Domme Sister Sets Me Up…

Group Sex

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Tom. You need to get yourself over here this evening, after work. Need to fix the radiator in the sitting room.” Liz was never one for saying please. She had been my younger sister for 49 years and I don’t remember her ever saying please – she simply expected people – well, me – to do what she wanted. Don’t get me wrong – she was a good sister, and had been a great support when my wife had died three years before. But she was a bossy older sister – three years older than me.

We had grown up together with our parents until she left home at 21 to live with her first serious boyfriend. After two or three more boyfriends she settled down and married Kevin. The marriage survived 20 years until Kevin could take no more of being bossed around, and left for a girl he met at work. There always seemed to be more we never heard about in the relationship of Liz and Kevin, and times when things seemed a bit odd. I remember once visiting and was puzzled that Kevin seemed to want to stand up all the time. I asked him why, and he said Elizabeth had got angry with him. He wouldn’t say any more! Apparently Kevin and the girl from work were living happily together, Kevin looking considerably less “oppressed!”

When we were young I adored Elizabeth, but over the years we went our separate ways with me and Fiona living overseas until her health problems became serious and we moved back to the town where my parents had lived, where my sister still lived. Of course we kept in touch, and Elizabeth and Kevin came to us for holidays – the advantage of having family living in hot places! Elizabeth and Fiona were good friends, and would often joke about how they needed to keep me under control as they kept Kevin under control! They were both strong women, but despite the jokes I always felt “adored” by my wife, and loved as a brother by my sister.

When we returned home, Elizabeth and Kevin had already broken up, and Elizabeth was a great help. Elizabeth also talked about a new partner – George – but for some reason we never met him. They didn’t live together for the first couple of years, but they had moved in together six months ago. George travelled for work, however, and our paths never seemed to cross.

When Fiona died Liz was there everyday, kept me fed, helped me through the tough times, and occasionally tried to set me up with women, but somehow it always felt too early to start dating again. Now, three years later, I felt I was on an even keel, work was going fine, and I was enjoying more of a social life. And Liz – Elizabeth was still trying to run my life, set me up with one of her friends and telling me what I should be doing. All of which I generally ignored! At least as much as I could.

So she had phoned me at work, and I found myself ringing the bell to her house, and Liz letting me in. “I’ll get something cooking, but if you want to get started on the radiator…” she pointed in the general direction of a radiator and disappeared into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a cup of coffee.

Luckily I understand heating systems – I used to do plumbing work before going overseas to run a campsite. I checked out the radiator. It needed bleeding, but also the brackets holding it on the wall needed replacing, or at least re-setting into the wall. Often a sign someone had been sitting on the radiator!

I did most of the work before Liz served me some lasagne, then took half an hour after to finish, although I would have to get a new bracket to mount the control for the radiator. By eight I’d finished.

“Oh, by the way I found these stuck down the back of the radiator.” I held out the pair of panties I’d found to Liz – black lacy – probably having fallen down the back when they were being dried.

Liz gave a wry smile. “You may as well keep them. You used to like them when you were young!”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but my heart had leapt… “What…”

“Well, I used to find my panties in the wash stained with – well you know!” She smirked again.

My face went hot and bright red with embarrassment – that was 30 years before, and I thought no-one knew I liked to play with her panties…

“So I know you jerked off into them. Expect you sniffed them and licked them as well – men do. So you can take these away with you. I’m sure you haven’t changed!”

I was so embarrassed. I put them in my pocket, got my coat and left. She shouted “See you soon…” as I left, “Come and fit that bracket when you’ve got it!” The door closed behind me.

I got home. I looked at them. They were black, they were lacy, they were sexy, I did play with them again…

By the weekend I had the part I needed, so arranged with Liz to fit it on Saturday afternoon. I thought I might eskişehir seks hikayeleri even get to meet George, being a weekend. For a couple of days I had felt nervous, following the “panties” incident. What would she say? Do? What would happen the next time I saw her. However, when I phoned she acted as if nothing had happened, so on the Saturday I was nervous, but hopeful nothing would happen. But then I had an idea… a very bad idea, although I didn’t realise it at the time. Or maybe a bad idea which ended up fantastically…

Why not wear the panties? How hot would that feel?

Why not wear the panties? I would wear them under my jeans so no-one would know except me. And the thought of wearing my sisters panties while with her – why did that feel exciting? Trouble was when I had played with them, I had thought of her, that her pussy had been in them…

“Come in Tom.” Liz had opened the door cheerfully. For the first time (at least since teenage years) I thought she looked really sexy. Tall – a couple of inches taller than me – slim, long blonde hair. White t-shirt, jeans. She hadn’t dressed any differently. It was just I was aware of her… nice rounded boobs, not too big. Long thin legs. Nicely shaped ass. A dream figure.

“Let me get a coffee.” Liz lead me to the kitchen, where I sat on a dining chair. She bustled around, and presented me with a mug of coffee, and sat down opposite with hers. As we sat opposite me she gave me a long stare, then smiled.

“I bet you are wearing my panties.”

How did she know? I went bright red. Somehow she knew things. I went bright red. “Tell you what. I’ve decided. If you are wearing my panties, then you will take off all your clothes and do the job just wearing those panties. Show me!” Liz snapped the command.

Slowly I removed my clothes. She was so domineering at times I couldn’t refuse. There was no getting away from the fact – I was wearing the panties. I stripped down but left the panties on, as she commanded. And as she looked at me with the panties on, and looking down at the panties, I found myself twitching – I turned quickly to get on with the job, although I’m sure she noticed. It felt very strange fixing a radiator wearing just a pair of panties and my sister hovering around, but I did a good job! As I finished Liz told me to come into the kitchen – she’d made a coffee for me. And no, I shouldn’t put on any clothes…

Don’t know what it was – something had sort of changed on this visit. Up to now she was the bossy sister. Suddenly she was being more of a domme. And somehow my submissive side was working in my brain.

We both sat at the dining table, not on opposite sides, but next to each other. Liz commented that I had done a good job, and if I was free on the Sunday I could come and sort out and re-build the wardrobe in their bedroom. I knew about the wardrobe – Liz had bought one, but it was too wide to fit the alcove where she intended to put it. The problem was she had bought it, stood it in a corner, and not tried to put it up for 4 months! When she realised it wouldn’t fit, it was too late to take it back. It had now been there for over 12 months, and she did want a new wardrobe. Fitting it probably wouldn’t be too difficult.

“Anyway…” Liz continued, “if you come and do it tomorrow you’ll be able to meet George.” It had been odd. I knew she was with her new partner, but had never met him. Just knew he was called George. He was tall, muscular, apparently, and worked in the “events” industry – so Elizabeth had told me – hence working on the odd evening I had been at their house, working on the Saturday afternoon/evening while I was there fixing the radiator. “…and if you’re here tomorrow Lindsay our cleaner will be here to clean up after you.”

I had heard Liz talk about Lindsay. She was in her late thirties, a single parent with two children, working to make some extra money to give luxuries to her kids in their early teens. She worked for Liz on a Sunday because it was a day when her two kids spent time at Lindsay’s parents.

“Well..” Liz was chatting on. “…I suppose you want paying for the radiator?”

I stumbled to say no, it was okay, what family did, but Liz moved, and I suddenly felt her hand resting on the panties, resting on my cock.

I went bright red. My sister, touching me. I was frozen rigid, as my cock went from soft to hard in what seemed an instant. She giggled, then had her hand inside the panties, and was holding me. Squeezing gently, running up and down. Swirling her finger over the tip, rubbing my pre-cum all over my cock. She was an expert. I was breathing heavily very quickly, and her hand was holding my cock, squeezing, rubbing up and down. She was amazing, so good at what she was doing. In seconds I felt my balls tightening…

“Gonna cum…”

Liz just smiled, kept wanking my cock, and I had shot my load all over her hand, inside her panties, up my stomach…

It was bizarre. Liz just stood up, washed her hand in the kitchen sink, threw me a towel and said “Clean yourself up. I’ll see you in the morning. About 10.” I don’t know where she went, but I wiped myself with the towel and left it next to the washing machine. I found my clothes and left…

Okay, I slept in a bit the next morning, but still managed to get to Liz’s for ten past ten. As she let me in I got the first shock – she led me to the kitchen, and introduced me to George, who greeted me with a strong handshake and broad smile. George was tall – about six foot, and muscular, and strong – someone who played sport, probably, or had when younger. George said it was nice to meet me at last. But I was mouthing silently and nervously…

It was Elizabeth who broke the silence. “Her real name is Georgina, but she’s always called George.” There was no doubt George was an amazon – a stunningly beautiful woman, handsome, but woman she was! I suppose it was the name that had confused me. Elizabeth’s new partner was a woman…

Elizabeth ushered me to the bedroom, sat on the bed while I started opening the pack with the wardrobe in. She giggled. “Did I not tell you George is a gorgeous woman? What were you expecting – an old grey haired man, or a weedy guy with no chin?”

Over the next half hour Elizabeth chatted about how they had met, how they adored each, and how the “physical relationship” was amazing. I had mixed feelings. A shock. Not prejudiced. Happy for Elizabeth. Picturing them together… My cock was twitching again as she spoke. At one stage George came in with a coffee, and the three of us chatted as I put the wardrobe parts on the floor. It would be tricky narrowing the wardrobe, but it could be done. It was odd. Towards me Liz was domineering, but it was clear that in their relationship George was in charge, was the strong one.

The doorbell went. “That’ll be Lindsay. Let you get on with it…”

For the next couple of hours I was left alone to build the wardrobe. A few times I went to the car to get tools. As I did I glimpsed a third figure – presumably Lindsay – working in other parts of the house. From what I could see she had a good body – average sort of size, but round in all the right places! Not tall. Long fair hair. She had a pretty face and a sweet smile – the one time she saw me and smiled at me. Truth was – we were both busy doing our own jobs to think about who else was around.

I worked through to about three without stopping – it was the sort of job you wanted to get done in one go. At last it was done, and to be honest I think I had done a really good job. Both Elizabeth and George seemed pleased. I was glad they had chosen a real wood, rather than chipboard or MDF wardrobe – it made narrowing the doors easier, and also provided a stronger frame. I suppose I’m a typical male – cleaning up isn’t my forte, but they said not to worry – Lindsay would come and do that. I was taken to the kitchen to be fed…

As we ate they told me a little more about Lindsay. She was a sweet girl, whose husband had been a real swine, and had left her for a younger woman. She was 39, and had two teenage children. Seems they had gone to grandparents for a few days for half term – the parents of Lindsay’s ex-husband despised their son as much as Lindsay – and George and Elizabeth – did. Lindsay had worked for George and my sister on weekends for the last couple of years to help her look after her children. She had promised to do anything for them, but Elizabeth and George had been careful not to exploit her – truth was they treated her a bit like a daughter, thinking she was a nice young lass.

“But this afternoon we have something special for her. And you.” It was George who informed me that something special was going to happen. “We’ve also told Lindsay that something special was going to happen, that she would have to obey, and if she was too nervous she could have the day off. She had chosen to come to work. George handed me a carrier bag. Go and put these on – nothing else. Then come through to the sitting room. Told to change in the spare bedroom. “For the next hour you will do what you are told.”

Hesitantly I took the carrier bag and went to the spare room. I dropped the contents on the bed – there didn’t seem to be many of them. I hesitated, then removed my clothes and began to put them on. You felt when George told you to do something you did it, even more than when Elizabeth told you! Then I put on the clothes from the bag. A pair of pink semi-see-through panties. A pair of black stockings. A pink lacy dressing gown which wouldn’t do up at the front. Nothing else.

When I went into the sitting room I looked, and Lindsay was stood the opposite end of the sitting room, wearing just the same with the addition of a bra. I knew I looked ridiculous. She looked stunning, and she looked so sweet. Her eyes were firmly fixed to the floor in front of her. George and Elizabeth were sat on the settee, clearly enjoying this.

“Hands behind back. Don’t let go.” We both put our hands behind our backs. “Walk slowly towards each other till you can’t go any further.”

We paused at first… “NOW!” George snapped. We started walking, both trying to avoid looking at each other. It seemed to take an eternity, but at last we were a couple of feet apart and stopped.

“You can get closer than that!” Elizabeth had spoken is a sarcastic voice. WE shuffled closer together, and stopped again. Elizabeth’s voice was sarcastic again. “I think you can get closer than that!” We shuffled closer until I felt her breasts touch me, and my cock leapt to attention, and was just touching the front of her panties.

“CLOSER!” George had snapped. “Take it out of your panties and move as close as you can.”

It was bizarre – I moved closer, feeling my cock go between Lindsay’s legs, her boobs pushing tight against my chest. We had never spoken. I could hear Lindsay breathing heavily, could feel her warmth against me, maybe could feel the crotch of her panties getting damp. For me my cock was throbbing and twitching against the crotch of Lindsay’s panties – had never felt this turned on, pressed against a beautiful women, while two others were watching, in charge.

“Arms around each other. Hold each other.” We did, we pulled each other closer together.

“Tom, lower your hands.” It felt so wonderful holding Lindsay’s ass, and pulling her too me and letting her move away, so that my cock rubbed against her pussy through her panties. I heard her moan gently, and was sure her panties were getting damp.

We stayed like this for what seemed an age. “Put her over the table and fuck her.” It was George’s voice, almost passionless this time. “Remove her panties and fill her.”

I stepped back, pulled down Lindsay’s panties, then pulled her gently to the only table in the room – a coffee table. I pushed her down to her knees, at the end of the table then leant her forward. She looked amazing. She had a nicely trimmed bush, but kneeling down and leaning her forward her pussy, glistening with moisture, looked fantastic. And her rose hole looked just as good. And the smell of turned on woman – she smelt divine.

I knelt behind her, nestle the tip of my cock between the lips of her pussy, then slowly but forcefully pushed it all the way in, all six and a half inches. She was tight, but the moisture lubricated my passage into her. As I entered her fully I thought – I had never spoken to this woman, yet here I was with my cock buried deep in her pussy! And she had moaned in pleasure softly as I had pushed into her.

I paused for a few seconds with my cock in her, then pulled out and slammed back into her. I loved being in her – and knew I wanted to please her too, so allowed my hand to reach round and my fingers rest on her clit. I tickled her clit and felt her pussy squeezing and rippling on my cock. I thrust hard into her again, and again. Soon I had a rhythm, my cock thrusting in and my fingers swirling around her clit each time I did. She was moaning as I fucked her and played with her, then suddenly her body seemed to explode in orgasm, Lindsay crying out in pleasure. It was too much – I made two or three hard thrusts and with a grunt, pumped my cum deep in her pussy, pumping again and again, until there was no more and we both slumped over the table. I had never spoken to her, yet I had filled her with my cum…

It was absurd. The four of us were sat around the room drinking coffee. George and Elizabeth fully dressed, myself and Lindsay in women’s underwear. Elizabeth was speaking: “…so we knew you were both on your own, so we decided we should bring you together because you would be perfect for each other. And today because your kids are with your in-laws. Tom, you are going to stay with Lindsay. Find out about each other. Have lots of fun. Have lots of fucking. You’ll know by the end of the week whether you are right for each other…

I did move in for the week. It was amazing – we chatted a lot, finding out about each other. We laughed a lot. We watched television together. We went for long walks. And we spent a lot of time in bed together. And tried most things! When the kids came home I met them, and we seemed to get on fine together. If we hadn’t I would have left. I didn’t. We sold my house soon after. And I am still there… Maybe relationships do work if you have sex first, then start to talk together… And George and Elizabeth? We’re looking forward to going on holiday with them in the summer when the kids are with their grandparents again. They’ve promised us lots of kinky fun, if we both obey them…

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