Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 07


I came home after a hard day’s work as I always did and found Keri there to meet me as was her ritual. I looked down at her petite frame as she knelt before me with her knees open and her hands on her thighs. I closed the door silently as she put her right cheek to the ground between extended wrists, performing obeisance before her master.

The house was already warm with the aroma of the lasagna that she had fixed. Though she did not work a regular job Keri found her day busy as she served me. It was good for her to serve me in those menial ways, endeavoring to please me. She served so much the better sexually afterward, knowing that she had to iron my clothes perfectly, and cook the meals to my perfection, else she feel the whip on her supple soft skin.

“Greetings, my master,” she whispered as she untied my shoes and removed them and my socks. I could feel her lips kissing at my feet. Then she lightly licked and sucking, lingeringly, hoping to be found pleasing.

She knelt back on her heels for inspection, her back straight, breasts thrust forward, with her knees widely spread, exposing her sex to me. I grinned down at her silently. She struggled to look at the ground as she was still under discipline. She was dressed as I had commanded her, nothing but black silk stockings and matching pumps with 4 inch heels and little ties around her ankles.

Wordlessly, I knelt down beside Keri and roughly inspected her as she gasped at my touch, silently pressing herself to me in sexual offering and powerful excitement. Her legs were freshly shaved smooth. Her cunt was also shaved recently, smooth and red from her razor still. I ran my fingers between her spread and waiting pussy lips that were already moist with her juices and then lifted them to my nose as she let out a small gasp. I smelt a pleasant mixture of her sex mixed with her skin moisturizing lotion. Next I checked her underarms and they were shaved recently also.

“Bara!” I barked and Keri fluidly and beautifully slid onto her belly and crossed her ankles for binding as well as her wrists behind her back. I roughly uncrossed her ankles and spread her legs. I used my fingers to spread her ass cheeks as she quietly moaned and could see her angry puckered sphincter from her recent ass-raping. It was clean and brown, inviting. It was also free of hair.

“Position,” I snapped and she quickly rolled over and rose to her knees, back straight with her thighs widely splayed. Her chest rose and fell quickly from the exertion, making a delightful show of her breasts.

“We have something special planned tonight, my slut,” I informed her. She shuddered and reddened in anticipation and fought back the urge to look up at me, but she was still under discipline; she could not look at my face, or any part of me, in fact, above my belt.

“We need you prepared for the event,” I said. “So I want you to prepare dinner quickly and then wait, on your knees in the kitchen for me.”

“Yes, daddy,” she said, excitedly and then turned to crawl away quickly. I licked my lips and smiled as my cock twitched, watching her firm, well formed and exquisitely shaped ass sway as she made her way to the kitchen.

Upstairs in the bedroom, I laid out her attire for the night, which was not much indeed. Over the past weeks, I had bought her many new clothes, both for my viewing pleasure as well as for her to go out in. They were all sensual but conservative, nothing too slutty and nothing distasteful. I mainly chose skirts and blouses for her to go out in as well as sun dresses and longer flowing dresses with modest slits up the sides or back. For in the home, it was mainly lingerie, garter belts, corsets, negligee’s and such, In a variety of different colors and styles.

For this night I chose a black corset that pushed her C-cup breasts up perfectly, and fit her tight around her belly and waist. It had attachments for her stockings and would match what little she was already wearing perfectly.

With that done, I locked my pistol in the bedroom safe and then walked into the bathroom for a quick shower. I was almost absentminded as I thought about the future. I had a good job here, but except for my other daughter, Tara, who was attending college now, I had nothing really tying me to the city anymore, not since their mother died. I liked my job, but the skills were transferable nearly anywhere.

I thought about living openly with Keri, not having to hide our relationship. Most everyone knew that she was my daughter, and none would approve of our sexual relationship, let alone my domination and control over her. I belonged to some nationwide groups of likeminded men and their girls, and I knew I could network anywhere I wanted to go.

That thought was on my mind as I got out of the shower and dried off, feeling the stress of the long day bleed off. I dressed casually in worn and faded but sharply creased khaki pants and a red polo shirt. Keri laundered and pressed all of my clothes to perfection. She Ataköy Escort did not double crease anymore, especially since she felt the kiss of the whip for that transgression two nights before. I smiled at the memory of that and how she had served my pleasure afterwards, striving to placate me.

I slipped the thick leather belt onto my pants and then carried my pistol down with me, feeling refreshed from the shower. I could feel my stomach rumbling as I locked my pistol up downstairs in the lockbox and then walked to the kitchen. Keri was there waiting, silently kneeling in the position of the pleasure slave, her chest rising and falling rhythmically. I could feel my cock stir at the sight of her breasts and her engorged rosy nipples.

Silently, I sat down at the table and pushed myself in. I snapped my fingers and pointed under the table. Keri moved swiftly, knowing what I wanted. As I took my first bite of dinner, I felt the pleasurable softness of her wet tongue swirling around the head of my cock. She rested her hands on my knees, knowing that was how I preferred to suck my cock, using her whole body without hands. After a moment she was already mewling and whimpering in sexual need as she rocked back and forth, her head lips bobbing up and down the shaft of my cock. I continued to eat silently. Yes, I thought to myself, it is enjoyable to own a woman, completely, having her under my absolute and utter control and discipline.

I ate in silence as they pleasured me, slurping up my cock. I had to tell her several times not to cum as she worked hard to sexually stimulate me. By the time my dinner was through my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I pulled her off my cock by her hair and she knelt beside me, gasping for air, her breasts rising and falling beautifully, her eyes alight with sexual excitement.

Piece by piece, I fed her with my forth. She knelt back on her heels, the aroma of her sex mixing with that of the lasagna. She used only her teeth and lips to eat from my fork, which was stimulating for me by itself. It was very sensual to me to see her performing this task in such a sexual way.

“Thank you for feeding me master,” she breathed, her voice taut with need as she performed obeisance, pressing her lips to my feet and gently holding my ankle.

Unable to control my own urges anymore, I grabbed her roughly by the arm and she yelped as I dragged her to the side of the kitchen and then put her to her belly. She instinctively spread her knees widely and pressed her breasts into the cold tile of the kitchen floor while her hands were at her sides, palms up.

“Oh, daddy!” she yelled as I drove my hard cock into her cunt and began fucking her wet sex hole without mercy. I could feel her cunt quivering almost immediately as she reached slave orgasm immediately with the first thrust of my cock reaching her womb. Her body tensed up and then shuddered as orgasm washed over.

Without waiting and without quarter, I continued to fuck her, pushing myself deep into her tightened muscles, forcing me into her pussy harder and harder. I grabbed her supple ass cheeks and controlled her movements, pulling her back to meet every thrust as I slammed into her wetness. I didn’t care about being gentle or her own needs. She lifted herself off the ground, moaning in pleasure, offering herself to me.

“Use me master,” she whimpered. “Fuck me. Fuck your slave girl good! Use her body for your pleasure! Take it and fuck it daddy! Please fuck me harder!” I slammed into her harder and harder with every thrust until I could hold back no longer and with a savage growl I unloaded my cum into her hot pussy.

She was still mewling as I pulled my cock out of her and reflexively, she rolled to her knees before me and without having to be asked began to clean my cock with her small warm tongue. It was a pleasure to feel her tongue lapping at the mix of cum and pussy juice and lightly licking my balls and the shaft of my cock while she still shuddered in sexual need.

With my cum and her pussy juices mixed with her saliva, she rocked back on her heels, looking up at me with her eyes shining, still obviously in a state of extreme sexual arousal. I smiled at that, thinking I would toy with her a little more.

“Is my girl wet?” I asked as I knelt down in front of her. My forefinger lightly touched just the edge of her obviously wet and engorged folds.

“Yes,” she moaned, looking down to keep her eyes away from mine, as she tried to push my finger up into her but I pulled away and grinned as her pussy chased my finger, looking for something to fill her up. Her whole body was taut as she whimpered in need.

“Well,” I said as I held the small of her back, not allowing her to move and then ran my finger between her lips to her inflamed and sensitive clit. “If you’re a good girl maybe I’ll let you cum.” I grinned at her. She whimpered again and I just laughed. Lifting my finger from her dripping pussy to her lips, she eagerly licked Ataköy Escort Bayan and sucked it, her nostrils flaring at the taste and scent of her sex.

“But we’ll just have to see,” I said with a laugh.

Standing abruptly, I could well feel the ache in my cock and the bulge in my pants from my own sexual excitement. I looked down at her and considered having her again, forcing her to serve my pleasure and using her body as a vessel for my own sexual fulfillment.

No, I said to myself. I need to be strong with her.

“Clean up here and then go upstairs. Clean yourself up and then adorn yourself in the clothes lying on the bed,” I said, looking down at her. “Come to me in the den when you are finished with that.”

“Yes, daddy,” she said softly, obviously disappointed that she would not receive any contentment for a while.

I brushed her head softly, affectionately, and she smiled blushing red.

Wordlessly, I walked away into the den and sat down in my faded leather armchair, mindlessly watching the evening news. After a moment of thought I worked on starting a fire to fight the chill as the nights cooled after dark in the city. I preferred the warm, glowing embers of the fire over the gas heating that was provided in the home. Call me old fashioned but I love the power and the energy of a burning fire.

With that done and I walked to the small wooden desk in the corner of the room and took out my handi-cam and checked to make sure the battery was still good. Keri had gotten it for my birthday a few years back. I wondered with a smile if she ever thought she would be videotaped on it like she was about to. It was an amusing thought as I ensured there was enough disc-space on the memory card and then checked to make sure the small light worked and then found the tripod for it and set it to the side.

It was barely twenty minutes later when Keri crawled into the den wearing the corset. She knelt head down next to my chair with her hands on her thighs, palm up. I could smell the soft scent from her reapplied perfume that seemed to exude sexuality. Yes, I thought, the corset pushed her breasts up beautifully. I could feel myself becoming aroused again, already.

“You are beautiful, my girl,” I said, touching her face.

“Mmmmmmm,” she said with a soft smile, pushing her cheek into my hand, thankful and needful of the small touch. “Thank you daddy.” Then she giggled and shuddered in excitement. “What do you have planned for me tonight?”

Before I could answer the doorbell rang and I laughed at how Keri jumped, her heart skipping a beat. I shook her head affectionately and then wordlessly got up and snapped my finger, pointing to a spot facing the wall. Dutifully, Keri crawled there and knelt, facing away from the hallway, perfectly still, her belly quivering in anticipation.

Opening the door, I greeted her with a finger to lips, warning her to silence. It was good thing I had also, for she was about to speak. I ushered Sandra into the house and I could smell the subtle feminine perfume that she wore. I returned her smile and could tell she was excited.

After I closed the door, Sandra wordlessly shucked the heavy overcoat that she wore, revealing the sheer black bustier with stockings and shiny black pumps with five-inch heels. She fell to her knees before me and kissed my feet, gently, teasingly with teeth and tongue, silently telling me of her excitement. She smiled when she saw me lick my lips and her eyes shone but Sandra remained silent.

Sandra was a girl that I knew from a local group, who was slave but currently unowned. I had assisted her leave her former master who had physically abused her almost to the point of death before cleaning out her bank account and kicking her out of his house. He had espoused the tenets of Gor but obviously was less than expected.

She was a petite woman of thirty who worked as a stockbroker during the day but was also slave. She was curvy with C-cup breasts that remained firm and pert. She had dancer legs with strong calf muscles. All in all she was a very lovely, desirable girl with long luxuriant red hair and green eyes. Her skin was fair which flushed beautifully when she was excited, as she was now.

Since the incident with her former master we had remained in contact through the years. At the various functions where she had served on behalf of a house or event, I had used her for my pleasure on more than one occasion but never more than that. I remembered well the softness and responsiveness of her body, the softness of her smooth skin and the swell of her breasts. I licked my lips again, silently.

Needless to say, Sandra had leaped at the chance when I called her this morning to come over.

Sandra popped to her feet and stood beautifully when I snapped my fingers and pointed my forefinger to the ceiling. She remained deferential, standing as a slave with her eyes cast downward, her knees flexed and ready and her hands at her Escort Ataköy side, loose and resilient.

Silently I walked toward the den with Sandra following, one step behind and to my left, her bare feet on the cold hard wood. She stole a furtive glance at me when she saw Keri’s form and I could tell she was excited. She was a bisexual woman who enjoyed the soft touch of a man and loved it that the men who owned her enjoyed it as well.

I walked over to Keri who shuddered when she felt my presence approaching her. Taking some binding fiber on a side table I took her hands and bound them behind her back. She trembled with anticipating at her helplessness but remained silent. I then turned her around on her knees.

“Who is she?” Keri asked, aroused as well as fearful. I could see her skin flush from her breast line up to her high cheekbones.

For a moment, I remained silent. “She is going to assist you on your journey. You must be pleasing in all things,” I said looking down at her. “That means performing for your master, or other masters as your owner may command you to. This means knowing the touch of a woman,” I smiled at her. “It means enjoying the touch of a woman.”

Beckoning Sandra over to me, I touched Keri lightly on the cheek. She shuddered in anticipation and I licked my lips, adjusting myself as my cock grew harder. Still stroking Keri’s cheek, I nodded to Sandra who smiled.

Keri moaned when she felt Sandra lightly touching her, running her long feminine fingers along her throat and cheeks. I stepped back as Keri closed her eyes and sat down in the chair, watching. Not taking my eyes off of the two girls, I grabbed my handi-cam and started recording.

Sandra had an expert touch that titillated, aroused and teased all at the same time. Her fingers were lightly running over Keri’s chest and down her satin corset, teasing her taut nipples and then her quivering belly. Keri whimpered and bit her lip as she spread her legs wider, splaying them for the woman who was touching her.

I watched as Sandra lightly ran her lips along Keri’s neck, to her cheek and then Keri, who had never touched another woman before, sought out with-as if they had a mind of their own-the more experienced lips and moaned as they touched. Their mouths opened and the tongues touched, causing Keri to tremble again. She fought the bonds and sobbed when she found herself well tied and helpless.

Keri moaned and lifted her body when Sandra became more direct, more passionate, groping her breasts and kissing her harder on the mouth, nibbling and sucking on her lip. Keri moaned when she felt Sandra tearing away at her corset and kissing and licking at her nipples. Keri’s whimpers made my cock stir as I videotaped the two girls together.

Sandra pulled her bustier down exposing her firm breasts, lifting to Keri’s mouth who fervently sucked and licked at them. Her tender lips latched onto one and Sandra moaned as the younger girl sucked hard on them as if they still had milk. I remembered the kajira to be very much into nipple and breast stimulation and could well imagine what this was doing to her slaves fires.

“Yes!” she moaned as she wrapped one arm Keri’s head and pulled her down into her breasts, moaning and whimpering, mashing the girl’s face against her. She threw her head back and spread her legs wider as her fingers pulled and twisted Keri’s nipples.

Though she was in pain, Keri only moaned, obviously aroused and excited by the mix of pleasure and pain that she was experiencing. She looked up panting, her eyes glazed over and Sandra attacked her mouth, kissing her and pushing her tongue into Keri’s mouth. It was eagerly accepted and Keri sucked on it like she had just done with her nipples.

Pushing Keri down hard on the floor, Sandra pushed the long legs apart and visibly licked her lips as she looked upon the wet and engorged pussy lips. Silently I watched as Sandra began rubbing her fingers between Keri’s moist lips in an achingly slow sensual rhythm, grinning up at the younger woman with her eyes alight.

“I remember watching you grow up,” Sandra said with a grin. “So sexy, growing up into a beautiful sexual woman.” Keri moaned at the words as her body responded to every touch as Sandra continued running her finger up and down her wet slit. “Oh, yes, I remember wanting you so many years ago, so young, so fresh, innocent. I wanted to then.” The licked and kissed the supple flesh of Keri’s neck. “And I want you now.”

Just hearing Sandra talking dirty to my daughter was making my cock rock hard and ache as I videotaped the experience. Through the viewer I watched as Keri writhed and squirmed in her bonds, whimpering and moaning in need.

Keri’s moans became louder and more urgent as her whole body moved, afire in sexual frenzy. I could see that she was reaching orgasm as her pussy leaked juice and her hips gyrated and spasmed in increased excitement. My own excitement was building watching the performance.

“Do not cum without my permission,” I commanded.

Keri threw her head back in frustration and tried to close her legs but couldn’t with Sandra’s hands firmly holding them open while her fingers toyed with her clit and pussy lips, her fingers coated in Keri’s cunt juices.

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