Caught my sister-In-Law (The next scene)


Caught my sister-In-Law (The next scene)The story so farI had just walked into the lounge of, my sister-in-Law Sandy. I had previously spent some time secretly watching her, through a crack along the hinge side of the door, giving masturbating herself to two orgasms watching porn. As I entered she was standing there with her breasts out of her open blouse struggling to pull up her trousers and panties.“I can explain,” she said sheepishly.“There is nothing to explain!” I responded. “It is obvious that you have just had an orgasm! The glow on your face is just like your sisters!”Sit back down and relax!” I said turning towards the TV hoping that my raging hard-on was not obvious. However I was sure she was too flustered to notice.I picked up the cover of the DVD and read, “ ‘Holiday Fun. Solo, Girl/Girl and Threesome Action!’ If you think it’s any good I should get c a copy.“Anyway we won’t be needing that for a bit!” I said walking back across the room to where Sandy was still sitting/laying back on the chair. I reached down and ran a finger round one of her nipples. It instantly started to go hard.“We shouldn’t be doing this!” Sandy said half-heartedly. “You know you want to. And so do I. This is just the opportunity we wanted,” I said continuing to circle her nipple. Sandy did not object and relaxed a bit more.I stopped and said, “Don’t move! I’m going to lock the türbanlı bayan escort back door to make sure we don’t get interrupted.I quickly returned, kicked off my shoes and started once more working on one nipple then the other.“This is the first time I have seen you tits,” I said conversationally. They were medium size with a nice dark and large areola. I had to use the other hand to adjust my cock which was demonstrating how thoroughly I was enjoying the experience.After a while I ran a finger of each hand round both of her sumptuous breasts. Sandy was now clearly enjoying the sensations flowing through her body.I started to knead her breasts with both hands before running one of them down to her tummy to tickle her belly button. She started bucking and twisting. Her breath was coming more ragged.I decided it was time to go for the main course, left her breasts and tummy and pulled her trousers and panties off. Ducking down between her legs I started working my tongue up her legs until I found the sopping wet lips between the bush of dark brown hair. I pushed my tongue in and started to work up and down in unfamiliar territory. However judging by the heavy breathing it appeared I was hitting somewhere near the spot. It only took a few strokes before I heard a rasping noise in her throat followed by a prolonged yell türbanlı escort bayan “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” as her orgasm crashed across her. She was bucking with her back arched for about 30 seconds. I kept up the rhythm until finally she stated to laugh rather than moan in ecstasy.She smiled, closed her eyes and relaxed looking totally content.I got up and said, “Don’t move!” I will be back shortly.I went to the bathroom to have a pee. It was somewhat difficult since I was still massively hard but progressively I relaxed. I then washed and then got dressed.As I got back into the lounge Sandy asked, “What now?”“Now it’s your turn to work on me!” was my reply standing in front of her.“What do you want me to do?” she asked.For a moment I thought she was trying to be humorous but then I realised she honestly needed guidance.“Pull my trousers and pants down and lick my cock anywhere you like,” I said. I had hoped that my penis would still be a bit saggy and she would work on it. However it was not to be. Percy was decidedly perky and by the time my trousers hit the floor I was rock hard and reaching for the sky meaning Sandy had to work my pants off round it.Sandy started licking gently round the balls and then worked up the shaft then back again. The sensations were delicious. I had the feeling that escort türbanlı she had seen it before on porno videos but had never done it before. I didn’t want to push her too far and insist she took me in the mouth. Whilst I don’t have the biggest penis in the world I am quite well endowed.After a while I decided it was time to move on.“Lay on the floor,” I instructed.“You are on the pill aren’t you?” I queried.When she confirmed I then moved on top of her and gently eased by cock inside her love passage. Gently at first but since she was so wet I slid in easily. I slid in and out a few times and was rewarded with rasping breathing. I slid my right hand down and moved between her lips until I found her clit. I wanted to make sure she came again. I increased the rhythm of both the insertions and rubbing on her clit. Her breath came more and more uneven. Her head went back. I rubbed her clit faster but slowed the movement of my cock enjoying myself immensely. I knew she was going to come and she yelled, almost deafening me.“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”As her orgasm was subsiding it was my turn and had an intense orgasm as I emptied myself inside her.We lay there for several minutes and then it was time to move off.“Think we should get dressed before we get disturbed!” I said.As we got dressed I said, “It would be easier if you wore a skirt and no knickers next time. That way you’ve only got to stand up and the bottom half falls into place.“We need to agree a signal of ordinary things that can happen in public, and we can say in front of other people, when we want to do this again. I have an idea …”

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