Dueling Deputy Dads


Dueling Deputy DadsRobert grumbled quietly to himself, anxiously scribbling notes, readingtextbooks and tapping his feet, anything to distract him from constantlychecking the dingy clock mounted on the classroom wall. If he were alittle more dramatic, he’d complain that 8th period study hall was killinghim. Instead, he just whined to his neighboring students that it was puretorture. They all sympathized, of course, because they’d all arranged theirschedules so they could end the school day on a relaxing note, and maybeeven get out of school early if they got a nice teacher. Instead, they gotthe one crabby teacher in the entire school who strictly enforced the’Study’ in Study Hall.He resisted the urge to sigh loudly when he looked at the clock and sawthere was still ten minutes until the end of the day. This was supposed tobe a great junior year! He’d finally found an excuse to quit swimming, sohe had tons of free time, and his Dads had increased his allowance by anassload, so he could do whatever he wanted to do without worrying aboutmoney. Instead, most school days felt ruined because instead of taking anap or listening to music to finish off the day, he had to work on all hishomework. Granted, it was great for his grades because he hardly had theattention or focus to do the work at home, but it was still a totalbuzzkill.Finally, the last bell of the day rung and Robert joined the horde of k**sexcited to get home and start their weekends. He hustled through the hallsto his locker, trying to be as quick as possible. He had a standing contestwith one of his Dads to see who could get home first, and the winner gotthe pick his choice of bonding activity to do until his other Dad gets homeand takes over their plans. If he could run to his locker, he would, butRobert had learned the hard way that if he ran in the hallways, everyonewould stare at his crotch in a very embarrassing way.A couple of months ago, something pretty damn miraculous happened toRobert. It was when puberty really kicked in for him, because not only didhe start growing some rather attractive facial hair and his body startedfilling out with a little more muscle, but his cock and balls grew to epicproportions too. He still had the little journal where he recorded hisdaily dick measuring, and anytime he needed a laugh he went back and readthe shocked and excited comments he wrote down everyday as his cock grewfrom an average four inches to an astounding eleven-inch monster cock,thicker than his wrist, with enormous eggs and a huge sagging ballbag tomatch. He was super proud of his super-sized meat, but that didn’t mean heenjoyed it when his package bounced side to side whenever he ran in hisnylon mesh shorts. It was also one of the big reasons his Coach wasn’t madat him for quitting the swim team, because they both knew what the fatmeatlog would look like stuffed into a tiny speedo, and neither of themwanted that to happen in front of an entire swim meet.It was the work of seconds to exchange school stuff with home stuff at hislocker, and he hurriedly slammed the locker shut and high tailed it intothe parking lot, sparing only enough time to send a smile and a wink to thenerdy k** who sat next to him in English class, Wade. He was shy and a hugedork, but Robert was pretty sure he knew about the weird happenings thataffected some of the town’s older men. It was amazing that something so outof the ordinary wouldn’t get press attention, but maybe that was exactlywhy no one was talking about it. He’d tried bringing it up to some of hiscloser friends, but they never caught the hint and just seemedconfused. When he dropped the same hints to Wade, though, he blushed brightred and scurried off, but Robert totally saw the dude’s own enhanced dicktwitching in his pants. It felt good knowing that Robert wasn’t the onlyteen boy to be reaping the benefits of a strange puberty.The beeps and clicks of his car unlocking were music to Robert’s ears, thefinal noise he heard before he could speed away from the school and get astart on the weekend. The car was another gift from his Dads in a recentstring of bribes. When he told his friends that his Dads kept giving himgifts and money and whatever in an effort to be the ‘favorite’ Dad (they’dnever use those words, but Robert totally knew that’s what they were goingfor), they always looked stoked at the new swag but worried that it meantthey were going to divorce or something. In any other case, they’d beright, but Robert knew his Dads’ marriage was stronger than ever. But healso knew he couldn’t tell anyone the real reason for the battle over hisaffections. So he just laid back and soaked up the presents, because whatelse could a lazy teen jock do?Robert’s weekend elation grew when he pulled into his driveway and saw adistinct lack of police cruisers, which meant he was the first onehome. That more than made up for having a shitty 8th period. Robertgrinned as he stepped out of the AC of his car into the humid Septemberheat, feeling his huge nads start to sag down after just a few seconds ofheat exposure. It was a good thing he was almost to the door because hismonster dong was starting to come to life with anticipation for all theweekend activities he had planned.He hardly noticed that the front door was already unlocked as he hastilyslammed the door and slipped his new sneakers off. If he was lucky, he’dhave time for a big after-school snack before one of his Dads came home andinterrupted his quiet time, and Robert planned to take full advantage ofbeing alone in the house.Except, he apparently wasn’t alone in the house. It was a huge surprisewhen Robert was suddenly bear-hugged from behind, long arms pinning his tohis side, a warm and sweaty torso pressed up against his back. He wasalmost ready to stop being in shock and start freaking out when whoever itwas blew a loud raspberry on the back of his neck.”Aw maaan,” Robert groaned. “Don’t scare me like that, Dad.””You’re fine,” Chris cackled, “Your fault for not paying attention to yoursurroundings. What do your Father and I keep sayin, huh? Did you evennotice the front door was unlocked?” The man teased, always delighting inscaring his only son.”Like anyone would break into the house of two of the biggest dudes on thepolice force…” Robert grumbled. He squirmed around, trying to break outof his Dad’s iron grip. “It feels like you ran all the way home orsomething. Take a shower or something, jeez.””Fuck yeah I ran home, bucko!” Chris yelled boisterously, slowly grindinghis lengthening cock against his son’s teenaged bubble-butt. “First onehome gets to decide what position we do first, that’s the rule. You alwayspick blowjobs then cowgirl like the lazy ass you are.” He gave little bitesto Robert’s neck, running a hand up and down his son’s tight stomach. Thisrecent twist in their relationship had turned Chris’s paternal displays ofaffection distinctly intimate. It was odd at first that the first person hedid all these schmoopy couple things with was his Dad, but he couldn’targue against how good the sharp love bites and kisses felt on his dampneck.”Fiiine, you win.” As if there were even any losers in thissituation. “What’s your choice?””No need to rush.” Chris said, even though he knew he was probably moredesperate for the sex than Robert was. “Why don’t you give your old man akiss, huh?”Robert’s chortle was smothered by his Dad’s lips and tongue, insteadeliciting a soft groan at the soft and slick contact. Chris always saidthat before he kissed Robert, and it would be annoying if it weren’t sodamn hot. The way his Dads kissed him was always the perfectrepresentations of their personalities. Chris was very high-energy and hardto predict, mischievous. He liked to slither his tongue around his son’s,smack their lips together, and he was somehow able to bite his bottom lipwhile also shoving his tongue down his throat. It was frenzied, but alsomaddeningly soft. For such a gruff cop, Chris had velvet soft lips and itwas more often than not that Robert got lost in the make-out sessionbecause it felt so good.Colton, Robert’s other Dad, was a whole ‘nother b**st, which Robert meantsemi-literally. Colton wasn’t as into the father-son i****t thing as Chrisseemed to be, so he wasn’t as enthusiastic about kissing (at least atfirst). Where Chris was happy to let tongues entwine and do whatever,Colton needed to be in complete control of the kiss at all times. Chris hadhis arms relaxed around Robert, where Colton had an iron grip on his headto make sure he stayed where Colton wanted him to. Robert didn’t know HOWhis Dad does it, but he can wrestle his tongue to make it stay perfectlystill no matter how much Robert tries to get it loose. That was the waythey’d always been, even before the sex started. Colton was no-nonsense anddominant, while Chris was relaxed and a joker. It was a balance that servedthem well in raising Robert, and now it served them well in a differentsort of situation.”Zoning out again, Robbie?” Chris asked quietly, giving little pecks to hisson’s spit-soaked lips.”Yeah, sorry, Dad. Your lips are too soft, makes my head go all fuzzy.” Hesaid dreamily.”Well perk up, k**do. I’m feeling a little thirsty after that long runhome. Think you can help me with that?” Chris flirted as he looked down athis son’s massively tented shorts, playing with the nylon hem. It lookedlike there was an industrial flashlight sticking up from his crotch, andChris could already see precum leaking through.”Of course! You know I leak like a faucet the second I get a boner.” Robertlaughed. He moved his hands to shuck his shorts off, but his Dad beat himto it. Chris always took great pleasure in unwrapping his son’s monstercock. He took great pleasure in doing pretty much anything with his son,both platonic and sexual. It was certainly a change of pace when theirrelationship got dirty, but he was really enjoying it. He pulled the bandof the shorts out first, sneaking a quick peek at the treasure.Yup, it was just as Chris had left it this morning. A huge, thick, hardpole, barely contained by regular white briefs. The over-active gonads ofhis c***d had already started up their ooze production, and the briefs werenearing see-through they were so saturated with precum. Both Chris and theshorts slid down to the ground, leaving the teenage boy standing in thekitchen with tented underwear and his beefy Dad on his knees.Chris made sure to catch and hold Robert’s full attention before he lickeda long stripe up his boy’s long cock. His son always got the sexiestembarrassed flush when he looked at one of his Dads doing somethingperverted. Which was happening a lot recently, due to whatever ‘medicalcondition’ was affecting their family, and if the rumor mill on the streetswas true, a fair number of other families. Whatever it was, Chris wasthankful for it. Not only did it make their family closer than ever, but itmade his son’s cock turn gargantuan and made his pre-cum taste absolutelydelicious. If he didn’t need a load blown up his ass to satiate his ownnewly-changed body, he’d probably be drinking down gallons of thestuff. Luckily, there was more than enough pre-cum to satisfy his oralthirst, so he could save the real cumload for his anal thirst.Chris grinned crazily as he fished the huge rod out of the soaked briefsand gave it a few quick sincan escort tugs. On top of a doubled cock size and practicallytripled ball size, Robert’s foreskin had also re-grown, turning what wasonce a cute yet average cut penis into a monstrous uncut schlong,constantly burping out fluid whenever the skin was pulled back. Seeing thathuge dong always reminded the cop of his younger, sluttier days. He calmeddown once he found and married Colton, of course, but all the old tricksand talents were coming back now that he had another 10+ inch cock in underhis roof.He gave a few wet smacking kisses to the leaking head, savoring the flavorof his son’s copious pre-juice. He once again maintained eye-contact,staring straight into Robert’s eyes as he let the heavy dick rest on histongue, slowly sliding more and more of it down his throat until Chris wasdoing what he did best; taking a huge cock all the way to the base.Robert couldn’t maintain the eye-contact in the face of such intense, warmpleasure, opting to shut his eyes and keen softly at how good itfelt. That, and he would totally blow his load early if he watched his Dadbecome a total cockslut for too long. It had been just over 8 hours sincethe last time he came, which was far too long when you had danglingsperm-factories like Robert did, so his entire crotch was already feelingover-sensitive from having not been touched in so long. His Dad wasted notime in working his tongue and throat muscles, giving a full-dickmassage. If Robert hadn’t had many, many endurance lessons at the hands,asses, and throats of both Dads, he’d be over the edge by now. He’d beenwell trained in the last few months, though, so he knew better than towaste loads down a throat.Chris masterfully sucked his son, making sure the entire dong got coated inthroat slime. Sometimes, Robert would try to pull out so he could get somemouth-fucking action going, but that wasn’t the point of this blowjob, soChris would reach both hands up and grab onto his son’s plump teen ass andpull him closer, wiggling his head to get even more cock stuffed down histhroat.”Oh, god, Dad, you gotta stop, I’m gonna cum, you gotta stop!” Robertpanted.Chris kept on his dick for a few seconds longer, bringing him as close tothe edge as he could, then he reared back and got off the dick completely,thick strands of saliva hanging in the air. He breathed deeply as he lookedat the soaked fuckstick, catching his breath after deep-throating it for solong.”Ready for your turn working that smart mouth of yours?” Chris asked, handsstill massaging and groping Robert’s ass cheeks.”Surprised you didn’t have me do it first. My tongue is ready and waiting.”Robert laughed, also out of breath from the mind-melting blowjob.”Yeah, yeah, we all know I’m the biggest bottom slut in the county.” Chrissaid breezily as he got up off his knees, joints cracking andpopping. “Damn, I know I say this every time, but I really need to get someknee-pads or something.” The pain was easily forgotten in the face ofChris’s plans for him and his son, and he wanted to get in some goodone-on-one bonding time with him before his husband came home and joinedin. Chris wrapped a strong hand around his son’s cock and pulled him outinto the living room.”Hey, hey, watch the merchandise!” Robert protested, though his dick jerkedand throbbed at the rough touch.”Rule number one, you don’t have to buy it if you helped make it!” Chriscracked. He let go once they go into front of the loveseat, and took hisusual place. On his knees on the cushions, chest braced by the back of thechair, with his huge, thick ass on display.Robert fell to his knees in front of it, near worshipful of his Dad’sperfect ass. He wanted to get a good look at it before Dad go tooimpatient. It was the end result of a lifetime of strong exercise andstrong eating. His ass had two of the thickest slabs of muscle on hisentire body, beaten out only by his tree-trunk thighs. If Chris had been asstrict with his diet as he was about working out and playing sports, hisass would have been the squarish, blocky kind that a lot of active oldermen got. Luckily, Chris had a major sweet tooth. The cop loved his sweettreats almost as much as his one and only son, and the man must have beenblessed because the only place the fat ever seemed to go was straight tohis ass, causing it to balloon out and become perfectly plump and rounded.His Dad’s glorious ass always looked good no matter what kind of pants orshorts he wore. The seams were always pushed to their limits, barely ableto contain the jiggling ass flesh whenever he walked, and especially whenhe sat down. More than a few pairs had been ripped in recent months. Chrishad learned what size of pants and shorts to get for his uniform now,though, leaving the tearing and ripping for home. It was still hot andhumid out, which meant Chris was still rocking his favorite uniform, tightkhaki shorts that looked borderline i*****l on him.The huge tan globes in front of Robert strained in the shorts as Chrisarched his back a bit. The ample seat of fabric was totally drenched. Chriswas naturally a heavy sweater, so the jog home was enough to dampen hisclothes in potent sweat on its own; coupled with the cop’s unnaturallyheavy flow of gooey ass-slime, the poor pair of shorts was completely andutterly drenched.When his ass first ballooned out, it used to be a huge task for Chris andRobert to get the big cop naked, but they practiced hard together and nowRobert was old hand at unbuttoning his Dad’s shorts (and sneaking a gropeof ample package at the same time) and shimmying the sticky fabric over andoff the huge mounds.The perfection of his Dad’s hind end was completed with a healthy coatingof dark hair, thick on his thighs, sparse on his cheeks, and only a dustingof it in his deep crack, light enough to be a pleasant texture on thetongue without getting a hairball.Now, Robert was a growing boy, and his hands still had some growing left,but they certainly weren’t tiny either. They were still absolutely dwarfedby his Dad’s globes, and it always made him laugh how comically small hishands looked whenever he grabbed a handful of hind-flesh and jiggledChris’s huge ass.The thick ass was a total sloppy mess, there was already a thick slatheringof musky sweat and thick slime all over his ass, crack, and hole. His Dad’sslick gash didn’t actually need any preparation, Robert thought as hestruggled to part the greasy cheeks long enough to get a good look at hisDad’s slutty, winking hole, but he had become as addicted to eating Dadcuntas his Dads had become to sucking down Soncock. Chris wasn’t helping withRobert’s difficulties at all, preferring to wiggle his wide hips back andforth and laugh as his cheeks slapped together wetly, his son’s handsgrasping and sliding around.”Daaad, come on!” Robert whined. “Lemme open your ass up, come on!” Robertgave a sharp slap to a fat, jiggling cheek, eliciting a shiver and gruntfrom his beefy Dad.”Oooh,” Chris groaned. “Yessir!” He stopped wiggling his ass and arched hisback even more, pushing the cheeks out towards his teenaged son and lettinghim part the sea of flesh to finally get access to the oozing pucker.Robert saw his Dads’ assholes every day now, but he still got a jolt oflewdness and obscenity whenever he had that first look of the day atone. The crack was so thick with the sweaty slimy mixture that there werelittle rivulets dripping down the deep trench and over bulbousnuts. Chris’s gurgling hole fluttered open and closed, globs of lubricatingooze dripping out with every wink. The leaking hole must have been ravenousfor Robert’s thick load of cum if it was already this liberal withasslube. The dark, heady, manly scent rising out from his Dad’s droolingditch made Robert’s mouth water.”Fuck, Dad, your snatch is super wet today.” Robert panted.”Been so fuckin horny for this all day, champ. Had to drive by the schoolfields a few times on the job, seein all those jock boys run around in thinshorts always gets my pussy juice going! Can’t help but wonder how many ofthem are growing some monsters between their legs.” Chris said dreamily.”That’s fucked up,” Robert snickered as he pushed his face deep into hisFather’s asscrack, “Nasty thoughts for a cop to be having, don’tchyathink?”Chris always loved how muffled his boy sounded when he was neck deep in hispaternal crack.Robert made happy noises as he flicked his tongue out and dragged it alonghis Dad’s taint and up to the hole. It was like licking a warm, salty icecream cone, his tongue sopping up a layer of sweaty slime and pitching itback into his throat. It left a warm tingle over his tongue and mouth, onethat in Robert’s experience, let him tongue fuck and eat out asshole forhours and hours without getting a sore tongue. Judging from the huge globof goo that oozed onto his tongue when he lightly ran it around his Dad’sgasping pucker, there wouldn’t be much time for that kind of assplay.”Awwww, fuck! Says the boy who just ate some of his own Father’s ass slop!”Chris cursed. “Damn my hole is itchy today. Tell ya what, you only need tomake me squirt once today, don’t think I can take too much teasing beforethe main event.””Gee, thanks Dad, so nice of you.” Robert mumbled through a mouthful ofbutt lube.His oversized nuts were aching from the master blowjob, so Robert gotstraight to work and started to really dig into his Dad’s hole. He gave onelast run around the twitching rim before shoving his tongue straight intothe warm hole. He licked the gooey walls, he smacked his lips against hisDad’s sensitive anal lips, he nibbled gently on the rim. He ate out his Dadwith the gusto only a teenager horny out of his mind could muster up,grunting and groaning and straining his tongue and mouth to get his Dadoff. His hands added a little extra stimulation, softly squeezing andmassaging the two fuckglobes around his face.”Jesus FUCK, k**do! You’re real damn hungry for a big load of your Daddy’sbutt juice, huh?” Chris yelled.Robert grunted in agreement, trying in vain to reach as deep as his Dad’sprostate, wanting desperately to lick and taste the pleasure center. Histongue was audibly fucking in and out of the sloppy hole, loud wet smacksand squelches. He was slurping down the musky slime as quick as hecould. The flow was getting heavier now, and Chris was moaningcontinuously.”Oh yeah, baby boy, Daddy feels it comin now. Fuck yeah, ready boy? Gonnasquirt, goddamn, I’m gonna squirt so fuckin hard!” Chris’s entire bodyshudders and jolts, his anal canal bearing down and squirting stream afterstream of juicy mucus.Robert felt the heavy squirts hit his eyes, forehead, and chin, but most ofthem went straight into his mouth. He knew better than to try to keep upwith it, so he just let it all overflow out of his mouth once it was full,holding his breath while his Dad had an intense anal orgasm all over hisface. The jets died down, and both Father and Son sat there for a second asthey came down from the excitement, thick streams of asscum dripping downchest and thighs. Robert idly worked the slop over his steel-hard dick andballs.”That was more than usual.” Robert said as he leaned back on his haunchesand swallowed down the mouthful of ooze. His voice was thick with thestuff.”Heh, blame those slutty teases you call your classmates. You young bucksalways mamak escort get me goin.” Chris smirked. He eased himself off the loveseat, legsa little unsteady from the recent orgasm. He turned around, regarding hisreclining son and shoving a few fingers up his sensitive cunt.Robert looked up at his Dad, eyes glassy and mouth open, then swore loudlyand forced his hand away from his cock before he blew too early. His Dadlooked positively, obscenely debauched. He still had the top of his policeuniform on, stretched and bulging from his muscles, standing bow-legged infront of him with a sizable erection pointing right at Robert, full, hairyballs dangling below. One thick arm was reaching back between his cheeksand was noisily finger fucking himself, loud schlicks and squelchs as hestretched his hole out. Robert could see fat strands of his Dad’s pussyjuice dripping down from between his thighs onto the floor as his thickfingers collected more and more lube from his widening hole.”Baby boy’s close, huh?” Chris said, looking more and more desperate andlusty as his cunt went longer and longer unseeded. “Gotta ride you quicklybefore your other Papa comes home and takes all the dick for himself.” Hegrumbled. “Up onto the couch, champ, chop chop.”Robert was quick to comply, jumping up onto the couch and stretching hislean body out. The couch was long, with thick, cozy cushions. When Robertlay down on it, he always felt practically swallowed up by the downycushions, which made it the best place in the house to be ridden. His Dadscould ride his dick as fast and hard as they wanted on the couch withouthaving to worry about crushing their son with their powerful thrusts.Chris waddled over, fingers still loudly plumbing the depths of hisasshole. He used his free hand to soothingly rub Robert’s puffing chest,massaging his growing muscles and hot, sweaty skin. His eyes went soft andgooey as he looked down at his sexed up son, chin and chest covered withhis assgoo and wrist-thick cock towering up from his hairy crotch.”Oh man, you must think I’m a terrible Dad, buddy!” Chris said as herealized he forgot to ask his son an important question. A heavy stream ofslime squirted down onto the floor as he added a fourth finger into hisloosening ass. “Didn’t even ask you how your day was, shit. How was school?Did your history test go okay?”His Dad had always been very into family bonding and daily discussions,which were happening more and more frequently in the lulls betweenenergetic sex. Robert melted into the couch has his Dad gave him amini-massage, letting all the tension drain away from him, except for hismonstercock, which stayed hard and tense and throbbing. Lazy couch timewhere he didn’t have to move at all would feel great after a long day atschool and an intense cunt-eating session.”School was okay, pretty long, history test was totally aced. They stillhaven’t fixed the air conditioners so I was sweating most of the day. Iswear my balls left puddles of sweat in all my cha-HAHA, Dad, stop ticklingme!” Robert bust out laughing as his Dad’s thick fingers dancing over hisabs and poked the well-known ticklish spots.”Good job, sport! Not surprised about those big sticky nads, those fuckersare growing bigger every day.” Chris said, taking a little grope of hisson’s huge nuts. Oh yeah, they were totally dripping sweat still. They hungdown so large and swollen he was surprised Robert hadn’t accidentally saton them yet. His cock jumped when he thought about his son leaving huge wetmarks in the shape of plump testicles all over the school. “It is ascorcher out today though, I was sweating so bad on the way home it feltlike my cheeks were sloshing together back there.””Doesn’t help that you’ve got the wettest cunt in the world.” Robert said,cheekily slapping a thick melon, then reaching further back to feel hisDad’s wet fingers and the stretched out rim of his hole.”Hah, true, the closer I got to home, the more I started leaking. Too damnhorny for your dick!”Robert felt his Dad’s slimy fingers schlep out of his hole, followed by ariver of backed up ooze. His Dad grabbed his hand with his gooey one andbrought them both down to Robert’s cock. Father and Son worked on rubbingin a final layer of asslube and precum all over the shaft. Chris used hiscalloused palms to swipe right over his son’s sensitive piss slit and head,making the boy hiss and jerk.”Careful, careful! Shit, that almost hurt. If I don’t bust soon I think Imight die.” Robert said melodramatically.”Awww, buddy boy, I’m sorry. Here, let Daddy kiss you all better.” Chrishad a wicked grin on his face.Robert wanted to protest that the last thing he and his overfull nutsneeded was another teasing blowjob, but he was interrupted by his Dadstretching a leg over his pelvis and settling his two thick thighs oneither side, kneeling with his ass almost touching Robert’s cock. Chriswinked and blew a kiss to his shocked son as he pushed down and made hispuffy asslips pooch out and give his son’s dickhead a sweet paternalkiss. He started to slowly sit down, taking the giant dick into his hungryhole and making Robert shiver in pleasure.Robert stared up at his Dad, raw need and love shining in his youthfuleyes, reflected back by the same expression in Chris’s face. The gooeywarmth of his Dad’s hole steadily enveloped his shaft, no need to takebreaks to get used to the length and width. Just one smooth motion untilChris’s ample asscheeks were squishing up against Robert’s thighs and eggs.”Oh fuuuuck yeah, Robbie.” Chris panted. “Nothing says ‘relaxation’ likesitting on big donkey dick and scratching that deep itch.” The cop satthere for a few minutes, speared on his son’s cock. He slowly contractedall the muscles in his ass, loving how it was stretching his hole, how deepit was inside him. He rubbed a hand of his belly, feeling very content withthe knowledge that his son’s cock was safely buried underneath all hismuscle and hair. He rotated his hips agonizingly slowly, coaxing adesperate whimper from the edged-up and sexed out teen.”Daaaaaaddyyyyy.” Robert whimpered. The tight hole was gripping theentirety of his unnatural length, flexing and undulating and drooling allover it.”What is it, buddy?” Chris asked, full of mock concern as he ground his assinto Robert’s dick.”I need to cum so bad, pleeaase!” Robert gasped.”I know, baby, I know. You’re young and hung and full of cum, your ballscan only hold so much before they go pop.” Chris laughed. His eyesfluttered shut for a second as he angled his hole so that he stroked rightacross his prostate. “Shit, Daddy needs it too. Need that healthy load ofcum right up my cunt.”Robert drew in a sharp breath and bucked up, so close to the edge it wasdriving him insane. Chris’s eyes flicked up and over across the livingroom, then back to his son’s flushed face.”Let Daddy ride you for five minutes so that nasty little itch gets totallyscratched, whaddya say?””F-Five minutes?! No, Dad, I don’t think I can last even ONE minute.”Robert complained. His thighs were starting to shake from the buildup ofpressure and lust in his loins. His head was swimming with the intense needto breed.”Sshh, baby boy, it’s okay.” Chris soothed, petting his boy’s tense faceand rubbing the musky ass oil into his skin. “Your Father and I havetrained you more than enough for five minutes, I know you can do it. I knowyou’ve been needing a new iPod.” He offered.Well, Robert had been needing a new iPod…and five minutes wasn’t all thatlong, he supposed. “Okay, I’ll try. I can’t make any promises though, mynuts are so tight they’re practically inside me.””Don’t worry buddy, just lay back, close your eyes, and hold out for aslong as you can.”Robert did just that, relaxing his neck so his head drooped onto the thickcushions. His Dad started speeding up his undulations, picking his hips upa little and fucking himself back down, gaining more and more speed. Withina minute he was vigorously riding Robert, bucking himself up and down andaround.Robert was so focused on holding back the flood of cum that wanted to spewfrom his balls that he didn’t realize there was someone else in the houseuntil two thickly muscular ass cheeks settled onto his face, anothersweaty, hairy hole rubbing against his nose and mouth. He tried to gasp inshock, but that only got him a mouthful of sweaty ass-lube. His hands cameup to grip onto the powerful thighs of the man sitting on his face, but hejust grunted and settled in further, and Robert was powerless to move him.”I see you’re hard at work corrupting our son and offering him a $200 giftfor a five minute fuck.” A gruff, gravely voice said. That would beRobert’s other Dad, Colton. It couldn’t have been anyone else, of course,what with the casually strolling in and sitting on a teenager’s face whilehis Dad was riding his dick.”You say that like you didn’t just come in here and park that sexy assright on his face. I dunno about you, but making your son eat you out seemsa lot worse than just riding his dick.” Chris said with a big laugh.”Chris, please, his face was covered in your slop when I came in. And he’snot eating me out, just laying there like a lazy slob. Get to it, boy!”Colton barked. Now that Robert was re-orientated to the situation, heeagerly applied himself and starting licking and nibbling on his secondfatherly asshole of the day.”Mmm, that’s my man.” Chris purred. “Do you wanna bust one out on there? Icould probably draw this out for a little longer…” He said devilishly.Robert whined from beneath his Dads, trying to wiggle around and thrusthimself deeper into Chris, pre-emptively getting himself closer and closerto orgasm just in case they decided to be mean.Colton hummed loudly, debating if he wanted to squirt a load with a tongueup his ass, or a dick. He flexed his hole while he thought, capturing hisson’s tongue with the strong ring and refusing to let it go for a fewseconds, before relaxing the muscle and doing it all again. Unlike hishusband, Colton didn’t really enjoy spraying his ass-cum over everyone andeverything, preferring instead to get a thick load of cum inside of him tostem the flow and getting on with his evening plans.”No, you two finish up, then I’ll take Robbie’s second load.” Coltongrunted.Robert gave a happy nibble to Colton’s hairy hole, starting to getpleasantly light-headed from being encased in wet, musky muscular cheeksfor so long, made all the better by the prospect of his imminentorgasm. The teen heard wet smacks from above him, muffled by thick ass, ashis Dads hungrily made out with each other, whispering things Robertcouldn’t hear, but he knew they were no doubt filthy.Chris’s powerful hips slammed down onto Robert’s pelvis and started toreally go hog wild, rolling his hips around and milking his son’s cock forall it was worth. Both Father and Son started panting andwhimpering. Robert’s churning nuts spasmed as the tight, wet heat ofChris’s hole sucked on his entire length.Chris came first, blasting a hot streak of cum over Robert’s chest whilehis stuffed hole messily squirted out his butt honey around Robert’s cock,still fucking himself up and down and around on it. The sudden flood ofwarm goo all over his crotch and balls set Robert over the edge himself,giving a muffled moan into Colton’s twitching hole as he felt his thickload of kızılay escort cum race up his monster dick and blast the inside of his Dad.Robert held on tightly to Colton’s big thighs, trying hard not to loose hismind in the overbearing pleasure of shooting rope after rope of jizz. Bigballs, big cock, big loads; everything about his sexual organs became big,and now every time Robert had an orgasm (which, when you lived with twoover-sexed men, was very frequently), he had to ride through about 25 jetsof cum forcing their way out of his balls, turning every orgasm into anextended haze of pure pleasure.Near the end, both Chris and Robert went totally boneless and relaxed,relishing in their i****tuous fluids, then finally basking in the afterglowas Robert’s cock finally stopped spewing it’s load. Chris leaned totallyback, pulling Robert’s still-hard cock at an awkward angle and making himsquirm.”Mmffmfm.” The teen said. Colton’s ass had increased the goo production, sohis mouth was full, on top of being smothered by his sweaty ass cheeks, soRobert was nigh unintelligible.Chris laughed tiredly, guessing the source of Robert’s mumblings. He gave afake apology as he slide the thick club out of his twitching hole, withonly about half of Robert’s huge load leaking out and over them. The otherhalf had already been absorbed, temporarily blocking whatever strangemachinations inside the older man that caused him to produce the slimy anallubricant.Colton hunched over a little, scooping up a portion of the cum and rubbingit all over his son’s crotch area, strong hands pinching at the base toensure he stayed as hard as possible, though both actions were unneeded. Ittook multiple orgasms to get Robert to go soft anymore, and he was sototally soaked from the ride in Chris’s hole that he had already achievedmaximum lubrication. He mewled anyway, protesting Colton’s calloused handsall over his post-cum sensitive dong. Colton just shushed him. He was byfar the more conservative parent, but once he got sufficiently turned onand hungry for a load of cum up his ass, his natural determination tookover and nothing could stop him from getting what he wanted. And what hewanted was Robert’s steel-hard erection fucking the hell out of his hairyasshole.”Shh, it’s okay, sport.” Colton rumbled. “Just gotta make sure you’re niceand hard for me. You get me ready down there, and I’ll get you ready uphere. Holler when you’re ready to fuck, okay baby boy?”Robert relaxed a little, though he still gasped and spasmed anytime a roughcallous dragged over his puffy, sensitive piss-lips, and went back toeating out his Dad. It was kind of funny. Colton, in general, was not avery emotional guy, the type of Dad who didn’t really do the talking aboutyour feelings thing, or say ‘I love you’ too much (though certainly showedaffection in his own way), but when things start to get heated and heady,his paternal side comes out and acts more ‘Dad’-y then Chris does. A nasty,perverted, sex-obsessed Dad, for sure, but still, he became heavy on theDad talk.By now Robert had been slurping at Colton’s hole for so long it was nicelydilated, his tongue able to freely fuck in and out of the hairy ring. Hegave a few test flexes to his thighs, making sure they were stillfunctioning after getting pounded by Chris. Colton preferred positionswhere he got to make his son exert a ton of energy in pursuit of his load,usually doggy style or missionary, any way he was able to bark out ordersto fuck him faster and harder, so Robert knew he would need his strength.Robert must have been taking a little too long to catch his breath becauseit didn’t take very long before Colton took his hand, which had just beenkneading and pulling and squeezing Robert’s big eggs to encourage them tomake more sperm, and wriggling his fingers into the tiny space between hisass and his son’s face. Robert’s nose was full of the dense musk of bothhis own balls and his Dad’s sweaty ass as he felt the fingers work theirway into his mouth to collect some saliva, giving him a mouth-wateringtaste of his own testicles, then join his tongue up Colton’s ass. Teentongue and man fingers worked together to open up some manhole evenfurther. Colton was practically hand-feeding his son some ass slime now,consumed with the need to stretch his hole enough now so that his son’swhopper could slide in easy as pie in a few minutes.Once Robert had regained enough stamina for a second fuck, he slipped frombetween his Dad’s thighs and stood up in front of the couch, shivering asfresh air finally hit his sweat and slime soaked body. It dripped down fromhis chin and dick, adding more fluid stains to the already sex-ruinedcarpet. Colton looked at him through heavily lidded eyes, thick fingersstill plumbing the depths of his ass and scissoring himself open. The wet,lewd sounds of Colton toying with his sloppy hole went straight to Robert’scock. He was a sucker for sloppy sex sounds.”You ready, buddy boy?” Colton asked, slipping a third finger inside hishole and stretching himself even wider. “Papa wants it missionary today.”He flopped over on the couch onto his back, drawing his knees up towardshis chest and airing out his hairy crack.”Ohhh, yeah, I’m totally ready.” Robert said. His eyes zeroed in on hisDad’s pulsating hole. His aching cock was already missing being envelopedby paternal hole. He was already close enough that he could almost swipethe rim of Colton’s hole with his leaking cockhead. He stepped forwarduntil the two were kissing. “Are you ready, Dad?””Fuck yeah, boy.” Colton growled. “Just go slow. You know Big Papa’s holeisn’t as slutty as your Daddy’s, can’t just barge in like you own theplace.” His large mitts wrapped around his son’s slim waist, ready andprepared to control the fuck.”Yes, sir.” Robert said obediently, breaking off into a hiss as his Papa’sstrong hands pulled him forward enough to pop his engorged dickhead insideof him.Colton let out a low growl as he steadily fed his hole. The combination ofextreme length and very healthy width left his rarely-used hole burningpleasantly. Once there was only an inch or two left to go, Colton shiftedhis hands further back and grabbed a handful of his son’s tight ass,sharply pulling him forward the last little bit.”Ohhh, yesss.” Colton rumbled. “That’s my boy, that’s my big boy.” Hegroaned, feeling totally and utterly stuffed. He held Robert still for awhile, squeezing the plump little cheeks as his body adjusted to themassive intrusion. He even reached a finger into Robert’s sweaty crack togently prod and stroke his virgin pucker. Colton had had a few fantasies offucking his boy, but his insatiable manhole was a hurdle he hadn’t figuredout how to overcome, especially when it just got hungrier the hornier hegot.Colton could feel the monster dick flexing and pulsing inside of him, theslight movement teasing the walls of his hole and making him want morefriction. He carefully started to push and pull his son’s hips, going alittle farther out each time. The teen was panting now, resisting the urgeto start fucking on his own. He knew that he had to wait for permission.It took a few minutes, but finally the permission came after Colton wasopened up enough that he could handle an energetic teenage boy pounding hiscunt.”All right, boy.” Colton said as he took his hands off of Robert’s ass andraised them up behind his head. “Time to do some work.””Oh man.” Robert sighed gratefully. “Thank you, Dad, Sir, Dad.” He babbled,eagerly falling into a robust fuck-rhythm. His Dad groaned, sounding like abig bear, Robert’s huge balls slapping up against his ass. Robert fell intothe groove of muscles burning and sex-slop splattering against his thighsand balls.”Fuck yeah, boy!” Colton encouraged. “You can do better than that,cantchya? Big strong boy like you, I know you can fuck your Papa harder.”He growled. Colton was there to get off and move on, always yelling at hisson to fuck harder and faster to get them both off.Robert grunted and gasped and groaned as he picked up speed, slamming hiships against his Dad’s. Sweat was pouring off both of them from both theexertion and the heat, turning them into a slippery mess of skin, muscle,and hair. Chris enjoyed the sight from the nearby lazy chair, idlyfingering his manpussy as he watched his husband and his son rut like apair of a****ls.”Fuck yeah, buddy boy, fuck your fuckin Papa’s fuckin shithole.” Coltoncursed loudly. “Fuck you!” He yelled as Robert gave a particularly deep andhard thrust into his gut. “Oh, fuck you, fuck me, fuck that cunt.” Hegrunted. A healthy load of anal cum sloshed out around Robert’s pistoningcock.The dirty talk was just making Robert put more and more force behind hisfucking, rutting against his Dad, fucking the stream of goo. He snarled alittle as he leaned forward, bracing his forehead against his Dad’s beefychest to give himself more leverage to pile drive his ass.The loud slaps of wet skin drove them both closer to the edge. Colton wasconstantly spewing verbal filth now, alternating between affection andabuse as, goading his son to cum. One hand went back around Robert’s tonedcheeks to toy with his asshole, rubbing and circling the sensitive ring offlesh.”Come on baby, cum up my fuckin hole. You know you wanna drop that big loadof dumb teen cum up my cunt, come on fucker, shoot that fuckin load upPapa’s pussy.” Colton said, his voice low and rough as his other hand heldRobert’s head flush against his chest.Robert started to whine and keen again, and over his son’s whimpers Coltoncould hear the slaps of balls against ass fading as they were drawn upcloser to to his shaft. He could feel the coming orgasm all over Robert’sbody, from his heaving chest to his spasming hole. Right before it hit,Colton tore Robert’s head off his chest and mashed their mouths together,silencing the euphoric yell as his son bred a tidal wave of teen cum intohis guts. The sticky heat soothed his itching, burning ass and left itfeeling cool and satiated. He kept a tight hold on his son as the orgasmedwent on and on.Robert hunched his hips a few more times as the flow of cum slowed to atrickle. He had been kissing his Dad for so long he was practically out ofair. He pulled back, Colton graciously letting him go without a fight, thenslumped forward to rest on his Dad’s chest again. A big hand remained onhis head, petting his hair.”Good boy.” Colton said. Robert felt the rumble of it against his cheek.”What time is it?” The teen asked tiredly. He hoped it was close to dinnertime, because that much activity always made him super hungry.”You hungry?” Colton asked. Robert nodded, rubbing his cheek into his Dad’sfurry pecs, hoping his other Dad had already gone to start dinner orsomething. “Looks like you’re Dad has a snack for you.” Colton snickered.”Yeah?” The teen said happily as he raised his head, turning towardsChris. Instead of a plate of nachos or a sandwich, Robert was shoved facefirst into Chris’s spread ass cheeks, sticky hole landing right on hismouth. A small rivulet of cum leaked out onto his tongue, but it wasfollowed by a large dollop of Chris’s own ass cum. Robert looked up, barelyseeing Chris’s laughing eyes over his fat cheeks as he looked over hisshoulder and down at his son.”The sooner you get done with your snack, the sooner you can eat dinner.”He said plainly, wiggling his ass deeper onto Robert’s face. The boywhined, but complied, starting in on eating the gooey hole, both of hisDad’s laughter echoing in his ears as his dick started to rise on it’s ownaccord. Again. He was in for a long night, it seemed.

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