English Willpower v. US Persistence


This is a long, teasing story that may not be for everyone. Please forgive my spelling and other errors which some people seem to be upset by. Please write to me to let me know if you enjoyed the story.


My sister, Ashley, and I are a products of the special alliance of my English mother and American father. My father met my mother while working in England. They married and she moved back to the US with him before I was born. My mom lived in America until I was 6 years old and then moved returned to England.

My parents didn’t get divorced right away. It took 2 years until they finally accepted that their relationship couldn’t work out. Both my parents told my sister and I that they loved each other but neither could handle living away from their home country.

I didn’t understand why. They speak the same language don’t they?

When my mom moved back to England she took my one year older sister with her. My father kept custody of me in the US. They regretted splitting my sister and I up. But my parents decided it was for the best for my dad to raise me and my mom to take care of my sister.

My sister and I had no say on the matter.

My sister now has the cutest English accent like my mother while my father and I sound 100% American.

So I became a child of divorced parents.

The divorce agreement provided that my sister and I spend as much time together as possible. I would fly to England to see my mom and sister during every other Holiday. My sister would fly to the US to my dad and me on alternative Holidays. My parents would split custody of both of us during the summer. My sister and I would be together for the entire summer. Half in England. Half in the US.

I hate to admit it but I loved England. Not so much England itself but it’s location to the rest of Europe. My mom would always plan part of the vacation as a trip throughout Europe. I loved the Museums of London, Paris, Rome, the beaches of Spain and southern France. Compared to the US everything was so old with so much history. It was amazing.

My sister and I gave up some opportunities back home in order to maintain the parental schedules. I didn’t get to play on my baseball all star team during the summer and my sister gave up a chance to study in Italy but we understood. As my sister, Ashley, and I grew up we avoid the typical sibling squabbles that resulted from everyday life together.

We knew our time together was limited so we tolerated and even enjoyed each others company. I loved introducing my sister to my friends back home and she did the same when I was England. We were pals.

When I turned 18 my dad decide to take the trip over to England with me. He had business in London for a few days. My mom insisted that my dad stay at her house while he was in town. My parents hadn’t seen each other for years but talked constantly on the phone in a friendly way in order to keep each other up with their children’s activities. I think the wounds from the divorce had slowly receded.

My mom at the time was 36 and my dad 37. My mom was a dead ringer for Kate Beckinsale. She was 5’8 thin with dark hair and b cup breast. My sister looked almost identical to my mom except a few years younger. People all the time thought they were sisters. People sometimes asked when my sister was trying to look older and sophisticated if my mom and her were twins.

My dad and I looked almost the same. 6’2 and about 185 pounds with brownish/blond hair. I think I’m a little better looking though. I would hear all the time including from my mom that I looked so much like my father it was unreal.

As my sister and I grew older I think at times when my mom and dad looked at us they would see their former spouse. My sister and I often laughed together at how people thought we looked like our parents but I guess we were lucky to have such good genes.

After breakfast one summer morning my sister, Ashley, and I decide to go out to meet one of her friends to watch a football game. My mom and dad seemed to be getting along as we sat around the breakfast table. My dad said he had to leave for work in a few minutes anyway so we wished him goodbye. We told my mom we’d meet her for lunch.

My 19 year old sister and I, her 18 year old brother, rushed out of the house to watch a Football (really soccer) game.

Unfortunately, we never made it to the football game. About a half hour later the heavens opened up and the English rain poured down on us. I complained for the 1,000th time about the English weather and my sister defended her home country by saying England doesn’t have crime like the US. We rushed back home to watch some tv and vegetate.

My sister and I figured our mom and dad had went to work. We trudged up the stairs quietly as we shivered from our wet clothes. As we reached the base of the stairs I heard noise up stairs that seemed to be coming from my Mom’s bedroom.

I looked at my sister who’s eyes seemed suddenly alert. My sister put bayan esmer escort bursa her finger to her lips, motioning me to be quiet. My sister placed her hand on my hip as we cautiously walked up the stairs. As we reached the 2nd level still hidden on the stairs as we looked through the railing.

I could hear grunting and sound that almost reminded me of spanking. Flesh hitting flesh. I looked around the 2nd floor trying to see what was causing the noise.

My sister gripped my shirt as she said softly, “Oh my God.” I looked at my sister who was staring into the far room. My mom’s bedroom. Immediately, I turned following my sister’s gaze to my mother’s bedroom about 10 feet away.

I didn’t understand what was happening at first. I saw my mom and dad on the bed. My brain was in a cloudy haze of shock. Then, I realized my dad was fucking my mother doggy style. My dad was behind my mother pumping his cock in and out of my mother’s pussy. My mom and dad seemed to be caught in total ecstasy. My sister and I watched for I have no idea how long motionless as our parents fucked each other.

I thought to myself I guess my parents really do still love each other. Or they both needed to get laid. The pace of my father’s strokes seemed to increase into a furry as he seemed to move closer to cumming.

The pounding of flesh against flesh reverberated to us, their children, with each powerful stroke. My mom looked gorgeous. My mom bent over on her hands and knees with her small cute little ass in the air as my father’s groin hit against her ass, as his cock pounded into her pussy. My mom’s breast jiggling with each stroke as her hard nipples hypnotized me. I tried to see my mom’s pussy but all I could see was the tiniest tuff of pubic hair.

I soundly realized where I was and who I was with. I turned my head slightly and looked at my sister with my peripheral vision, afraid of her seeing me look at her. I could feel my sister’s hand was still gripping my shirt as she intently watched our parents fucking.

Suddenly, I realized watching my parents fuck was almost like watching a slightly older version of my sister and I fuck. My mom and sister were dead ringers for each other. I looked almost the same as my father.

It was like watching a video with 5.1 dolby digital of me fucking my sister. I wondered if my sister had the same color nipples as my mom and if she made the same grunting noises when she was getting fucked. When a cock was inside her pussy. Is this what my sister would look like if I was fucking her? Her moans of pleasure?

“Ahh, baby fuck me, I’m so close, keep fucking me, ahh you’re the best, ah ahh,” my mom moaned.

“Ah, I’ve missed this pussy so much. The best pussy,” my dad countered.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, ahh, yeah,” my mom grunted back.

I was watching my parents fuck. This is how they had created me and my sister when they were married and in love.

My beautiful mom, my sister’s older identical twin.

My sister continued to watch in silence as our father pummeled our mother’s pussy with his cock. I watched my mom’s agonizing expression, her jiggling breast, her stunning thin body, her black hair flowing as her body moved, her tight ass as she pushed back into my father’s cock to get him deeper into her pussy. My beautiful mother, my gorgeous sister. My father, her brother. Me.

I was no longer only watching my parents fuck but I was watching what it would be like to fuck my sister. My sister who I had loved all my life and never thought of in a sexual way before today. My beautiful, Kate Beckinsale look alike sister.

I had to touch my sister. The sexual energy was vibrating off the walls from my parents fucking to me. I couldn’t control myself. My sister gripping my shirt. I was so close to her body I had to touch her. I could smell the scent of sex coming from my mom’s pussy or was it my sister’s. The sounds, scent, the view of my gorgeous mother, my father fucking her, my sister’s perfume, her natural beauty. I was crazy with lust. I had to touch my sister.

My sister was dressed in a tight white T-shirt with the Union Jack on front and black cotton pants. I brought my right hand up from my side and slowly moved it towards my sister’s butt. I hesitated knowing that it was wrong. Brothers aren’t supposed to touch their sister’s ass. But I had to feel her body against my hand.

I placed my hand on my sister’s ass cheek and lightly squeezed her butt for a second and then I proceeded to caress her ass. I rubbed her left cheek and then moved my hand over to her right cheek. I caressed her right butt cheek for several seconds as my sister and I watched my mom being fucked by our father.

My mom, “Ah I’m going to cum, ah, ah,”

My mom’s face contorted as she inched closer to her orgasm.

I squeezed my sister’s right butt cheek as my arm pressed against her ass. I slid my hand over to her butt crack and then lower. My hand was just bursa ucuz eskort barely on the end of her cheeks as my fingers moved between my sister’s legs.

My sister’s hand that was gripping my shirt started to push my body away from hers as turned her head towards me.

My sister looked at me with an expression on her face I had never seen before… confusion, hatred…or something else. My sister’s nipples hard, almost pocking through the fabric of her T-shirt.

My sister said softly but firmly, “No George,” as my sister tried to push my hand away. I tried to push my hand further in between my sister’s legs s I pressed against her cotton covered flesh.

My mom’s constant grunting and moaning stopped. The bedroom was silent except for my father’s flesh hitting my mother’s body and his quiet grunting. I knew something was wrong.

I turned back to our parents fucking. My sister turned back to my mom’s bedroom at the same time. My mom was staring at us. My mom was looking at us as she continued to fuck our father. As her son had his hand in between her daughter’s legs. I quickly pulled my hand from between my sister’s mound as I hoped the stairway blocked my mother’s view of where my hand had been.

A microsecond later, my mom locked eyes with my sister and then she moved her eyes to me. My mom was staring directly into my eyes as she fucked my father. Then suddenly she closed her eyes and then she reopened them again. Then closed them, shutting them tight as she screamed out, “Ah you’re making me cum. Ahhh fuck, fuck me, ahh so good, so good. So beautiful. Our children, so beautiful. Together. Making… me cum”

My dad pounded into my mother one last stroke as he pushed as deep into her pussy as he could.

“Cumming in ..your pussy. I love your pussy. Fucking you is the best, so long, so long I wanted to fuck you,” my dad moaned to my mother as he pressed himself against her tight ass and into her pussy.

My mom opened her eyes with her mouth gaping open as she enjoyed her orgasm. Our mom stared at me and then my sister and then both of her children. My mother’s mouth gaping open in the expression of “ohh and ahh.” I could never imagined what it was like to watch my mother and father fuck. I couldn’t imagine what my mother looked like when she came.

My mom moaned, “Shouldn’t, ahh, do that, ahh watch, ahhh.”

Now I would never get it out of my head. And for years I would imagine that it was me fucking my sister that day instead of my father fucking his ex-wife, my mother.

My mother finally regaining control closing her mouth as she stared at us a second and then she turned toward our father. My sister and I could see our father’s sizeable cock slip out of our mother’s pussy. I figured my mother was about to tell my father that their children were watching them fuck. As my mother turned on her knees I at last had a chance to see my mother’s gaping pussy which was shaved clean except for a puff of pubic hear just above her pussy lips.

I started to move down the stairs to the first floor to escape my father’s wraith. My sister turned and followed me. After we reached the first floor, I raced out of the house with my sister at my heals. The sun was now shinning brightly and I headed toward the football field.

My cock was stiff, a steel rod, as I walked silently with my sister down the street.

I desperately attempted to get my mind off of what I had seen and the feel of my sister’s gorgeous ass in my hand. English weather I thought to myself. You never know when it can change.

My sister and I didn’t talk about what happened that day or any other day. For a few days things were weird between us but then returned to normal. As long as we ignored the topic of watching our parents fuck and me touching my sister’s ass, we were fine.

I don’t think my mom ever told my father that we watched them fuck because that night when he left for the airport everything was way too normal. He seemed to be almost pretending that nothing had changed between him and my mother.

Needless to say I looked at my mom a little differently that night. She was now a sexual being. But she was still my mom. After a few days, it all seemed to be dream that never happened. My mom, sister and I left for a trip to Rome a few days later.

The only vague reference to the day was when my mom said that she expected all of us to respect each other’s privacy. I squirmed in my seat but my sister replied, “If you want privacy you should shut the door and lock it.” I wasn’t sure but I thought maybe my mother and sister had talked about us watching my father and mother fuck. I wasn’t certain.

My mother nodded her head in reluctant agreement, “That’s true.”

Only problem was that ever since the day I watched my parents fuck, I couldn’t stop fantasizing abut fucking my sister. I know little brother’s aren’t supposed to want to fuck their big sister. But their not supposed to watch their bursa anal yapan escort parents fuck or caress their sister’s ass either.

14 Years Later

I hadn’t seen my sister, Ashley, in several years when she called me telling me she was coming to visit. Over the 14 years since we’d watched our parents have sex, our relationship had become a little more distant. Ashley was often busy with University and then I was busy with college. She had her boyfriends and I had my girlfriends.

Without the requirement of the divorce agreement forcing us to go visit our parents when we were younger, we stopped having the time for each other on our different continents. My sister, Ashley, and I slowly drifted apart and only got together on rare occasions.

Once we became adults and started working, our opportunities to see each other were limited but I tried to take a week each year to go see my mom in England. Often, Ashley was off in another part of Europe working.

My sister, Ashley, ” I’m flying over to see dad in New York for a week and then I’m coming out to Cali to see you.”

“Great, how long do you plan to stay I asked.”

My sister answered, “Three weeks.”

“You get that much time for vacation,” I wondered.

“I’m working for a company in Germany now. They give all their employees 6 weeks off a year. I have the entire month of August off. I figured I haven’t seen you in ages. Can you deal with having your big sister around for 3 weeks?,” my sister asked.

“Of course. I have plenty of room. You’ve never seen my place since I’ve moved out west. I love it out here. But you have to understand I’m going to be working most of the time. I can take a few days off but I don’t get 6 weeks of vacation time.”

“You Americans work too hard. You need to take time to and enjoy life. Get into it and muck around a bit, ” my sister told.

“Well, I’m going to try my best,” I said. At that very second I was thinking I want to get inside of you sis.

“See you in a couple weeks, little brother. I need to pick up a couple of new bikinis for the California beaches.”

“I can’t wait to see you sis, it’s been forever,” I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister in a bikini so I dumbly blurted out, “You know thongs are very in out here in California.”

“Hmm, you see thongs in Europe too. Americans don’t go topless though like they do in France and Germany,” my sister revealed. “Oh well, I’ve got to go shopping. Take care.”

I suddenly had a vision of my sister topless and in a thong sunning herself in my back yard. Suddenly, I realized that my mom and dad at the time we caught them having sex were not that much older than my sister and I are now.

The weeks went by fast as I anticipated my sister’s arrival. She called from my dad’s house as she told me about visiting the Empire State Building and going to a Yankee game. Ashley loved New York, especially the restaurants. My sister surprised me by telling me she actually like our dad’s new girlfriend who was only a few years older than her. She said it was liking have a sister and that they were going shopping and to plays like one big happy family.

I was a little jealous but I told my sister that if she wanted to stay longer with our dad that was fine with me. But Ashley said she couldn’t wait to see and was flying out the next day. I gave her directions and told her I’d leave a key out for her.

When I got home the next day I saw my sister’s rental car in the driveway. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach I was so anxious to see her after a couple of years. I rushed into the house looking for my sister. I saw several of her bags thrown on the floor as I continued upstairs.

I heard my sister moving in the guest bedroom so I walked into the room without thinking. My sister was topless and wearing a pair of black bikini style panties laying high on hips. I stop dead and stared at my sister. My sister looked up at me as I entered the room.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I mumbled out an apology. I started to back out of the room.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed.. I wear less than this to the beach. I told you going topless in Europe is no big deal. Only American’s are obsessed with breast. Oh don’t go.”

“I’ll let you change first,” I said.

“Don’t be a baby. We’re a 30 plus. You’ve seen breast before, I hope. I’m on the beach topless all the time. How do like my tan?”

“You look good.” My eyes locked in on my sister B cup breast and he nipples. I had to remind myself over and over again to maintain eye contact. My eyes wandered down to her black panties with a thin band only at her hips. My sister was about 90 percent naked in front of me, her horny little brother.

“Ahh, my tan not my tits and ass, little brother,” she teased.

“You look good. You always remind me of Kate Beckinsale.”

“Everyone tells me that. That, and I look like mom.”

“It’s true.”

“I’m just looking for my tooth brush. I now I packed it. I had it at dad’s place. I just want to take a shower and relax.”

I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a new tooth brush for my sister.

I moved over to my sister who was bent down rummaging through a suitcase with her gorgeous ass in the air. I wasn’t’ sure what to do. I wanted to get her attention but she was naked everywhere.

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