Daddy’s Double Bonus


Summary: BBW daughter uses her body to get what she and Daddy want.

Note 1: This is a Holiday 2020 story.

Note 2: Thanks To Breezy for suggesting this story.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this story.

Note 4: All characters are at least 18-years-old.

Candy O’Neill truly felt for her overworked, underpaid and underappreciated Dad. (Underappreciated by his boss… certainly not by her!) The death of her mother from cancer this past October still felt devastating to them both, and the medical bills had not only run through all their savings, but had also put them so far into debt they’d likely need to sell their house, since they’d had to remortgage it. It had been a life or death decision at the time and thus unavoidable, but now the mortgage was even cutting severely into their food budget, which was about the only thing besides the mortgage they were spending any money on. They most certainly couldn’t continue like this!

On the bright side, Candy, being a supremely strong student – was already guaranteed more than enough money in scholarships to pay her way through college beginning next fall, but she was really worried about her father. Besides her, their house was the most important thing in the world to her Dad… he and her Mom had lived here for their entire married life.

Also on the plus side, Candy had learned that although she was chubby (she preferred calling it big boned), she knew exactly how to use her body to get just about whatever she wanted from just about any man.

She had huge 36DDs that her high school’s quarterback loved to suck and fuck after a game, before heading off to party with the popular kids, with his skinny blonde-haired blue-eyed cheerleader waif on his arm.

Candy also had an amazing big booty ass that her hot black professor neighbor loved to pound, and then he’d buy her nice things like sexy lingerie and expensive nylons.

She had thick legs, but she’d discovered after Professor Black (he was black, and his surname was alsoBlack, and he had a huge ten-inch cock… which of course was black too), and after he’d bought her nylons to wear for the first time, she discovered they really enhanced her legs, and thus her entire look.

She also had amazing perfect cock-sucking lips that could extract a load from a guy in just a couple of minutes.

She’d also found she could use her big long tongue to eat out a pussy, and she’d used that talent to get a bully to leave her friends alone (yes, girls can be bullies too), and also to seduce her sweet and malleable English teacher Mrs. Walker. (In that case the teacher was the one who ate her pussy. She was surprisingly good at it too, for a woman who always dressed so conservatively except for her ubiquitous stockings.)

So Candy had learned early in her senior year she could get just about whatever she wanted, if she was willing to do the things the skinny girls wouldn’t (all of which she considered lots of fun, so it certainly wasn’t a problem).

She also loved that although everyone saw her as a nerd, she’d been getting more sex than any of the so-called popular girls… sucking dick, eating pussy, or getting fucked in either of her holes pretty much every day.

This sexual awakening had brought her a newfound confidence (she’d always been confident academically, but not socially… not until this school year) that now permeated everything she did… a confidence and specialised skill she now decided to put to use in helping her Daddy with their financial issues.

Whenever she went to see her Dad at work, often to help him with the accounts when she could, which was one of his duties and one of her brilliancies, she noticed his Muslim boss checking her out. So on December 23, following a wicked idea forming in her head, she walked up to him and said, “Mr. Ali, my Dad and I would love for you to come over tomorrow and join us for our Christmas Eve dinner. I realise you don’t normally celebrate our Christian holiday, but it will be a particularly splendid dinner… my Dad’s always a terrific cook, but that night he really goes to town!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said, as he glanced into her very generous cleavage.

“I simply won’t take no for an answer,” Candy said impishly, as she sucked on a candy cane… not in an overtly sexual way… but not quite in a nonsexual way either.

“Well, I guess I could spare the time,” Ali said, unable to keep himself from staring at his employee’s daughter’s tits. They were so big, very like his wife’s but much whiter, and he’d always had a wandering eye for white women… even though he’d never been with one.

“I’m very glad; you won’t regret it,” Candy smiled flirtatiously… knowing she was reeling him in, and not just for dinner. “Tomorrow at six?”

“Sure,” he nodded, thinking this would be far more pleasant than going to his annoying mother-in-law’s. He could tell his wife it was a business meeting, and technically he wouldn’t be lying.

“See you then, sexy,” Candy Avcılar Escort smiled and turned away… giving him a great look at her amazing back end.


“You invited my boss over for supper?” Brad asked, surprised, when she told him over supper that evening.

“Yes, we’re going to get you that Christmas bonus he broken-promised you,” Candy said, really pissed Mr. Ali had cancelled all his Christmas bonuses and blamed it on COVID… even though they’d had a banner year with their online sales… largely because of her father’s brilliant online marketing.

“I can’t fathom that ever happening,” he said across the table.

“Don’t worry about it, Daddy,” Candy assured him, “I’ll take care of everything.”

“Okay,” he said, knowing not to argue with Candy once she’d made up her mind about something… that was one of the traits she’d gotten from her mother. He had learned early in their relationship not to fuck with a redheaded Irish woman unless it was actual fucking… and his daughter was the spitting image of his deceased wife, both inside and out. Redheaded, freckled, big busted, curvy, and irrepressibly sassy.

“You just prepare us one of your epic feasts,” Candy added.

“That I can do,” Brad agreed.

“Tomorrow, we perform Operation Christmas Bonus,” Candy said, sidling around the dinner table and pecking her Dad on the forehead.


The next evening, Christmas Eve, Mr. Ali arrived promptly at six, and they shared a large and delicious meal… Ali impressed by Brad’s cooking ability, and doubly impressed by Candy’s big tits, which she wasn’t doing a very effective job of keeping hidden.

Candy asked bluntly during dinner, “So Daddy says you cancelled the Christmas bonuses. May I know why?”

“I had no choice,” Ali said; he should have known this wouldn’t just be a simple dinner.

Candy reached her stocking-clad foot under the table and between the boss’s legs as she argued sweetly, “Everyone has choices they can make.”

Ali’s eyes went wide as he felt the girl’s foot in his crotch. “COVID hurt us badly.”

“I don’t think so,” Candy said.

“Well, it did,” Ali said a bit huffily, although he was distracted by the foot that was rubbing his crotch ever so slowly.

“You can’t lie to me about that, dear Mr. Ali, don’t forget I help my Dad with your books. So yes, your in-store sales took a beating,” Candy said, tapping his cock with her big toe as she spoke. “But the online sales skyrocketed, and that was all because of my father.”

“Yes, your father was a huge help,” he admitted, his cock now completely hard.

“And yet you reward him by cancelling his bonus?”

“I cut everyone’s bonuses,” Ali said, trying not to moan.

“Including your own?”

“Well, it’s my company,” the boss dissembled, getting a little annoyed at the accusations from this girl… but still enjoying the foot rubbing.

“It’d getting pretty hot in here,” Candy said, knowing the thermostat had gotten stuck on high again… although her observation had a more sexual implication for Ali.

“The thermostat,” Brad sighed. “It jams on high sometimes.”

Candy took her foot back and stood up. “I’ll grab the tools and be right back. Dad, why don’t you get Mr. Ali a drink, and you two men can go sit in the living room?”

Candy went upstairs, removed her lowcut dress, but kept on the all-white teddy that barely contained her 36-DD’s and stockings, and a thong that did pretty much nothing to cover her ass, then snagged her toolkit before returning downstairs.

She breezed past the two men to approach the thermostat on the wall as Brad gasped, “Candy, what on earth are you wearing?”

“Just some lingerie,” Candy said, as she went to the thermostat. “It was too hot to keep that dress on.”

“But we have company,” Brad objected, noticing once again how beautiful his daughter was, and how similar her body was to his wife’s… something he’d been painfully (in the crotch) aware of ever since the thermostat had started getting stuck on high, and hence his daughter had taken to walking around rather scantily dressed. He was frequently ashamed of himself for getting hard-ons from seeing his daughter’s amazing ass in tight shorts, or her huge tits barely held in by a sports bra.

“Oh, I’m sure he doesn’t mind,” Candy tossed back over her shoulder, knowing her big booty almost in its entirety was being presented to both men as she added, “it’s actually ninety degrees in here!”

Candy played around with the thermostat, making sure her body jiggled as she worked on it. She turned around, also knowing her big tits were barely contained in her lingerie, as she said, “Done; although it will take some time to cool this place down.”

Then deciding to go on a full offensive, she walked over and plopped down immediately to Mr. Ali’s right on the couch, while her father lounged in his favourite recliner to their left.

Candy placed her left hand directly on Mr. Ali’s crotch, just out of sight of her father, and said, as she gave it a solid squeeze, “So let’s talk some Avcılar Escort Bayan more about my Daddy’s bonus.”

“What about it?” Ali asked, sweating profusely, partly because of how hot it was, and partly because of the heat growing inside him from this girl’s touch.

“I wish you to reconsider your decision,” Candy said. “My Daddy really needs the money, and he’s earned it.”

“If I did that, I’d have to give the bonus to my entire staff,” Ali said unoriginally, as Candy slyly unzipped his pants.

“Oooooh, I think we can make it our little secret,” Candy said, as he fished out Ali’s six-inch hard cock.

“I don’t know,” he said, as Candy began slowly to stroke him, with her father right in the room, although he wasn’t able to see what was happening because of the angles of how they were all sitting.

“Mr. Ali,” Candy said, leaning in closer, stroking his cock, her voice so sultry, “my Daddy works really, really hard for you, doesn’t he?”

“Um, yes, yes he does,” Ali groaned, unable to completely hold back a moan as the teen used her finger to rub around his cock head.

“So don’t you think he deserves that bonus he was anticipating?” Candy asked, knowing how to milk a cock with her hands, her mouth, her pussy, and even her ass.

“I-I-I don’t know,” the Muslim man stammered, glancing over to the father, who was looking at them curiously.

“I think he does,” Candy asserted, as she slid off the couch, dropped to her knees right in front of him and now in full view of her father, her hand never leaving his fat cock for an instant.

“Candy!” Brad gasped, as he watched his daughter on her knees in front of his boss… and now he could see his boss’s dick sticking straight up into the air, much of it covered by her hand.

“It’s okay, Dad,” Candy reassured him. “I’m doing this for you, but I also like doing it.”

“But Candy,” Brad said, mortified to see his daughter cheapening herself to get him the money they needed. Yet for some reason he did nothing to stop her. Instead, his cock too began to rise as he got a great view of his daughter’s ass covered only by that thong, which left literally nothing to the imagination, and her nylon-clad soles, which also turned him on.

“Everything is just fine. Isn’t it, dear Mr. Ali?” Candy asked sweetly as she continued stroking his cock.

Brad was speechless as he watched his daughter in action, wearing sexy lingerie that really showcased her big, beautiful body… his cock completely hard in his pants.

“Yes, yes, everything is fine,” Ali groaned, his balls boiling, and dying to feel it inside this girl’s mouth.

“You see, Daddy? He likes it. Don’t you, Mr. Ali?” Candy asked, as she slid her wet tongue up his shaft… the ultimate tease.

“Oh God, yes,” Ali moaned.

“So Daddy will get his bonus?” Candy asked.

“Yes, yes, he’ll get his bonus.” Ali agreed.

Brad couldn’t believe he’d just gotten his bonus because of his daughter giving his boss a hand job. He also couldn’t believe how his cock was throbbing in his pants, as he needed to slyly adjust it.

“You promise, Mr. Ali?” Candy asked, having pressed record on her phone when she’d come downstairs dressed only in this cute lingerie.

“Yes, yes, I promise.”

Candy slowly stroked Ali’s fat cock from the base all the way up to the tip, squeezing it so a huge amount of precum oozed out, and she then leaned forward and licked it away. She smacked her lips together all the while, maintaining direct eye contact with Ali.

With her juicy lips only inches away from Mr. Ali’s fat, dripping cock, she next pushed the envelope even further by asking, “I think my Daddy also deserves at least double his current salary, don’t you, Mr. Ali?”

“Double?” Ali groaned.

Candy glided her tongue right underneath the head of his cock and crooned, “Yessssssss, double.” She then took his fat cock all the way into her mouth, wondering how it would feel in her pussy; it was way shorter than some of the dicks she got fucked with, but very few of them were thicker.

Brad watched his daughter suck his boss’s cock, trying to get him a massive raise… in addition to the one in his pants. Fuck, his daughter was just as beautiful as his wife had been.

“Oh my… yes, yes, double,” Ali groaned, as the teen sucked his cock for just a moment. “I can arrange that.”

Candy backed off, knowing he was now in such an excited state she could get him to come anytime she wanted, “Did you hear that, Daddy? Sweet Mr. Ali just agreed to double your salary.”

“I did,” Brad nodded. “Thank you so much, Mr. Ali.”

“Oooh my God, you’re welcome,” Ali grunted, as Candy continued stroking his cock. “Your daughter is certainly an amazing cock sucker.”

“I know,” Brad said awkwardly, which he then thought implied that he too had experienced his daughter’s mouth. He stammered, “I mean, it certainly does look like it.”

“Oh yes, I can suck cock all night,” Candy said, offering her father a sizzling look that implied she wouldn’t mind sucking an additional cock once she was Escort Avcılar done with this fat one.

“So good,” Ali moaned, as Candy deep throated him… something he’d never experienced before.

After a minute or two of deep throat cock sucking, and knowing Mr. Ali was getting close, she pulled back and asked, “Would you like to cum, Mr. Ali?”

“Oh God, yes please,” he groaned, feeling like he could erupt at any moment.

“And where do you want to cum?” Candy asked, swirling her tongue around his cock head.

“On your… on your… on your pretty face… if that’s not too much to ask?” he struggled to get out, since his wife never let him do that.

“Oh, you very bad boy! I’m not sure whether I should, let me ask my Daddy,” Candy said all seductively… using the term Daddy, which somehow sounded so much sexier in the heat of the moment, “Daddy, may dear Mr. Ali cum on my pretty face?”

“I don’t know, sweetie,” Brad said, dying to see his daughter suck that cock some more, even though he had no idea why. His principal job since his wife had passed was to protect his daughter, and yet tonight he was literally pimping her out… even if this was all of her own accord. He couldn’t explain it, but he was so turned on, and he didn’t want this voyeuristic twisted act to end anytime soon.

“What if kind Mr. Ali is willing to give you a $10,000 Christmas bonus? Then may he cum on my face?” Candy asked wickedly, really upping the ante.

“Well… if you put it like that, it seems much more reasonable,” Brad said, that amount enough to free him from all his financial issues… and with a staggering great raise going forward as well.

“Well, Mr. Ali?” Candy asked, as she deep throated his cock and held it there for a good fifteen seconds… having mastered deep throating on Professor Black’s dick, which was four inches longer than this one.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll give you a 10k Christmas bonus,” Ali said frantically, feeling he was about to burst.

“Oh God,” Ali groaned, just as his phone rang… this particular groan both from his imminent orgasm, and from this horrible timing of his wife… for that was her ringtone.

“Want me to get that for you?” Candy asked, allowing his throbbing cock to slip out of her mouth.

“No, no,” he said frantically, as Candy reached into his pocket to retrieve the buzzing phone. “It’s my wife.”

“You sure I can’t help?” Candy smiled wickedly as she pulled out the phone.

“I’ll give your Dad a 15k bonus if you don’t say a word,” Mr. Ali said frantically, as Candy teasingly brought the phone to her ear.

“Make it 20, and we have a deal,” Candy bargained ruthlessly.

“Yes, yes, anything… just please don’t answer the phone,” Ali pleaded, knowing a divorce would cost millions, not the mere thousands Candy was leveraging him out of.

“Here you go,” Candy said, handing him the phone, and giving a big, radiant smile to her stunned Dad.

“Everyone please be quiet,” Ali requested as he clicked on the phone. “Hi, deaaaaaaaar!”

Candy, feeling wicked and full of adrenaline at what she’d just wrangled for her father, had leaned forward and taken the fat cock back into her mouth.

“Are you okay?” his wife asked.

“Yes, I’m just enjoying some time with Brad O’Neill and his daughter,” Ali said, trying not to moan as the teenager’s magical mouth already had his balls bubbling again.

“That’s nice,” she said.

“Yes, they’re very nice people,” Ali said as Candy ‘nicely’ bobbed on his cock.

“Can you pick up some milk on your way home?”

“Yessssss,” Mr. Ali agreed, desperately trying not to come, and avoid alerting his wife to what was happening at his end of the line.

“You sure you’re okay?” she asked.

“Yes, just enjoying dessert,” he said, even though it was Candy about to enjoy the dessert… getting such a thrill from sucking his cock while he nervously spoke with his wife.

“When will you be home?”

“Soon,” Ali groaned, while also warning the pretty teen he was about to erupt. “Very,

very soon.”

“Great,” she said as Ali stood up, and Candy opened her mouth wide for the impending load. “See you soon. Love you.”

“Love you too,” Ali said absently, then thumbed off the phone, furiously stroked his cock, and aimed it at the pretty teen’s face before erupting his load all over Candy’s pretty face.

Ali tossed his phone on the chair as he grunted, “Holy fuck.”

Candy moaned, as the warm cum splashed on her face, “Yes, come all over my pretty freckled face, Mr. Ali.”

“Oh fuck,” he grunted, as four more ropes of cum spewed out of his cock like tremendous cannonball blasts of cum.

“Oh yes, so good,” Candy moaned, loving the feeling of a big load all over her face. The warmth, the act itself, and even the sticky cum, all turning her on.

“So good,” Ali moaned weakly, completely spent.

“I expect my Christmas bonus to be transferred into my account before you leave,” Brad said, finally assuming some control in this surreal situation, as he’d just watched helplessly as his daughter had literally prostituted herself for him. Or perhaps for that much money, she’d high-priced-call-girled herself. Worse yet, he was rock hard from admiring his daughter’s big ass, which was just like her mother’s, and her amazing cock sucking ability… also just like her mother’s.

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