Fidelity Ch 02


“You daft cunt!” Mary is British and she curses like one. She’s also persistent. I invited her over when Matthew left. I didn’t know when, or if, he’d come back and I needed a friend. I didn’t mean to confess, but she caught on right away that something wasn’t kosher and she wouldn’t let it go. Regular Nancy Drew. “What were you thinking?” “I guess I wasn’t,” I said. “ Ballux , Laura. You’re always thinking,” she said. Ordinarily it would be a flattering thing to hear. And true. Now… “You did it for a reason.” So I told her. It felt good to tell someone, even if it wasn’t Matthew. “Insecurity. You’re telling me you fucked up the relationship everyone is jealous of because… insecurity?” I nodded. “It sounds really dumb when you say it like that.” “I’ll say it again, Laura. You’re a dumb daft…” “Ok!” That was the moment Escort Tunalı it all hit me. I’d fucked up the best thing in my life. Tears welled up, blinding me and I could feel the frown cracking my face. Mary’s anger with me didn’t stop her from comforting me. I cried in her arms. Sobbed, actually. Wracking, heaving, gut busting, shirt soaking sobs. When I’d settled down she asked the obvious question. “So he left?” “I don’t know,” I whined. “He roared off on that damn bike about an hour ago. He’s over at Jack and Scott’s place.” “Wait, he caught you last night, but left at… ah, 3? What am I missing?” “Well,” I blushed, feeling shy about it all. Mary and I shared almost everything. Almost. “He was busy with… things.” “Things?” Mary made a fist pumping motion and I nodded. “Do tell.” I gave ulus escort her the broad strokes and left my bruised ego intact. “So… got off on it?” “I wouldn’t say that.” “Well?” “He was pissed. He took it out on me, you know, with his cock,” I said. Mary’s open mouthed amazement made me want to brag. I rolled my eyes and blushed. “He made it clear he’s six kinds of mad, again and again… and again. But he wouldn’t talk about it, and he left without a word.” “You lucky bitch.” “Lucky? He won’t talk to me and he’s over at Jack and Scott’s telling them what I’ve done.” How could I bear facing them after this? “They’ll think I’m the biggest slut.” “Laura, you are the biggest slut.” I gasped. She continued, unrelentingly , making a pouty face at me. “Poor Laura. Got caught with two trains in the tunnel yenimahalle escort bayan and didn’t get killed, or punched, thrown out on the street, or abandoned. Isn’t that about right?” Mary alternated between comforting me and chastising me for the next few hours. She’s a good friend. The best. My snot and tears ruined her shirt. After she left, I went down for a hot soak in the tub and stayed there until I heard the garage door opening and the thumping hummingbird heartbeat of Matthew’s sleek bike. I met him at the front door, dripping wet in my robe. He closed the door, looking down at me, all stern and dressed in leather. He was a beautiful man. “Can we talk?” His face froze, for a second making him look like a statue of a poker player, then he smirked, a cruel glint in his eyes. “If I hand you a business card, you’ll drop the robe. That’s how it works, right?” “Matthew, that’s not…” “Right. That’s not it. Let’s see, what are the magic words?” He unbuckled his belt and unzipped. He brought out his hardening cock. “Get on your knees and suck.” I’d like to say I stood my ground and demanded we talk.

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