Eight Minutes More


19-year old Mia was fidgeting in her chair, squeezing her thighs ever more tightly together as she waited for the bell. Eight more minutes, she thought; only eight more!

Amanda–her Economics teacher–noticed right away. Truth be told Amanda was always mindful of Mia; always checking her out, if only out of the corner of her eye. It all started during the second day of class. Mia had bent over in her seat to fish a book out of her bag. Amanda, while passing in the aisle, happened to glance down at just the right moment to see the edge of Mia’s diaper peeking out over the top of her jeans.

The moment was electric!

Amanda had already admired the tiny co-ed the previous day, thinking: she’s perfect! Indeed, Mia was the exact sort of little girl that Amanda fantasized about. Bookish, but pretty, with a thick ponytail of straight blond hair, clear fair skin with a persistent blush; curvy like a 50’s starlet, but scaled down perfectly to something under five feet. At first glance nearly everyone assumed that Mia was a well-developed but nonetheless girlish 15, maybe 16. Her thick tortoise-shell glasses and juvenile clothing only served to make her look more childish still!

Just looking at Mia made Amanda’s panties damp!

And now, to Amanda’s delight, Mia clearly had to go. Observing her intently (and causing the embarrassed squirmy girl to deepen her blush!), Amanda wondered: How close is she? Mia was certainly going to wet her diapers very soon but Amanda was positive that she hadn’t done so yet. Continuing to stare, Amanda asked herself: Could I somehow make her wet? Given time she would have undoubtedly come up with any number of schemes. But, before she could do so, a “miracle” occurred!

It was the Wednesday morning right before Thanksgiving; the last class of that shortened day. Most of the students had already left for their holiday, and therefore it was a perfect time to test out the new emergency alert system. Notices were posted; reminders went out over the intercom. As usual, though, all of the warnings were ignored. At 12:00pm sharp–although the clock on the classroom wall said 11:56–a clanging alarm sounded. It rang especially loud in Amanda’s brick-walled classroom, two-flights up the northern spire of that musty old Victorian monstrosity: Ramsey Hall.

Everyone was startled! As the alarm continued to sound Amanda put her hands to her ears and shouted to the students: “Get out of here, go home,” The students, eager to be gone, rushed out and down the steps. Following them, Amanda remembered at the last to shout: “Have a great Thanksgiving!” The last student gone, Amanda–still wound up by her fantasies and wanting some “privacy”– locked the lower staircase door then went back upstairs. For good measure, she locked the upstairs door, too.

Abruptly, the clangor stopped!

In all of the commotion Amanda had lost track of Mia and was therefore very much surprised to find the girl still sitting at her desk. A single glance, however, told Mia’s story in full. Fit to burst before the alarm bells rang, a much startled Mia had finally lost all control; soaking her overalls down to her sneakers.

The humiliated girl reacted like all such girls and began to cry.

Coming over to her desk, Amanda asked (not unkindly, but also without much delicacy): “Why aren’t you wearing your diapers?”

Mia, instantly mortified, could only look up in anguish at her favorite teacher and sob. Was it that obvious? Did everyone know? To be seen in such a state by Miss Hayes (Mia never used Amanda’s first name; not even in her girlish fantasies!) was especially devastating. She must think I’m a stupid little baby!

Convinced that all of her hopes were dashed, Mia contemplated her pretty teacher with poignant nostalgia. Ms. Hayes was perfect! 5’3″ and only 24, yet more than a little womanly, with huge breasts, shoulder length chestnut hair, soft olive skin, and piercing blue eyes. Best of all, Amanda invariably loved to dress like a 50s starlet; in narrow-waisted knee-length dresses, lace-trimmed petticoats and all. Mia absolutely loved that!

Hanging her head in shame, Mia’s knew that it was all her fault. She had tried to act so grown up, had thought that she was so very adult, yet here was proof that she couldn’t even go a single morning without wetting herself like a little baby.

In retrospect, it was easy to see where she went wrong. Pull-ups cost money; something that Mia had very little of. Mia had used her last pull-up the day before but she wouldn’t have the cash to buy any more until after class, when she picked up her work-study check. She could have, of course, worn one of her thick cloth nighttime diapers, but she was embarrassed to wear them to class; worried that: Ms. Hayes might notice the telltale bulge! Last, and most damningly, was hubris. As Mia dressed for class she reasoned to herself out loud: “I’m mostly a bedwetter and I haven’t had a daytime accident in over a year. I’ll be fine; it’s only two hours!”

As gaziantep erotik hikayeler in all Greek tragedy, Mia got the very thing she least wanted. Or so she would have, at first, thought.

While the wet and sobbing Mia wallowed in her misery, Amanda was consumed with something very different: arousal. Taut-nipple, cunt-dripping arousal. Just looking at Mia made her clit itch. Here was a sopping wet girl, a girl she had lusted after, a diaper-wearing girl, a girl who filled her masturbatory fantasies. Here was Mia, vulnerable and in tears. There was nothing else for it; Amanda knew that she had to make Mia her own.

Drawing Mia gently up from her desk, Amanda enfolded the miserable girl into her arms.

Mia’s cries rose–her anguish given full release–but gradually subsided as she realized that Ms. Hayes was hugging her; her head pillowed into ample cleavage.

Looking down at her student’s beautiful face and absently stroking her wet behind, Amanda said: “Let’s get you changed,” then, added: “You’d like a nice dry diaper, wouldn’t you?”

A wide-eyed Mia could only nod a fitful “Yes!”

“Good . . . good girl” Amanda said, “But first let’s get you out of your wet things.”

Pushing Mia up against her big front desk–all but slamming her against it–Amanda began by unbuttoning Mia’s overalls. Left clip undone, right one too, and Mai’s overalls heaped down around her surprisingly wide hips. Her t-shirt went next, but only after a bunch of delightful wriggling to get it clear of her head and arms. Amanda then became transfixed by Mia’s hard nipples, as they tented the sheer lace of her brassiere. Without volition, her hands rose to unclasp Mia’s bra at the front, slowly pulling away the left cup and then the right; allowing each breast to tumble free in its turn. Mia’s breasts–quite large on her tiny frame–were upturned and firm, with hard pointy nipples, small dark puckered areola, and a lovely pinkish glow. Perfect! They even jiggled; happy to be released.

Both of the girls unconsciously began to pant.

In Mia’s case, her little body flushed with sudden unexpected heat; a warm sticky dripping heat. As the object of all of her schoolgirl fantasies undressed her, Mia’s tight little pussy pulsed rhythmically into hot wetness; her nipples feeling all but hot enough to smoke. Biting her lower lip, and looking up with anticipation at her teacher, Mia began to grind her pelvis up and forward, back and down.

Amanda, however, could only focus on Mia’s perfect breasts. Crouching down and breathing hotly on Mia’s left nipple, she coating it with her steam. For seconds–entire seconds–Amanda held herself so close, so impossibly poised, that each intake of her lungs caused her own to pussy to gush and throb. Mia, meanwhile, struggled bodily to thrust her nipple, not to mention her entire breast, into Amanda’s mouth. Holding the tiny girl back by the ribs, Amanda held her just shy of her goal, held her as she felt the tiny ribcage flex in and out, Mia’s heart beating a rough tattoo against Amanda’s hands. When it became all too much, Amanda finally relented. Mia’s breast slammed into her teacher’s hot wet lips; was slavered by her tongue, her nipple bit hard by clean white teeth. Both of the girls exploded into orgasm, and then gradually sunk in a heap to the floor.

For Mia, this was the first true orgasm of her young life. She was shattered with pleasure and for an entire minute she could only spasm and thrash.

Amanda–no sexual novice–also shuddered in her ecstasy. Gradually regaining her senses, she could only marvel that she’d had an orgasm without touching her clit! Unbelievable! Then, gazing with lust at the tiny girl in her arms, Amanda was filled with bliss. Mia was everything she had ever dreamed of in a baby girl. With a delighted sticky shiver, Amana thought: I can’t wait to diaper her!

Her breath mostly recovered, Amanda untangled herself from Mia and let the small breathless girl down onto her back. Mia–less fully recovered then Amanda but fussy for more–began to press the front of her overalls down onto her still throbbing pussy. Her other hand unoccupied, it soon floated up to her lips. She licked her fingers one or two at a time but, surprisingly, she never sucked her thumb; just her fingertips. Almost as if she’d eaten something sticky and was licking her fingers clean. Amanda could only look on in wonder!

Standing up Amanda suddenly knew what to do. She’d diaper the girl. She’d certainly make her wet! Then, she thought, licking her lips lick a cat with a canary smile: She’d spank her, bad little baby girl wetting herself in class! She had a thousand instant plans but they all meant only one thing: Amanda intended to possess Mia body and soul.

Clearing off her desk, Amanda roused the not-quite-sensate beauty from her self-ministrations. “Let’s get you diapered, baby girl!” Helping Mia up onto the desk, and then pushing her flat on her back, Amanda continued to undress her. Her sneakers went first, followed by her cute little socks. Then–tiny foot in hand–Amanda couldn’t stop herself from tickling the little girl. Mia being quite sensitive (baby girls are always ticklish!) began to giggle and writhe. The “torture” went on for several minutes until Mia almost fell off the desk. Righting her at the last, Amanda marveled: She is so delicious!

Amanda’s next thought was: Off with the overalls, then down with her panties and she’d be naked. Releasing the first button at Mia’s hip, though, Amanda had a better plan.

“Mia,” she asked, “What happened to your diapers?”

Confused, and more than a little ashamed to be talking about “her” diapers, Mia ventured “I wasn’t wearing any!”

Amanda quickly lifted Mia’s legs straight up into the air then spanked her hard!

“Mia,” she again asked, “What happened to your diapers?”

Stunned, resuming her tears, but still confused as to what was wanted, Mia said: “Because…”

Spank, spank, SPANK, SPANK; Amanda bent Mia nearly in half.

“…because,” Mia said, starting to get it, “…because I ran out,” spank, spank, “…I ran out of my pull-ups…”

Changing tactics, Amanda smacked the heel of her hand down hard on Mia’s wet overalls-covered pussy then started to saw back and forth savagely. Legs held firmly down Mia could only heave her chest up and down–gasping–in response.

“And you only had pull-ups,” Amanda continued.

Mia tried to reply: “I, I…,” but wasn’t fast enough.

Withdrawing her hand suddenly, Amanda grabbed a two-inch thick textbook then slammed it fast into each cheek twice: SWAT SWAT, SWAT SWAT; causing the little girl to scream and beg.

“I, I…mo…owww, momm…, no…” Mia was incoherent.

Every spank, every single swat sent a spasm down Amanda’s slit. Yes, Amanda loved to diaper little girls and yes, she loved to play the mommy and breastfeed them, but spanking them–spanking their naughty little behinds–made her very blood boil.

Suddenly unfolding the girl, Amanda ripped the flap of Mia’s wet overalls open then roughly jerked the garment down and off her legs. Clad in nothing but her soaked training panties, Mia got bent back in half again.

Amanda resumed her questioning, this time in a loud rush: “What happened to your diapers, Mia, what happened!”

Mia, expecting to be spanked once again before she could answer in full, quickly gasped: “I had my cloth diapers but…but…but I didn’t want you to see me in them…” Realizing the depth of her submission Mia hoarsely whispered the conclusion: “I, I didn’t want you to see what a baby I was! They’re really thick…” She had brought it all on herself; and certainly deserved to be punished! It was all her own fault; from start to finish, everything. She couldn’t even go two stupid hours without wetting herself. Burning with shame (she had acted just like a little baby!) Mia ramped up her bawling and soon began to hyperventilate.

Amanda resumed her exertions. Hard hard, soft soft; a little higher, a little lower, she continued to spank the sobbing girl on her backside and thighs over and over again.

Each and every smack made Amanda drip; her entire body literally quaked with arousal! Before long, every single swat also caused her to experience a mini almost-orgasm; powerful, yet just shy of release. Amanda had never been so turned on in her life.

Just now her lust centered on Mia’s upraised pubes. They were driving Amanda wild! She could see a clear puffy outline through Mia’s wet panties, an obvious cleft, but she wanted–needed–to see more. Unbending the girl once again, Amanda grasped Mia’s panties with both of her hands then yanked them clear off; nearly dragging the tiny girl off the desk in her fervor.

Another gush, her legs spasmed and clenched. Amanda nearly toppled. Almost there!

Mia crotch being finally uncovered, Amanda could only groan. “She’s baby smooth; not even shaved; baby smooth!” Shuddering as she touched her, Amanda began to finger her little girl’s slit. “And wet; she’s sopping wet!” Before long sliding fingers became plunging fingers, first a single digit, then a pair. Sawing her fingers in and out, Amanda growled: “She’s tight; virgin fucking tight,” immediately realizing that Mia was just indeed that: a virgin. “Oh my god, she’s a virgin…I’m fucking…my baby…baby a virgin!”

Mia at this point was near to passing out in ecstasy; the pain and pleasure totally intertwined. She had never ever imagined that she could feel so..so…sexual. Her bottom-half throbbed, and–if she could have analyzed her feelings individually–not so pleasantly, but her pussy was on fire with wet clit-scrubbing burning heat. Nothing had ever felt this good; nothing!

Amanda wanted even more! Bending the tiny girl in half a third time–only this time with her legs pretzeled under her arms and behind her head–Amanda began to spank Mia’s pussy. Spank, spank…plunge; two fingers pushed all the way in! Spank, plunge…SPANK, PLUNGE, then twist to make Mia’s little hips buck and writhe. With each spank, with each penetration Mia arched her smooth little pubis up higher. A third violation, raising Mia’s clit up with her thumb; Amanda karate CHOP CHOP CHOPed right on the little red nub. Mia, who had been viciously flailing on the desktop abruptly stilled; turning all of the tension shudderingly inward, eyes rolling up in her head. Slurp; Amanda rasped her tongue up Mia’s gaping slit. Pause two full seconds to deny Mia her release. Slurrrrrrrp; two panting seconds more. SLURP; tongue plunging in. Finally, at the zenith: Amanda slammed all four fingers savagely home. Mia–her hymen finally split–let out a blood curdling scream then began to buck and spasm violently around Amanda’s hand. Her first orgasm was nothing to this.

Amanda’s explosion was even more profound. She had never dominated a girl so completely! Mia exceeded her every expectation: complaisant yet responsive, with gorgeous adult parts yet babyish all the same, a girl who arched up her pussy to meet Amanda’s every wet slap, a baby smooth virgin that Amanda had personally deflowered; it was all too much. Juddering into spasm after racking spasm, Amanda jerked her hand out of Mia with a loud plop then fell heavily to the floor. Within seconds Amanda–flooding her own diaper–exceeded all orgasmic bounds and passed out from the pleasure.

Amanda, it turned out, had a secret. She wore diapers just like Mia; but in her case strictly for fun. Amanda loved to be mischievous; loved to fill her thick cloth diapers with hot pee, loved to be stroked by the warm saturated cotton. Amanda had even spurted a little into her diaper right before class. (Mia was going to be there and she wanted to be naughty!)

What Amanda had never done–not even once before–was to wet herself accidentally. She had always been in charge, had always been in control; but now she had let go completely just like a little baby. The excitement, the shame–the delicious humiliation!–had utterly and completely shattered her.

This time, Mia recovered first. Finding herself on her back, Mia squeezed her legs together to stifle her trembling then began to look around for Amanda. Spying her teacher still-shuddering on the floor, Mia crawled down off the desk to kneel beside her. Licking her lips, biting them in anticipation while gently rubbing Amanda’s breast through her shirt, Mia could only husk: “Mommy,” at first very quietly but soon with rising volume. She had been lifted high then smashed down low; repeatedly. She’d want that again; soon, real soon. But right now the only thing Mia wanted was to nurse.

Amanda slowly sat up and looked at Mia with motherly satisfaction. A glance told it all: Mia was hers; unreservedly hers. Looking down at herself, Amanda was further amazed to realize that she had remained fully clothed throughout. The strongest orgasm of her entire life and she hadn’t so much as touched herself; Amanda flushed with the wonder of it all.

But here was baby Mia, ever more fitfully rubbing at Amanda’s breasts and clearly wanting–no craving–to suckle. “Mommy,” she fussed, eyes filling with tearful frustration.

Amanda gently soothed Mia’s furrowed brow, cooed “Soon baby, soon,” then began to unbutton her blouse. Realizing that her brassiere was clasped at the back, Amanda removed her blouse then reached back with both of her hands to undo the four hooks. Then, after winking at Mia and saying “tada,” she let her firm breasts tumble free.

Mia inhaled sharply and licked her lips.

Amanda could only exult in Mia’s reverential gaze. Drawing the small girl to her teat, Mia began to suckle and purr. Amada, vastly contented, began to gently pat and rub her back.

Before very long, both fell contentedly asleep.

Hours later–it was dark outside–Amanda came awake. With a rush, she realized that all those swirling thoughts, her passionate crazy dreams, were all true. The proof was still in arms, snuggling.

Mia, also waking, began to fuss. Lifting her baby girl once again to her teat, Amanda rubbed her nipple across Mia’s lips. Within seconds, a fully wakened Mia latched back on and resumed her suckling with gusto.

Amanda understood: Life was good!

Mia’s little body was flushed with happiness. Yes, she ached–felt bruised all over in fact–but nonetheless the little girl was filled with complete and utter happiness. An atheist, Mia still felt the Catholic wonder of her body’s confession. She had sinned by wetting herself, confessed it all to her teacher, was spanked for her naughtiness, received forgiveness through pain, and was reborn in pleasure. Now, she was suckling at Ms. Hayes’ breast; could it get any better?

Shifting Mia to her other teat Amanda gently purred: “Time to get you into your diapers, little one!”

Mia–still fussing, but now just for fun–shook her head “No” and continued to slurp.

Amanda, well pleased but pretending to be stern, grabbed the little girl’s ribcage below her own breasts then gently pushed her away. With a wet plop Mia let go. Frowning up at Amanda, she could only pout.

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