Endearing Arm(pit)s


After the very enjoyable and satisfying cruise came to an end, Jane wanted to take rest in a hotel, and suggested to Ted to stay with her in the city for a while. Ted readily agreed. They danced away merrily in the dance halls and parties, and enjoyed thoroughly.

In one dance party, they broke free into an adjacent lonely and darkish garden. In the dance, people were enjoying with a lot of kissing and hugging.

During one such kissing spree, Jane pulled Ted to her and they kissed and hugged violently. Jane’s perfume drove him mad. Jane was wearing a sexy halter neck blouse with exposed shoulders, armpits, waists and back. Ted was excited enough looking at the glistening bare upper arm, shoulders and armpits of Jane.

They exchanged a lusty look and quietly slipped off into the darkish garden. Instantly they were in each other’s arms and slid into a tight embrace, and a moist lusty kiss, feeling and enjoying each other’s body.

During kissing, Ted slid his fingers into the moist armpits of Jane, and feeling her moist shaved armpits. His fingers were often sliding out due to the moistness of the armpit skin. But he persisted with his exploration of Jane’s armpits with his fingers. Jane was enjoying this very much. She was giggling – “Ha, ha.. ha..please don’t… .”

Ted was rubbing his face and nose on Jane’s broad and sexy and rounded ripe shoulders and taking in the smell of her perfume and kissing and licking her soft glowing skin. Then he took her sharp nose in his mouth and kissed her nose for a long time. Jane also kissed the tip of Ted’s nose.

Then Ted did what he wanted to do most. He lifted Jane’s left hand and started kissing her armpit. The perfume of her armpit was very exciting. Jane was also very excited.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… what an armpit aroma… mmmmmm.”

“uuurrrgghhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm… sniff it hard… mmmmm.”

They decided to go to a cozy eating place with exclusive cabins for couples. They went into a cabin, and were instantly in each other’s arms. Ted lost no time in raising her hand and sniffing her armpit smell and licked her armpits wildly. Jane pushed her armpits into his face.

Ted enjoyed her armpits for a long time. First he licked her pits with soft and short strokes of his tongue, but soon it was changed to hurried long strokes, his tongue moving back and forth like a fast moving engine in the crevices of her armpits. Every bead of sweat was licked away. Jane was very much aroused, and was having other ideas, but they had to leave the restaurant soon. Jane left soon after.

Ted had an appointment with a friend Lisa in the city. She asked him to stay in her apartment. Lisa is a fair sexy lady, staying alone. Ted made friends with her at a picnic gathering. She is slightly fatty, but that made her very sexy, having broad plump shoulders, armpits with jet black stubble, and a sexy nose which anybody would like to kiss. She always wears sleeveless blouses. She loves to show her armpits and shoulders in public and enjoys their gaze, on her underarm stubble and smooth and soft shoulders.

When Ted entered her apartment, she was wearing a very thin strip sleeveless vest. Lisa is in her late 30’s, very sexy, and sensuous. Ted gets turned on by looking at her bare upper arms and open back.

After entering the apartment Ted holds her by the bare upper arms and kisses her. Then she went into the toilet asking Ted to wait. From the toilet she told Ted to sort through some clothes left by her, and take out the good ones, and keep the others for the washing machine.

Ted first took up the panties and sniffed them for long time and munched the gaziantep erotik itiraflar cloth. The sweaty and musky wet smell was exciting. Then he took up the socks one by one and sniffed hard the toes and sole ares. The strong pungent smell of her socks reminded him of her armpit smell and pushed up his excitement. Then Ted started sniffing through the sleeveless blouses and the sexy bras of Lisa. She always wears sleeveless blouses with bare back. Ted separated the blouses and bras having her armpit smell. The armpits’ smell on the blouses drove him crazy, and he instantly had a solid hard on. Some of them were wet in the armpit areas. He sniffed the undergarments’ armpit areas for a long time and wanted to sniff the original armpits.

As Lisa came out of the toilet, she was wearing another sexy sleeveless string dress, showing lots of her shoulders and armpit flesh. They immediately were locked in a lusty tight embrace. Ted raised Lisa ‘s one hand and put his face in her armpit. She pressed her hand, keeping Ted’s head inside her armpit.

Ted sniffed the fleshy salty smelly armpit for a long time, then tongued both her armpits in turn, lustfully kissed and sucked both her armpits. First he moved the tip of his tongue in circles on her underarm flesh, on the stubbles, the circles becoming bigger and bigger, the pungent smell and taste of her armpit arousing him, then he grabbed her shoulder, opened his mouth as wide as he could, took in her entire fleshy armpit in his mouth and sucked vociferously, making loud and lusty armpit sucking sounds. She cried out in passion-” Oh! Oh! For a long time I wanted this armpit-suck from you” and pressed her armpits repeatedly on Ted’s face.

Lisa ‘s armpits are very sexy. The pits are concave, with little soft stubble. Rarely does she clean her armpits, particularly when Ted comes. She knows Ted loves the strong musky sexy aroma of both her sweaty armpits, sometimes she herself smells her own armpits, and gets turned on, and craves for Ted’s hungry lips on her armpits’ flesh. She loves his thick sensuous lips kissing and sucking her armpits.

Ted is now sucking on her wide, sexy armpits, like breast sucking – a lot of her armpit flesh is in his mouth. He is lustily biting the armpit flesh, and Lisa is now enjoying it. She tears open Ted’s shirt and puts her face in Ted’s armpits, taking in the male armpit odor, kissing and sucking it.

“urrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… “

“urrrggghhhhrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmssssssss… “

They were enjoying the sensuous armpits love.

They were sniffing, kissing, biting and sucking each other’s armpits, while locked in a tight embrace, lustily feeling each other’s body. They enjoyed armpit sniffing very much. Ted sniffed Lisa’s armpits with long sniffing sounds, relishing every bit of the sniffing and sucking, enjoying the pungent, tangy, sweaty body odor from her armpits, often switching from one armpit to another. Ted asked Lisa to sit on a stool, went behind her and he put his #### in her soft and sexy armpit, she pressed her hand tightly to her side, and Ted started humping violently in her sexy armpit. When the tip of his #### came out of the armpit at front, she rubbed her nose on it and kissed it quickly. Ted was mad. He then put it in her right armpit and humped.

Then Ted hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits and got hold of her huge boobs, then started sniffing and kissing her sexy back, kissing & licking her broad, smelly shoulders and armpits from behind.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… “

“I love your underarm odor,… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… exciting smell… “

Ted and Lisa went wild with lust. Again they started eating and sniffing each other’s armpits. It seemed the armpits sniffing, kissing, sucking would never end.

There was now more sweat in Lisa ‘s armpits and the strong armpit smell was irresistible. Ted stuck out his tongue and lapped up every bit of the sweat and grime, and licked clean both her underarms.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… “

“Your underarm sweat is so tasty… mmmmmmmmmm” – said Ted.

“Lap it up and suck all the sweat… taste it with your tongue… mmmmmmmmm,”

“it is very sweet… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ” – said Lisa.

Suddenly Ted gave long sensuous lusty kisses on Lisa ‘s soft waist flesh. He kissed and munched her waist curves and slight folds, and rubbed his nose on her waist folds, sniffing in the sexy body odor and waist odor from Lisa ‘s fleshy waists. Lisa cried out in lust. Lisa then rubbed some perfumed oil on his ####, while showing and letting him inhale her armpits.

Ted was bursting with passion. The strong pungent salty aroma of Lisa ‘s large soft and fleshy armpits drove him mad. Lisa took his #### in her both armpits in turn and Ted pumped. Lisa caught hold of Ted’s shoulders, kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and lustily sniffed and sucked hard.

At this Ted got very hot and took Lisa’s long nose in his mouth and kissed and bit her nose, so sexy. He lapped her nose with his tongue. Lisa also took Ted’s nose in her mouth and sucked hard. They played with their noses for a long time.

Ted then took each of her ears in his mouth and sucked. Ear kissing and nose kissing is very arousing. Sometimes Ted was licking and kissing Lisa ‘s bare upper arms. Lisa ‘s bare upper arms, armpits, nose, ears and waists were all wet with Ted’s saliva. Then the again engaged in a saliva filled lusty kiss, exchanging lots of saliva.

“uurrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..zzzz..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… mmmmmm… “

“uuurrrrrrrr… mmmmmmmm… zzzzz..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ”

They were tightly embracing each other and exchanging lusty slippery kisses on their lips, shoulders and underarms. Balls of saliva were flowing between their entwined mouths.

“Kisssssssssssss me more… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ” – she said. “Yes, yes… take my lusty sweeeeeeet kisssssssssssssssssssss… mmmm… ” – he said.

Next morning, Lisa ‘s sexy friend Annette came. Ted knows her a little. She always wears sexy vests, halternecks and dresses, and is a connoisseur of armpits – male or female. She always loves to give and get armpit kisses. Annette’s armpits by the side of her large taut boobs are a treat to watch. Her armpits are truly #### raising armpits. She is wearing an open back blouse, with much of her fleshy waist exposed.

First Annette tightly embraced Lisa and kissed each other’s armpits. Lisa kissed Annette’s waist and licked it for fun. Annette was very excited. Lisa told something to Annette while kissing her ears.

Annette called Ted to her, raised her one arm and asked him to sniff. Then she brought her other armpit to his nose. Ted sniffed to his heart’s content.

Annette held out her shapely hands and drew Ted in a tight embrace. Their lips quickly met and got locked in a saliva filled tight slippery kiss, tongues pushing in and out of each other’s mouth. Then each lifted the other’s hand and pushed their mouths into each other’s sweaty armpits, with lot of armpit licking, kissing, biting and tasting. Annette caught hold of his ####, squeezed hard.

The embrace tightened and the underarm kisses got furious and urgent by the minute. Ted munched the hair under Annette’s arm and pulled the tufts by his teeth. Annette wildly licked Ted’s armpits, with lots of saliva. His armpits became slippery with Annette’s saliva, and the smell became more erotic. Annette’s armpit smell drove him mad.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… rrrrrggghhhhh… mmmmmmmmm… “

“uuurrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..zzzzzzzzzzz..mmmmm… “

The strong tangy underarm smell was very arousing. After long underarm sniffing, Ted stopped, to get some breath. Annette then asked Ted to lick each of her armpits again.

As Ted started licking her underarms again, she held his #### in her palm and started squeezing and sliding. While licking Annette’s armpits, Ted lustily squeezed her luscious body and was feeling the flesh of her waist. They were wrestling with each other’s body. Annette raised one arm of Ted and was licking his armpits.

Lisa got very turned on by this. She hugged Annette from behind and was kissing and licking her upper arms, back and neck. As Annette turned her face, Lisa caught hold of her sharp nose by her lips and was sucking her nose. Annette also gave Lisa a prolonged nose kiss. Then Annette turned around and drew Lisa into a lusty tight embrace. She and Lisa began mutual armpit kissing and eating.

Ted hugged them from behind alternately, and lustily kissed and licked their upper arms, armpits, back, waist. The room was full of sounds of panting, moaning, sucking, kissing, licking and licking sounds.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… “

“uurrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… mmmmmm… “

“uuurrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm… ”

Their bodies were getting entwined in turns, each wanted to grab the other to kiss each other and lick and suck each other’s armpit sweat. Lusty embraces were being exchanged from front and behind, their bodies slippery and glistening from the sweat. Each was sucking, kissing, and licking the others’ upper arms, armpits. Their upper arms, armpits, noses, ears became wet with saliva. There was no end in sight…

As Lisa and Annette were enjoying a tight bear hug with mouths buried in each other’s underarm flesh, sniffing and licking, Ted started sniffing panties and butts, licked the flesh with lots of saliva. Then he licked their toes fervently. Took time to kiss, lick and suck each toe, taking each in his mouth, sniffed and licked the space in between toes, and the underside of their feet, enjoying the strong aroma of the feet and toes. Both Lisa and Annette thrust their feet in turn in his hungry mouth, enjoying his toe-kisses, licks and sucks.

Suddenly Annette took Ted in her tight embrace, and sitting on his lap, offered him her smelly armpits, which he pounced upon with his mouth wide open, biting and kissing the pungent smelly pits, and sucking in quite a bit of armpit flesh. Annette slowly eased him in her, a sweet meaty quickie followed. The bodies swayed from side to side, glistening with sweat, sliding against each other, with lots and lots of armpit kissing, licking and sucking going on. Ted fiercely rubbed his nose up and down, and in circles in Annette’s armpits, and sniffed on… Annette sniffed and licked his armpits, and tightening the embrace, bit his shoulder hard… both peaking together and fast.

Then Lisa pulled away Ted and made him sit on her lap, fiercely hugging and kissing him. They embraced super-tight. Lisa snugly set up the much desired quickie. The quickie started off with a bang, with Ted’s hard sniffing, biting and licking of Lisa’s sweaty, extremely pungent smelling salty underarms and shoulders, till they both reached the peak…

Underarm kissing, sniffing, licking and biting were going on and on…

They lost themselves in their in their extreme excitement…

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