Cheryl p2 business dinner


Cheryl p2 business dinnerCheryl freely indulges her desires for other men, while at the same time, she insists that I remain absolutely faithful. Some people might think that Cheryl doesn’t truly love me but as a matter of fact she says she couldn’t have dreamed up a more ideal marriage, what with the freedom to act out her kinkiest fantasies with other men, but with the security of a faithful, loving husband waiting patiently at home.As for me, this variation on the traditional marriage suits me perfectly. Part of it is witnessing the look of pure satisfaction on the woman I love after being soundly fucked by one of her many lovers. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most skilled lover in the world, nor have I been blessed with a particularly large cock, so if my wife can find other men with these qualities, I can easily understand why she would enjoy taking them to bed.Still again, part of it has to be the enjoyment I get in making love to Cheryl after another man has had her. After Cheryl has been with one of her well hung lovers, she’s not really in the mood for my ineffective attempts to bring her to orgasm with my small cock. However, she really loves it when I suck her lover’s come from her juicy pussy while she tells me all the details of her illicit affairs. If I do a particularly good job of licking her pussy clean, she may consent to give me a hand job, but most often I must be content with jerking myself off while tasting the fruits of my wife’s affairs.Probably most important, however, is my craving for the humiliation that comes with being forced to share my wife with other men. Cheryl really loves exposing my cuckold status to others and over the past several years I’ve found myself in some very embarrassing situations. Sometimes I think there must be a direct link between Cheryl’s sexual fulfillment and my discomfort. Fortunately, I, too, derive a tremendous amount of pleasure from my role as a cuckold husband and I cannot imagine being married to a faithful wife. Over a month ago, Cheryl took my humiliation one step further and at her request I will share it with your readers.On Friday, Cheryl and I had planned on meeting in the city after work for dinner at a local restaurant. At almost 4:30, however, my boss, Randy, came into my office to invite me to dinner that evening with Tom, a top executive from our New York home office. Randy is not the kind of boss who likes to hear the word “no”, so I reluctantly called Cheryl to cancel our dinner. Unfortunately, Cheryl had already left and I was left with the unenviable task of cancelling our dinner after she met me at the office.It was almost 6:00 before Cheryl showed up at my office and I must admit she looked terrific. She had worn a tight blue dress with buttons all the way down the front. The dress was stretched tight over her jutting breasts and when she leaned forward it was possible to catch a glimpse of her black lace push-up bra. Cheryl’s shapely legs were encased in black patterned stockings and high heel platform sandals rounded out her sexy outfit. I apologized profusely for cancelling our dinner, promising Cheryl I would make it up to her sometime soon. Cheryl said she understood and, anyway, she knew of a party nearby being given by a lawyer friend of hers. “I’m really horny tonight, so I guess you shouldn’t wait up.”, she whispered while giving me a quick kiss goodbye.Just as Cheryl was about to leave, Randy and Tom appeared at the door to my office. Tom was just the kind of man that Cheryl was attracted to, late-thirties, tall, athletic and with a rather self assured attitude that came from being a top executive. My boss, Randy, was no slouch in the looks department and, in fact, Cheryl confessed that she had allowed him to fondle her leg at a recent dinner party. Randy and Cheryl hadn’t seen each other since that night and onwin giriş after the introductions were made, Randy gave my wife a very wet kiss and asked, “What brings you downtown?”. “Well, it seems your little meeting interrupted our dinner plans.”, Cheryl teasingly responded. Randy whispered something to Tom and then exclaimed, “Why don’t you go with us?, You might as well let the company pick up the tab!”. Up until then I had managed to keep my unique relationship with Cheryl secret from my co-workers and so I was decidedly uncomfortable as Cheryl gave me a sexy wink and responded, “I’d love it., What woman wouldn’t want to have dinner with all you handsome men.”.The restaurant was a short walk from the office and within fifteen minutes we were seated at a table enjoying a bottle of good wine. Throughout the dinner, Cheryl was her usual flirtatious self and it was obvious she had aroused the desires of the two other men at the table. After the meal we retreated to a nearby bar where we were able to find a cozy corner booth that seated three. Cheryl playfully sat in the middle between Randy and Tom, leaving me to find a chair on the outside.The conversation started out innocently enough but before too long it began to get rather lusty. Cheryl had just finished saying that she couldn’t understand why some women dressed like such prudes. “You know, sometimes I don’t even wear a bra or panties when I go out and it makes me feel sooo…. sexy.”, confessed Cheryl as she sweetly smiled at Tom and Randy. Tom then blurted out, “I’d love to see that!”. All eyes were on Cheryl as she teased, “If you order me another glass of wine, I’ll see what I can do.”. With that Cheryl excused herself and left for the rest room. A couple of minutes later Cheryl emerged to the excited gasps of both Randy and Tom. Cheryl had almost completely unbuttoned her dress leaving only a couple of buttons at the waist holding the dress in place. Even at a distance you could see that she had removed her bra and with each step we were treated to the sight of the lacy tops of her stockings held in place by frilly black garter straps.When Cheryl reached our table she made a big show of handing Tom not only her bra but the lacy black panties she had been wearing. “How do I look?”, teased Cheryl as she reached out to grab her wine glass, exposing her full tits to the stunned men. The men didn’t know what to make of all this and when Randy looked directly at me and demanded, “What the hell is going on here?”, all I could do is keep my eyes downcast while remaining silent. Cheryl answered for me as she giggled, “Mike doesn’t mind if I party with other men, do you Mike?”. This was the moment I had feared and, at the same time, secretly desired all evening long. It was as if I was powerless to resist as I kept my head bowed and submissively responded, “If that’s what you want, dear.”. Randy immediately seized upon the moment as he suggested another drink back at the office where we could enjoy some privacy. Cheryl enthusiastically agreed and we were soon hurrying back to the office.While walking back to the office Randy pulled me aside and told me to head on home. I started to protest but after a stern look from Randy, I reluctantly agreed to take the bus home. Fortunately, Cheryl overheard our conversation and she intervened, giggling, “Come on Randy, don=t be so mean. He won=t get in the way, will you Mikey?”. Hoping for a chance to watch my wife=s adultery unfold before my very eyes I responded, AI=ll do nothing more than mix the drinks, Randy. But, if you say go, I=ll go, after all you=re the [email protected] After a couple of minutes of deliberation, Randy finally agreed to let me tag along but only after telling me to keep out of the way.As soon as we had entered the elevator, Tom reached over and unbuttoned the last three buttons of Cheryl’s onwin yeni giriş dress. Cheryl then sensually slipped off her dress leaving her naked except for her garter belt, stockings and platform heels. I couldn’t help but marvel at the sight of my beautiful wife being kissed and fondled by two horny guys while riding the elevator up to my office!When we reached our floor, Randy ordered me to fix everyone drinks while the three of them made their way to the conference room. When I had finished mixing drinks I entered the conference room to see my wife on her knees in front of Tom and Randy. Cheryl was kissing and nibbling Tom’s large cock while she sensually kneaded his hairy balls with one hand and fingered her slippery pussy with the other.Randy immediately grabbed his scotch and soda while chuckling, “You know, Mike I always thought Cheryl was more woman than you could handle. I guess I’ll have to do you a favor and give her some of what she’s been missing.”. After serving each man his drink, I, too, removed my pants to unleash my throbbing erection. Cheryl had never before allowed me to observe her with other men and so, I watched, transfixed, as my wife continued to alternatively pleasure the two men with her mouth and hands. What really got my attention was how well hung each of the guys was. My own five inch cock was quite a bit smaller than either Randy’s or Tom’s and it only seemed to add to my humiliation and excitement.After about ten minutes of Cheryl’s licking and sucking it became apparent that the guys wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. With Randy firmly embedded in her mouth, Cheryl reached back between his legs to playfully slip a finger into his asshole, triggering a tremendous climax. Cheryl kept her eyes locked on Randy’s as she swallowed all of his seed and then turned her attentions to Tom. It wasn’t more than a couple of minutes before he, too, flooded my wife’s mouth with his semen. Cheryl made sure she didn’t miss a drop as she gulped down his entire load.Randy and Tom then sat back in a couple of chairs congratulating each other on their good fortune while Cheryl whimpered, “What about me. I need to be fucked.”. “Just give me a couple minutes to get back some energy, okay sweetheart.”, responded Randy as Cheryl knelt between his legs and began to lick and suck his cock back to life.After awhile, Cheryl removed Randy’s cock from her mouth leaned forward over the top of the conference table and spread her legs as far apart as possible. My wife’s swollen tits were pressed against the top of the table and she had arched up her garter framed ass to give Randy complete access to her steamy pussy. Cheryl’s five inch heels elevated her crotch to the perfect height and as Randy positioned himself behind my wife she reached back between her legs to guide his cock directly into her juicy snatch. Cheryl then looked directly over at me and grinned as Randy thrust the entire length of his shaft deep inside of her. “Your big cock feels sooo…. delicious!”, moaned my wife as Randy worked his penis in and out of her opening. Randy really seemed to enjoy ridiculing me as he taunted, “Take a good look at this, Mike. This is how a real man fucks a woman. Your wife doesn’t want some little pencil dick like yours, she wants a nice big cock like mine, don’t you Cheryl?”. Cheryl was rocking back to meet Randy’s every thrust as she cried out, “Oh god yes!, You’re so much bigger than Mike!, I love it!, I love being fucked by a real man.”.Tom, meanwhile, was still sipping his drink when Cheryl motioned him over so that she could suck his cock. He obligingly moved over to the table to allow Cheryl to swallow his thick rod. I was feverishly jacking off while watching Cheryl with a hard cock churning in both her pussy and mouth at the same time. Cheryl had one hand down between her legs onwin güvenilirmi and she was frantically massaging her clitoris when suddenly she shuddered and came in an incredible orgasm. At this same time, I too, came, spurting my semen all over the carpeted floor. Randy and Tom continued to work their cocks in and out of my wife for at least another fifteen minutes until Randy cried out, “That’s it, baby, take it all!, Yes!, Yes!” and began pumping his come deep into my wife’s slippery cunt.When Randy finally pulled his softening cock from my wife’s pussy, Cheryl rolled over until she was lying on her back on the conference table. Tom then moved into position between my wife’s open thighs, lifting her legs up over his shoulders and placing his cock at the entrance to her pussy. His cock slipped right in to the hilt and he, too, was soon pounding away at my wife.I had been so absorbed in watching Tom screw my wife that I failed to notice that Randy had dressed and was preparing to leave. He asked me to step outside in the hall and although I was reluctant to leave, I soon found myself standing naked outside the conference room door while Randy told me he had to get home to his wife. He also told me, in no uncertain terms, to wait out in the hallway until Tom and Cheryl were finished and that before I left, I was to straighten up the mess they had made of the conference room paying particular attention to cleaning up the come stains I had left all over the carpet.Although I was quite apprehensive about being discovered by the janitor, I did not want to disobey Randy and so I remained outside in the hall, totally naked, while masturbating to one more tremendous orgasm while listening to Tom and Cheryl through the door. As Cheryl later told me, Tom certainly knew how to please a woman and he continued to fuck my wife to one climax after another. I couldn’t believe Tom’s stamina as he balled Cheryl for over thirty minutes until I heard him cry out in triumph and send his load gushing into Cheryl’s juicy love hole.I gave Tom and Cheryl about fifteen minutes to compose themselves and get dressed before I opened the door and entered the room. Cheryl had just finished buttoning up her dress and she looked over at me and smiled, saying, “Tom’s decided to stay over until Monday morning and I’m going to stay with him at his hotel, okay.”. I must have looked hurt because Cheryl softly cooed, “Don’t worry Honey, it’s only a couple of days and I know you’ll want to hear all about it when I get home.”. “What about clothes?”, I countered, not really thinking it would make any difference. “Oh yeah.”, Cheryl giggled, “Could you be a dear and pack up some of my clothes and drop them off at Tom’s hotel?”. I knew it was useless to argue as I agreed to drop off a suitcase at the front desk of the hotel the following morning. Cheryl then gave me an innocent kiss on the cheek as she and Tom strolled out of my office to the elevator. “Mike, you know that red dress you love so much? Make sure you put that in the suitcase, okay. Oh and don=t forget the red heels that go with [email protected], called out Cheryl as the elevator door closed behind them.That incident was just last month and since then Cheryl has been balling my boss, Randy, on a regular basis. In fact, Tom is in town today for a meeting and at this very moment Cheryl, Randy and him are enjoying lunch with plans to spend the afternoon at a nearby hotel. Cheryl paraded into the office earlier today wearing a skimpy white minidress and white platform heels, taking particular care to greet both Randy and Tom with a lingering french kiss. The sheer fabric of Cheryl’s dress made it obvious to all my coworkers that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties and she even went so far as to tell the gossipy receptionist to remind me to pick her up at the hotel later that evening. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited and so I told some lame excuse about being too busy to join them but I know everyone here suspects the truth. Strangely enough, rather than getting upset at this turn of events, I can hardly wait to see what Cheryl has planned for me next.

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