Diana the Destroyer


Diana the Destroyer

Erotic Mixed Wrestling

About a week after my rematch with Debra at her wrestling club I got a call from her about another challenger.

“So, Chuck are you up for another challenge?” I responded “Of course, what have you got?”

She told me she had gotten a call from a woman that called herself Diana the Destroyer. Seems this woman had an undefeated record in six matches and wanted to make me number seven.

I inquired if Debra had met her and she responded she had and I asked what she thought.

“Well she is impressive.” “She is about 5/10 and evidently works out on a regular basis.” “Her upper body looks more impressive that most men I know including you, but it’s her legs that could be deadly.” “She has massive thighs (28″) that look like solid steel.” “Her inseam is 48″ which means she could scissor your entire body.”

“What about her inner muscles?” Debra responded “I understand her victims do not last long there either”. “By the way she has huge breasts that are another weapon.” “I guess 44DDD.”

“So, you only live once, so I told Debra to set the match.”

The Match

We agreed to wrestle at Debra’s club in the ring. I arrived early and took the special shot that would give me an erection for at least 90 minutes.

The rules were the same. Three falls over one hour with a ten minute rest period between falls. A submission would earn 3 points, a forced orgasm 5 points and achieved orgasm 5 points.

I entered the ring as Diana entered and we both dropped our robes. Debra had not been wrong about my opponent. She was at least 5/10 and looked very strong. Her breasts were huge and while not sticking out like a missile they did not sag. For her part Diana looked at my 7.5 in. steel rod and commented edirne escort “I cannot wait to deflate that.” What she did not know, thanks to the shot, it would be around for at least 90 minutes.

The match started and Diana rushed me and got me low in a bear hug. She was completely crushing my body against her massive tits. She was so strong that she was pumping me and lifting me off the floor. I knew I had to do something fast or she would completely destroy me in the next minute.

In my previous matches I had never hit my opponent, but this was different. I brought my open palms and struck her on the sides of her head twice. The blows stunned her and she released the bear hug and fell on her back. I quickly dove on top and secured a pin with my knees against her arms. I was about to fuck her face when she brought her legs up behind me and locked them around my upper body and forced me backwards to be pined on my back. I was bent in half with my dick standing straight up totally exposed.

“So, Chuck now I will show why I am called Diana the Destroyer.”

I was totally trapped and she increased the pressure against my upper body. With one hand she started stroking my dick and the other applied pressure on my balls to keep me from Cumming. I knew what she was doing in that she intended to completely drain me with a huge orgasm. At the same time her thighs tightened around my upper body. After what seemed forever she released my nut and with a final stroke allowed my orgasm.

I have never had an orgasm so intense. I actually thought I would pass out, but that changed as she poured on the pressure with the full body scissor. I screamed my submission and she released me and I fell against her chest out of breath. With her upper body she pushed edirne escort bayan me off on my back and buried my pole in her deep throat. At the same time she started fingering her clit and about the time I had a dry orgasm she climaxed also.

I was completely drained. “Diana asked, Do you wantto comtinue Chuck?” I responded end of first fall and you can count on a second fall. Score Diana 18, Chuck 0.

Debra helped me to my corner and asked “Are you sure you want to continue?”

I responded I had to as in spite of her strength I had to find a way to even the score.

End of Part 1

Part 2

As the 10 minute rest period was about to end I thought did I really want to continue? From the beating I took from Diana in the first round could I handle her for a second round? My thoughts were interrupted as Debra signaled the beginning of round 2.

Diana charged at full speed from her side of the ring. I sidestepped her and stuck out my arm in a clothes line that sent her hard to the mat on her back.

She was very dazed and I turned her over on her stomach and pulled her arms back for a surf board hold. Instead of placing my foot on her back I drove my rock hard dick into her pussy. She cried out both from pain and pleasure. In this position she was completely at my mercy. The angle of my dick was such that it was working hard on her clit and I could see that in spite of the pain from her arms she was close to an orgasm. With three hard thrusts she screamed both an orgasm and a submission.

I released her arms and turned her over and pinned her shoulders with my legs. Having come close to my own orgasm I placed my pole between her massive breasts and within a minute shot my load over her stomach. Then I buried my head escort edirne in her crotch and Diana almost passed out from her second orgasm.

Score Diana 18 Chuck 18

After the 10 minute rest period Debra motioned for us to start the final round.

Diana spoke first. “Chuck in all of my other matches none of my opponents continued past the first round.” “You did and evened the score.” “Why don’t we just have and all out fuck fight with the first to cum losing?”

My mind was racing with the thought of fucking this incredible woman. However, could I really outlast her? What the heck. “Okay let’s do it.”

We got on our knees and Debra sprayed oil on us to heat things up.

Diana wrapped her arms around me and deeply kissed me. I returned the kiss and she rolled me on my back and impaled herself with my dick. She started a rocking motion combined with her vaginal muscles milking. I realized I would not last long in this position so I placed my hands on her hips and rolled her on her back and started my own thrusts.

Diana smiled and wrapped her strong thighs around my legs and pulled me hard against her chest.

What happened next was unreal. Diana started pumping her ass in the air literally lifting me up in the air. At the same time she was squeezing my dick with her pussy muscles. I had gone from bad to worse.

“Chuck, why don’t you just let go?” “No one has ever outlasted me in this position.”

I placed my hands on either side of her face and pushed myself out of her grasp and stated, “I might surprise you.”

Actually I was probably fooling myself, but this new position allowed me to start to have a little control on the situation.

After three hard trusts Diana had a little different look on her face as I could feel from the convulsions in her pussy she might be close also.

With one last thrust and a huge hip movement on Diana’s part we both came to a huge orgasm conclusion.

I rolled off as we were both breathing hard.

The match was a tie and Diana stated we had to have a rematch.

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