut black hair and a smooth muscular 165-pound frame his yellow t-shirt and matching Speedo showed off obscenely was brought into the holding area. He was gagged with a balled-up pair of well-worn pantyhose with two red bandannas wrapped over his lips. He felt his thick circumcised 8″ cock harden as his smooth walnut sized balls tighten as he looked at the cute blonde! He allowed his hands to be retied as he wet his form fitting swimsuit and grunted, pushed and farted out a steamy, rancid smelling, pliable, shiny copper-brown fudge pile between his smooth muscular thighs! The girl captor massaged him to a climax!

A boy captor untied the other captive’s ankles so they could exercise. Each captive was ungagged long enough to drink a bottle of water. The captors made rude comments about wishing they were sucking cocks instead of drinking cold spring water. The Crow warriors had a mean streak and prided themselves at being the cruelest captors in the game.

Julie tried to plead to clean-up. It was a mistake. The captors stuffed a balled-up pair of very dirty pantyhose in her luscious mouth and wrapped bright red 4″ wide Co-Flex bandage of her full red lips fifteen times. They ran a 12″ silver vibrator between her mile long legs until she had a series of intense climaxes and added an egg sized odorous turd in her already ready to burst leggings!

Aat made a few muffled sounds as he wet his shorts and grunted like a hungry bear. He was soon rewarded with a steaming, smelly, pile of chunky chocolate brown pudding in his stretchy shorts. He came as the last of his mushy five-apple sized fudge deposit settled around his cock and balls!

Suddenly the girl pushed on Terry’s smooth flat and tanned belly. He got as stiff as steel as his poop chute opened up! He came as a hot, almost ass splitting, solid, shiny, golden-brown torpedo slid between his tight balls and wide upper bottom crack! He meowed with delight as shit last of his five-grapefruit sized shit lump settled in his stretchy once snow-white Speedo!

Just as he calmed down the camp whistle blew! The game was over, and the Mohawks won the game! The game lasted a little over three hours. The girl untied Michaels hands.

“Let’s clean-up.” The swimming beach director ordered the three still bound and gagged captives. He pushed them down the narrow trail, more difficult to maneuver through since it was dark outside. Terry got super hard as the poop jiggles and squished in his ruined Speedo. He loved how Julie’s smelly toilet blocker in her leggings. He was ready to blast more boy juice!

They finally got to the pond. Terry was surprised to see at lest twenty other campers cleaning up throughout the pond. He felt a little better knowing he wasn’t the only one to pee and poop himself while captured and gagged. They watched helplessly as Michael washed himself. He was well prepared with soap, wash cloths and a sea sponge on the rock. He planned to get captured.

He spurted man juice all over Terry’s flat belly.

He then untied Aat. The adorable Thai man was instantly erect and spurted semen in Michael’s hands.

Julie back away as Michael approached her. She wet herself a third time. She didn’t want the handsome pervert to touch her.

Aat felt Terry up and massaged him to another climax! It wasn’t a very long or difficult task.

“I’ll take care of the sexy redhead.” Wilma Buxton, the 5’7″, Dolly Parton look-a-like, with doe shaped bright blue eyes, thick curly collar length platinum-blonde hair, a solid 155-pound figure and wore a 36GG cup bra, her white spandex one-piece swimsuits looked painted on said as she grabbed Julie’s shoulder.

“Under one condition.” Michael told her. He had a plastic bag on the second rock.

“Alright.” Wilma agreed and opened her luscious mouth.

Michael stuffed a skid marked pair of shiny nude pantyhose in her willing mouth. Aat wrapped two 6″ wide ace bandages over her pouty pink lips as dozen times.

The older buxom blonde wet her stretchy bathing suit as she pushed, farted and pushed out a almost bum splitting poop chute, hot, odorous, shiny brown, knobby log slid between her smooth-shaven twat to her wide upper bum crack! Michael and Aat played with her perky fat pinkish-brown nipples and quivering pussy! She had a series of quaking climaxes as the last of her six-orange sized bowel movement settles in her wide seated swimsuit.

She settled down and walked the excited statuesque redhead to the shore. Terry had serios wood as he watched the two absolutely gorgeous women strutted away.

Aat and Michael played with the cute blonde and made him cum just before they removed his swimsuit

The rest of camp was boring.

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