Daddy’s Game Night


She waited on her knees, a pose she was very familiar with. Her eyes were gently closed as she strained her hearing to try and make out the faded voices from the next room. After a few moments she gave up, a wave of excitement began coursing through her as her mind raced through the possibilities of this evening.

Quietly she checked herself one more time. She had done everything daddy had said in his note, to do her hair up, take her time on her makeup, shave every hair below her neck. She loved getting dolled up for Daddy, knowing that all her time was worth that look of hunger in his eyes as he examined every perfect inch of her.

The note also included a small package, inside was a very revealing set of lingerie, that left her pussy bare, but covered her soft breasts and legs in a black, see-through material.

Once she had finished, she stood before the mirror, appreciating just how sexy she looked. Tracing the curve of her body all the way from her legs to her neck, thinking about all the different things that were going to happen to them. For a moment her eyes were glued to her cunt, which had already began to get wet. Her arm began to pull towards it, wanting so bad to rub her juices against her warm pussy. It took all her composure to keep her hand in place, not wanting to upset the night by getting in trouble.

When she was done, she finished the notes instructions and went into their bedroom. Carefully she closed the door and knelt down in the dark.

She didn’t know how long she waited there, the only thing she could focus on was her quickened heart beat and moist thighs, but eventually she heard the door to the apartment open.

With just that simple sound her mind picked back up where it left off, picturing how Daddy would take her, what he would do to her. Her pussy began to throb as the door closed. Eagerly she waited for the footsteps to head towards the door, but instead she heard voices. Multiple voices.

A tingle ran through her chest, not knowing what to think. She was considering getting up and covering herself, but heard the calm voice she had grown to love.

With a new found resolve, she settled back down on the floor and began staring holes into the door.

The door opened with a small creek, allowing a beam of light to come into the room, putting a spotlight on her excited expression. She didn’t speak, but her eyes said it all as Daddy stepped into the room slowly.

He smiled as he stepped in front of her, not lowering himself, but allowing her to bend her neck up to look at him. “I have a surprise for you princess.” Daddy spoke softly as his hand cupped her cheek. She nuzzled against it, basking in the soft touch görükle escort as she waited for him to speak again. “Will you be on your best behavior?” Daddys hand moved to the bottom of her chin, and pulled her face up so she was looking him in the eye.

A very serious expression stared back at her as she felt the grip on her chin tighten. “Of course daddy.” She said without hesitation.

Daddys expression softened as his hand reached slowly around her throat. Gripping hard enough to make it a difficulty to breath, Daddy lifted her up to her feet. “Then you’re going to be a good little slut, and come entertain my guests.” With a slight smile, he let go and turned around. “Come.” He snapped his fingers and made his voice firm as he made his way down the hallway.

Her head was a mess of thoughts and emotions as she instinctively followed close behind Daddy, but one thought was much stronger and louder than the others. Lust. In just the short time between hearing her duty and making her way to the living room, thousands of images of her being fucked had raced through her mind, each one causing her pussy to throb again and again.

As she was trying to control her breathing, she turned the corner into the living room. She desperately tried to scan the two men she saw lounging on the furniture, but was cut short by Daddy stepping in the way. “On all fours, on the coffee table, facing me.” He said firmly as he sat down in a chair away from the other two.

Fighting the urge to disobey, and turn to see the men, she reluctantly crawled onto the table. She was at eye level with Daddy, which meant that her exposed, dripping cunt was at eye level with the two men behind her. A bright red burned through her cheeks as she tried to focus on Daddy.

He seemed so relax for the situation. Leaned back in the chair, his hand lazily draped over the arms. His eyes stared into hers revealing very little emotion behind them. The only hint that he was enjoying himself, was the faint smirk at the edge of his mouth that twitched every time he shifted his tight pants.

Now being reassured that he was enjoying this just as much as she was, she let herself relax a little. Her back got lower, forcing her ass out towards the men. She pictured the view of her swollen lips perfectly framed between her thighs as her ass finished the view.

Daddy ignored the move as he began to talk to the two men completely normally, as if there wasnt a mostly naked woman between them.

She listened on and off as the group talked about news, old friends, the most recent game, and many more relatively dull topics.

After awhile she had made personas for the men. One had a very bursa escort bayan low, soft voice, reminding her of a young Morgan Freeman, the other seemed very excitable and never seemed to stay on topic, she named him Spazz.

Just when she was doubting that they were going to play with her at all, Daddy snapped his fingers and pointed at his feet. “Kneel.”

Her eyes lit up with excitement as she scrambled to his feet, her head already resting on his knee as she made sure to keep eye contact.

He wasn’t looking at her though, his eyes were still on his friends as he reached down casually and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out from beneath. Without hesitation she sat up so she could begin to lick the head of her Daddys perfect cock.

She heard Spazz chuckle. “Not a very patient one, is she?” The comment caused a couple chuckles as she began to take the head into her mouth, using the best of her tricks to try and throw Daddy off of his game. She curled her tongue around the head and pushed deeper, then moving back up to appreciate it, before going down again, repeating the process over and over, feeling Daddys cock respond each time.

Focusing so hard on getting her blow job just right, she didn’t notice the room go completely quiet. When it hit her, she stopped. Daddys eyes were now on her, and there was a new hunger in them, just the sight of it made her nipples grow hard against his legs.

Suddenly she felt a hand cup her pussy, the shock was so bad that she reflexively turned. Her turning head was caught by Daddys open hand. A loud smack sounded out as her face was whipped back to his. “I did not say look away.” His voice growled slightly in anger as he stared her down.

“I think she likes it… just look how wet she is.” She felt the hand pull down the length of her cunt, and then it appeared in front of her face. “What a true slut you are, getting all wet before we’ve even touched you.” The voice belonged to Spazz, his tone had changed to a harsh one as his hand moved closer to her face. “I dont want your filthy cunt on my hand, take it back.” His voice left no room for argument as she began to lick herself off his hand.

While she was occupied another hand found her hard nipples, that were struggling desperately against the fabric. She couldnt decide if the hand belonged to Spazz or Morgan, but began not to care as the hand roughly began twisting and playing with both her nipples.

After Spazz was content with the cleaning his hand pulled away, bringing Daddy back into view. Her neck was bent all the way back to look up at him as he smiled down at her. “Back on the table.” He made no motion to move, leaving bursa escort her to get up herself and walk slowly backwards into her legs bumped the table. She heard them men step back with her, the one hand refusing to let go of her nipple, still mercilessly twisting it to his delight.

Finally she made it back onto her knees atop the table, but was left very little time to settle before she felt a body press up behind her, and two large hands grip her waist. “Spread your legs.” There was no fight anymore as she listened to Spazz, her legs falling apart to allow access to her cunt.

“Please.” The voice was faint and surprising, even to her as it escaped her lips. The rest seemed to come without her consent of speaking the words. “Please fuck me.”

Daddys eyes seemed to gleam in pleasure as he watched his little girl break down into the slut he loved.

With no warning, she felt a cock ram deep inside of her. She couldnt help but lead out a scream as her pussy desperately tried to stretch to fit the dick.

The scream didn’t seem to give the cock any hesitation as it was pulled out and rammed in again. This one was a bit easier, allowing her to arch her back and press against him, trying to get it deeper.

As another ram was sent through her body, Daddy stood up, his wet cock still poking out from beneath his pants. It was hard and throbbing just at the sight of his slut getting used like a toy for his friends. He stepped in front of her and held his cock up to her lips. “If you drop this, you get no cum.” He warned as she eagerly wrapped her lips around his warm dick.

For a moment her body was in bliss. The feeling of Daddy’s cock filing her mouth, throbbing and hard. The mysterious cock that filled her on the other end, taking what it wanted without thought. Her whole body was throbbing and aching as she struggled to keep her witts about her.

Losing her strength, her head began to fall, staring now at Daddy’s ruffled shirt instead of his face. It wasnt long before she was reminded why this was a bad idea. Her head was yanked back by her hair, the sudden jerk definitely removing some of the hairs from her head.

Her eyes shot open as she looked up at Daddy again, who was now thrusting into her open mouth, pushing the head of his cock against her throat. “Can my slut not handle two cocks?” Daddy barked down at her as he twisted her hair in his fist. “Because you cant even keep your head up.”

Her reply was cut off by gagging on Daddys dick, her vision began to get blurry as tears welled up in her eyes. “I can.” She managed to gurggle out before her whole body tensed.

Everything went black, coming back quickly to a wave of pleasure surging through her body. Her limbs were useless, the only things holding her up were the cocks rammed inside of her. Her eyes rolled around uselessly in her head as her body was heaved back and forth by the thrusts from both sides.

This was going to be a fun night…

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