Coffee House Pick Up


“Damn, nothing ever works out for me.” And with that my son closed his lap top computer he had on the dinning room table. I knew he was trying to find a girl to go out with him and he was checking his e-mail for an answer.

“First, Kelly, then Sharon. Now Marie have all e-mailed me with a no.” My son was 19 and in college a hour’s drive away in capital city. “Nothing ever works out for me” and with that my son closed his lap top computer he had on the dinning room table. He was trying to find a girl to go out with him and he was checking his e-mail for an answer.

My son had never been good with girls in high school and was not doing any better now. His was a good kid but he just did not have that something special about him that young women wanted. I recalled how I treated some of the boys when I was in high school and felt a bit of shame come over me.

“What am I doing wrong mom?” my son ask.

“Nothing sweetheart, you just have not found the right one yet” and I went over and put my arm around him giving him a reassuring hug. Since my divorce from Roger’s father I had to balance my son, along with the house, and my job. This was the time he really needed his father but I would have to do.

“Roger honey, would you want me to help? I ask. My son seemed a bit confused, “what do you mean help mom?” I took a deep breath and began to explain how I could ask around my friends if they would like to go out with a younger man. They were all divorce and nothing doing much with their private lives. If he did not have a problem with having a older girlfriend she could come and visit him at college on the weekends.

“I would love it, do you know somebody? Roger ask. “I just might know one or two, give me a few weeks to work on it” and I saw my son’s face light up with joy. He was at that point in life where he needed his self esteem raised.

I chatted with a few of the women I knew but most were unconformable not so much of being with a younger man but that it would be my son. I did not want to press too hard but somehow things were not falling in place as easy as I thought it would. What was I going to do, I did not want to let my son down. It would devastate him.

Sitting at home that night I racked my mind trying to come up with something, it was like I was the only female that loved and cared for my son. He was after all the light of my life. If only there was someone like that…, and then it hit me. No I could not do that. Yes I loved my son and wanted him to be happy but still not that. I could not become my son’s girlfriend. Sure I could teach him about sex in a loving way no other women would. And although I had let my looks go a bit since my divorce that did not mean I could look nice for a man again. But why was I thinking this?

After a few hours of watching TV I still could not get it out of my mind. I went to my computer and type in a search engine the words incest. So much came up, much were self help support groups. But many were stores that were very upbeat and positive about the subject. And to my surprise at least a third of the stories dealt with mother-son relationships. I never dreamed it was popular or had so much passion. How many were real and how many were made up I could not tell but I knew many young men enjoyed the idea. I had to sleep on the idea for a day but I knew what I wanted from the start. The question is would my son go for it?

I e-mailed my son that it was a go and wanted to know where he wanted to meet his date? He said a coffee house next to the campus would be good and he gave me a address and a time. My son asked what her name was? I said Diana which was my middle name, something he never remembered. My son wrote that he could hardly wait.

I drove that Saturday to capital city. I went to the coffee house an hour early and sat in the back. I had my hair tied back and wore dark glasses. Soon my son came in and sat down. He ordered a cup of coffee and looked around nervously. Then three other young man came in and saw my son and sat down with him. They were his friends but I could tell he did not want them at that moment, looking at his watch.

Finally my son got up and headed for the bathroom. On the way back to his table is when I got up and wisped to him, “Roger, here” He did a double take and then said “Mom? I motion for us to go to the back away from his friends.

“What is happening mom, where is she? Has something happened? I put my hand on my son’s arm and told him that things did not work like I had hoped. I could see the crushed look in his eyes Beylikdüzü Escort and I now knew that more then ever what I needed to do.

“I have a even better idea that can work if you go along with a little bit of game and role playing” I told him. “What do you mean, role playing” my soon to be surprised son asked. “Just trust me and go along with everything, no matter how crazy it may seem” and then gave my son a soft peck on the check. I will see you in about 30 minutes and went into the ladies room. My son returned to his table and friends bewilder.

Once in the ladies room I pulled out the trash bag I had hide behind some empty boxes. First the sun glasses came off, then pulling out a make kit I had in the bag and I gave myself a quick make over. Then I undid my hair and brush it straight out, something I had not done in a long time. I then took off my flat gym shoes and took out a pair of white dress boots with a 3.5 inch cube heel and put them on, tucking my slacks into them. Quickly I toss the shoes and make up kit into the bag and put it back behind the boxes. Luckily no one else came in the powder room (which shocked the hell out of me) and I slowly made my way out the door.

My son and his friends were sitting around the table laughing when I walked by. Everyone went silent as the sound of the heels on my boots clicking on the floor drew their attention. My son’s eyes were wide open and his jaw almost hit the table.

“Hi guys” as I sat in the table next to them. “Well hello, one of the other boys answered. My poor son was lost in another world. ” Can I get you a cup of coffee” the out going young man asked. “Sure, espresso if you do not mind” I smiled back. He got put out his hand and said I am Steven, my pleasure to meet you.” I put mine out and said “hi, I am Diana, nice to meet you.” And with that Steven raced to the counter and got me a cup of espresso. All the time my son Roger would look at me, then away, then look at me again.

Steve came back and handed my the cup. “My I sit you with Diana?” he asked.” Sure, for a bit, what about your friends? Steven looked at the other two boys and gave them a nod to leave. The other two boys said they had to leave to meet their girlfriends and got up and left, leaving only my son. “What about your other friend, ask him over? Steven answered, “oh Roger he also was going to the library” trying to corner me for himself. It was easy to see Steven was the player in the group who control all his friends. Damn, this was going to be fun.

“Come Roger, sit with us” I asked my own son. He got up and sat at my table moving very slowly with a great deal of uncertainty. I put my hand out for my son to shake and said, “hi, I am Diana if you did not already know.” Roger gently took my hand and I gave a look to keep it cool, go along with it.

“So, do you guys go to school here? Both of them answered yes. “Do you have girlfriends? Steven said he was seeing a few but nothing special. My son answered no, that he was looking. I told my son to cheer up, he would find somebody soon.

Steve was going full blast putting the moves on me. I played along while my son sat silent. It was hard enough to see guys like Steven always get the girls but now it seemed that even his own mother would be another women that his friend would get. I looked at my cup and said, “Steven, be a dear and get me another cup.” He suggested that Roger should go this time until I gave him a look that melted him. There was now a line at the counter and I would have a few minutes along with my son.

“Well Roger, would do you think” I asked. “Mom” my son stammered, “what the hell is going on?” I put my hand on his and said, “darling son, I told you this was role playing. Please just hang in there a bit longer, it is not what you think. I am going to boost you self esteem very quickly. And do not worry about Steven. I know how to handle him.”

“But mom, this whole thing is, is… and the way you look. You have never looked like this before” Roger asked still bewildered. “I hope you like how I look, do you like my boots? You were looking at them when I walked by you” and I then lifted my right leg out for underneath the table and twisted my boot around in the air for my son. Roger was totally in a state of shock. “That is nothing, wait until you see what I am going to show you guys next” I softly told my son as Steven returned with my cup of espresso.

“Well, I hope old Roger has not bored you too much” Steven said laughing. “Roger is a great guy Steven, I really like him” which Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan cause Steven to freeze up at my words. He could not understand that there was women who did not worship him.

“It is really getting hot in here” and I stood up and took my lose fitting jacket off. Both boys drew a deep breath as I sit back down. I was wearing a very tight white sweater with no bra. My nipples blasted out of the fabric and my 37 inch bust had very little sag at this time in my life.

“I guess for a 42 year old I still look good? What do you think guys”? Both of them were silent for a minute then Steven blurted out “you look great, damn do you look great.” I then turned to my son and asked “how about you Roger?” My son’s eyes were glued on my breasts and finally found the words “yes, I agree.

“You are something Diana” Steven said with his eyes racing up and down my body. I enjoyed the attention of both of them and I let Steven have his time thinking he was the greatest thing on planet earth. While looking at looking him, I let my booted right foot cross over to my son and began pressing against his calf. Poor Roger, he was besides himself and finally got up and excused himself. He race to the bathroom where I knew he was masturbating, thinking about me.

When Roger came back with that drained look on his face I got up and said “guys, let us go outside, I need to talk to you.” Steve jumped up and handed me my coat and put it on and I led the two horny young men into the parking lot. “Ok guys, this it. My husband just left me and I am lonely and have needs. I figure a young student is all I need right now and I find both of you attractive. But I am not into the threesome thing so I need to pick just one of you” and Steven face lit up as he just new in the bottom of his heart that he would get picked. As the sun was starting to go down I first walked up to Steven and put my arms around his neck. He respond quickly, pushing my unbutton coat back and put his hand on my left breast as he kissed me. And he was a very good kisser, for a second I almost forgot why I was here and good see why could the girls at school liked him so much. “Wow, you are good Steven” I cooed and wink at him. I turned to my son who was in a state of shock at seeing his friend and rival kiss and feel up his own mother. But an even bigger shock was about to befall him.

“Ok Roger, now it is your turn” and I put my arms around my own son and began to kiss him on the mouth. Roger started to pull away but quickly got into the kiss and I them place his hand on my breast. As I broke away from the kiss I gave him a looked in his eyes that Steven could not see. My son understood everything now. I spun around and replied “Steven you are a really great guy, but I feel more comfortable with Roger. I hope you understand?” Steven was besides himself, I must have been the first women to turn him down. “No hard feelings” as I grabbed my son’s hand and we walked to my car. Once in the car, Roger said “thanks mom……, you really made me look good in front of them. “I am not done yet” and with that I lead over and began kissing my son wildly and passionately. Roger quickly was learning his lesson on being a man and kiss me back, grabbing my breasts thru the white fabric. I reached down and grabbed his manhood, feeling it grow again after he had already drained himself. Finally we broke the kiss and told my new boyfriend Roger to follow me to my car. Once inside we began to kiss and touch again as I felt Steven and a few other boys sneaking around for a look. I knew I now had the chance to make my son really look good in front of his friends. As my son and I continued to kiss I under his belt and then unsnapped his paints. “Mom, are you going to give me a hand job”? Roger whispered. “No sweetheart” and with that I went down on my son, kissing and sucking his wonderful cock. As I felt the other boys looking in even closer Roger began twisting and moaning. “Oh mom..oh Diana, I can not believe this is happening. It is my first time and, and, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And with that my son blew his whole load into my mouth. he excitement was now making me wet as well, it started as a mother’s love for her son, to make him feel good about himself. But now I was enjoying just as much for the sex and passion. “aaaaaaaaaaaa” as my son shot the last few drops in my mouth.

Roger was now totally spent and he just leaned against the passenger side door. I popped my head up and seeing his friends just staring in disbelief I wipe some of my son’s seamen off my check Escort Beylikdüzü with my finger and very slowly stuck it in my mouth. Then with a wink towards Steven, I started the car and drove off to my motel room. Roger was slowly getting his wits about him and put his cock back in his paints and button up as I pulled into the parking lot. Silent the whole ride, he finally spoke once inside the motel room. “Mom, thank you so very much for everything. But may I asked why?

“Roger, my son I love you more then anything else in the world. I wanted you to look good in front of your friends, to lose your virginity to someone who really cared about you. I was so happy when none of my friends were available for this, it was something I wanted to do. I thought this would be a one time shot, a wild and crazy thing we both did, however I have had some much fun loving you and dressing up for you that I think we should keep it going.” Roger was more in shock now then when I gave him a blow job. “Mom, I..I” and with that I pulled my white sweater off and threw it on top of his head covering his face. Roger quickly took it off and tossed it to the floor. I stood there topless with my hands on my hips dressed now only in my slacks and boots. “Come here” and with those words my son ran to me and we began to kiss again, Roger was acting liking a experience lover. Finally I broke away and laid down on the bed. I lifted my right leg and pointed my booted foot towards Roger, ” son, would you please help me get my boots off?”

Roger slowing started pulling the boot of rubbing his hand across it, giving me the look that he found them sexy. After the right foot I left my left on and asked him to repeat it. As my son got the left boot off I told him to start undressing while I got my slacks and socks off. Roger was now naked and I got off the bed now with only my panties on and put my arms around his neck. “Now it is really going to get good” and with that guided my son’s hands to my panties and motioned for him to pull them down. Roger gently pulled them to the floor and slowly pulled his head to my pussy and whispered that he should start kissing me there.

My son was having the time of his life, any fear of women was long gone. He made me feel so good as his tongue was all over my private area. I so missed having this done to me, my body was twisting and turning, when I began to lose my balance. “Son, hold on for a second and I pulled away and laid back down on the bed. “Now, finish me off” and Roger crawled up on the bed and buried his head in my twat again. I moan and moan until I could no longer take it. “Oh damn, oh damn” I shouted my body now all twisted and turned from the pleasure my son was bringing me. And finally the full force of my organism came.

Roger crawled into my arms and when held each other for a few minutes. “I love you mom, both as a son and as a boyfriend” as my son laid his head on my left breast. “Love or lust” I ask “or is it a bit of both?” Roger said “I guess a bit of both.” I smiled and ask if he was rested up. When he said he was I told him I was now ready for the real thing. “Hold on, I just had a idea” and I got up for a minute. “You seemed to like my boots so let us have fun.” And with that I pulled my boots back on and laid back down on the bed. “I always prefer them to high heels and I think you do too” and with that Roger climbed on top of me and entered me. I wrapped me booted legs around his back as he began to thrust into me. “He started slowly, somewhat unsure of himself but then Roger went full force, harder and harder my son trusted into me. The heels of my boots begin to cut into his back as I did not think I could take any more. “Mom, Mom, Diana, Diana” he screamed. And then finally we both came within seconds of each other, my son’s love juice was all inside of me. We clasped into each other’s arms.

The next morning Roger and I took a quick shower together and then got dressed. I drove by the coffee house where I went inside the ladies room and found my bag of clothes still hidden behind the boxes. I grabbed it and toss it in the backseat. My son was smiling and when I got in the car I asked why. “Oh, I just love watching you walk in those boots” Roger replied. “Next time I will wear them with a short skirt for you” I said with a wink.

A few minutes later, we pulled up in front of his dormitory and we both got out of the car. “Do you think they are looking out their windows at us” I asked my son about his friends. “I am sure they are” and Roger gave me a passionate kiss as I put my arms around his neck. Minutes later, we broke the kiss and I got in my car. “See you next week son” and I drove off and headed for the drive home. What had started as a tease to boast my son’s moral and self esteem as turned in to so much more.

Wait until I show Roger and his friends my boots with the mini skirt.

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