You think that you knew the way my heart was shaped, every vein mapped and memorizedthe exact beat against yours.But you only measure in rhythm, never the precision in pitch, the subtle notes that strainedto call out to you beneath. I was already lost in the moment,fading fire couldn’t extinguishthe light I saw in your eyes,just remember the way I held onwhen you say I don’t knowwhat it is to truly need someone.An elixir coated tender lips, isveçbahis mysterious nectars pooled to life, and there was only sweetness, love,I could’ve you tasted forever.Every touch matters. How every curve rippled and shook beneath curious fingertips before some violence answered the metre playing in your blood.I wish I could just go deeper,into the exact tides that pull you,the threads holding you together,and these seams will alwaysspell isveçbahis giriş out your name.You think that you knew the imprint left from a patient searing touch,my skin has yet to cool down,has yet to stop speaking,to stop singing where words no longer have the essence to reach out to you.I was already lost in the moment,just remember the way your lightwashed over me when you saythat I don’t know what love is.An elixir poured isveçbahis yeni giriş from tender lips,mysterious nectars pooled to lifeand there was only sweetness, love,I could’ve tasted you forever.Because every touch matters.How every fold in your heartrippled and eased near minebefore some violent blissbecame all your blood knew.I wish I could go deeper,into the exact metre you dance for,beats that sway and suspend you,touch every rhythm that takes us into a dance only we know the steps to.You think that you knew the way my hunger calls out,just remember that someflames can never stop lickingwhen you say that I don’t know what it is to truly burn.Because every touch matters.

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