First Meeting

Big Cock

Pulling up to my drive way, the single family home seems far to tame and normal for an erotica writer. Getting out of the car you are anxious….we’ve traded pictures and there is a serious attraction but you never know, those pics could have been old, so you cringe thinking about the possibility of being greeted at the door by someone less than desirable.

Ringing the door bell you hear the dog barking and watch through beveled glass at the slender figure moving around in the back ground. Opening the door you get your first look at me. I am petite at 5’4, slender with a little dip at the waist that flairs out perfectly at my hips.

Dressed in a long black maxi skirt with a low cut white tank top, my tits are perky and on displays for you. Your cock instantly gets hard as you take in the view.

Loosing yourself you don’t notice the dog until you hear the unfriendly growl, taking a step back, you listen as I give the command “nnniiicccee” and watch as the large white and grey dog’s demeanor instantly changes.

Inviting you in I introduce you to my fury companion. Reaching out your hand palm up you get a glance at the unusual crystal blue eyes. What breed is he/she? Looking at you I say “remember I told you I was attached? Well, meet Denver! This is the man in my life…lol. And to answer your question he is an Alaskan Malamute, and he’s my baby!” Laughing you say “You’re Aspen and he’s Denver….that’s cute!”

Locking the door behind you I say, “Yeah…. well I have a cat named Boulder too but I’m sure she is hiding right now, she spooks easily!”

Taking a step back I lean against the wall and take a good look at you. You are more attractive than I thought you would be. I invited you thinking i would simply allow you to worship my pussy then send you on your merry way, but now that you’re here-I am ready to fuck you. Shifting my eyes from your face to your cock, I ask “Are you hard for me?”

Surprised and turned on by my bluntness you offer a simple “yes” and watch as I hold up my hand and wiggle a finger before tapping my lips indicating to come and kiss me. Not hesitating you place your hands on the wall above my head and lean in to offer a small soft peck. You know I want more but your making me work for it.

Placing one hand on the back of your neck I pull you in and kiss you deep and hard. Feeling your Bahis Sitesi hand slide down my spine to my ass I love the moan you offer as you realize i’m not wearing panties so there is nothing between us except the thin layer of fabric from my skirt. Smiling you watch as I position my hands on chest pulling down my shirt I expose my tits. Sensing my command you are surprised to find clamps hanging from each nipple. Running a hand through your hair, I say…”I want you to pinch the prongs to remove the clamps then suck my nipples.” You comply removing the first clamp and see that my nipple is hard and compressed. Rolling the nipples between your fingers you restore the shape before taking it into your mouth. First the right side then the left. Your instincts tell you to slide your hands under my ass, pick me up and fuck me right here against the wall. You can sense my desire growing and know I want it too.

Moaning I break away and lead you into the back of the house. Positioning you in front of the chair in the middle of the room. I begin to undress you starting with your collared shirt. You attempt to return the favor….but I stop you adding “not yet” and guide your hands back down to your sides.

I am silent and you simply watch as I unbutton and remove your clothing. Starting with your shirt I remove all of your clothes until you are standing there naked in the middle of the room. Giving you a little push back into the seat my pussy is soaking wet and craving your attention.

My plan was to undress you and make you watch me undress but I need to feel you. The brief play exchange from the hallway has me craving you and I realize for someone with no real bdsm experience you have great instincts. Placing one foot beside you I climb and stand directly in front of you. Not hesitating you begin to push, as I pull up my skirt.

I feel your hand begin to fondled my clit just before you stick two fingers deep inside me. I hear you whisper as you instruct me to place one leg on the back of the chair. I comply and get exciting when I feel your hand on the inside of my thighs. Not hesitating you bury your tongue deep in my pussy. The combined sensation of your quick fingers and rapid tongue are a lethal combination.

Grabbing your head I grind against your face. You told me you could eat pussy but every man claims to have Bahis Siteleri that talent, sadly very few men actually do…..you however have made me a believer. I want to scream but I won’t. I still have to strip for you, my plan is to seduce you.

Pulling me back down to the floor, you wait for me to become secure footed before you grabbing the waist band of my skirt and yanking it down to the floor. My mind is telling me to stop you and I try hard but my mind is whirling from the orgasm and all i can muster is a weak protest saying “wait…I wanna!”

Cutting me off you say…..”You wanna want?” Grabbing a hand full of my hair you gently guide my head back, and begin to kiss my neck. “You wanna what sweetie? You wanna submit to me? You wanna suck me? You wanna fuck me? Placing your hand on my clit-you begin to rub it teasing me adding…”Maybe, you want me to put my face right here again so I can finish what I started.”

I can’t talk, your mouth on my neck is all I can think about. “Tell me what you want to do Aspen.”

I am not submissive by nature I enjoy the control of domination play. I invited you here with full intention of dominating you, but you have taken control of me and despite my attempts to stop it, I am loving it, I am craving it. I’m embarrassed and ashamed when I speak the words.

“I want your tongue there”…

Dropping down you look up and say “I want to hear you cum….do not hold it in!”

Your permission is freeing, tilting my head back I begin to pant. The first orgasm comes quick and hard. Cuming I suppress my moans, and obey when you instruct me to lay on the floor. Grabbing my legs you spread them wide, I assume you are ready to fuck me. Looking down at my pussy you ask if I came. Thinking to myself only once….I shake my head before speaking the word no.

Going back down your tongue is relentless as you lick and suck on my clit. Working your way down you rim my ass and it drives me wild. Returning your attention to my clit, I am enjoying everything you do. I love the feel of you as you begin to press a finger against the tight opening of my ass.

You have skilled hands and I don’t notice when you slide in. The combination of oral and anal play is more than I can handle, my legs begin to quiver. Arching my back I submit to my urge and for the first time vocalize Canlı Bahis Sitesi my orgasm. Now that i have finished moaning (like a cheap whore in brothel,) a little embarrassed I want to compose myself, covering my face I try to hide both my smile and my shame.

Breaking the silence you gently kiss my stomach and ask “did you cum? Or are you planning to lie again?”

Rolling my eyes and holding in my laughter I challenge you, and deny everything, adding ……”I don’t know what your talking about!”

Smirking at me you say oh you don’t. Working your way up my body you stop and straddle my chest. Grabbing my hands you hold them and position them above my head restraining me. Reaching for your slacks you snake the belt from the hoops and is it to secure my hands together.

I love the feeling of you over powering me. Sensing where things are going I glance at my skirt indicating you should use it. Following my suggestion you ball it up and place it under my head.

Finally in position I open my mouth ready to feel your cock against my lips. Tightening your grip on the belt you pin my bound hands to the floor and slowly work the tip your cock in and out of my mouth. I want it deep in my throat, but you hesitate teasing me. Looking up at you, I push your cock out and say… “I want this deep in my mouth, I want you to lean forward, close your eyes and fuck my mouth.”

Following my commands, you place both hands on my wrists which are still extended above my head and place your cock back into my mouth. Testing my abilities you slowly slide all the way in, until my lips rest on the base of your cock. Realizing i have no gag reflex you begin to work my mouth. Swirling my tongue with each stroke I listen as you moan.

I love the feel of you, I want to grab your waist and pull you in deeper. I want to control you, over power you and show you how much I love having this cock in my mouth. You are very vocal, listening to you is driving me wild. Closing my eyes I roll my hips and begin to imagine the feel of a 3rd person eating my pussy as you fuck my mouth.

Lost in the moment, I am surprised when you pull out and demand I flip over on all fours. My pussy is dripping and throbbing slapping my ass hard you slam your cock into me. Gasping with each stroke I enjoy the pounding you are giving me.

Rolling my hips against every thrust I can feel the familiar wave of my orgasm rushing over me and I begin to scream. Coming down off my high you slow down as I collapse onto the floor. Smiling you lay your body flat against mine and whisper…. “It’s time to move this party onto your bed.”

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