Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 02


That wasn’t how it had happened, Daisy knew, not quite. She had done that awful stuff, but she hadn’t wanted to-she had just ended up like that somehow, naked on her bed with her toy in her…her vagina. She hated that word, but the words her father had used were even worse, words she had only heard the guys at school calling each other. Her best friend referred to hers as “girly bits”, which Daisy kind of liked. It made it sound so innocent and playful.

But what she had done that evening hadn’t been innocent or playful. Daisy had felt a lot like the girl in the magazine her father had shown her, naked and exposed and…what was her mother always saying? Wanton? She knew it had been wrong, especially to do that sort of thing in front of her father. Usually when she touched herself like that, she was alone.

Sometimes she and Shawna did things like that together, but even that was different. It was more…instructional. Daisy remembered the day she had turned 18 last October, when Shawna had met up with her after school and taken her straight to an adult toy store. Shawna already owned a large pink dildo, and that day she bought Daisy a matching one in pink. They had spent the night at Shawna’s house, and Daisy could still remember the look on her best friend’s face when she had asked how to use the thing.

“Oh god, Daise, do I have to teach you everything?” The pretty brunette sounded reluctant, but she didn’t act that way. Within 30 seconds, she had plopped down on her queen-sized bed and hiked up her cheerleading skirt to reveal long, slender legs and a cute pink thong. “Here, I’ll show you how I use mine, and you can practice with yours.”

Shawna had pulled the narrow thong to the side very matter-of-factly, and there, suddenly, was her vagina. “Girly bits,” she said with a giggle, but as Daisy followed suit, she murmured, “though mine aren’t nearly as girly as yours.”

Sitting across from her on the bed with her own skirt hiked up and her boring bikini briefs tugged to one side, Daisy had felt increasingly embarrassed under Shawna’s open stare. Although she wasn’t particularly well-acquainted with her own vagina, she knew it did indeed look very different than her friend’s. She peered between her thighs to have a look.

Ugh. Hers were so…big compared to Shawna’s, with all those pink folds and flaps. Shawna’s looked more like a…a…

“Cameltoe,” Shawna had said, giggling again. She slid her pointer and ring fingers along either side of her girly bits and squeezed. The little bulge of flesh in between them was indeed cleft like a camel’s hoof, with not even a hint of pink. Yet, when çorum escort Shawna leaned back and ran the tip of the dildo up the crease, Daisy thought she caught a little hint of pink peeking out.

“Why does mine hang out?” Daisy asked crossly. “Yours is all neat and tidy.”

Shawna only chuckled. Then she groaned. The dark-haired girl had angled the dildo towards the center of her vagina and was pushing it inside her. Daisy watched, fascinated, as the toy disappeared inch by inch in into the cleft of skin between her friend’s thighs. Startled, she realized Shawna had put a hand up her own tight t-shirt and was moving her fingers around inside her bra.

As Daisy watched, Shawna had begun to pull the toy back out of her body. It was glistening with some sort of liquid. Shawna was looking down at it, watching it emerge. Then suddenly she thrust it back inside her and let out a moan. She looked up at Daisy with a sort of coy smile on her face, like the one Daisy might give a boy who was flirting with her. “Doesn’t it look fun?”

Before long, Shawna was pumping the dildo in and out of her cameltoe vigorously, panting hard. “Oh…” she moaned after awhile, “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah.” She pulled her hand out of her shirt and began to rub at the crest of her vagina with her other hand. Daisy watched, spellbound. She wondered what it felt like for Shawna, and suddenly had an overwhelming desire to explore her own body. Surely she had the same parts as her friend, even if they didn’t look quite the same.

With a start, Daisy realized she could see pee dripping from Shawna’s vagina, but she didn’t want to embarrass her by pointing it out. She thought maybe Shawna wouldn’t want her to watch if she was peeing herself, so Daisy preoccupied herself with her own dildo. Looking back and forth between Shawna’s vagina and her own, she tried to find where to put it, but there didn’t seem to be a hole.

In front of her, Shawna uttered a rather loud moan and collapsed back against her pillows, the dildo falling out of her vagina. Daisy’s eyes flicked from the slick purple jelly to the slick pink that peeked out more easily now from between her friend’s cameltoe. Her friend was breathless. After a moment, she sat up and smiled. “That was nice.”

Then she looked curiously at daisy. “What are you doing?”

Daisy looked down, embarrassed. “I can’t find it,” she admitted, blushing hard.

Again, her best friend rolled her eyes. “All right, fine, I’ll help you.” She leaned forward between Daisy’s thighs and, using her fingers, poked and prodded her pink flesh for what seemed like çorum escort bayan ages. She even touched something at the top of her vagina that made Daisy quiver uncontrollably and feel like she needed to pee. She didn’t pee, but that was only because Shawna finally found where to put the dildo. Her hole was deep between the pink fleshy skin, and perhaps she did pee herself after all, because there was already liquid starting to leak out of it. Shawna pulled the fleshy bits apart and poked at her hole with a fingertip, then all at once her whole finger slipped inside.

“Oops, I’m sorry!” she giggled. “It was so slippery, I couldn’t help it.”

Daisy’s eyes were wide. She felt strange, but…it wasn’t a bad strange. Is this what the dildo would feel like? If so, she was excited to try it.

Shawna’s finger slipped out and then back in a few more times. “Oops!” she said again. “Just an accident.” By the time her finger slid out completely, Daisy was breathing hard.

“I think I’m ready,” she said, trying not to sound too eager. Shawna smiled up at her and reached for the dildo. She placed the tip where her finger had been a moment ago and pushed.

Now the same dildo lay between Daisy’s thighs. Above it, her pussy was red and even more swollen than usual.

Tom stood back and looked at his daughter. Daisy lay half-propped up on her elbows, her expression indignant, her beautiful mouth full of wet, lacy fabric. Her hair was a mess, falling in an artless tangle over her shoulders and onto the pillow behind her. Her tits heaved on her tiny chest, the stiff nipples bobbing with each breath. Below her toned belly, her mound thrust out, with only the barest suggestion of blond pubic hair above the red gash of her pussy. Between her spread thighs, a river of juice was pooling on the bedsheet.

“Stand up,” Tom ordered. Daisy pushed herself up and slid off the bed, knocking the dildo over the edge in the process and leaving a smear of juice on the sheet. She stood with her thighs together and her arms crossed over her chest, although her tits were so large they bulged out over and beneath her arms. “Spread your legs and squat down. Wider.” He observed the lean muscles in her thighs, the rounded bubble of her tight ass. “Get your ass down lower. Use your muscles. Put your hands on your knees for balance.”

Surprisingly, she obeyed. Tom noticed with satisfaction that her swollen lips had relaxed a little and now hung straight down, protruding nearly an inch from her puffy outer labia. They drooled that thick, clear liquid that came only from prolonged, genuine arousal. escort çorum Tom left her squatting there, returning half a minute later with an empty pail, which he placed between her feet.

“Do you have to pee, Daisy?” he asked softly.

Daisy’s expression changed quickly from embarrassed irritation to alarm. She shook her head, her eyes wide.

“If you don’t tell me the truth, I will lock you in your room for the night and you won’t be able to use the toilet at all until morning,” he said. “So I ask you again, do you have to pee?”

Daisy closed her eyes for a moment. Then, reluctantly, she nodded. He had known it, had read somewhere that girls always had to pee after orgasms. “Good girl,” he said. “Now squat down a little lower, and pee into the bucket.”

Daisy’s eyes snapped open, and she shook her head again. Yet even as she did, Tom noticed a little squirt escaped from between her hanging pussy lips. She yelped around the wad of fabric in ther mouth and tried to see over the mountain of her tits.

“Good girl,” Tom said again, squatting down himself in front of her. “Let it all out now.”

She couldn’t help it. She gritted her teeth and struggled, but her muscles were weakening, and she was actually rather desperate. With another moan, she let go, unleashing a strong stream of piss into the bucket beneath her.

Tom observing the way her pussy flaps spread wide to accomodate the spray, the way they quivered and fluttered with the force of it. Her juices flowed out along with it, so that even when the stream finally slowed, her twat continued to drizzle copious amounts of juice into the pail. At last, moaning with the strain, Daisy straightened her legs, unsable to squat any longer. Her juices still dangled from her protruding lips. She must have been wildly aroused, Tom realized.

He reached up and tugged the shorts out of her mouth, then brought them down to her pussy. He collected her juices with them, sliding the fabric front to back between those long lips. Tom brought the fabric to his nose for a moment and inhaled her scent before pushing it back into her mouth. He reasoned that it was better to gag Daisy with her own shorts than with his cock, which he desperately wanted to do.

She gave a muffled moan of protest, but did not dare spit them out.

“Good girl,” he said a third time. “You will pee when and where I instruct you until your punishment is over, do you understand?”

She nodded, the blush on her pretty cheekbones darkening. Despite her embarrassment, Daisy looked almost relieved, somehow-probably from just having emptied her aching bladder. She had nearly filled the pail.

“Now, pick that up and empty it in the bathroom toilet. Clean yourself up and come down to dinner.” As she bent to obey, he reached out and stroked a stiff nipple. “You may wear those shorts, but you will wear nothing on top. Do you understand?”

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