Cat’s Meow ~ Ch. 02~Bad Girls Don’t Cum


“Untied?” Cat laughed and showed off her dimples as her smile lit up her face. Her ripe body still stretched across mine and her full breasts pressed on my chest. I still lay on the bed with my hands tied behind my back.Then she added; “I thought I might keep you as my sex slave for a while longer.””That’s okay with me, but you will need to feed, bathe and take care of all my… hum… needs.”I laughed after saying it, but secretly hoped she would release me soon as she had just given me the most uniquely arousing time of my life. I had never been so erotically induced to obey and I longed to repay her in kind.”Okay, then, but you must promise to behave,” she coyly said even as she undid the knot holding my hands behind my back.She then added, “You did promise lunch only, right?”My hands at last released, I pulled her down to me.”I suppose I should have made you promise me as well, but I really can’t complain…” I paused, and then continued, “Honestly, Cat, you are the most surprising woman I have ever met.””Well, you really aren’t half bad yourself, even for a guy tied and blindfolded.””Shut up and kiss me!” I pulled her face to mine, and our lips met, softly at first. Then as our tongues found each other, our kiss slid into a passionate embrace. I continued to kiss her, exploring her increasing response. She was still in a very passionate mood.At last we broke, and I gazed into her eyes, she smiled and her eyes crinkled in an endearing way. There is something special about a girl whose eyes share her emotions, she could make or break a heart with a glance and I was determined to keep her eyes just the way they were at that moment.“Come on, Cat, let’s jump in the shower.” I slid off the bed, holding her hand as I went.Once standing, I pulled her up to her feet and she slid into my arms as natural as if she had been born there. Since I was taller, her upturned chin afforded me the opportunity to gaze down into her brown eyes and her lovely body below. Her long neck led down to her full breasts, prominent areolas and thick nipples, which were even now against my chest. Between her breasts, I could see her flat tummy and the gentle swell of her hips to each side. She was a feast made in heaven.I spun her toward the bathroom door, swatted her firm butt and then followed her as I relished the view of her swaying butt to the bathroom. She really had a stunning body, and after being blindfolded, I wanted to savor each and every inch of her.Once in the bath, she turned on the shower, then reached forward to feel the water. I was transfixed, unable to take my eyes off her slender back, narrow waist and nicely rounded butt cheeks. Finally, I allowed my hands to cup her hip as I leaned almanbahis şikayet over her back. We fit together like spoons.”Warm enough yet?” I whispered in her ear.She looked over her shoulder, smiled and asked, “Do you like it hot?””Yeah, but you are heating me up already.” My cock was pressed against her cheeks and I could feel it already responding to her.Feeling me against her, she laughed, reached around, grabbed my still swollen member, and pulled me to follow her under the shower spray.We were now on equal terms, and I squeezed some soap into my hands and started soaping her shoulders. As I reached her breasts, I could not help but firmly lift each one and pull her thick nipples as I massaged the soap onto them. She softly moaned, they yielded little to my fingers, and I felt my cock pulse as I squeezed them.She responded by taking some soap and rubbing it across my chest, down over my stomach and around my groin. She teased me by not touching my already firm cock.My hands were by then massaging her firm cheeks, and so I continued to her pussy, delicately trimmed with only a sexy triangle of soft brown hair over her slit. Sliding my fingers inside her firm mound, I found her inner lips still warm to my touch.I yearned for her sweet pussy and knelt, pulled her butt closer, my face against her pussy lips as the warm water streamed over my shoulders. I softly kissed her lips and slid my tongue inward to find her nub already firmly aroused.She moaned as my lips pulled her into my mouth, my tongue ran circles around her nub and her hands suddenly found my head, clasping me tightly. I reached up, clasped both of her wrists and pulled them behind her back.”Lock your fingers,” I said as I pulled her hands together.”What? But, I want to feel you… Why?” she responded looking down in my eyes.”Because I said so…” I paused then added, “Bad girls don’t cum. Now lock your fingers together.”She could see from my expression that I did mean it, and after a moment of hesitation, I felt her fingers slowing locking behind her back.Satisfied, I released my clasp on her wrists, stood, and looked down in her lovely expectant face.”I would never limit you as you did with me, so you may speak, but only if you are responding to my question, and although you may freely moan, you are not allowed to do more unless I permit it…” I paused.“And remember… Bad girls don’t cum.”Her expression told me everything I wanted, she stood silent, waiting, a faintly puzzled smile on her lips as she watched my eyes.Then as if everything were normal, I went back to soaping her body, she stood there, realizing the restraint she was in. She was neither tied, nor bound in any way but her own. She almanbahis canlı casino was free to release her fingers, but understood the consequences. In a sense she was subservient to her own overwhelming passion.Satisfied, I finally asked her, “Do you understand?”She looked downward, silently nodded then responded, “Yes, Greg,” she said softly.”What?” I looked down into her eyes as sternly as I could muster.”Yes…” She paused, then added, “Sir.”Satisfied, I reached over and turned the water off, stepped out and then looked back, she was still looking downward.”Come here.”She obediently stepped out of the shower and stood on the bathroom rug. I reached over, took a fluffy towel and started patting her dry. As I dried her delicious body, she looked up expectantly at me, but I only continued drying her. I was desperate to touch her skin, feel her warm breasts and pull her to my lips. Denial is the first step in teaching obedience, although I felt that I was the one being denied.Being master sometimes places more restraints on the master then the disciple, but that is what she was, my disciple, my student, as eager to learn as I was to teach. It was our first time together, and despite the revealing exchange of words, thoughts and fantasies we had shared for the past year, this was quite different. This was no longer a distant fantasy… this was real.Her drying complete, I dropped the towel on the floor, as it was no longer proper for the master to use it. I took a fresh towel, dried my face and hung it up for later use; she might be allowed to use it later for herself, if I permitted it.”Follow me,” I said as I quickly turned my back and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. I could feel her presence as she followed me. On the bed was the scarf she had so diligently tied my hands. I now picked it up and turned, she was still right behind me, waiting expectantly.Twisting the scarf, I reached up and placed it across her eyes, then pulled it around and securely knotted it behind her head. She was now as blind as I had been, and although she could choose to reach up and release the knot in a moment, she knew the price she would pay, ‘Bad girls don’t cum’.I softly walked to the dresser, and sliding open the drawer, removed a present I had gotten her, a set of nipple clamps connected by a silver chain. Returning to her, I massaged her thick nipples between my fingers until they were both quite firm. I relished how hard they had become.I carefully attached the first clip, and she gasped. As I clipped the second she softly moaned. I twisted the clamps and she pulled back slightly and moaned louder. Pulling up on the chain, she jumped even as she continued almanbahis casino moaning.Still bound by her own fingers, I pulling the chain as I led her out of the bedroom. Following me, she whimpered softly. She suddenly pulled back against the chain and moaned very loudly. Then she meekly continued following me, all the while keeping tension on the chain, softly moaning with each step she took. Once into the living room, I stopped near the sound system and reached down to turn the volume up slightly.”Stay here,” I commanded.With the music playing, I walked to the full-length windows, the sun was setting, but the view across the way was all I wanted. I could see the distant apartments, each close enough to see in, but not to see clearly. I softly eased the patio door open and enjoyed the fresh air. I reached across and turned on the lamps, dimming them, but still allowed enough light that I could relish the beauty of my ingenue.I looked back at my ravishing lady, still standing there beside the stereo. Her head down, the chain swung slightly as she slowly swayed to the music. I could hear her soft moans.I walked to the bedroom, and retrieved another present I had bought Cat, one she knew nothing about. With the present in hand, I returned to the living room window.”Come here,” I ordered.Her head rose as she sought my location and then stepped toward the direction of my voice.As she came closer, I repeated, “Cat, here.”“Yes Sir,” she responded meekly, then turned slightly, adjusting her hesitant step and came closer to me.”Stop.” She immediately stopped, frozen in her tracts.I took her shoulders and bent her over the sofa, in full view of the window, her butt now beautifully displayed in front of me. I softly slid my fingertips up her calf and to the inside of her knee. As I did so I could see her muscles quiver, then I slowly traced my fingertips up her thigh.”Spread your legs.”“Yes Sir,” she quickly responded.As she obediently spread her legs, I opened my hand and gazed at the pink C-shaped vibrator, smiled and teased her moist lips with it, then slowly eased it inside. Her hips swayed as she slowly accommodated it, and once in place, the curved vibrator extended from deep inside her moist pussy and to her clit. As I nudged it against her, she softly moaned.”Stand up.”“Yes Sir.” She straightened her back and stood upright.”Turn around.”As she finished the turn I added, “On your knees in front of your Master.”“Yes Sir.” She softly smiled and knelt on her knees in front of me. My cock was already engorged and her face was mere inches from me as I gazed at her. I stepped forward slightly, my legs on either side of her knees, and held my cock.Then I softly slapped her cheek with my cock, she looked surprised, but on the second swing she tried to catch my cock in her lips.“No, my Cat, you haven’t earned that yet. Keep your mouth shut.”I softly swung my cock back and forth against her cheeks, brushing her lips, and caressing her chin.

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