Eva and I had practically grown up together, and sometimes acted more siblings than we did cousins, since neither of us had any other siblings. Her mom and my dad had always been close and when they grew up and got married, they stayed in the same hometown, and so our families always did stuff together.

So, you can imagine the shock to the family when Eva announced, a few weeks ago, that she would be leaving for the air force, a couple of weeks after graduation. I was devastated to say the least. It had been a long time since I had cried in front of her, but when she told me, I could not help but let the emotions flood out of me. I could not bear the thought of day-to-day life without her around.

Eva promised that she would always keep in close contact with phone calls, and letters, but I knew that would never be enough. I just did not understand why she made this decision so quickly and so rashly without talking to me about it before she signed her life away. Well, I would soon get my answer, that evening, when I went over to her graduation party.

Eva’s party was not going to be very big event since she only invited family, and a few of her girlfriends from school, to attend. They had a large in the ground pool out behind their house, so I was looking forward to getting some swimming in and checking out her friends in their bikinis.

When I got to Eva’s house, and went around back, she came over right away, gave me a hug, and smiled, saying, “Hey there Nate, thanks for coming.”

“And you had any doubt that I wouldn’t come,” I asked?

“Well, I know you are still upset with me about the air force, and I was worried, but we can talk about that later, come get a beer and some food,” Eva said with a smile, taking my hand and leading me over to join the others. Then while she started talking to her friends, I made my way to the food table and made up a plate.

After taking a seat on one of the pool lounge chairs, to eat my food, I was treated to the very sexy sight of Anna and Megan, two of Eva’s friends, who happened to be twins. Both were platinum natural blondes and had bodies that even a porn star wished they could have. They were chatting with Eva, facing me and I swear they must have said something about me, because Eva turned to glance at me and the three of them giggled.

Now as far as Eva goes, I always thought of her as a sister so really seeing how beautiful she was, just never quite dawned on me much, but sitting there watching her talking to her friends, in her cute black bikini, I realized just how incredibly hot she was.

Eva is about 5’4″ tall and has long black hair that came down to the small of her back. She has a perfect athletic figure, with smallish breasts and a muscular ass, from having participated in several sports all during junior high and high school. She did not have an imperfection anywhere including that beautiful, sweet smile of hers and those deep brown eyes.

I just grinned and shrugged off their giggles, then watched the three of them jump into the pool, acting like a bunch of elementary girls, as they were taking turns on the diving board to see who could do the silliest dive without doing a belly smacker. That was entertaining for a bit, but when I finished eating, I decided to go join in on the fun, splashing the three of them, getting chased by them in the water and then groped at one point by Anna.

“Oopsie, sorry about that,” she said with a grin as she moved quickly away.

“Right, whatever Anna,” I said laughing, chasing after her, secretly enjoying her so called accidental grope of my cock inside my swimsuit shorts.

I looked over at Eva then, and she just rolled her eyes and laughed, saying, “Gee Anna, why don’t you just pull it out and have a go at it next time.”

Anna and Megan both giggled and Anna said, “Hey, I just might.”

That thought crept into my brain and caused an immediate surge in my shorts. I may have been just an average sized eighteen-year-old guy, but I knew for a fact that I was well gifted in the cock size department, measuring in at a solid eight inches in length and as thick around as my wrist. After fooling around with a few girls in school and getting to third base on more than one occasion, the rumors of my cock size had made it around to others.

Well, it seemed that Anna was trying to find out that information, firsthand, by way of her groping, while we engaged in some horseplay in the pool, what I did not expect was for Eva, to “accidentally” grope me, too. When it happened, her hand stayed on my cock for several moments before she just laughed and swam away from me, and I just looked at her like she had just hit me with an electric cattle prod. The three of them were laughing and gathered at the other end of the pool as I just looked at Eva dumbfounded.

Megan muğla escort said mockingly as they giggled, “Aw, what’s wrong, Nate? Have a stiffy under there?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I said looking directly into her eyes.

The three of them cackled like hens and I just shook my head. Paybacks were hell, but one thing I had learned a long time ago, women can get away with things that men cannot and one of those things is playing grab ass under the water, so if I did that to them, I am sure one of them would get pissed, so I had to resort to splashing or act like I was going to drown them.

The rest of the party was a real hoot and even though us eighteen-year-old party goers were allowed beer, my Aunt Joyce made sure we were capped off after about four beers and none of us were allowed to leave if we did drink, so that meant that Anna, Megan, and I, all had to stay the night.

That evening when the party had wrapped up, Anna and Megan were lightweights and had already passed out on the family room floor, where Aunt Joyce had laid out several sleeping pads and blankets for us to crash on. I was still wide awake and decided to sit out by the gas firepit for a while, drinking another beer that I had smuggled away from my Aunt before the cooler was put away.

Eva came out, carrying a glass of something, wearing just a long t-shirt that came down to her mid thighs, and sat down by me to talk. She handed the glass to me to have a sip and when I did, I nearly coughed it back up. Eva had snuck into her Dad’s stash of bourbon and poured herself a glass.

“Wow, that is some powerful stuff,” I said to her, still barely able to talk.

“Yeah, it sure is. I figured you’d help me drink it, so I put a little extra into the glass,” she said with a giggle.

Eva took a little drink and made a scrunched-up face, then said, “God, I don’t know how he drinks this stuff straight like he does.”

I just shook my head and laughed but then looked at her as her face got serious.

“Nate, I really want to have a serious conversation with you about this air force thing. Can we talk without you getting upset with me? I have something I need to tell you,” she said.

“Whatever you need to say, just say it, Eva. I can’t promise that I won’t get upset anymore, because dammit, I am going to miss you like crazy. You and I are like peas and carrots and I just don’t know what I am going to do without you around.”

“I know, Nate, and that’s my problem. I am too attached to you and it scares me because of the feelings that I have.”

I looked at her, bewildered by her comment and said, “What do you mean, because of the feelings you have?”

“That’s what I wanted to tell you,” she said looking down at the ground and hesitating for a bit.

After a few minutes of her not saying anything, I reached out and took her hand in mine and said, “Eva, just tell me. You’ve never hidden anything from me before, so out with it.”

She breathed a heavy sigh and said, “Nate, we’ve been so close for so long and you have always been like a brother to me, but somewhere along the line, that changed, at least for me. Look, I do not know how you are going to take this but, I want you, sexually. I know it’s wrong for me to have those kinds of feelings so that’s why I decided it would be best if I got away and went to the air force.”

I just sat there for several minutes after she was done, not sure I completely heard her right but then said, “Okay, wait, did I hear you say that right? Even so, WHY would you still leave when all you had to do was talk to me about it, Eva?”

By now, she could see that I was getting upset about it again, and tears started to well up in her eyes. I could not help being upset, but I did not want her to get hurt in the process, because it was clear she was struggling with this decision. I moved over closer to her and put my arm around her shoulders to offer some comfort, but just as I did, Eva turned and kissed me.

I was taken completely off guard by the sudden contact of her lips on mine, but instinctively I just went with it, and kissed her back, softly at first, then gradually working into a more tender passionate kiss for several minutes before she pulled back, looking deep into my eyes as my body responded, lighting up like the 4th of July.

Eva reached over and put her hand right over my hardening cock, through my shorts and said in the coolest of voices, “Do you understand now, Nate? I want you. I have wanted you for so long now and I can’t tell you how many times I had to hide my jealousy when you were with other girls because I wanted you all for myself, not to mention how many times I’ve played with pussy thinking about you.”

Eva kissed me again, this time even more passionate and hungry escort muğla as our mouths parted and our tongues began a slow erotic dance together. She moaned softly into me and started massaging my hardness through the thin layer of my swimsuit with more fervent desire. At this point, there was no way I could put a stop to this, because I had moved passed thinking responsibly at this point.

I reached down and touched her small firm breast through her night shirt, and felt her nipple harden immediately in my fingers. Eva whimpered into our kissing, then managed to fish her fingers down inside the waistband of my short and wrap themselves around my hard flesh.

I groaned into her as the feeling of her touching me sent me into another level of desire for her. My hand then traveled down until I reached her smooth exposed thigh, then slowly began to move up under her night shirt, across her inner thigh. Eva parted her legs to give me better access and when my fingers had reached the very top of her thigh, I found that she did not have any panties on.

My heart was racing and our kissing grew even more intense as the heat between us got even hotter. Eva had now pulled my cock out from its confines and was openly stroking it in the nighttime air, just as my fingers began their gentle exploration of her soft downy hair covered outer pussy lips.

Eva spread her legs even further apart, causing her lips to spread open in my soft caress. My fingers moved inside her warm wet slit and began to probe around her fleshy labia and protruding clit. She moaned hard into my mouth when I slipped my finger inside her opening and her breathing got more intense along with my own. My God she felt so incredible!

All at once, Eva pulled back from our intense kissing, and in one smooth motion, she bent over and had my cock in her mouth. I gasped deeply at the sudden feeling of her lips closing around me and her tongue licking around my thick swollen head. She began bobbing her head up and down on me, taking a little more of cock into her mouth and throat as she went on.

I rested my hands on her head and ran my fingers through her hair as I felt Eva give me the best oral sex of my young adult life. After just a few minutes, she lifted off me and moved back up to kiss me again, once more exploring my mouth with her tongue.

Even then broke from our kiss, her hand still wrapped around my cock and said, “Nate, I want you inside me. I need to feel your love in me.”

I tried to think straight, but only managed to say, “Eva, I don’t have any condoms with me.”

Through her heavy panting, Eva said, “No worries, I’ve been on the pill for a year to control my periods.”

I nodded and Eva stood up, pushed the lounge chair I was sitting on, back and straddled my hips. In the very dim light coming from the fire pit, I could now make out her beautiful hairy pussy. Eva reached down, taking my throbbing prick in her hand, and lowered herself on it so that the tip was now touching her puffy lips. Just that feeling alone was magnificent to say the least and I let out a soft moan in appreciation of her gorgeous sex now resting on me.

Eva looked me in the eyes and nodded as I nodded back. She moved the tip around her soaking wet entrance and then lowered herself down a little more make the bulbous head of my cock disappear just inside her. She let out a gasp as she paused, trying to get herself adjusted to me, and did not move any further.

“Wow, I don’t know about this. You are huge and I’m not sure you will fit inside me. I’ve only been with one other guy and he was maybe half your size,” she breathed.

“Just go slow, Eva,” I said to her reassuringly.

She nodded again and in the next instant she pushed herself all the way down, lodging my cock to the hilt deep inside her hot tight cunt! Eva’s eyes flew open wide along with her mouth, looking as if she were about to scream, but then clamped her hand over her to keep from doing so.

“Oh my God, Nate,” Eva exclaimed through her hand, now wincing a little as she held firm on me, not moving an inch.

I could not believe the feeling that I was experiencing, with her sweet sex so snugly wrapped around me. I could feel Eva’s muscles inside pulsating against my prick as she fought valiantly to get adjusted to the thick flesh now buried inside her. So, this is what making love feels like? I was now on another level of existence.

“Eva, I cannot begin to tell you how good you feel on me,” I said to her, as I gently ran my hands up and down her soft silky skin, under her nightshirt.

Eva’s breathing was very erratic as she opened her eyes to look back at me, smiled a little, then slowly began to move up and down on my cock, only taking a little bit at a time, and still wincing some as muğla escort bayan she did. I could see that she was really starting to enjoy it, though, as her eyes were now closed and her head tilted back as she got into a nice easy rhythm.

“Yes,” she managed to hiss, then finished, “it’s really starting to feel good now, babe, even though it still feels like I have a log stuffed in me.”

I put my hands on her sides as while Eva rode me up and down ever so slowly, enjoying the intense pleasure that she was giving me. I still just could not believe that my sweet cousin who had been like a sister to me all these years was now riding my cock, taking me in and out of her amazing pussy, making love like two long time lovers.

There was no way I was going to be able to last much longer, as she started riding me a little harder, her breathing becoming heavier and more erratic as she really got into our hot love making. I looked up at her while I massaged her hard nipples under her shirt, and she looked back at me, her eyes widening once more, her mouth opening wide while her body began to spasm.

I was moving along with her, thrusting up as she came down, grinding against her sex, and I said, “Eva, oh my God, I don’t think I can hold back, sweetie, you just feel so amazing!”

“Yes! I want to feel you cum inside me, Nate! God, I have wanted you for so long, dear God you feel so fucking good, OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!

Eva went into a very intense spasm on me, her body jerking and shaking all over the place, as her eyes rolled back into her head. Then my damn burst and I pushed up as hard as I could inside her, releasing wave after wave of my hot semen into her hot depths.

We rode out our mutual orgasm, our bodies gyrating together like a well-oiled machine in perfect working order. Eva kissed me hard, crying out her pleasure wave, only to be muffled by my mouth. I felt like I had died and had gone to heaven!

When Eva and I finally began to relax, she looked at me with a soft smile, brushed my hair back from my face and kissed me softly, and said, “Wow, that was amazing, Nate. I don’t think I have ever orgasmed that hard before!”

I smiled and said, “Well, I can say that I haven’t either since I have never had sex before and getting a hand job or jerking off doesn’t even come close to this. God, Eva, you are amazing!”

Eva’s eyes got big and she said, “Nate? Are you serious that you haven’t done this before? Oh my God, I took your virginity?”

I nodded and said, “Yep, and you thought I was some male whore, didn’t you?”

Eva smiled and looked down between us then back to me and said, “Yeah, I’m sorry, that jealousy thing really got the best of me at times, but I have to say, I feel honored to be your first and Nate? I really do love you.”

“I love you, too, Eva. Maybe just realizing how quickly I accepted your kiss earlier, just took the blinders off. I guess deep down, you were always the one that mattered most to me,” I said to her.

Eva’s eyes started to well up again, and she hugged me so hard I thought she would break my ribs. I hugged her tightly back and kept running my hands up and down her body outside the nightshirt. Then she sat back up and slowly began to lift herself off me, looking down watching my now deflated prick slide out of her along with her juices and my cum, which promptly splatted onto my groin area.

Eva giggled and said she would be right back with a towel for me. She disappeared into the house, then quickly came back, and handed me a small hand towel to clean up with. I wiped the sex fluids off me and showed her the finished job, then pulled my shorts back up.

She giggled again and gave me the thumbs up, then climbed back into my lap, with her legs hanging off the side of me, wrapped her arms around me and buried her head into my upper chest and shoulder. I cuddled her close, still reveling in the intense feeling that I was experiencing having just made love with her.

Eva and I sat there for nearly an hour before she sat up with a sleepy smile and said, “Nate, I’m going to head into bed now. I really wish you could sleep with me tonight, but I do not think Mom and Dad would be too cool with that. I love you and I will see you in the morning.”

Eva stood up, but I continued to hold her hand for a moment and said, “I love you, too, Eva. Goodnight and see you in the morning.”

I watched her walk toward the house, and just as she got to the sliding door, she lifted her nightshirt to give me a little flash of her sexy ass, then blew me a kiss and headed inside. I just sat there for a bit longer, still in a heightened state of euphoria, as I kicked back on the lounge chair, thinking about Eva and what we had just done.

Then it dawned on me that she would be leaving in a couple of weeks. I had to spend as much time as I could with her before I had to say goodbye. My happiness began to dull and for the first time in a long time, I felt the urge to start crying. I fought hard to keep the tears at bay, but I was losing the battle. My sweet cousin, Eva was going to be leaving me.

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