Celeste Pt. 03


AN: If you’ve read part one then you know one of the characters in this story has the ability to change his body. In this installment there is lactation. There is also mild incest near the end. I hope you enjoy!

“Why on earth would gods need to have a meeting?” Connor was sitting on Celeste’s bed. Now that the god had awakened and had a mind-blowing foursome with his godly brothers and Connor he was loathed to go back to sleep. And truthfully, as long as he didn’t go to the mortal realm and drain people dry for multiple nights on end no one would tell him otherwise.

Celeste was half dressed, wearing a short flouncy black skirt that stopped mid-thigh and his black shiny stiletto heels. He was digging in his closet, looking for a shirt when he answered, “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, can’t you all see everything that’s happening? You’re omniscient right?”

Celeste let out a laugh that warmed Connor to his core, “Well, yes, you’re not wrong,” he turned around and held up a pale pink tank top, but when Connor shook his head no he threw it to the ground. He dove back into his closet, “but you see, I’m the god of lust, so I spend energy on that, making sure I divvy it out fairly, that people aren’t abusing it and all of that good stuff, but-“

“How do you do that when you’re asleep?” Connor interrupted.

Celeste turned around, annoyed and cocked a brow, “I’m not comatose. More like…in stasis. Annnnnywayyyy, I don’t know what all the other gods are doing. Being,” he smiled, “omniscient I could open up and peek in on the others but we are all so busy we don’t bother. So we have meetings, make sure we aren’t overlapping.”

“How does that happen? Overlap I mean?”

Celeste pulled on a long sleeve black shirt that looked like tar poured all over his chest. Every line of muscle, every peak and valley could be seen. The neck was obscenely scooped, so low and wide that Connor kept watching to see if the god’s nipples would pop out.

“It’s quite easy to overlap. Take my brother Lawrence, he’s the god of rebirth,” Celeste walked over and plopped down next to Connor, “well one time the god of destruction called forth a forest fire. But Lawrence didn’t know, so that area saw no new plants for years.”

“Holy shit,” Connor whispered and blushed when he saw Celeste smirk at him. He tried not to invoke godly figures of speech, but it was hard. He cleared his throat, “Is that the reason you have meetings now?”

“Not just that incident, but a smattering of others here and there and finally we came up with this system. There are still mistakes, but ultimately this works,” Celeste stood, “I should figure out what perfume I wish to wear.”

Connor watched as Celeste went to his vanity. Connor found the god utterly beautiful. He liked the juxtaposition of his slim body and feminine clothing against his masculine voice and commanding presence. Though, no one was more intimidating than Bartholomew, Connor thought.

“Wear the vanilla,” Connor offered.

Celeste looked over his shoulder with smoldering eyes, “You get horny when I wear vanilla,” he smirked.

The four of them haven’t played for weeks since the spontaneous foursome they had in Connor’s room. Aside from the time right after when Lawrence pleasured Celeste in the shower. Since then Celeste has flirted with his brothers and teased Connor. Every now and then Bartholomew would slap his ass when he walked by and Lawrence had taken up the habit of kissing him passionately before bed, but nothing sexual had happened. And it was driving Celeste insane. He had no idea why his brothers haven’t ravaged him since. He assumed Connor wouldn’t dare on his own, the human probably wouldn’t do anything without Lawrence. But maybe his brothers, deep down, felt guilty. They were one of the few gods that were related. Maybe, afterwards they were ashamed of the incest. Maybe now, a few weeks out, their desires were tempered. Celeste didn’t know and while he had plenty of other gods he could sleep with he only İstanbul Escort really wanted to share his modified body with his brothers and Connor.

Celeste opted for the Jasmine scent then went back to his bed. He took Connor’s hands in his suddenly and leaned towards him. His lips were lightly tinted and shiny. Connor wanted to kiss him, but he held back. Instead he looked at the god wide eyed, his breath quickening.

“Can you answer something for me?” Celeste asked sweetly.

“I…uh…I can try,” Connor glanced down and bit his lower lip when he realized Celeste’s right nipple had come free of his shirt.

“Why haven’t any of you…” he blinked slowly, watching Connor closely. He dropped his gaze to see what the human was looking at. He smirked when he saw his nipple, pink and slightly hard. He flicked his eyes back up and whispered, “you can touch it…if you want.”

Connor looked up wide eyed, “Oh…um…I’m so sorry!”

“Why?” Celeste leaned in closer, his warm breath washed across Connor’s lips as he spoke, “I already said it was okay,” he whispered seductively.

Connor took a deep breath before reaching up and using his knuckle to rub against the bud.

“Yes…that’s it,” Celeste’s voice was breathy.

The human continued to rub until the nipple was completely hard. He then took it between his thumb and index finger and started to roll the nipple. Celeste let out a gentle moan at that. Connor squeezed and pulled it softly, wanting to draw more moans from the gorgeous god. He removed his fingers and started to rub the nub again.

Celeste sucked in his breath then said, “My question…”

“Yes,” Connor looked down at his fingers playing gently with Celeste’s nipple.

“Why haven’t I been sought out?” Celeste groaned when he felt Connor’s nail drag along the hard tip.

Connor looked up at him then, “I don’t know. They haven’t said a word to me,” he looked back at his task, “Are you lonely?”

“No,” Celeste smiled, “just curious. I enjoyed myself.”

“I enjoyed you too,” Connor chuckled, “there was so much I wanted to do…wanted to watch…”

“Mmm,” Celeste placed his hand on Connor’s thigh, “tell me?” His cock was coming to life.

“I wanted to play with these,” Connor lifted his other hand and pinched the other nipple through the fabric. When he heard Celeste moan he looked up at him, “You’re beautiful everywhere, but these,” he pulled them and watched the god’s eyelids flutter, “are my favorite.”

“Do you wish me to stay as I am?” The god of lust’s breathing was picking up, “I can make breasts for you. Do you want to play with me that way?”

“No,” Connor shook his head, “I love looking at you like this. Please, stay this way.”

Celeste nodded, “I shall.”

Connor took his time fondling the hard nipples. He flicked them with the tips of his fingers and squeezed them until the god gasped. Finally, he bent down and took the right one into his mouth and sucked. He was pleased when Celeste let out a louder moan so he sucked a bit harder. Connor tasted sweetness suddenly and he pulled back. The nipple that had just been in his mouth was shiny with his spit, but also moistened further by creamy liquid drizzling from the tip.

“Celeste?” The god blushed and Connor’s semi erection went to full attention at just how cute Celeste looked right now. Connor reached up and pinched the bud and watched as a little more trickled out, “It’s milk isn’t it?”

The god looked away, “I didn’t conjure it I swear,” he glanced back, still embarrassed, “I’ve just always been like that. Not all the time though. But you’ve been playing with them an awful lot…”

“I don’t mind,” Connor lifted his hand and licked the milk off his fingers. Just like how it was when Connor had tasted between Celeste’s legs the god was sweet. A flavor unlike any one he had tasted before. He bent his head again and continued his task.

Celeste felt a shiver run up his spine and shocks Maltepe Escort of pleasure radiated from each nipple. He pushed his hand into Connor’s hair stroked him as the human drank down his milk. His other nipple started to leak though Connor had abandoned it to focus on suckling the one in his mouth. The god of lust’s cock was fully erect and it twitched with each pull of Connor’s lips. The human wrapped one arm around Celeste’s back and moved to the other nipple. Neglected, it seemed to be throbbing with need and Celeste was actually trembling in anticipation.

Connor used his teeth to pull the dark fabric down and let out a groan at the sight. He dropped the fabric and just looked at the pink tip for a moment. He waited until a milky droplet beaded at the tip before he blew on it. Celeste whimpered and the sound made Connor finally lick the tip, needing to hear more from the god.

Unlike the right nipple, Connor didn’t suck it, instead with the left he used his tongue to flick over the straining bud rapidly. Over and over again until Celeste threw his head back and arched in pleasure. The god placed his hands on Connor’s shoulders and gripped him tight. Connor continued his assault, the action flinging sweet milk all over Celeste’s chest and his own lips and chin.

“Oh please, oh please,” Celeste’s hips started to roll sensually, “suck it, suck me!” He was begging as he felt his body warm more and more the longer he was licked.

Connor obeyed, wrapping his lips around the nib and giving it one strong suck. He felt a gush of liquid hit his tongue and he started to suckle him in earnest. Celeste was mewling, rolling his hips and gasping out ‘yes’ and ‘more’. Connor finally lifted his hand and pinched the other nipple. The god bucked and Connor squeezed until a steady stream of milk flowed from the tip. He pulled off the left nipple with a pop and watched as it squirted a bit.

Now with both hands he began to milk the god. His cock was so hard as he watched those pretty pink tips dribble and squirt stream after stream of sweet milky goodness with each squeeze. He licked his lips, tasting the liquid and he moaned, “You’re gonna have to change shirts,” he pulled and this time a stream released so far it landed on his pants leg, “I could drink you all day. You taste so good. You taste so good everywhere. I remember how sweet your pussy was too. If only you were naked, I’d take my time and lick you all over. I’d suck your cock and your cunt until they were leaking just as much as these,” he squeezed and the nipples dribbled more.

Celeste was panting now and his cock tented the front of his skirt. He rocked his hips shamelessly. He wanted to touch himself, but he was so spun up that if he did he would come much too fast. He wanted this to last. He whispered, “More, please…I need it.”

“Are you draining my life force?”

Celeste opened his eyes partway and looked at the human through the fall of his lashes, “Just a little…” he looked a bit sheepish.

“You can’t help it can you?” Connor was smirking.

“Not really,” the god squeaked when his nipples were twisted, “but I’m slowing down the syphon. I won’t harm you. I swear.”

“I believe you Beautiful.”

Celeste shivered at the endearment and felt his nipples tingle as the human continued to twist them. The front of his shirt was damp and he knew he was leaking precum into his panties by now. He rolled his hips, wishing he could grind his cock against something for more pleasure. He moaned long until his mouth hung open, his mind hazy with lust. He begged once again for more.

Connor gave him a soft smile then leaned in and licked Celeste’s right nipple, “I wonder if I can make you come with just nipple play alone?”

Celeste whined at the prospect. He really really hoped Connor would try.

The human hadn’t lied, he longed to lay the god flat and explore his whole body. He wanted to undress him and look upon his luscious naked body again Maltepe Escort Bayan and kiss every inch of him. He wanted to spread his legs and suck his cock and if Celeste were up for it maybe he’d even change for him again so he could suck on his clit. Connor knew, however, that they were in a time crunch, they had that meeting to get to so if nothing else he was going to make the god climax.

Connor used his index fingers to rub the tips of Celeste’s nipples gently. The more he rubbed the more they leaked and it aroused him so much to watch the front of the god’s shirt get more and more soaked.

Celeste was moaning near constantly now, his fingers digging into Connor’s shoulders. He desperately wanted to touch his cock, but he also wanted to see if he could come from just this relentless nipple play. He was pretty sure he could, his erection was throbbing and his nipples were sending pleasure through his whole body, all the way down to his toes. He could feel his panties getting damp with his precum and for some reason that excited him more.

Connor lowered his head and kissed the tip of the god’s nipple. He licked it, then whispered against it, “Come for me Beautiful,” he took it between his teeth and gently bit down.

That was the sensation needed and the god arched his back and came. His hips bucked over and over as his cock erupted, filling his underwear with his creamy cum. His eyes were closed tightly and he was letting out quick moans and gasps. Connor rolled one nipple between his fingers while his mouth nibbled and sucked the other one.

Celeste as still shaking, coming down from his orgasm when he opened his eyes a bit and noticed someone standing in his doorway. His lids parted more and he gasped, “Lawrence!”

Connor pulled back from Celeste like he was made of fire and both men looked up at the other god with wide eyes. Connor stood and turned his back to Lawrence and adjusted his straining cock while Celeste lifted his wet shirt and hid his nipples once more.

Lawrence walked up and stood over his brother, “Clean yourself up,” he pursed his lips, “We need to start making our way to the meeting.”

“Yes brother,” Celeste slapped his thigh and stood, he had been abruptly taken out of his enjoyment of his climax and he was upset about it.

Connor was trembling a bit, fearing what his punishment might be. When the god touched his shoulder, he flinched then turned quickly and whispered, “I’m so sorry,” he couldn’t look at him, ashamed he had played with Lawrence’s brother behind his back. He was bound to Lawrence, not Celeste. Surely the god would feel slighted.

On the contrary the god was smiling slightly, “I’m not angry,” he said softly, lifting Connor’s chin with the knuckle of his index finger, “my brother is lovely and seductive. Being alone with him, especially after what we have done with him, would make me…” he smirked, “needy as well.”

Connor blushed just as Celeste walked up in a new shirt, this one black like the other, but completely sheer. He frowned at his brother, “Is that why you and Bartholomew won’t be alone with me?” he put his hands on his hips, “Because you don’t want to be ‘needy’?” He knew he sounded bitter and he didn’t care. Apparently being ignored by his brothers had bothered him more than he realized.

Lawrence’s brows went up, “What ever are you talking about?” He reached up and placed his hands on either side of his brother’s face, “I adore you. You know what you do to me?” He pulled him close and began to kiss him passionately. Connor watched and felt his cock twitch. The two gods were stunning, he could watch them make out all day. Lawrence pulled away with a soft sound, “Celeste, my dear brother,” He chuckled a bit, “it’s the beginning of the growing season on the other side of the world.”

“Oh!” Celeste’s eyes grew wide, finally understanding.

Lawrence smiled, “Oh indeed. I’ve been very busy.”

“What about Bartholomew?” the god of lust pouted a bit.

“He’s Bartholomew,” Lawrence shrugged, “anyway, come now,” he reached out and took Connor’s hand, “let us be off.”

Connor hadn’t thought he was invited, being human and all, but he didn’t question it. He enjoyed spending time with Lawrence. The three of them walked out of the room and headed down the hall towards the meeting site.

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