Close Knit Ch. 03.1

Beautiful Dick

Ch. 3.1: Mom’s Secret

The leather bound journal lay upon my pillow, waiting for my older brother and I to open it and absorb its potentially juicy contents. We had found the journal while cleaning up the attic earlier that day at dad’s request. It had been tucked away behind a myriad of boxes, stashed in an unlocked safe box. The fact that the journal had been relatively new and that someone had made the effort to hide it piqued our interest. And so, we’d retreated to my bedroom, with the intention of finding out what was inside.

“Fuckin’ open it already, Rena!” Nathan said, unable to contain his excitement.

“Okay, okay, hold your horses.” I pulled my dark hair behind my shoulders and lifted the book, unsnapped the latch, and opened the journal to the first page. I could see Nathan in my peripheral bouncing with anticipation. My twenty-three year old brother had clearly reverted back into an eight year old. It was hard to believe he was four years older than me sometimes.

“Well…?” He asked.

“It’s mom’s handwriting…” I said, mostly to myself.

“Holy crap, read it!”

“January 29th of this year,” I read. “Diary, I caught myself staring at Nathan inappropriately again.”

Nate’s eyes grew wide, as did mine. He walked over to me and snatched the journal from my hand, scanning it over. His mouth moved wordlessly, reading the contents of the first page to himself. I sat down upon the edge of my bed and waited for him to finish, trying to wrap my head around the weight of the sentence I’d just read. What did she mean ‘inappropriately’? Was she attracted to her own son? I mean, not that I couldn’t understand. Nathan is good looking with a great body, after all. But he’s her son! a part of me reasoned. Maybe that’s not what she meant?

“She wants to fuck me…” Nathan said, his voice distant.

“What?” I asked, suddenly unable to breathe.

Nathan smiled weakly. His eyes were unreadable. I couldn’t Kağıthane Escort tell if he was disgusted, hurt, or confused. Probably a mixture of all three. It’s not every day you find out that one of your parents wants to boink you, after all. He handed me the journal and stalked silently from my bedroom, shutting the door behind him. I lay back on my bed and read the journal myself, page after page, startled by the revelations told in them.

Our mom had wanted to fuck Nathan. She’d written how she’d often thought of him while she masturbated, or while she and dad were being intimate. She’d gone into detail about all of the filthy things she would do to him if given the chance. She’d even detailed her fantasies of him. According to one entry, mom knew that her thoughts, her desires, were wrong. But their wrongness seemed to turn her on even more.

After reading the first twenty or so entries, I returned the journal to its rightful place in the attic. Strangely enough… I wasn’t disgusted by the things written in my mom’s journal. Actually, it’d turned me on a little. I really explain why, either. It could be that I didn’t see the person writing such… crazy and forbidden things as my mother. My mother was the complete opposite of the person in that journal. But did that mean I’d been attracted to incest myself? I tucked the thought away into the recesses of my mind, and decided not to think about it too much. I could only hope that things wouldn’t change around the house now that Nathan and I had been aware of our mom’s… other side.

• x • x • x • x • x •

Several weeks had gone by since Nathan and I read my mom’s journal, and to my surprise things didn’t really change. Nathan didn’t act any different than usual, which I was thankful for. I’d tried to talk to him about the journal once, but he quickly changed the subject. Apparently it still bothered him, which was understandable.

I Kağıthane Escort Bayan was tidying up my bedroom when I heard a strange noise coming from down the hall. A noise that sounded like… moaning. What the…? I thought. I shot a glance at the clock on my wall beside my door. It was 10:30PM, mom and dad could have been… No, dad’s not here , I remembered. Dad was away on business. He’d left earlier this morning. Was mom pleasuring herself? Watching pornography? Both?


That got me curious as hell. Why would someone be shushing mom? I left my bedroom and crept toward my parents’. The moans didn’t become any louder, and now sounded like they were coming from dad’s office down stairs. I sneaked down the stairs with the stealth of a cat, and crept toward my dad’s office door. Carefully, I twisted the knob and cracked the door open. My eyes widened.

Nathan had mom bent over the desk, her pants pulled down to her thighs. His thick cock, pulled through the zipper of his jeans, slid in and out of her, his hips working hard and fast. My mother had been looking over her shoulder at him, her upturned brows knitted in pleasure, her pearly white teeth gnawing on her bottom lip.

“Like that?” I heard Nathan whisper, offering his thumb to our mother.

Mom took his thumb into her mouth, nodding quickly. Nathan dragged his hips back slowly, then thrust back into her slowly, the stroke good and long. Mom quivered, moaning around Nathan’s thumb. I swear I heard her whimper when he pulled it away from her. Moments later, I heard mom gasp and Nathan shushing her, and I realized just what he’d done with that thumb. It was buried in mom’s ass!

He continued to give her pussy slow, steady strokes while his thumb worked in and out of her asshole. Disgusting. Filthy. Debased.

Why the hell was I so wet?

Mom’s body shook, an orgasm rolling through her. She nearly cried out, but clamped her hand Escort Kağıthane over her mouth before she could. Nathan pulled out of her, and slapped his cock against her pale ass while her body calmed down. Mom murmured something I couldn’t hear, and Nathan nodded. Mom stood and turned, sitting back against the desk. Nathan reached for her pants and pulled them off, tossing them somewhere behind him. Then he undid his own pants and let them, along with his boxers, fall around his knees. His cock looked even bigger. I licked my lips, imagining what it’d feel like to have it in my mouth…

Oh God, what am I thinking? What am I doing?! A voice scolded me. I should have been disgusted by what was taking place here, not turned on! But I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t look away. I knew that it was wrong… but like my mother, I think the sheer wrongness of it all made my pussy twinge with need.

Nathan was between our mom’s thighs now, pounding her. Mom’s tits bounced behind her t-shirt with each thrust. I could see her nipples straining against the fabric, even in the room’s dimness. She was leaned back on her elbows, with her calves resting on Nathan’s shoulders. He pounded her… and I mean pounded her, with piston-like thrusts that made my cunt twinge even more with need. I slipped my fingers down the front of my pajama pants, digits working my clit in quick, hard circles.

“I’m gonna come again, baby!” My mom tried to whisper, but wasn’t quite quiet enough.

Nathan shushed her again, drilling her mercilessly. She shook with another orgasm. Nathan didn’t stop. He rammed, his brows furrowed. Moments later he’d pulled out of her, and shot a creamy load all over our mother, still quivering with pleasure. He milked his cock of a final drop of cum before leaning forward and kissing our mother in the mouth… so unchaste, so dirty. God, I was so turned on!

Slowly, I turned and quietly made my way back upstairs and retreated into my room. I played with myself until I trembled with orgasm, thinking about my mother and my brother making love to one another…fuck one another. It was so wrong, so very wrong. But so very hot. I passed out that night, my fingers on my slit.

I definitely slept well.

To be continued. . .

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