Chapter IV: The Blonde And The Brunette


It’s the morning after my little tryst with my busty neighbour and I feel great. My mind is racing over what transpired last night. I can still taste her soft lips on mine and feel her breasts in my mouth.I look over at the clock by my nightstand and it’s ten to eleven in the morning.’Ugh, I’ve got another nine hours until I see her again,’ I think to myself. I spend the day working out and biking around the neighbourhood, anything to pass the time and to get her gorgeous body off my mind.I get home from biking at 5pm and make dinner. I need to make sure I’ve got the energy to fuck her sexy brains out.I hop in the shower and immediately get rock hard thinking about climbing inside her tight pussy. I turn the water to cold to try to calm myself down, but it doesn’t work – still hard as a rock. I climb out of the shower, dry myself off, and throw on some sweats and a t-shirt. It’s 6:30. Go time.I walk over to her place, right up to her front door, and ring the doorbell. My heart’s racing with excitement and nervousness. A few seconds later the door opens.“Hey!” she says in her cheerful, sexy voice.She’s wearing pink pyjama pants with a pink tank top that barely conceals her luscious breasts, and a pair of cute pink bunny slippers. She’s got her dark hair done back in a ponytail. I feel myself get a little hard.“What’s up?” she asks.“I’m here to pick up where we left off last night,” I sheepishly explain. I fucked this woman last night and I’m still nervous around her.She smiles and says “That’s right, I completely forgot.”’Shit, was I that bad,’ I think to myself.“I can’t tonight actually,” she explains. “I got a call from my boss this morning and I’ve got to fly out early tomorrow for a business meeting with a bunch of the partners. I’ll be gone for the week.”“Oh that sucks,” I say, the disappointment visible on my face.“Listen, come on in and we’ll hang out for a bit. We never actually did have much of a conversation last night,” she laughs.“Sure,” I say.She led me into her house, past the bedroom where we fucked the other night and into her living room.“Have a seat,” she says smiling at me.I sat down, across from me was the couch where she sucked me off almost to the brink. She sat down facing me with her legs crossed underneath her.“So about last night,” she said. “That was really fun. I didn’t expect you to be so good.”I smiled. “Thanks. Neither did I. I guess I watch too much porn.” She laughed. I continued, “I was pretty nervous in the beginning, but you were amazing.”She blushes a bit. “So what are you studying in the fall?” she asks.“Physics,” I reply. “It’s kinda nerdy but I like it.”She laughs, “Oh look at you mister brainiac. You must be pretty smart.”I smile, “I try my best. What about you? What do you do?”“Well, I went to school for law and now I work as a legal assistant for a law firm downtown.”“Oh wow, law school. That’s really expensive. Did you have to get a loan for that?”“I got a partial loan but it couldn’t pay for it all so I had to work on the side.”“Where did you work?” I enquire. She pauses for a second.“Well, I started off stripping at a downtown gentleman’s club, but after a year of that I found out I could make more money as an escort, strictly for high-end clientele, businessmen, lawyers, those types. So I went into that. After I paid for school and paid off my debts I quit the business. It really wasn’t for me.”I don’t know what to say. I’m a little taken aback and laugh nervously.“That doesn’t make you uncomfortable, does it?” she asks a little Bostancı Escort concerned.“No no, not at all,” I downplay it. “It’s just…I’ve never come across either a stripper or a call girl before so it’s a new experience.”She smiles, “Ya, I can see how that might be a little surprising. I mean, the whole business is kind of taboo. It was weird for me too in the beginning but I got used to it.”“I can only imagine what goes on in a strip club. I won’t be able to go for another week.”“Oh really?” she says. “When do you turn nineteen?”“On the 10th,” I reply.“That’s the day after I get back!” she exclaims. “I’m gonna have to get you something for your birthday.”“Oh you don’t have to do that.” “Nope. It’s happening,” she replies with a laugh.We talk for another hour or so about random crap before she says “It’s getting kinda late for me. I need to head to bed.”“Cool,” I say.She walks me to the door. “Listen,” she says, “let’s exchange numbers and I’ll give you a shout when I get back.”“Sounds good.” I reply. “What’s your name anyways?” We spent all this time and I still didn’t know her name.“It’s Chelsea,” she replies with a smile. Of course it was. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and sends me on my way. I spend the next week wondering what my present is going to be. Deep down I have a pretty good idea, probably something sexual. Maybe she’ll suck me off again, deep throating my cock. Or maybe she’ll ride my cock as she shoves her gorgeous tanned breasts in my face. Maybe it was both of these things. Maybe it was none and I’m getting my hopes up for nothing. Either way I want to be prepared. I watched as much porn as I could, studying different positions that I can do with her. She’s probably experienced in all the various positions anyway but I want to make her moan and cum.The 9th comes rolling around, the day that she gets back her from trip. I don’t know what time her flight gets in so I just hang around my phone waiting for a call or text. Nothing. I figure she’ll wait until the next day for my actual birthday. I’m right. I woke up at around eleven am and I’d gotten a text from her an hour earlier that said ‘Happy birthday!!! I got your present!! Come over at 7pm xoxox’. I can’t help but smile. ‘Okay. Can’t wait!’ I reply.As usual my parents are away for business. They called the night before saying they’ll be away for another day or two, coming home on the 11th. Fine with me. I spend the rest of the morning watching TV and hit the biking trails in the afternoon just to distract myself.’What could my present be?’ I think to myself. ‘A three-some? Nah. It better not be a card.’I arrive home at 4:30pm and make dinner. Afterwards I hop in the shower and wash up making sure I smelled really good for her. I throw on my boxers, sweats, and a t-shirt and head over to her place. I check my phone just before I leave and see a text from Chelsea. ‘Door’s open, so come on in whenever.’ I can barely contain my excitement.I open the door and walk into her house, closing the door behind me.“Hello?” I say, trying to figure out where she is.“I’m up here!” She replies. “Come on up.”I slip off my sandals and walk up the stairs. I heard her voice come from a bedroom to the right. The door’s slightly open so I push it all the way in and step inside.’Holy shit,’ I whisper to myself.My eyes widen. She’s standing by the bed wearing a black bustier corset that extends down to her hips. Her large breasts are pushed together and she’s wearing a black g-string Bostancı Escort Bayan that just covers her vagina. She’s wearing black thigh-high see-through stockings and a pair of open-toe stiletto high heels. She has her make-up done up beautifully with pink lipstick accentuating her full lips, eye shadow lightly done, and her voluminous black hair extending past her shoulders is slightly curled. Her nails are done in the same shade of pink as her lips.“Happy birthday,” she smiles at me as she walks towards me, never breaking eye contact. “I bought this for you while I was on my trip. Do you like it?”She lightly runs her hand down my chest while looking at me with her big brown eyes.“I love it,” I reply. “You look gorgeous.”“Thanks,” she says.I notice a chair in the middle of the room that seems oddly out of place. “What’s with the chair?” I enquire.“Well, since you’ve never been to a strip club, I thought I’d give you your first lap dance,” she explains. “But it’s a special lap dance. You have to be completely naked.”I laugh a bit. “Really?” I remark.“Yup, so off with your clothes,” she commands. I take my shirt off and toss it aside.“I think I might need a little help with my pants,” I say shooting her a sly smile.She returns the smile replying, “Really now? Well let’s see what we can do about that.”She puts her hands on either side of my waist and slides my pants and boxers down to my ankles, crouching down as she goes. Her face is inches away from my cock and she looks at it, then back up at me, flicking the tip with her tongue before standing up.She grabs my hand and leads me towards the chair. My cock begins getting hard and is erect by the time we reach the chair.“Sit down,” she says.I sit down and she grabs a pair of handcuffs from the nightstand. She cuffs my wrists behind the chair and moves towards a stereo on the nightstand.“So how this works is that you get three dances,” she explains. “Each dance I take a little bit more clothing off.”She then hits the play button and the stereo begins playing your typical top 40 house music.She walks towards me and sits down on my lap, pressing her hands against my chest as she moves her hips back and forth, just above my cock. She smells absolutely intoxicating. She leans in and blows in my ear, sticking her tongue inside and nibbling on my earlobe.She presses her ass up against my hard cock and moves it up and down before thrusting into me. She stands up and presses her tits into my face and shakes them around a bit before hopping off and standing in front of me, rubbing herself. She turns around and bends over revealing her tight, toned, but juicy ass – the g-string wedged firmly in her crack. She slaps her ass before sitting on my lap, moving back and forth, and side to side, sliding her ass up against my cock. I just want to rip her clothes off and shove my cock up her ass but I can’t. I’m powerless. I try to thrust my hips, which gets her even more energized.She stands up and turns around, sliding her hands up my thighs until her lips are inches away from the head of my cock. She looks up at me and smiles before moving her head away. The first song slowly fades out.The second song starts and she begins rubbing her breasts. She climbs back on top of my lap and arches her back, pushing her tits towards my face. She slowly undoes the straps on her corset before pausing. She looks me straight in the eyes and moves her lips towards mine, stopping before we could kiss. I could Escort Bostancı feel her breathe on my lips. I try to push forward but she leans back.“Not yet, mister,” she says with a coy smile.She undoes the rest of her corset and slowly removes it exposing her voluptuous breasts. They stand there looking at me. Her large, dark nipples staring at me, waiting for my tongue to pass across them. She tosses the corset to the side, standing up, and pressing her breasts into my face. I start kissing them and she presses my head into them.She sits back down and begins kissing my neck. My cock begins to throb a bit. She presses her ass up against my cock and wraps her hand around the base of my shaft gently stroking it. She stops and stands up to turn around then sits back down. She grinds her hips into me and pushes my hard cock forward with her hand. She leans back against me and moves her hips up and down. All I can think about is wrapping my hands around her tits and squeezing them. I hear her breathing pick up.She gets up and walks towards my legs. Turning around and crouching down, she runs her hands along the inside of my thighs. She pushes my legs apart and presses her face into my cock gliding her lips across the shaft.’This is it,’ I think.She opens up her mouth to take the head before lightly kissing the tip, looking back up at me smiling.“Suck on it,” I implore. Just then the second song fades out.She stands up and begins rubbing her vagina through her g-string. She closes her eyes and begins breathing heavily and sighing. She slowly slides her g-string off and I watch it hit the floor. Her pussy’s cleanly shaven like last time and she slowly sticks a finger inside herself, moving it slowly in and out. She turns around and slaps her ass again before bending over and shaking her ass.She climbs back on top of me, putting both hands on my shoulders. She begins thrusting her hips back and forth like she was fucking me, grinding them in a circular motion. She leans back and pushes her breasts forward. I try to suck on them but I’m just out of reach. She crawls back just a bit so that her pussy’s just behind my hard cock. She presses my shaft up against her pussy as she slides herself along the bottom.“Sit on it,” I beg.She gives me an affectionate look and says nothing. Her pace slows down to a stop. She gets up and crouches back between my legs. Holding my legs apart with both hands, she teases my balls with her lips. She flicks them with her tongue and gently kisses them before sucking gently on them, slowly stroking my shaft.She moves towards my head where she teased me mercilessly a song ago. We lock eyes and she kisses the head with her pouty pink lips. She dribbles a bunch of saliva on the head and I watch it trickle down the shaft. She licks the underside of my shaft from the balls to the tip before pausing to dribble more saliva on it. She opens her mouth wide to take it in but stops to lick the tip with her tongue.“Oh please, just suck on it,” I implore again.This time there was no teasing. She slowly plunges my cock into her mouth, firmly pressing her lips around the base of my shaft before pulling up and pressing back down again. My head falls back as I let out a loud moan. Her movements get quicker as I hear her lips slurp up saliva. Just then the third song ends.She doesn’t stop though. I look down at her to see her gazing back up at me, her head bobbing up at and down, pushing my cock forward and back as she sucks. Her pink lips wrapped firmly around my shaft.She slowly pulls my cock from her mouth, her lips wet with saliva. She moves towards me and sits on my lap. Pressing her lips into mine, we kiss deeply. She slips her tongue into my mouth and massages my tongue with hers.“Oh God, sit on my cock,” I moan.She looks at me and grabs my shaft with her right hand.

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