Dave’s Once Shy Wife Ch. 02


After a good night’s sleep following a wonderful welcoming by Dave and Linda, I woke to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. I threw on a pair of nylon running shorts, very comfortable but they do little to hide the heavy package I carry around, and followed the aroma to the kitchen.

“Oh I’m sorry Linda, I didn’t realize that you were in here,” I said, a little embarrassed that I had walked in on her as she breastfed her baby.

“Oh Marty, don’t be so silly. After last night, you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all to see this innocent little scene. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat.”

I did as I was told as it gave me a chance to turn away and hide my rising hard-on, brought on in part by seeing Linda’s engorged breast and in part by the short, lovely nightgown she was wearing. I sat at the table and tried not to stare at Linda’s exposed breast as I made idle chatter. The sucking noise from the baby was making it all that much more difficult to ignore her bare breast and keep a limp dick.

“Where’s Dave this morning Linda?” I asked, trying to get my mind off of the scene in front of me.

“Oh, he had to run into work for a little while in order to wrap up a deal before tomorrow. He shouldn’t be long and then the three of us can spend the day together as the babysitter should be here by noon.”

Just then Linda pulled her nipple from the baby’s mouth and placed the baby over her shoulder while patting him on the back. She didn’t bother to cover up her exposed breast and a drop or two of her milk dripped from the nipple. Without thinking, I reached over and wiped the droplets with my finger and brought them to my mouth.

“Mmmmm, now why can’t they bottle this and serve it up with coffee in the morning,” I said.

“Cause it wouldn’t taste the same silly if it weren’t coming directly from a nipple like this,” she said as she chuckled at my silly question.

Linda got up and took the sleeping baby back to his crib and then returned to the kitchen. Her breast was no longer exposed but she looked lovely in the nightgown she was wearing. I found myself staring at her panty covered ass through the sheer material instead denizli escort of paying attention to what she was saying.

She turned towards me with coffee and hand and said “Marty, did you hear me?”

“Ah, what? I’m sorry Linda, my mind was someplace else. What did you say?”

“I asked you if you wanted anything to eat with your coffee silly,” she said as I now had a chance to examine the front of her from head to toe. It was as good as her backside and then some.

It was obvious what I wanted with my coffee and she picked up on it right away. She stood there allowing me to absorb her beauty then she placed her coffee on the counter and slowly walked over to where I was sitting.

“I think I know exactly what this weary traveler needs this morning,” she said and she ran her fingers through my hair.

I could smell her sweet aroma radiating from her body and the sweetness of the milk that dampened her bra. She pressed herself against my face and I rubbed my head between her breasts. I drew my hands up the back of her silky legs and gripped her sweet little ass cheeks. She allowed me to caress them for a moment and then suddenly took two steps back and broke our embrace. I figured that she had decided we went too far but much to my delight, she was only creating enough space to allow herself to slowly drop the nightgown that draped over her. The top fell silently to the ground, followed by the bra and matching panties. She stood there in the morning sun looking better in the morning light than she did last night.

My dick was soon standing at full attention, creating a pup tent in my nylon shorts. Linda slowly dropped to her knees and pulled the nylon fabric down and off my legs. Several drops of precum glistened at the top of my cock. Linda took her finger and rubbed the silky fluid around the entire head and then licked the head with her tongue. After last night, it wasn’t a secret that this little lady was an excellent cocksucker and I was an eager recipient of her special talents. She stroked my meat while slowly twisting her lips around my shaft. I could have easily cum right then and there but she had denizli escort bayan other plans for the two of us. She grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard, postponing the pending explosion. While holding my cock upright in one hand, she lowered her mouth to the very bottom of my balls and bathed them with her tongue. My balls jumped with excitement each time she licked them. She took them in her mouth and rolled them with her tongue before returning to give me more excellent head.

I pulled her head from my cock and asked her to stand. She did as I asked and then I placed her over the edge of the table. From this point, I got another chance to examine her lovely ass as your pussy lips opened to reveal her budding clitty. I rubbed the head of cock up and down her slit, spending extra time rubbing her clitty with my dick. Once my cock was lubricated with her juices, I slowly pushed the head of my dick into her hot little pussy. It was as tight this morning as I remember it being last night. I slowly fed her my cock, sliding it in an inch or two and then slowly bringing it back out until the base of my head was sitting at the opening of her pussy. I then pushed it in another inch or two and repeated the pattern until I had the entire 9 inches buried in her. My balls rested against the opening of your pussy while the head of my cock was pushed up against her pussy wall. I

could feel her heart beat through the walls of her pussy and her juices run down the front of my nuts. I quickened my pace a bit and altered between shorts strokes and long, fast strokes and short, trying to heighten her excitement and bring her to her brink. She started to push back and meet my thrusts and our combined efforts sent her to her first climax in a matter of minutes. I did my best to avoid cumming as I wanted this to last as long as possible. When her climax receded, I pulled out of her and stood there with a throbbing hard-on covered with her juices. She turned around and without hesitation, inhales my cock down to its base. She sucked her juices off it and stroked it in a twisting motion. I tried to hold off but her talents got the best of me and I came escort denizli in an explosive manner filling her mouth with several spurts of hot cum.

I collapsed in the chair afterwards trying to catch my breath and regain my balance. Her breasts were at eye level and leaking milk from all the excitement. I reached up and brought one of her nipples into my mouth and began squeezing the breast to extract the milk. Hamm, sweet heaven, fresh milk right from the source! I repeated this action on the other breast until Linda grabbed my head and began French kissing me. I could taste our combined juices on her tongue and I’m certain she could taste her milk on mine. My dick was still erect from all the follow-up activity and Linda must have noticed too as she invited me back into her bedroom to finished what we had started. I followed her into the bedroom where she asked me to take a seat on the bed in front of the full length mirror on the wall. I felt a little weird seeing myself naked in my best friend’s room with a raging hard-on.

“Spread those legs a little Marty, I want to take a seat on big thing between them.”

I did as I was told and Linda turned around and reached between her legs to find my cock. With my cock in her hand, she guided it to the opening in her pussy and then slid herself down on it until she hit bottom. She sat there for a moment enjoying the fullness inside then began a rhythmic rock up and down my cock as both she and I watched our activities in the mirror in front of us. I reached up and grabbed both of her breasts and began rubbing them and then squeezing them to solicit the milk from within. Milk began flowing from each of her erect nipples and after a short while, a steady stream of the white liquid ran from her breasts over her stomach through her pubic area and dripped from the bottom of my balls.

The scene was too much for both of us and we climaxed at about the same time. I fell back onto the bed and my dick slid out of Linda with a “pop”. She rolled over on top of me and resumed the kiss she started in the kitchen and we laid there for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I suggested that we had better bet cleaned up before the babysitter and/or Dave arrived and she agreed. Man, it had spent less than 24 hours in this house and I had already had more sex in those short hours than I did the entire previous week. I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the day had in store.

(to be continued?….)

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