Eva my Dominate Coworker Ch. 02


For three weeks Eva and I progressed on the exact same routine. In the morning when she dressed she would sent me a picture of herself, highlighting her growing stomach. Sometimes she was fully clothed, other times she was completely naked, and still other times she was in between. The state really did not matter to me, just that I was getting such exclusive pictures of her beauty.

Around 11am everyday Eva would come into my office, and shut the door. She would walk around my desk, and rub my thigh. Every time she did I would instantly become erect. Every time she saw me become erect she would tease my cock for a minute or two, then take it out, engulf all of it in her mouth for a few moments, and then put it back in my pants. After this she usually slid a finger inside of herself, and then fed the cum off of it to me.

At 6pm sharp I would walk to her office and worship her stomach again. As I did she would masturbate, and would then orgasm. After she came at least once, sometimes twice I would be ordered to stand up, and she would rub my cock until I came onto her stomach. Then I would lick all of my cum off of her and we would both dress and leave the office. gaziantep porno hikayeler

After three weeks Eva changed the dynamic. She started fingering herself, and then stopped, and lay down across her desk. With her legs spread open before me she told me to eat her out. I immediately did. Eva was the sweetest tasting woman I had ever licked. She bucked her hips against me and forced me deep into her. After she came once she pushed me onto the floor and squatted over my face.

“Eat me like this too, get that fucking tongue back in me.” She snarled.

I kept going until she had two more orgasms, and she collapsed next to me on the floor. After several minutes Eva brought her hand down to my cock. She teased it gently for what felt like an eternity and then told me to lie down on the desk.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” Eva said. “And then if you’re really good at this, maybe I’ll let you fuck me tomorrow.”

I was confused but did not question her. She slipped out of sight, as I lay naked on her desk. She returned a few minutes later and I felt her finger rubbing my asshole. Then I felt something warm, and liquid run across it. Then Eva’s finger went inside of me, and I gasped. I had never had my ass played with before, and the sensation was incredible. She fingered me for a few minutes while her other hand rubbed my cock, and I felt like I was going to explode at any moment. Then she stopped, and inserted a small plug into my ass. It was bigger than her finger had been and I groaned in pleasure and slight pain.

“That’s really big.” I said.

“Not as big as my cock in you will be.” Eva replied with a grin.

As she grinned she walked over so that I could see she had slid on a large rubber cock. She put it to my lips and told me to suck. When the cock was soaked with my saliva Eva went back to my ass.

I felt the plug come out of me, and then more lube, and then with a swift little pop, Eva crammed the head of her strap on into me.

“FUCK!” I yelled.

Eva slapped my balls and cautioned me to be quiet in case anyone else was here. Eva fucked me while stroking me cock for five minutes until I couldn’t take it any more and told her I had to cum. When I told her this she said to hold it for a minute. She slipped out of me, and sat me up so that I could still come on her stomach. I did so, and without being told I licked all of it off of her.

“Tomorrow, if you can be a good little pussy eater like you were today, I will fuck you instead of the other way around, I like you being powerless beneath me.” Eva told me “but, for every ten orgasms I have, I’ll let you fuck me, and cum inside of me once. And then you can eat your cum out of me. Deal?” She asked.

I agreed whole-heartedly with her that it was a deal.

Two nights later I got to fuck Eva for the first time. Sucking my cum out of her afterward was incredible. I loved the way our juices tasted together.

Eva switched the dynamic a bit more at the end of the week. At 11 when she came to my office she would lube my asshole up, and slide a butt plug into me. At 3 she would relube me and insert a larger plug. Each time she told me she was training her perfect anal slave.

When Eva was 34 weeks pregnant, and our affair had been on going for several weeks, she told three of our coworkers about us: Our accountant, the receptionist, and a Junior Partner. Eva told me on a Monday night that the next night, I wouldn’t get to fuck her, but I would be pleasing the accountant and the receptionist, and if I was really good to them, then Eva had a big surprise for me.

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