Hot Water Bottle Tummy Fetish


As long as I can remember, I have been sexually aroused by the feel of a warm rubber hot water bottle wobbling away on my tummy.

When I am alone, I proceed to my room where I get my hot water bottle from my special place. I then go to the bathroom and begin to fill up the hot water bottle. As I fill up the hot water bottle my heart rate increases, as a result of anticipating a pleasure filled night with my hot water bottle. After I have filled my hot water bottle I then go to my room, where I lay on my back and slowly lift my shirt up and gently place the warm rubber hot water bottle on my tummy.

As I place the warm rubber hot water bottle on my tummy a surge of sexual energy courses through my entire body. Next, I begin to slowly rub the hot water bottle on my tummy, first from side to side, then up and down and then in circles. As I rub the hot water bottle on my tummy it makes sloshing noises, the sound of the hot water bottle increases my arousal and multiplies and builds my sexual energy.

As my pleasure increases, I then start to knead and massage the hot water bottle on my tummy. I start rubbing the hot water bottle on my tummy faster and faster. As I start rubbing the hot water bottle faster on my tummy, my sexual energy continues to build and build to a point of climactic release. Intense feelings of sexual pleasure shoot through my body, as I am clutching the warm rubber hot water bottle on my tummy. Following this pleasure episode with my hot water bottle, I drift off to sleep with the hot water bottle still warm resting on my tummy. If I wake up during the middle of the night the cycle may begin all over again.

I have always wondered if there were any women out there who felt the same way about rubber hot water bottles. I have never understood how more people are not aroused by the feeling of warm, izmir seks hikayeleri wobbling rubber hot water bottles against their tummies. Then one day I met this beautiful woman who also had immense sexual pleasure when using a rubber hot water bottle on her tummy.

It was late autumn, I met this beautiful woman by the name of Anna through an online dating app and after a few dates she invited me over to her house. That night we had a great conversation, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Time had flown by before I looked at the clock and said I really should be getting home to bed.

She energetically said, “Would you like to spend the night?”

I replied, “Sure…that would be great!”

I was not prepared for what Anna asked me next.

she said, “Would you like to take a hot water bottle to bed with you? I take one every night, even when it’s not that cold. Actually, I just love them don’t you?”

Little did she know, I have a fetish for rubber hot water bottles on my tummy. Out of pure excitement stumbling through my words.

I responded, “Yes…yes…I actually do.”

Anna quickly went to retrieve the hot water bottles. I immediately began to feel my anticipation building and thought about how wonderful mine was going to feel once in bed. She turned on the tap and patiently waited while the water warmed up.

She stated, “I don’t like it too hot, just nice and warm.” with a large smile on her face.

I responded, “that’s fine with me!” and smiled back.

She picked up the first hot water bottle, unscrewed the cap and began filling it. The rubber hot water bottle wobbled and gurgled as the water poured in making it grow plump in much the same way as the bulge in my pants. At that moment, Anna turned around and caught a peak of the bulge growing in my pants. She looked at me with a very naughty smile

then said, “why don’t you go and get yourself ready for bed and I’ll come up and bring your hot water bottle to you”.

Embarrassed and excited I hurried away up to her room where we were going to sleep. I undressed and got myself into the bed. Not long after, Anna opened the door, carrying the warm, wobbling, rubber bottle.

As Anna entered the room she had that naughty smile on her face again. She came and sat herself down on the edge of my bed clutching the hot water bottle to her tummy. I could hear its gentle sloshing as her hand slowly massaged it back and forth against herself. Her breathing had quickened as she looked at me and said, “oooh….do you know how good this feels?”

By that time my penis was as hard as a diamond under the sheets as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

I replied back, “Oh wow yes, I love it too.”

“Mmmmmmmm….I can see you do”, she said with that naughty smile again as she continued to press and massage the wobbling hot water bottle into her tummy, letting out moans of pleasure.

“I have never understood how more people are not aroused by the feeling of warm, wobbling rubber against their tummies and the fact that you clearly are is really turning me on”, she continued.

The next thing I knew, she was pulled down the bed sheets to reveal my diamond hard cock sticking out through my underwear.

“Do you want to feel it with me?” she said.

“Oh god yes! Yes please,” I replied.

With that, she released the hot water bottle from her own tummy, undressed, leaving only her underwear and slowly placed the warm bottle down onto mine. Then a surge of sexual energy coursed through my entire body.

“I am going to give you the most pleasurable hot water bottle experience of your life,” she stated.

The feeling was electric as I let my tummy muscles completely relax to take the full weight of the hot water bottle. I began to moan with pleasure as she began slowly rubbing the bottle from side to side, up and down and then in circles. The wonderful sloshing sound was turning us both on so much as she breathlessly bent down to kiss me. First they were gentle, soft kisses but gradually became harder and more urgent as she pushed her warm tongue into my mouth. I could sense she was close to orgasm as her hand picked up pace on the bottle, kneading it wildly against my tummy. Her panties were wet with passion as she let out a scream.

I was using all my self control not to explode as my tummy rose and fell to meet Anna’s thrusts with the hot water bottle.

“Oh yes!…my tummy wants it so bad!” she said.

She quickly removed her panties, positioned herself over me and guided my cock into her sopping pussy. Firmly locking her muscles around me, she pulled her legs back and slowly lowered her tummy down onto the hot water bottle until it was squashed between us. We both let out an almighty cry of pleasure as we both felt the full force of the bottle pushing against our tummies. She continued to kiss me passionately as she rocked back and forth, the hot water bottle sloshing wildly as we both rolled our tummies to gain the maximum wobbling sensation. I was almost blacking out with pleasure as I felt my cock spasmed and could take it anymore, shooting my hot, sticky cum into her as I cried out

“Oh God, yes, the hot water bottle is making me cum!!” to which she responded with her own second orgasm.

“Yes baby cum for me, cum for the rubber bottle!”

After we had both begun to recover from the fantastic climax and experience, we rolled onto our sides, keeping the bottle between us as we gently kissed. It wasn’t long after we both fell asleep. This was the beginning of a very special relationship.

The End

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