Dorothy and George


Dorothy and GeorgeMy Uncle George who was my mother’s step brother eventually married when he was in his 30s. His wife was called Dorothy and she was a plain jane type but pleasant enough. They bought a house in a village about 6 miles away which happened to be where the football team I had started playing for was based. When we had home matches, Uncle George would sometimes come to watch me play and always invited me back to their home for a meal afterwards.I had previously enjoyed some sexual activities with George when he lived at home and on our way back to his new house on one occasion after football, he brought up the subject of our previous encounters and asked me how I was doing on the sexual front now. For some reason, that immediately got me hard and I told him that I missed the wanking etc. with him and that it would be good to do something like that again. I also asked him about his sex life with Dorothy. He did not tell me anything explicit except that she was a very obedient wife and did anything and everything that was asked of her.After we had had the meal, we retired to the cosy living room while Dorothy was clearing up in the kitchen. George indicated to me to sit next to him on the sofa and, as soon as I did, he reached for my groin and started to rub me through my track suit bottoms. I clearly responded in the way he intended and my cock would have stood proudly to attention were it not for the restraining tuzla escort clothes. He told me to rub him and that had the same response from his cock. I was just bursting to get it out and enjoy that foreskin I had so much pleasure with in the past.Eventually, Dorothy came through and sat in the armchair opposite. We were having a general conversation about all sorts of things including family members. George worked the conversation round to Uncle Charlie. He said to Dorothy that she liked it when Charlie came round and Dorothy agreed but made no further comment. George persisted with the point and said you like it when we put on a show for you don’t you? Dorothy started to blush and nodded her head so George told her not be shy and explain what she liked and how that made her feel.She hesitated a bit but George told her that she must tell me or else. Without looking directly at me, she said that she found it a real turn on to watch George and Charlie together as she had always liked to watch men masturbate since she was a young girl and used to play with friends who had brothers who were keen to demonstrate what they could do by themselves or playing with others.George then admitted that one of the reasons he had met up with Dorothy was through his cycling club which she followed because her cousin was a keen racer. After one particular meeting, she was helping clear up in the club house when some of maltepe escort the riders started fooling around and one thing led to another. Before long all racing gear was discarded and there was a fair amount of wanking both solo and mutual and Dorothy watched it all through the open door to the changing rooms. George spotted her watching and her obvious excitement. As a result, he took her out and developed her into watching some of his bi activities with other club members. In doing that, he found that she also enjoyed herself by liking to show off her assets to others and liked masturbating in front of them. All in all, she was an ideal woman for him in terms of finding a wife who shared his interests.Amazingly she then said that she hoped all this explanation was going to lead to some action. George reacted with a big smile and then told her to get her tits out and to show me how big her nipples were. She peeled off her sweater, undid her bra and revealed a pair of well shaped breasts with big nipples and a large areola around both of them. As she aroused the nipples by rubbing her hands across them, they grew even longer.My cock was standing up like a flagpole under my bottoms and suddenly George grabbed it with one hand and started to pull the bottoms down with the other. Within seconds, I was sitting there in front of this woman with my cock on full show. It was not like that for long – George bent down kartal escort and took it in his mouth and began to suck me. It was all I could do to resist cumming there and then so I decided to distract him by feeling for his cock at which point he moved to drop his trousers and pants and give me free access to his erection.Dorothy was still playing with her tits and said that she wanted to watch the two of us wanking each other so we sat back and gave her what she wanted. I pulled on George’s foreskin and then popped it out while he gave me the usual slow hand wank that he knew I enjoyed. After a few minutes of wanking each other, George said that he would soon need to cum but he wanted to do that in Dorothy’s mouth. So we moved over to her and I wanked him slowly and firmly to the point of no return. Suddenly, I felt him stiffen and he indicated to me to push the tip of his cock into his wife’s mouth. She opened wide for him and he shot his load into her mouth and down her throat. She immediately grabbed my cock and put it into her mouth and started to suck me firmly. It was not too long before I was discharging my spunk into her. It was a fantastic feeling and I so enjoyed all of it.I realised as I made my way home that evening that I had seen nothing of her below her waist and I also realised that I wanted to do just that. I thought how best I might achieve that and spent the next few days trying to work that out and what I would want to do to her if I got the chance. I did not have to wait long as George contacted me by the end of the week to find out when I would next be visiting them. But that story will have to wait for another day.

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