Enticed Pt. 14 – Frosted Chocolate

Big Tits

It took several months, but eventually, I had an audience member who was both gay and black. I’d had an idea floating around since my first flirtation with bondage and leather.

I had noticed Ezekiel at a couple shows, the first being early December. It was easy to notice one black man in a room full of white men. He also made it to the Christmas and New Years shows. It was after the New Years show that I cornered him.

I followed him to the bathroom at one point. When he came out, I immediately positioned him against the wall. His eyes went wide. They widened even more when I rubbed over his thick package through his jeans.

“You’re new,” I said. “Are you liking the show?”

“Uh, yeah.” He was hesitant. “I like it a lot! You’re great!

“But, what are you –?”

“Sorry,” I said. “I wanted to welcome you to the Lodge. I like seeing new faces.”

“Do you welcome all the new guys like this?”

“No,” I replied. “Actually, I wanted to meet you because I have an idea for a show that you would be perfect for.”

While I continued lightly rubbing his groin, I explained my idea for using a black stud in a show. My eyes were independently fascinated by the deep espresso brown of his skin.

It only took the promise of getting to suck my dick for him to agree to do anything I asked. But, I made sure he had been fully tested and was quite healthy. AIDS still was a major concern, and I wanted to do things that would be risky if we weren’t both healthy. I also told him I’d make it worth his while — in addition to getting into the show for free.

I explained that I would call him up during the next show and tell him what to do. We didn’t need to rehearse or anything. It would be more fun and more real if he didn’t know exactly what was going to happen.

“Wait,” he shook his head. “This isn’t going to be some kind of Klan thing or slave thing, is it? ‘Cause I’m not going to ….”

“No! Not at all,” I stopped him. “Though the next show is the leather show, you’ll be the one in charge. It’ll be just the opposite of what you’re thinking. Don’t worry. I think you’ll like it.”

“OK. Yeah.” He finally reached out to reciprocate my stroking. His smooth brown hand slid over my black trunks and found my already stiffening meat inside as he stared down at my bulge. “I’d love to get with this.

“Can I – keep going?”

His eyes were pleading when he looked back to my face.

“I’ll be surprised if I have anything left after the show I just did – and the one on the couch,” I said. “But, you’re welcome to try.”

I licked my lips and pushed the waistband down enough to release my erect cock and swelling balls. He moaned a little in the back of his throat as he gently, almost lovingly wrapped his fingers around my shaft. The other hand carefully cupped my balls.

He began a smooth, slow stroke that amounted to a perfect dry caress. In just a few seconds my breathing began to increase and I twitched occasionally when he rubbed over my frenulum. I think just seeing his dark fingers wrapped around my meat was heating me up.

“You’re about to get sprayed with cum,” I breathed. “You want a facial?”

He silently dropped to his knees in front of me and continued stroking me while aiming my dick at his face.

“Wait,” I said. He looked up. I bent down putting my face close to his. “I don’t usually cum on strangers. What’s your name?”

“Ezekiel,” he said, dropping his gaze back to my pulsing cock head. “But, my friends call me Zeke or Zee.”

“No. I like Ezekiel,” I whispered, breathily, my hands on his shoulders. “It has weight to it, presence. Ezekiel is a man of substance. Zeke’s just another guy.

“I want you to be a man of substance.”

With that, he opened his mouth as I began throbbing and humping into his fist. In a couple seconds, I was sending white sperm the few inches to his face. I watched it land in clumps on his cheeks and displayed tongue. My cum wasn’t what you’d call bright white. But, there was a definite contrast between it and Ezekiel’s skin. It looked like frosted chocolate.

He continued rubbing my now oozing cock, making me jump at the extreme sensitivity. It didn’t take long to drain the last of it after my intense New Years show. I reached down and collected a wad of cum from his right cheek and licked it off.

“Holy shit!” he said. He was nearly as breathless as I.

I wiped my finger through another cum deposit and offered it to him. He engulfed my finger and sucked it like a starving man. When I pulled it out he began licking my cum off his own hands. When he finally stood up I noticed a dark stain on his jeans.

We both stepped into the bathroom. He waited as I cleaned off my limp dick and washed my hands.

“I’ll see you in a couple weeks,” I said as I patted his round ass and walked out.

Two weeks later I approached the stage in full leather, chains and leashed collar. Once on stage, I spent a few minutes stripping out of everything but the collar and chain. Then, I showed off kilis escort my deep-throating skills with a new long black dildo that had a chrome spike in the end. Once the room was worked up pretty well, I stepped off the stage and found Ezekiel in the front row right where Blaise had placed him and grabbed him by the waistband of his jeans and pulled him up to me.

The crowd let loose a group gasp. They still weren’t used to me encouraging audience participation. They had no idea what was about to happen.

I leaned in close and bit his thick lower lip and openly handed him my leash.

“I’m yours,” I whispered with a quick lick of earlobe.

“Ezekiel’s running the rest of the show tonight. I’ll be his slave for the next few minutes,” I announced to the room.

His eyes went wide for a moment of disbelief and lack of understanding.

“Make me suck your big, black dick,” I whispered to him. “Yank the chain and pull me down to your crotch like a white slave. Just make it look good.”

It took a few seconds for him to comprehend. But, eventually, I saw his eyes light up.

As directed, he yanked my chain and made my neck jerk downward. A second later he was pulling my head down toward his denim-covered crotch. I willingly dropped to my knees before him.

He kept reeling me in until my face was inches from his zipper.

“You really know how to yank my chain,” I said loudly to laughter and moans in the audience.

I reached out and forcefully released his leather belt. Two seconds later I had his jeans and underwear halfway down his thighs and his half-hard, thick black cock arched before my face.

He was a bit thicker than me, but not quite as long, despite the myths. But, his stiffening meat was a deep black, barely reflecting light at all. Something about its dark color drew me in, turned me on. How might such dark meat taste, I wondered.

I grabbed him and caressed him as if his cock was my whole world. My eyes were locked on his sex, studying every quickly disappearing wrinkle and the thick, wild hair that surrounded him.

I squeezed his swelling head to force his urethra open a bit. The pink interior was a stark contrast to the darkness of his exterior. I couldn’t wait to shove my tongue into him.

I pushed the tip of my wet tongue into his tiny waiting hole in full view of the audience well before anything else touched him.

I licked from the flare of his cock head to the wiry-hair-covered base of his night-black meat and back down. I encircled his shaft with two fingers of my right hand while I licked back out to the head of his cock.

He twitched violently as my tongue danced around his frenulum and pushed into his urethra over and over again until I tasted a drop of precum from his slit.

I swallowed him down and felt him quickly swelling against the top of my throat. He responded with a loud gasp and ab-tightening shock.

I reached around and grabbed both of his round ass cheeks and pulled him close enough to bury my nose into his kinky black pubic hair. I used my arms alone to force him to fuck my face until I felt his abs contract and his cock pulse. It had taken less than a minute or so.

I released him just in time to allow the audience to watch his thick white cum spray across my shoulder and onto the floor behind me. Once we had given the audience clear proof I’d really done him, I closed in and held his head on the tip of my outstretched tongue. He doubled over and his face was next to my ear. I heard his heavy breathing and quiet moans and whimpers, spurring my to greater effort and increasing my own pleasure. Most of his remaining sperm either shot to the roof of my mouth or landed on my upturned face. When I felt him slowing down, I sucked him in again and swirled my tongue around his dying member, causing him to twitch and jump and release the last of his cum.

By the time I let go, he was less than half-hard, arching toward the floor and was wet with only my saliva. All his available sperm and semen was on the floor, my face, or in my stomach.

“That was amazing!” he breathed heavily into my ear.

I slid my hands up his back under his shirt as I stood up in front of him. I smiled at him with my face covered in his cum as the room exploded in applause, whistles, and screams.

“We’ve got to do this again,” I leaned in and whispered. “Give us a call for a private session.”

After the show, I found Ezekiel and told him to be sure to see me before he left. But, I was able to keep an eye on him and noticed everyone in the room gave him jealous and envious looks. They all wished they were him. I also noticed, though, that he was very popular. Many of the men made a point to speak to him or engage in deeper conversations.

Eventually, men started leaving in pairs or small groups as the night went late. Before Ezekiel left, I led him into the bedroom, pulled him close and nibbled his thick bottom lip. While I held his mouth to mine, I pushed a couple folded kilis escort bayan hundreds into his jeans pocket. I felt and rubbed over his cock just by his pocket. My other hand patted his ass.

“There’s a little ‘thank-you’ for participating tonight,” I said. “I’d love to do it again some time if you’re – uh – up for it.”

“Hell, yeah,” he said reaching back to my own butt. “I’d do just about anything for you.”

“Call and set up an appointment for some private time,” I said. I still held his ass with one hand. I ran my tongue over his lips. “I’d love to feel these around my cock.”

He called Blaise Monday afternoon and asked about a good time for a private show. I already was booked for both Tuesday and Thursday of that week. But I had told Blaise that I would be open for another day for Ezekiel. He offered him Wednesday or Friday. He chose Friday and Blaise told him to be at the Lodge at 7 pm.

I couldn’t wait. I wasn’t sure why I was so interested in him, but Ezekiel really had me going.

The rest of the week was fairly normal. My Tuesday private show was a deep-throat for a 50-something man from another small town 20 minutes away. I recognized him, but had never learned his name. Wednesday night I had a portrait shoot for a local bank executive who was planning a run for city council. Then, Thursday night I spent 45 minutes doing my street-clothes show for Jerry, a closeted roofing contractor with a thing for Springsteen. And Friday was going to be a “date” with a black gay man in the South.

You could say I ran in some odd circles back then.

Ezekiel hadn’t given Blaise a specific request for a show or costume. When asked, he said he didn’t care; he just wanted to see me again. He told Blaise I should surprise him. Blaise told me he got the feeling Ezekiel was quite taken with me after the special treatment I’d given him.

I wasn’t sure. But, I thought he’d only been to three shows, none of which were part of my normal rotation. He’d only seen my tribute to Johnny, the Christmas show, and the New Years show.

After Blaise and I talked about it, I eventually settled on street clothes — at least to start. If he decided he wanted something else, I could change, something I’d never done before. Other clients get a single costume, the one they ask for when they call to book. I didn’t want these shows to last more than an hour and costume changes would stretch things out and complicate what I do when I strip. Do I jack off after the first costume? If I do, then there isn’t much of a finale for the second costume.

Since I usually get home early on Friday afternoons, I had plenty of time to clean the Lodge and shower before he arrived.

He was 10 minutes early and looked nervous. I answered the door in jeans and a sweatshirt. His eyes traveled the length of my body and he smiled.

I welcomed him in and took his coat. He was wearing designer jeans that hugged his thighs and ass tightly and a pressed button-down.

I explained I wasn’t sure what costume to wear for him or what he wanted to see me do from my shows.

“I know you haven’t seen all my regular shows,” I said, “but if there’s a costume you’d rather see, I’ll be happy to change.”

“No,” he said eagerly. “I – I like this. You look like a regular guy, not some porn star or celebrity.

“I mean, I like what you do – a lot! But, I really like this side.”

“Well, good,” I said, feeling myself blush a little. “I hope you continue to come to my shows. Eventually, you’ll get to see all my costumes, anyway.”

I showed him to my normal set-up for private shows and offered him a drink as he sat down. We both had a beer and talked for a few minutes. He seemed eager to just talk and get to know me.

Ezekiel explained that he was a history teacher at a local middle school in just his second year of teaching. He also complimented my photography in the newspaper and what he’d seen displayed on the walls of the Lodge. He hadn’t gotten any of my photobooks yet.

“Hang on a second,” I said and disappeared.

I returned with a copy of each photobook that I had available so far.

“So, what do you want to see tonight?” I asked. “Is there something special you want to watch me do?”

“I don’t really have a favorite show,” he said. “I mean, I’ve only been to three of them. I just like seeing you do – stuff. I really liked the things you did last week and the week before. You have an amazing cock!”

“You want to just take my clothes off and see where that takes us?” I stood up and stepped toward him.

“You mean, me?” he exclaimed, his eyes wide as he looked up at me. “You want me to -?”

“You can start by pulling my sweatshirt off,” I directed him. I was a little surprised by his shock and shyness after what I already had done to him and let him do to me. But, it was endearing.

He stood up and lifted my shirt up revealing my bare skin underneath. Again, he looked into my face with a question in his dark eyes.

“Anything escort kilis you want.” Permission granted.

He dropped my sweatshirt on the floor and immediately began caressing my chest and stomach. His eyes floated over my white skin as he lovingly slid his fingers through my red hair.

After a few seconds, something in him gave in and he began kissing over my chest with his thick wet lips. It was like wet fire running over my skin. I couldn’t help but moan quietly as he worked his way from one side to the other before coming up to my shoulder and collar bone.

My hands found his back and rubbed over it while he licked and sucked a tiny hickey just above my collar bone. His hot breath was electrifying as he made his way up to my ear.

I grabbed his shirt.

“May I?” I breathed into his ear. He grunted a reply I took as a yes.

I pulled his shirt up out of his jeans and slid my hands under it to pull him close and began caressing his smooth back. My cock had become a stiff rod along my left thigh. I could feel a stiff foreign object in his tight jeans, too.

Ezekiel started moving back down my throat to my chest again. His hands continued rubbing and examining my chest hair. I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him back up to kiss his thick lips. They were softer, smoother than Blaise’s, even a little spongy. Our lips slipped and slid. My tongue explored the interior of those pink and brown slabs for a full minute before releasing him. Breathing heavily now, he returned to kissing a trail down my heaving chest and tense abs.

As he neared my belly button he rubbed his hands down my hips and crotch, finding the thick bulge in my jeans.

I heard him catch his breath then and immediately popped the button of my Levi’s and pulled the zipper down in a single fluid motion and dropped to his knees.

My cock was more than half hard by then and sprang out into his surprised face. He jumped back slightly, but grabbed me instinctively with his thin brown fingers.

I was taken by the stark contrast of my light skin against his dark chocolate and had a great idea for some new photos.

Ezekiel began stroking me to a full erection. He was gazing longingly at it, appearing almost to be studying it, memorizing it, or even worshiping it. But, I made him stop first to finish removing my clothes. But, then, I decided I wanted him to catch up to me.

As he stood before me, I began unbuttoning his shirt. He couldn’t take his eyes or his hand off my cock.

When I pulled his shirt off his shoulders I leaned in to mimic his actions on my shoulders and neck. I licked a path up his neck while he continued stroking my cock lightly.

When I got to his ear I moved around to his mouth and bit his bottom lip, pulling it out. I teased him for a few seconds licking over his lips before I began my oral journey down his thin chest.

I licked and kissed a wet road down his hairless deep brown skin. He was lightly muscled with a tight chest and abdomen, but no definition. When I came to his denim-covered crotch I found a definite bulge extending straight off to the right of his zipper. I rubbed over and squeezed it through the fabric. He jumped and gasped loudly.

I had his jeans undone and halfway to his knees in a second, revealing his basic white briefs. I had him step out of his pants and then slid my hands up his legs to grab the waistband of his Hanes. His legs were better built than his torso. I later found out that he spent a lot of time on a bicycle. When I pulled the front of his underwear down, I was presented with a night black piece of meat pointing straight at me.

I found our roles were reversed. Now, I was the one studying his cock. Now that I was getting a close look without having to consider an audience, I could see that it might be a half-inch or so shorter than mine, but almost that much fatter. His head was flatter with a large flare that extended out nearly a quarter-inch from his shaft. Where his chest had been hairless and smooth, his groin had a thick, unshaven bush of wiry black hair. It was a little thinner on his now tight balls. But, it was clear he didn’t do any grooming down there. Somehow, the natural look fit him – and further drew me in.

I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my mouth and licked it from base to tip. Ezekiel jumped again.

“No,” he protested, already breathing heavily. “I want to taste you first. I want to suck you until you cum in my mouth, not on my face.”

I rose up to face him, his cock still in my hand.

“Do you want me standing, sitting, or laying?” I asked. “I’m here for your pleasure. Tell me what you want.”

Silently, he dropped down to his chair, which positioned his face perfectly. His hands were instantly on my cock and balls, one gripping my shaft and beginning a soft stroke. The other cupped and kneaded my sac gently.

My back straightened at his touch and I took in a long, deep breath. His hands were some kind of new ecstasy.

“I love how smooth you are!” he said, excitedly. “There’s no hair on your balls at all and nothing on the shaft of your cock!”

I looked down to see him examining me almost scientifically.

“I can show you how to shave if you want,” I offered. That would give me another way to keep him naked, I thought.

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