Country Store Ch. 12


(This is chapter 12 of a series. It will make more sense if you read them in order)


I woke up next to Tracy. We were both still naked and her back was to me and my arm was over her and across her chest. I felt her boobs against my arm. I was warm and comfortable. I snuggled against her and I felt her push back against me. We stayed like that for another 10 minutes. It was nice.

“Good morning.” I whispered.

She rolled over onto her back and I got up on my elbow and looked down at her. Her face was so pretty, even without makeup and first thing in the morning. I leaned over and kissed her.

“Last night was great.” She said.

“Yes, it was.” I said and ran my finger across her chest and nipples.

“You know, we do have to go to class and eat and stuff. We can’t just stay in bed all the time.” She said as my finger was doing circles around her hard nipple.

“Why not. Nothing can hurt us here.” I said and pouted.

“True, but we will run out of food and water and waste away.” She said.

“Yes, but we will be smiling.” I said.

She laughed and pulled me down to her. We kissed for a couple of minutes, our bodies against each other. Eventually, she pulled away from me and jumped out of bed. I watched her little butt jiggle as she walked across the room. She pulled on a long night shirt and grabbed her bag of shower stuff.

“C’mon, let’s go take a shower and go get something to eat. I am starved.” She said.

I climbed out of bed and stood up. I was not sore anymore. My left boob was still a little tender but not sore. It felt good to walk without pain. I pulled on my nightshirt, grabbed my shower bag and followed my lover to the shower. There was no one else in the shower when we got there. I realized it was 10:30 and everyone was probably in class. Fuck, I was going to be so behind in my classes. Nothing like a gang-rape to get you behind in school.

I walked under the warm water and it felt so good. I saw Tracy standing there with her eyes closed, the water hitting her head and running down her body. She was so fucking pretty. I wondered if I should just forget about boys and stay with her. I could be a lesbian if she was with me. No problem. I stood there as my life moved before me with my girlfriend. I saw us getting married, I saw her pregnant. Wonder how that happened? I saw us holding a baby and then walking on the beach with a little girl and boy.

Yes, I could do this. I closed my eyes and let the warm water wash all of my bad memories away. We turned off the water before we got wrinkly. The five minutes of kissing under the water didn’t help the wrinkle factor. We dried off and wrapped towels around us. We walked back to our room and I decided it was time to wear a bra. I picked out my most comfortable one and it didn’t feel too bad. I pulled on a tshirt and a pair of jean shorts. I felt pretty normal for a change.

I slipped on my sandals and Tracy was already by the door. She was wearing a pretty blue cotton dress. It was simple with spaghetti straps and came to her knees. She looked precious.

We walked across campus to the union. We went into the little diner. I was so hungry that everything looked good. We were looking at our menus when two guys walked up. I looked up and smiled instinctively. They were ok looking, not breath-taking but not trolls either.

“Hey.” The one in the front said.

“Hi.” I answered.

Tracy was looking at them but she actually looked a little scared. I thought that was strange but then maybe not so much when I thought a little more about it.

“What are you ladies doing today?” He said.

“Just eating lunch and then not sure.” I said.

“Cool, would you be interested in some pool?” He said and the guy behind him smiled.

I looked at him and was confused.

“I guess.” I said, hesitantly.

“Great. We were hoping to play that same game you guys were playing the other day.” He said and görükle escort I was really confused now.

“What game?” I said.

“You know. The one where we play pool a little while and then we fuck you on the table. We saw you guys playing the other day and it was fucking hot. Can we sit with you while you eat?” He said and started to slide in next to me.

I was stunned. He slid in next to me and I felt his leg touch mine. His friend slid in next to Tracy and she was all the way against the side of the booth, terrified. I didn’t know what to do.

I started to say something and then I saw a huge black hand grab the guy’s shirt in the front and lift him from the booth. I looked up and saw a huge black guy lifting this guy and then he hit him square in the nose. The guy made a gurgling sound and his hands went to his face. I looked over and the other guy was dangling from a huge white guy holding him the same way. He was holding his face and I saw blood running between his fingers. My mouth was hanging open.

“Now, you little pussy. You apologize to these ladies for being so crude.” The black guy said, still holding him.

“What’s the big deal man, they are just sluts.” The guy said in a stuffy sounding voice.

The black guy hit him again in the face. It looked like it hurt even thought he had his hands over his face.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry.” He said through his hands.

“Not good enough.” The black guy said and let go of him and straightened his shirt.

“Say it like you mean it.” He said to the guy right in his ear.

The guy lowered his hands. His nose was already swelling.

“Ladies, I am so sorry for what I said.” He said, still sounding stuffy.

“Now you.” The black guy said to the other guy who was now standing next to him, holding his face.

The guy lowered his hands and his nose didn’t look any better.

“Sorry, ladies.” He said.

The black guy grabbed both guys by their shirts and pulled them close.

“Good. Now if we ever see or hear of you bothering these ladies again you will not like what happens. Do you understand?” He said and I saw spit flying out of his mouth.

The guys nodded and he let them go. They scrambled out of the diner quickly. I looked around and a lot of people were staring at us.

“Miss Kim, I am so sorry about that. They will never bother you again. You ladies enjoy your lunch.” The black guy said in a calm, sweet voice.

“Who are you and what was that?” I said, a little stunned.

“That is not important Maam, just enjoy your meal.” He said and they walked away.

I looked at Tracy and she looked at me. We were very confused. I looked out and people were still staring.

“What do you think that was?” I said.

“I don’t know but I am not going to question it. Those guys were creepy.” She said and opened her menu.

I opened my menu slowly and figured she was right. We were lucky that they were here. I was not liking where that was going.

Our food came and I forgot completely about the incident. I was so hungry. We both ate a lot and then I was stuffed. We left the diner and it felt good to walk. The sun was shining and it was nice and warm. I was feeling really good. We walked around for a while and then headed back to the dorm. I had to start figuring out what I needed to do to catch up with my classes. We got to our room and there were two packages wrapped in brown paper by our door. One had my name on it and one had Tracy’s. I lifted up mine and it was a little heavy. We opened the door and went in. I ripped open the package and I saw a bunch of papers. I looked at them and they were in five separate piles. There were also a couple of books. I opened one of the piles and realized it was all of the notes and assignments from my English class for the last four days. I looked at the other piles and they were all my other classes.

I looked up at Tracy and she was looking confused bursa escort bayan and holding papers.

“These are all the notes for the classes I missed.” I said.

“Yeah, mine too and I have two books that have all the information I need for my paper in Psych.” She said.

“What the fuck is going on?” I said and I saw a blue card sticking out of one of the books.

I pulled it out and it was a short note.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Love Scott

I showed Tracy the note and then it hit me. The guys at the diner, the missing notes. I understood.

“Tracy, this is the guys doing what Scott said yesterday.” I said.

She got an instant look of understanding and looked back at all of her notes. She looked up.

“How do you feel about that?” She said.

I thought for a minute and realized I hadn’t really thought about it at all. I had focused myself on Tracy and hadn’t thought much about Scott’s plan.

“I don’t know. Originally, I just wanted all of those guys strung up over antbeds but now I don’t know. What Scott said made a little bit of sense.” I said.

“Yeah, and if they were strung up over antbeds we would probably be getting fucked on a pool table by those creeps right now, not to mention being impossibly behind in our classes.” She said.

“True.” I said and wondered how I felt about the whole thing.

“Well, right now I think we need to go to the library and start working our cute little asses off. I am so fucked over here, it will take me forever to catch up even with all this.” She said and looked at me with a desperate face.

I laughed at her, she looked so cute.

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s go.” I said.

We marched to the library and worked until almost ten o’clock. I did lose track of time and when we picked all our stuff up and started to walk back it was really dark. The paths were lit but it was still creepy. There were a few people walking around, it was college after all. We came to the quad and our dorm was just on the other side. Just as we entered a group of guys came in from the side. They were really drunk and falling all around. We walked a little over to the side to try and avoid them.

“Hey ladies, wanna party?” I heard and then realized they had moved over in front of us and blocked our way.

I turned around but there were two guys blocking that way too.

“C’mon, you two look like you know how to party. Let’s go back to our dorm and keep this going.” One of the guys said and was rubbing his crotch as he said it.

I got really scared really fast. I looked around and there were 6 of them. They were not overly big but we were little and there were 6.

“Fuck that, let’s do’em right here. Look at this ass.” I heard behind me and then a hand grabbed my ass.

I jumped away and Tracy was next to me.

“Please leave us alone.” I said.

“Baby, we will leave you alone as soon as we are done wrecking that sweet pussy of yours. Now how about you put those books down and show us those tits.” A guy said and stepped in front of me.

“Please no.” I said and tried to back away from him.

I felt someone grab me from behind and he pulled my arms behind me. My books and papers fell to the ground. I screamed and then a hand was over my mouth. I tried to bite it but it was too strong. I saw they had Tracy in the same way. I saw them tear her sundress down the front. I saw her pretty bra and stomach. I was brought back to my own issues when I heard my shirt rip. They tore it off of me and it hung in shreds around my arms. The guy grabbed my bra and pulled. The front clasp broke and my boobs bounced out.

“See, I told you her tits were going to be nice.” He said and grabbed my boobs.

I was crying through the hand over my mouth. I heard Tracy and a guy was pulling her bra off and then he grabbed her boobs.

I heard a muffled sound like something hitting the ground bursa escort hard and I turned my head. The guy that was in front of me was now sitting on his legs on the ground holding his stomach. The hand left my mouth and I jumped over to Tracy. She was also free and I grabbed her and hugged her.

I looked back and now there were four guys on the ground. The other two were running but there were 3 or 4 guys chasing them. I saw them catch them and then tackle them on the concrete. It looked like it really hurt. I saw a few punches thrown and then the two guys on the ground were not moving. The four guys got up and walked back.

The guy that originally ripped my shirt was still kneeling on the ground. Another guy grabbed his hair and pulled him up. He screamed and grabbed the guy’s wrist but the guy did not let go and drug him over to us.

“Ok dickhead, you have one minute to apologize or we drag your ass over to the police station but only after we beat the living shit out of you.” The guy holding him said as he held his head out right in front of us.

“I am sorry, we were just having fun. Sorry, sorry, sorry…..” he said and sounded a lot like a scared little girl.

He looked real pitiful.

“Ok, you take a good look at these ladies, fuckhead.” The guy said and pushed his head closer to us.

“Yeah, ok.” He said, still like a little girl.

“If you ever fuck with them again I will make sure you walk funny for the rest of your life, you got it?” He said.

“Ok, ok man. Sure. Sorry.” The guy blubbered.

The big guy drug him away and punched him in the head a few times and then threw him over his buddies. It was a pile of drunk creeps. Sounded like a board game to me. The big guy walked over to us.

“Miss Kim, I am so sorry we were late. We couldn’t see real good in the dark. Are you guys ok?” He said in a soft voice.

I looked at Tracy. She was pulling her dress together. It was torn really bad all the way to her waist. I looked down at my shirt. It was shredded. I held it up but it would do me no good anymore. My bra was still on my arms but the clasp was ruined. I put my arms over my boobs.

“Yeah, I think we are ok.” I said.

The guy in front of me was pulling off his shirt. He handed it to me. I slipped it on over my head. It actually smelled kind of nice, cologne with a little hint of testosterone. I saw Tracy slipping a shirt over her head too.

“I am so sorry about your clothes. We will replace them. It was our fault we were so late, we should have stopped them before they touched you.” He said and I noticed his chest was amazing.

His chest muscles rippled as he talked. I looked around and the other guy that was now without a shirt was just as ripped. I was questioning my pure lesbian lifestyle all of a sudden.

“That’s ok. Really. Thank you guys.” I said.

“No maam, it is not ok. I will deliver a new shirt and bra to you and a new dress and bra to Miss Tracy tomorrow afternoon. I insist.” He said, his chest rippling again.

“Ok.” I said.

“Good, can we escort you back to your dorm now?” He said and I noticed the guy next to him was holding my books and papers.

“Sure, thank you again.” I said.

Tracy came over and she was holding her white dress in her hands. It was a mess and I looked at her. The shirt came below her butt but just barely. She looked really hot in only a tshirt. Wasn’t that a song? I took her hand and we walked back to our dorm with our army escort. We got to the door and they handed us our books and papers.

“Sorry again Miss Kim. You have a great night.” He said and I failed again to not look at his chest while he spoke.

“It’s ok, thank you guys so much.” I said.

They nodded and walked off. A thought hit me as I looked at Tracy’s tshirt and mine and saw they were frat shirts. These guys looked like they were actually enjoying this. The guys at the diner seemed genuinely concerned about us and these guys were so disappointed that they let the guys do what they did even though they didn’t really hurt us. Could they be becoming sort of like knights as they protected us? Medieval fantasies ran across my mind. I wondered and then walked to my dorm room with my girlfriend.

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