Forces of Nature


Andrew was the new man in my life. We had only been seeing each other four months but our one on one time was limited. Our professional lives were proving to be obstinate barriers to quality time together. We were making good use of technology to keep in touch but it wasn’t cutting it. I needed to see him and feel the physical chemistry that was strong between us. When our electronic banter turned from innocent messages of “hey how’s your day” to comments heavily saturated with sexual innuendo, it wasn’t a question of if we would be turning innuendo into action but a question of who would act first.

Andrew suggested that we spend the day together during the work week. I didn’t hesitate to answer yes. I didn’t even check my schedule to see what work related nonsense could possibly sway me to say no. What was a priority was seeing Andrew.

The day we choose didn’t come soon enough. I stood in the entry way of my house, pacing a bit and taking small breathes to quiet the nervous excitement bubbling inside me. The knowledge that I was playing hooky from work, coupled with doing it with Andrew, made me foolishly giddy.

When Andrew pulled up to my house I hurriedly locked the door and did nothing to conceal how happy I was to see him. Andrew held the truck door open for me. I slipped my arm around his waist and squeezed him before climbing inside.

Andrew hadn’t told me where he was taking me. I stopped myself from asking because many times I had queried Andrew in the days leading up to today but he wouldn’t give any hints. The secrecy added to the excitement. All I had to do now was stretch my legs into the floor board and relax. My eyes drifted closed for most of the drive south on the interstate to our mystery destination.

I had a sense Andrew was glancing over at me. Andrew rubbed the back of his hand against my bare arm. I opened my eyes. Andrew smiled at me. I smiled back, warmed by the promise in his expression. We chitchatted about everything but work and in no time we reached our destination.

Andrew steered the truck off the narrow two lane highway onto a dirt road. The tires bumped and popped over rocks and gravel while we were jostled about the cabin for fifty yards before we started up an incline that climbed up and up, only to abruptly level out at the top of a clearing. It seemed as if I was staring isveçbahis out into a postcard. The view was vast and beautiful from where we parked. The sky was a gradation of blues, light at the horizon and growing up into a dark rich blue, dotted with fluffy clouds. The spring grasses were sprouting up green and proud. Tiny ornaments of wild flowers caught my eye. I let the joy of seeing the greatness of Mother Nature bring a smile.

I wanted to be out in it. I waited for Andrew opened my door. I stepped out into his arms and received a bear hug. I giggled and tried to squirm away. Just when I thought I’d escape, he caught my wrist and pulled me into his chest. I gave Andrew a challenging look.

“What could you possibly do?” he said, holding me tighter.

“Well,” my eyes softened and I stretched up to reach the corner of his mouth with my lips. I liked the feeling of his freshly shaven skin against my cheek. Slowly, I placed tiny kisses across his lips from one corner to the other.

“I can do that.”

Andrew’s hold slackened. He leaned down to capture my lips with his. I pulled away. Andrew tightened his hold my waist.

“All I want is a kiss, Leah.”

“All you have to do is ask,” I responded playfully.

“I don’t have to.” He inched his lips closer.

“Hmmm. Yes you do.” I brushed my nose against his then nudged under his chin, kissing his throat. I heard a quiet moan. I kissed lower into the opening of Andrew’s shirt.

“Kiss me please,” Andrew said, with deliberate pleading in his voice. I tilted my head back; eyes closed and offered my lips to him. With knee quivering-sweetness Andrew kissed me.

“Now that wasn’t so hard was it?” Andrew said.

I smiled then turned to look at the view.

Off to the east a large wooded area ended the prairie landscape. The spring rains had made the trees full and green. I took a deep breath to save this view with all my senses.

I took Andrew’s hand, gave it a squeeze then said, “You’ve picked a good spot.”

“I tried.”

Hand in hand, we followed a path down the hill. The day was pleasantly warm for spring in Oklahoma. We meandered around, taking in all of what nature had to offer. I enjoyed listening to Andrew share his knowledge of our surroundings. We exchanged stories of our childhood adventuress outdoors and laughed. I liked isveçbahis giriş his company. This alone encouraged me that what we could have together may not be merely physical. There was a familiarity between the two of us. A stranger would have thought we’d known each other for many years.

I found myself getting hungry. As if he heard my stomach convey the message, Andrew asked, “Are you hungry?”

“As a matter of fact. How long would it take to get somewhere close by and get something?”

“About two seconds.”

His response confused me but I understood the moment we rounded a thick clump of trees. In a clearing was a picnic table. Resting on top of it sat a picnic basket. I was impressed by his creativity and touched by his thoughtfulness. I gave Andrew’s hand a squeeze.

“You really were ready for today.”

“I sure was.”

We sat down across from one another and dug in. The light picnic lunch with fruit, deli sandwiches and juice hit the spot.

“Thank you for making this day so wonderful, Andrew. I’m really having a good time.”

“It’s my pleasure.” Andrew reached out for my hand and held it. His thumb stroked over my fingers. The hairs on my arms stood up.

A cloud passed overhead and the area around us fell dark. We look up to see a thundercloud rolling overhead.

“Was it supposed to rain today?” I asked.

Andrew shrugged.

We packed up and made our way back to the truck. When Andrew and I made it through the trees I felt a raindrop hit my shoulder, then quickly another. Thunder clapped and the rain poured down soaking through our clothes in seconds. I stopped walking. I tilted my head back and let the rain fall onto my face and neck. The scent of moist earth filled the air. Calm washed over me while I listened to the loud patter of raindrops against the ground.

Several steps ahead, Andrew stopped to look at me. I slicked my dampened hair back and walked toward him, my shirt clung to me.

This day, this moment with a storm growing above us was what I’d always wanted; sex in the rain. “You know what would make an already terrific day even better?” I said.

From his expression I could tell Andrew wasn’t catching my meaning so I said, “Let’s get naked. Make love to me right here in the rain.”

Before Andrew could give me his answer my hands were isveçbahis yeni giriş unbuttoning his shirt. I kissed him. My tongue slipped into his mouth. My hands eased into his pants. Andrew’s body awakened to my touch. He helped me strip our clothes off.

Fat raindrops splashed down on my bare bottom and back, a wonderful sensation that blended well with Andrew’s touch. We stood holding each other, kissing and rubbing our bodies together. I moaned when his hardening cock pressed against my tummy. I ran my fingernails into his back.

Andrew pushed me down at my shoulders and laid me down into the wet grass. The Earth was below me. He was above me. My head spun with arousal as he kissed my neck, my breasts, then licked away the rain. He squeezed my breasts together and sucked my already taut nipples. I looked up into the rolling black sea of clouds above me. I was dizzy with lust. I could hardly believe that my fantasy of having sex in the rain was unfolding.

Long fulfilling minutes passed. He worked his mouth and tongue on my swollen clit. Thunder rolled in the distance. Andrew crawled up to me and without pause or question slid inside me. The feeling of him rock hard and deep almost made me lose my breath. I begged him to fuck me harder. I wanted our sex to match the forces working around us. Andrew looked sexy above me, hands on either side of my head, cock caressing me deeper. I got wetter. My muscles tightened. I was ready to come. I pulled Andrew down closer to me. The weight of him created closeness, an intimacy. He became one with me. I breathed words of pleasure into his ear as my desire swelled and my orgasm engulfed my body quick, tight, sweet and long. My body quivered underneath him. Without raising his body completely from mine, Andrew pulled out then laid his cock on my tummy, pressed it there and almost instantly he came. His moans and shouts were drowned out by the thunder. The air was electric. I stroked his back, loving the way he felt.

I lay there, still, listening to the rain. I was in a dreamy contentment and didn’t bother to count the minutes that passed when the rain eventually let up. The clouds broke up. Andrew pulled away from me. I snatched a flower from the ground beside us. I recited the girlhood rhyme in my head and timed it with the slow uncrowning of an innocent Brown-eyed Susan but stopped when four petals remained then tossed it between us.

I used my toe to count the rays of sun light streaking out from behind a cloud, sighed, then asked, “What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I’ll check the weather.”

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