Eddie Gets My Ass


Eddie Gets My AssIf you recall, my previous story (My First Time with Eddie) was about the first time I had touched, let alone sucked, on another guys cock. As you may also recall, that cock belonged to my friend Eddie.I’ll refresh your memory by describing myself at the time of this memorable event. I was 17, 5’8″, Latino, with a tight body, a young sizable cock, PLENTY of stamina, good looking, and at that stage of life where I wanted to sexually explore my options.My friend, “Eddie”, was 5 years older than me, also Latino, slim, very good looking, and stood at about 6’1″, and had, what turned out to be, one hell of a fine fucking prick!In my first encounter with Eddie, I sucked and worshipped his cock, until he gave me my very first taste of cum. A short period of time went by when we spoke about our first encounter and, naturally, I was scared and nervous, but curious about having Eddie inside of me.A little time went on until Eddie and I were hanging out alone together once again, and the opportunity came up for this very thing to happen. Of course, we were smoking some bud and listening to some music. We were sitting next to each other and I surprised myself by reaching out and rubbing Eddie’s cock through his jeans. I remembered how meaty and luscious that cock was from the first time that I saw, held and sucked it! I celtabet giriş wanted to have it in my mouth once again.Eddie was talking smack to me about how I must have liked it, since I was going for it again.We both got undressed, and I immediately began to devour Eddie’s juicy slab of meat! I sucked, chewed, lightly bit, tongued and several times tried to swallow that sword steak of his. Eventually, Eddie and I moved into a 69. It was the first time that I had done a 69. To say that it was incredible is an understatement. The first time I sucked Eddie’s cock, I took to it instantly like a fish takes to water…I was hooked!! But, to have Eddie sucking on my prick as I sucked on his, was beyond incredible. I could taste Eddie’s precum, which indicated to me that a river of cum would follow. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth though. I was so fucking hot that I wanted to lose my anal virginity to Eddie.We stopped to take a breather, and I told Eddie about how I wanted to give my ass to him. His eyes lit up. We started kissing, which by the way, was the first time I had ever kissed another guy. Our tongues danced around in each others mouths, as Eddie reached around and began to rub and massage my asscheeks. He then began to tease my asshole with his fingers, and finally he laid me down, spread my legs celtabet yeni giriş and began to tongue fuck my ass. I had NEVER had my asshole eaten out by ANYONE, and I am sorry that it hadn’t happened sooner. Eddie twirled his tongue around my asshole and stuck his tongue in and out of my asshole. He got me really wet back there! He then asked me if I was ready and I told him that I was nervous, but yes.I was on my back already from the ass eating that Eddie gave me, so he scooted up and placed the head of his dick at the entrance to my asshole….I was sooo fucking nervous and scared. He pushed a little at first, and then I felt his cockhead begin to invade my asshole. I was cryinng out in pain, asking Eddie to take it easy. In reality, Eddie was being gentle. It’s just that the size of his prick, and it being my first time, seemed to be too much. But, Eddie was persistent, sweet and gentle. Eventually, I accepted his cockhead in my ass. He worked that cockhead in and out at first, until I was use to it and reached out to him, where he proceed to sink the rest of his sweet cock into my ass. When I took his full 9″ length, it felt as if my asshole was being brushed and bruised. But again, I got use to his cock and before we both knew it, Eddie was fucking me with wild abandon…hard and fast. He was celtabet güvenilirmi sinking that cock into my asshole until his balls were pressed against my asscheeks. Amongst the many things I loved about Eddie fucking me, was the sound and feel of his big, heavy, cum filled balls slapping against my asscheeks! From that moment on, I became Eddie’s bitch, his whore, I had instantly been transformed into his cock loving piece of ass! I uttered nasty, dirty and filthy things to Eddie from my mouth. I told Eddie to fuck me over and over again, and that I was his and his alone. Eddie responded by telling me that he had long wanted for this to happen. As he was fucking me, Eddie was jerking on my cock. It wasn’t long before my cum was flying everywhere. I NEVER knew that cumming could be so fucking great, while have a prick driving in and out of my asshole!!Eddie’s fuck pace picked up and he told me that he was about to cum. I didn’t know if he was going to pull out and come on my stomach, but, for some strange reason, I told Eddie that I wanted to feel him cum inside of me. This drove him over the edge and Eddie began to dump his load in my asshole. Ooohhhh, it felt so fucking forceful and HOT!! It being my first time getting fucked, my insides were bruised and his cum felt like hot cream. As he was cumming, I felt my asshole involuntarily milking his cock.Afterwards, Eddie and I were totally spent. We laid down and drifted off into sleep. There were many more hot moments spent with Eddie after that and I eventually got to fuck Eddie’s sweet, tight and well rounded slim ass. But, that’s another story……..

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