Dear Diary


Dear Diary:

It’s me Cindy again. It’s now been three months since I started at this community college and still have yet to make any real friends. I kind of hang out with this girl Lauren but she’s always busy with her club. Maybe if I join the club with her I can make some friends and the guys will notice me too. I can’t even get a date right now and I’m so frustrated. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll join the club with her, no matter what.

Of course I wouldn’t need to do this if it wasn’t for my stupid mom. She left us a year ago and my dad still hasn’t recovered. We had to move here after he got fired from his job for drinking. He had to take a job as a city bus driver and I’d just die if anyone found out. I feel bad for him. He hasn’t had a single date since she left, and I know he’s lonely.

Anyways, I’ve got to get to class.


Dear Diary:

Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve got a story to tell you. I’ll start from the beginning.

That girl Lauren wanting to take me shopping so I met her at the mall. She had a great taste in clothes so I figured it would be good for her to help me out. I would take any advice from her. She was pretty and everyone seemed to like her.

“You should totally wear this,” Lauren said handing me a skirt.

“Isn’t that a little short,” I asked nervously examining the brown mini skirt.

“You’re such a square,” she said laughing. “You’ve got a great body. You need to show it off.”

“I don’t know,” I said looking at myself in the mirror.

“You want guys to notice you don’t you,” she said. “Go try it on. Oh and wear this.” She handed me a yellow shirt with Spongebob on it and pointed me to the changing room.

I went into the changing room and got undressed. The shirt was much tighter than anything I normally wore. It did look pretty good though as it clung to my petite frame. The skirt barely reached the halfway point of my thighs, making me realize how white I really was.

Lauren was standing there when I stepped out. “Wow,” she exclaimed looking at me. “Turn around.”

I turned around, showing off the new clothes. “You like it?” I asked.

“You look hot,” she said. “C’mon, we’re buying it.”

I wore the clothes out of the store after we paid for them. As we walked through the mall I noticed guys looking at me. I couldn’t believe they were looking at me instead of Lauren, considering she had a tanned body that complimented her long blonde hair. Nevertheless it felt great as I strut my stuff through the mall.

“Let’s get you a makeover,” Lauren said.

“Oh I can’t afford that.”

“It’s on me. C’mon,” she insisted and pulled me into a salon.

I looked in the mirror after the lady finished. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She dyed my hair from brown to dirty blonde and curled it. She cut it so it now rested halfway down my back.

“Amazing,” I said examining my new look.

“The guys are gonna be all over you,” Lauren said as we left the salon.

I came home to find my dad on the couch. He stared at me as I walked in, obviously noticing my new look.

“Wow,” he said eying me.

“You like it,” I asked spinning around.

“Isn’t that a little tight?” He paused then said, “And a little short. For heaven’s sake I can see your bra through that shirt.”

“Oh daddy,” I giggled. “All the girls dress like this.”

“Well I don’t like,” he said and resumed watching his show.

I couldn’t wait for school tomorrow to show myself off. I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep in anticipation.

The next day came and I met Lauren at lunch in the cafeteria. For once I looked just as good as her. My skirt was just as short but she wore a white blouse and knee high socks. “I got you something,” she said handing me a bag.

“Really,” I asked accepting it. I looked inside to find a black bra.

“You’re a b right?” She asked.

“Ya,” I said eyeing the bra.

“I thought so,” she said. “Just like me.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Go put it on.”

“Um…ok,” I said and went to the restroom. I went into the stall and put it on. I couldn’t believe how well it fit. It pushed my breasts up and the padding added to my size. When I put my shirt back on I noticed that I could see it underneath my already stretched shirt. Hesitantly I walked out and back to Lauren, who was surrounded by a group of people.

Lauren whistled as I came up. “Now that’s the stuff.”

I looked at the ground as they all stared at me.

“This is Cindy,” Lauren announced to the group. “She wants to be part of the club.”

“Do you now?” One of the girls asked me. “Well I’m not so sure your yearbook club material.”

“Cindy this is Veronica,” Lauren informed me. “Veronica, I think she could help us out a lot.”

“I don’t know,” she said mischievously. “Well, tell you what. Take this camera around the school and take pictures.”

“Sure,” I said happily accepting the camera. “Anything in particular?”

“Give me your number. bursa suriyeli escort escort I’ll text you if I think of anything.”

“Sure,” I said writing my number down and handing it to her. I skipped away from the group excited about my first assignment. I took pictures of everything around me, trying to capture it all.

After school I lined up to get on the bus when Lauren and Veronica walked by. I didn’t want them to see I rode the bus but it was already too late. “C’mon think of something,” I thought trying to come up with an excuse.

“Oh hey,” I said nervously.

“What are you doing?” Veronica asked. “Do you ride the bus?”

“Oh no,” I responded quickly. “I’m just, uh, getting some pictures of what the poor students go through after school.”

“Oh good,” Veronica replied. “That could be good. Get something juicy.”

“Yes,” I cheered silently to myself.

“I’ll come with you,” Lauren said getting in line with me.

“Ya, great,” I hesitated and waved goodbye to Veronica. We climbed on board and I nearly died when I saw that my dad was driving the bus.

“Hey Cindy,” he said as I passed by.

I ignored him and looked away as I quickly passed him. I eagerly sat down in the middle of the bus.

“Do you know him,” Lauren asked as she sat next me.

“Oh,” I paused to think. “He’s my neighbor.” I couldn’t let her know that my dad drove the bus. It would be bad enough if she knew I actually rode this every day.

“Oh ok,” Lauren said buying my story.

Relieved, I started taking pictures of the rowdy students as the bus pulled away. I got pictures of them as they irrespectively threw garbage around the bus, turning it into a trash pit. I even got pictures of this couple making out. One by one the students were dropped off until it was just Lauren and I that remained on the littered bus.

“Are we ever going to reach your stop?” Lauren asked looking around.

“Oh ya it’s coming up,” I responded, happy I was coming up with these excuses. That’s when I received a text from Veronica.

It read, “You know what would be rad, if you flashed the bus driver. Tell Lauren to take the picture.”

I nearly died inside after reading it. “What would my dad think?” I thought to myself.

Lauren saw it and laughed. “That would be hot,” she said grabbing the camera from me. “On the count of three.”

I knew I had to do it if I was going to be accepted into the club. I just prayed he wouldn’t notice. I quickly I stood up in the aisle, closed my eyes, and pulled my shirt up over my head, exposing my new black bra.

I heard the flash from the camera and suddenly the bus swerved causing me to fall over onto a nearby seat. I struggled to pull my shirt down as the bus came to screeching halt. After getting my shirt down I looked over to see Lauren laughing. I lifted myself up and saw my dad stomping down the aisle towards us. I was horrified waiting to see what he would do.

“What do you think you are doing young lady!” He yelled at me.

“I…uh,” I couldn’t think of anything. I prayed he wouldn’t say anything as I desperately tried to think of something to say.

“Oh you know you liked what you saw,” Lauren interfered.

“Ya Mr. Roads,” I replied. My eyes darted between him and Lauren. My horrified look must have clued him into my situation as he didn’t say anything. I hated the idea of him thinking I was ashamed of him but couldn’t take the chance to blow my cover.

“Just behave you two,” he commanded and walked back to his seat.

I quickly jumped back to Lauren’s seat and sat by her. I couldn’t believe I managed to make it out of that one. I nervously giggled with her then silenced as I heard a buzz from inside my purse. I grabbed my phone and saw another text from Veronica.

“You know what would really be cool.” It read, “If you two fucked the bus driver. Do this and you’re in.”

I looked at Lauren and saw her smiling. “You don’t really think…” I asked.

“If you want in,” Lauren said smirking at me.

“But…I…” I couldn’t think of anything to say. If she knew that was my dad I would never be accepted in and the rest of the year would be hell. But I couldn’t sleep with my dad. “Let’s just say we did,” I asked hoping she would go along.

“No,” she said denying my hopes. “She’ll want proof. Besides, it’s not that bad. He’s pretty good looking at least.”

“Well I knew that,” I thought to myself. He did keep himself in shape after all.

“Just follow my lead,” Lauren said with a devilish smile as she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse.

I set the camera to record video and set it on the seat. I watched Lauren as she stood up. “Mr. Roads,” she said whining.

“What is it,” my dad replied looking in the rear view mirror.

“I think I hurt myself when you swerved the bus,” she replied wiggling her body.

My dad got up and stomped his way back down the aisle, obviously annoyed. He stopped a foot bursa ucuz escort away from Lauren, towering over her. “What is it?”

“Right here,” she said pointing to a spot right above her left breast. “I think it’s bruised.”

Staring down at her he said, “I don’t see anything.”

“Look closer,” she whined pointing her chest outwards.

“You look fine.”

“See its right here,” she pouted grabbing his hand and placing it on her breast.

I didn’t know what to do but stare. I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Maybe Lauren will please him enough so I won’t have to get involved,” I hoped.

My dad started rubbing her breast with his hand. “Right here,” he said his tone changing.

“Yes right there,” Lauren replied as his hand slid under her blouse.

I watched in awe as my dad fondled Lauren’s chest. She finished unbuttoning her shirt and slipped it off as he leaned down, kissing her lips. I watched as his tongue invaded her mouth. She slowly twisted her body as she unclasped her bra, letting it drop to the floor, giving him full access to her creamy breasts. I was amazed how firm they stood. Her small pink nipples erect as his hands fondled them.

“Mmm yes Mr. Roads,” she moaned as her hands reached at her waistline.

“Allow me,” he said and reached down at her skirt, unbuttoning it.

Lauren stared at me as her skirt fell down over her knee high socks and onto the floor. She ran her thumbs under her white cotton panties and wiggled them down, stepping out of them. I was amazed how great she looked standing there, naked except for her socks and shoes. I realized she wasn’t a true blonde by noticing the brown landing strip above her pussy.

“That’s better,” she said staring into my eyes. “C’mon Cindy, your turn.”

I couldn’t believe my dad didn’t object and say something. He just stared at me as I stood up in front of my seat. Nervously I lifted my shirt over my head and let it drop to the ground. I was expecting him to say something as I reached behind me and undid my bra. Still he stood there silent, both of them staring at me as I stripped.

Lauren grabbed my hand and pulled me into the aisle in between her and my dad. I stood half naked, staring at the ground. Lauren reached around me and grabbed my breasts. She lightly pinched my nipples before releasing them.

“Like what you see Mr. Roads?” She giggled as her hands ran down over my hips.

I looked up and into my dad’s eyes. He didn’t have the same look as he normally did. He looked hungry, but remained silent. I jumped as his hands found my breasts.

Lauren knelt behind me and reached up under my skirt. She grabbed my panties and pulled them down my legs as my dad fondled my breasts. I awkwardly stepped out of them as Lauren made her way back up my legs. She lifted my skirt up, exposing my bare pussy to my dad.

I saw drool seep from his lips as he lowered his hands down my stomach. He ran his finger over the tip of my pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet I became as his finger slid into me. I felt myself heating up, letting out a moan as his finger explored inside me.

Lauren playfully bit my ass cheek as she spread them with her hands. I couldn’t believe what was happening. “What’s worse,” I thought to myself. “The fact that my own father is fondling me, or the fact that I’m enjoying it?”

Lauren stood up, put her hands on my hips, and rested her head on my shoulder. “Are we still in trouble Mr. Roads?” She pouted.

My dad stared down at me as he continued to discover my wet pussy. “Oh yes,” he said. He stopped fondling me and ran his hands up my body to my cheek. “You are both in a lot of trouble,” he whispered as his finger ran over my lips. My scent filled my nostrils as his finger slid between my lips into my mouth. I stared up at him as I sucked on his finger, tasting myself.

“Are we now?” Lauren whispered as she kissed my neck. Her warm breath made the hairs on my neck stand up as she kissed me. I felt her nipples across my back as I swayed my body with them.

My dad pulled his finger back and I watched as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He tossed it aside as I looked at his well chiseled body. He unzipped his jeans as he kicked off his shoes. Quickly he slid down his jeans and kicked them aside. His hardened cock pressed against the inside of his white boxers. He didn’t break his glare at me as he pulled them down.

I was amazed when his long, hardened member was finally freed from its cage. I was pleased he kept himself so trim, causing me to break a smile. The head looked like a mushroom as it stared up at me.

He reached out and grabbed my hips, turning me around to face Lauren. She was smiling at me as we stared at each other. She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I accepted her, and flowing with the moment, kissed her back. I never thought about kissing a girl before but she felt great. She tasted sweet and her soft touch on my lips left me desiring more. I embraced her in my arms and bursa üniversiteli escort kissed her deeper, letting my tongue dance around inside her mouth.

I felt my dad lifted the back of my skirt and fondle my cheeks. His forceful grasp on me was a painful pleasure. His other hand pushed against my back, breaking me from my tango with Lauren’s mouth. He guided me onto my knees on the nearby bench seat, facing the window. He lowered my head until it was pressed against the seat, leaving my ass high in the air. I turned my head, getting a partial glimpse of him as I waited to see what he was going to do to me.

He lifted my skirt up onto my lower back. I watched as he lifted his arm and let it come crashing down on my bare ass. I yelped out as my body shook. “You’ve been a very bad girl,” he said as his hand came down on me again.

“Did you know your neighbor was such a slut?” Lauren commented.

I saw the look on my dad’s face, like he was suddenly realizing why I ignored him. I clenched my teeth as he delivered another blow.

“Well if you want to dress like a slut then that’s how I’m going to treat you,” he said, now breathing heavily.

“Oh yes she sleeps with practically everyone,” Lauren continued to lie, leading him on.

“Your mother was a slut,” he moaned as another blow landed.

I accepted him as he spanked me. I couldn’t help to think he was taking my mother leaving him out on me. His continuing blows hurt, but somehow I enjoyed it, like I deserved it. It felt good knowing it made him feel better.

I looked back to see Lauren on her knees, her head bobbing back and forth over his cock. Apparently my punishment was over as his hands grasped my hips, turning me over. My ass was sore as it rested against the seat. I looked up to see the pleasure on his face as Lauren milked him. I grabbed my breast and pinched my nipple as I stared up at him.

Lauren released her grasp on him and stared at me. My dad reached down and pulled my legs apart, lifting them up and onto the top of the seats to my sides. I laid there spread eagle, exposing all of me to them.

I closed my eyes as my dad pressed his cock against the outer folds of my pussy. I felt it twirl around before he slowly slid himself in. My wet juices lubricated him as he deepened himself inside. His cock felt great inside me as he just held it there. My pussy clamped on him as I opened my eyes. I bit my lower lip as he began to drive back and forth inside of me. The heat within me built as he started pushing faster and faster. I couldn’t believe how great I felt.

Lauren rubbed his balls as my orgasm lay on the horizon. His thrusts became faster as I rubbed my breasts.

The pleasure built within me. “Mmm…Yes Daddy” I moaned out. I couldn’t believe I just said that out loud. It didn’t seem to affect him as he smiled and continued to plow into me. I moaned louder as that wonderful sensation filled my loins.

“Oh my god!” I couldn’t help myself from yelling. “Oh fucking god!” I yelled as my orgasm surfaced.

He pulled out of me and Lauren quickly grabbed his shaft, pulling him into her mouth. I could hear her slurp as my hand reached down to my achingly wet pussy. My fingers circled as I watched Lauren enjoy my juices.

I sat up, leaning my back against the seat. One hand circled my clit while the other pinched my nipple.

Lauren pulled her head back, letting her saliva drool down onto her chest. “I want a ride,” she said looking up at him. She pulled herself up and laid down on the seat, resting her head in my lap. She spread her legs eagerly up onto the seats as my dad prepared himself to plow into her.

I reached over and circled her nipple with my finger. She looked up at me and I could see a fire in her eyes as she readied herself.

My dad didn’t wait long to ravage her. He quickly drove himself into her, causing her to yelp out. Her body bounced on the seat as I continued to twist her nipple.

“Yes fuck me!” she yelled out. “God yes, work it.”

My dad’s sweaty body rocked back and forth as he wrecked her. His white knuckles gripped against the tops of the seats helped his momentum. His stare never broke as he looked into my eyes.

It wasn’t long before he pulled of out her and started jerking the length of his shaft. I looked on amazed as he exploded like a cannon. He leaned over Lauren as his cum shot onto her stomach. I reached down and rubbed it into her skin with my fingers. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. I pulled on it as the remains dripped out.

I was a little disappointed that he was done. I wanted more of him. I pulled my hand back and licked his cum from my fingers. The salty taste was only a tease of what I really wanted. I placed my hand back down, lapping up more with my finger. Lauren’s head shot up as I pulled my hand back. She grabbed my hand, placing my fingers in her mouth. She eagerly sucked his cum from my fingers as I watched her excitement.

Lauren got up and leaned into my dad, kissing his sweaty chest. “Are we off the hook?” She asked giggling.

“This time,” he said panting.

Lauren started to get dressed as I stood up. I looked up at him as I adjusted my skirt.

“Not you,” he said. “Get dressed and I’ll see you at home.”

I got dressed and we exited the bus. My dad drove off as Lauren and I stood on the sidewalk.

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