For Suzy’s Eyes Only


Suzy Gray was a 20 year old Junior at State U., and it was her turn to host the study group for the Cultural Anthropology course at her small off-campus apartment. When the study session was starting the process of wrapping up, pleasantries were exchanged amongst the students. Suzy asked a question of Tony Munro, a slender, studious black sophomore. “Hey Tony, I can’t exactly place your accent, where were you born?”

Tony replied, “A small town in central Georgia, Millburn, it’s a farming community. I haven’t lived there in years, though,” he added.

Suzy paused for a short time. When the students began to head home, she asked Tony if he could hold on for a minute. “Do you have anything going on now? If you don’t would you like to play cards for a little while?”

Tony was taken aback. He and Suzy shared just the one class, and had never had any contact in any other context. She had always been friendly, but not overly friendly. “Sure, why not,” he said. “What kind of cards did you have in mind?”

“How about poker,” Suzy replied. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll go get the deck, and I’ll bring a couple of glasses of wine as well.”

“Okay, but poker’s not much fun without betting, and I have exactly two dollars in my wallet, and not too much more than that in my account,” Tony stated.

Suzy said slyly, “There are items other than money that could be bet, like clothes for example. I’ve never played strip poker, would you be up for that?”

Tony was dumbstruck. This was like something out of the movies, certainly nothing remotely like this had ever happened to him before. Tony knew he was decent looking, girls had told him he was cute before, but he was no ten. Suzy, on the other hand, was pretty close to “ten” territory. She was tall, at least an inch taller than Tony, with a lithe, athletic body, long blonde hair and big green eyes. She did have dazzling white teeth, with just a bit of a gap between the front teeth. It added a little character to her appearance, sort of like Cindy Crawford’s mole, in Tony’s opinion.

After a nervous gulp Tony said, “You did say strip poker, right? If that’s the case, I’m in, shall we cut for deal?”

Suzy sat down, and expertly shuffled the cards. Tony surmised that she must be a card shark, and for some reason wanted to strip him down. But no, Suzy started losing more than she won. Before too long, she was down to just her jeans, bra and panties.

“Okay, here’s my ante,” she said as she removed her jeans, leaving her only in her underwear. Tony had a good hand, and bet his t-shirt, and gallantly told Suzy she could bet an item without removing it, so if she won the hand she wouldn’t be exposed. Suzy called the bet, then after the draw, Tony again nobly checked. Suzy though bet her final item, Tony called and the cards were shown. Tony had a pair of Kings to Suzy’s pair of threes.

“I guess I lose,” Suzy said said, and with just a little hesitation she removed her t-backed sports bra. This revealed her luscious pair of largish but clearly natural breasts, each supporting a perky pink nipple. Then off came the bikini style briefs. Tony stared incredulously as his eyes feasted on the magnificent body. Her long lithe legs lead up to her lovely soft blonde pubic patch, neatly trimmed in the “landing strip” style. Tony noted the lovely golden bush was the isveçbahis same shade as her hair, the old “curtain matches drapes” situation that guys love.

Tony still was not sure what was going on, but he had pretty much decided to go with the flow. “Its kind of silly with one of us naked and one not, maybe I should ditch these clothes.” Tony was soon wearing just his birthday suit.

Suzy admired his moderately brown skinned body. She noted he may not have been particularly muscular, and he was a little on the short, side, but she could tell he was well enough endowed where it counted, but he was not freakishly large there either. It was the first black penis she had ever seen. She also admired his firm little butt.

As they eyed each other, Suzy said, “I haven’t had a good back rub in a while, would you mind?” With that she lay face down on her bed. Tony quickly got to work, starting with her neck, then doing a circular massage on her shoulders and back. Next came her delicious round bottom, and he was very thorough in massaging that. He worked his way down to those long legs, parted just enough to give him a glimpse of her silky fine landing strip. Tony worked his way back up to her rump, and Suzy sighed at his touch.

At this point Tony decided to take the lead for a bit, and gently rolled her over as he said, “I think your front needs a little attention too.” He started with her lovely round melons, and he noticed that she was moving around quite a bit in response to his touch. He thought to himself that he must be pushing all the right buttons (in this case nipples) to elicit those kind of movements. As he worked his way down to her now moist vulva, Suzy was able to stroke his manhood, which by now was standing at attention.

“Did you bring a condom with you?” asked Suzy. “It looks to me like we’re both ready to take things to the next level.”

Tony squirmed a bit before saying “Well, sorry, no. I just broke up with my girlfriend three weeks ago, so there didn’t seem much point in just carrying one around in my wallet. I’ve had two serious girlfriends, one in high school and this latest one here in college. I was, umm, able to get to third base with both of them, but never any further. So I’m a virgin, I am only 19 you know.”

Suzy pondered this while Tony continued to softly stroke her pussy. She said, “You know I dumped my boyfriend a few weeks ago, and I’m still taking birth control pills. If you’re a virgin, you’d be extremely unlikely to have an STD. Should I turn you into an ex-virgin? How about doggy-style to start you off?”

Tony gulped as it all sunk in, he was about to lose his virginity to one of the hottest girls on campus, and one who just an hour ago was simply an acquaintance. It was an overwhelming feeling.

Suzy positioned her self on the bed, her ass up high and her face low, legs spread with her damp pussy making a very tempting target for Tony. She felt just a little guilty in choosing the doggy style position, knowing she partially chose it so she could use her imagination as to who she was actually screwing, if need be. As it turned out, no imagination was necessary.

With a little help from Suzy’s hand Tony maneuvered his equipment into the proper hole, and he felt a distinct little pop as he entered in the tight pussy. Tony began pumping away. There was heavy breathing isveçbahis giriş from Tony, and little yips of excitement from Suzy.

“Harder, harder,” she said, and Tony them picked up the pace. As the intensity increased, Suzy moaned, “Tony, I owe you. My family owes you. Because my family…OWNED…” Suzy’s sentence broke off there as Tony exploded into her pussy.

Both collapsed on the bed, pretty well spent. Suzy handed Tony a Kleenex and they both cleaned up a bit. They then maneuvered into the spooning position for a bit of cuddling after play, with Suzy behind Tony. Suzy gently stoked Tony’s now soft member. As they gradually recovered, Tony said “What was that you were talking about as we were, uh, finishing up? Something about your family owning something?”

“C’mere, Tony,” Suzy said as arose from the bed, still totally nude. “I was saying my family owned your family. I can show you something that will explain things.” Tony followed dutifully, as Suzy pulled out some documents from her desk.

“My mother did some genealogical research last year, look at this. My last name is Gray, but my mother’s maiden name is Munro… the same as yours. See this, my ancestor from seven generations ago was Nathan Munro, and he and has family owned a small plantation in Millburn, Georgia… your hometown. This 1860 census report shows he owned 15 slaves, and there is an annotation here that the slaves had taken the plantation owner’s last name, Munro, a common practice at the time. The research shows that the plantation was destroyed by General Sherman’s army, and the slaves were freed. Now on this page it shows that Nathan Munro, his wife and son left the devastated property and moved to Texas after the war.”

“Also,” Suzy said, “My mother remembers meeting someone from Millburn, and they commented there were still quite a few Munros left in Millburn, and that they were black. So it dawned on me when you said you born in Millburn that you must be a descendent of the original slaves. I felt guilty, about what my ancestors had done.”

Suzy continued, “At first I was just going to let you win at strip poker, but you were sweet and gentlemanly, and well I was getting a little horny, so things went further than I had planned. I’ve never had sex before with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend at the time, and it always took several dates before that happened. This time, well, it happened before we even had a date.”

Tony absorbed all this, then said, “So basically you had sex with me as a form of “pity sex” because you thought your ancestors owned mine?”

Suzy replied, “Well, yes you could look at it that way, sorry. But I did end up enjoying it more than I thought I would. And, what do you mean by “thought your ancestors owned mine?”

“That, my dear, is because although my last name is Munro, my father’s name was a long almost unpronounceable Nigerian name. He and my mother had a short fling when they were in college, and the result was me,” Tony beamed. “He was back in Africa before I was even born, and we never heard from him again. So I was given my mother’s name. My mother, by the way, is as white as you are. She may well be descended from a branch of your family that stayed behind in Millburn.”

Now it was Suzy’s turn to absorb this knowledge. She finally said, “You know, there are girls who get scammed isveçbahis yeni giriş into having sex with guys, but this time I kind of scammed my self. After a pause, she said, “Hey, it was your first time, was it good, even if it was a form of pity sex?”

“Yeah baby,” Tony said, “It was very good.”

After a bit of pondering, Suzy said, “Maybe it was pity sex the first time, based on a misunderstanding. But if we do it again, right now, it won’t be pity sex. Feel “up” to trying again, this time maybe facing each other? We both don’t have any early classes tomorrow, so its not too late.”

“Hell yes,” Tony said. “You might have to do just a bit more of that spooning front rubbing touch before I am totally ready.”

Suzy complied, she gently stroked Tony’s package, including a light touch across his balls. After awhile Suzy could tell he was just about ready for action. This time she lay on her back, and Tony mounted her. No little pop this time as Tony entered, the pussy was still in a stretched position and still wet. Tony lasted longer this time, and after mutual orgasm they collapsed in exhaustion.

They laid next to each for a little while. Finally Suzy said, “You know, this was fun, but I don’t know that things are going any further with us. I did have a date last week with a nice guy on the tennis, team, and he asked me out again for this weekend. I could see a relationship developing there. I never had a one night stand before, this just might be my first and only one.”

Tony thought for a bit, and said, “Easy come, easy go. And in this case the “come” part was really good.” Suzy chuckled at the pun.

Tony then said, “I see several nice framed photos on the wall, did you take those? I do see a tripod with a camera over in the corner. Would it be too much to ask if you were to set up the tripod and timer and get a picture of both of us together?”

Suzy responded, “I can take a photo, but you don’t mean a nude photo, do you? Because that is off the table. Is it because you want a souvenir of your first time?”

“Partially,” Tony said. “But I really want to get back with my old girlfriend, Lakesha. And if she saw a picture of me with you, she just might get interested in me again. She might think of me as more of a catch if I was seen with you in the photo.”

Suzy agreed, and Tony started to get dressed. “No,” she said. “Here, stand over by the sofa. But don’t get dressed.”

She then set up the Nikon digital camera, got Tony in the frame, and then set the timer. She then moved the short distance and got in the frame with Tony. She repeated the process several times taking shots from different angles. She showed one to Tony of the two of them, cheek to cheek, from the shoulders upward.

“See,” said Suzy, ” No one would know we are both nude in this picture, since just our heads, necks and a bit of shoulder are visible. But we’ll know what we were, or weren’t, in this case, wearing. I’ll send you a print.”

Tony thanked her, and then headed home, tired but happy.

Meanwhile, the next day after classes, Suzy pulled up a special file on her home computer. It was her “sexual bucket list,” and she had two items to check off. The first was “break in a virgin” and the other was “have sex with a black guy.” Suzy then attached a picture to the virtual bucket list, it was one she had taken the night before but had not showed Tony. This one was more encompassing, and extended down from the head to the bathing suit parts for both of them.

“Nice little Souvenir,” thought Suzy, “For my eyes only.”

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