Found Pride On An African Adventure


I have never been the type to believe in fate, that things would eventually come my way. And I certainly never expected that, one day, my life would dramatically change.But let me go back a few steps. I’m thirty years old and my name is Connie Taylor. Until recently, my sexual experiences had only been with a few select men although I confess that I occasionally checked out women at the gym. I even fleetingly wondered what sex would be like with another woman. That said, it didn’t really occur to me that I might actually be bi-sexual. Anyway, with my busy lifestyle, I never had the opportunity to act on the growing curiosity and it remained buried deep within.~~~~~Passing a travel agency on my trudge home from work, I suddenly felt the need for a holiday. I wanted a break, wanted to get away from it all if only for a couple of weeks. The shop was closed but I decided to search the internet for a perfect holiday when I got home.After removing my sodden coat and kicking off my shoes, I microwaved a meal and, while eating it in the lounge, I used my laptop to search for a holiday. Several hours later, I looked at pictures showing endless miles of sandy white beaches with chalets lining the blue waters of the ocean. I had to book this right away.A chalet with a double bed was perfect and I filled out my details. When it came to booking the return flights between Heathrow and Maputo, it dawned on me that the destination sounded rather exotic. The total cost was almost three-thousand pounds. Yes, it sounded a lot, but fuck it, I should treat myself once in a while. A month later, a taxi dropped me at Heathrow airport and with my bags checked through, and boarding pass printed, the assistant said, “Please go through to the departure lounge area and wait until your flight for Johannesburg is called.”“I think you’ve got that wrong,” I said. “I’m flying to Maputo, not Johannesburg.”She smiled. “There’s no direct flight to Maputo. You’re flying to Johannesburg first and then on to Mozambique.”Feeling foolish, I headed for the lounge and waited until the flight was called. Boarding the plane, I noticed the attendant’s name tag said, Lizzie. “Enjoy your flight with us today,” she said. “Your seat is halfway down this aisle.”When we were at high altitude, Lizzie came along with a drinks cart. “Hi, madam, is there anything I can get for you?” she said with a beautiful smile.I returned her smile and requested a Coke. When she handed it to me, I stared down her blouse and felt a stirring in my loins. Whoa, I thought, what’s happening? I’ve only felt like this with men. Is it really possible that I’m attracted to women?Thirteen hours later we touched down in Johannesburg and a few hours later, we arrived in Maputo airport. I then boarded a coach for the final leg of the journey to the resort where I would be staying for the next fortnight. We drove through some beautiful countryside and I counted countless numbers of animals including zebras, giraffes, elephants, and a pride of lions in the far distance.It was late when I disembarked the coach and I was escorted to my chalet. My luggage had already been transported and all I wanted was a good night’s sleep.~~~~~I woke to a beautiful sunrise with the clear waters of the ocean rolling up to the white sandy beaches. I instantly decided I would sunbathe on the beach and selected my favourite two-piece pink bikini. Taking off my dressing gown, I admired my toned naked body in the full-length mirror. I cupped my 32B breasts and did a silly pout at my reflection.In my bikini, I headed to the beach — and received the surprise of my life. When I got close to the stretch of white sand, it seemed that everyone was naked. Even though I’m not prudish, it still shocked me and I hurried back to reception. “Please,” I asked the man behind the desk, “can you tell me if the beach is naturist or clothing-optional?”“Yes, ma’am, it’s clothing-optional but the majority of guests go nude.” Then he gave me a big smile, Beşevler escort showing brilliant white teeth. “Well, it’s not called White Sands Nudist Resort for nothing.” I was taken aback. Huh, that’s what happens when you don’t properly read the details when booking on the spur of a moment.I strolled back to the beach, bracing myself to strip like everyone else. Because I go to the gym regularly, my body is in good shape — and visiting a nudist beach was actually on my bucket list. I just hadn’t expected this would be the day! I spread out my beach towel and looked around. After a few minutes, I’d steadied my nerves and I reached around to untie my bikini top. I dropped it onto the towel and noticed a few people looking in my vicinity. Instinctively, I covered my breasts with my hands, and then heard a soft voice from behind me: “Don’t worry, everyone’s nervous their first time.”I looked over my shoulder and saw Lizzie, the flight attendant. “Well, hello. How do you know it’s my first time?”“I can tell by your body language that you’ve never done this before. Don’t worry about your pants; keep them on for now, if you like.” “Yeah, I will keep them on,” I said and sat on my towel. I noticed Lizzie was still wearing a bikini as I said, “I’m Connie.” The moment I’d introduced myself, she untied her bikini top and dropped it to the ground. I stared at her chest which looked slightly larger than mine, probably a C-cup.“Hi, Connie, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Elizabeth or Lizzie for short,” she said, slipping off her bikini bottoms. I felt that sensation again and knew my pussy was moistening. “Hope you like what you’ve seen,” she said and I blushed, knowing I’d been caught staring.“Sorry, Lizzie, I couldn’t help myself.”“Don’t worry, Connie, I know you couldn’t help looking. It’s fine and natural.” She seemed to have a way with words that helped to improve my confidence.“I must say you do have nice boobs, Lizzie.” I offered a hesitant smile.“Aw, thank you, Connie. Yours aren’t bad, either. I will let you into a secret: about six months ago I had a boob job to make them slightly bigger.”“I’d never have guessed,” I said.She edged closer. “Would you like to feel them?”Nervously, I reached out and cupped her left breast and gently squeezed. I was surprised that it didn’t feel hard. It felt much like my own.“What d’you think?”“Feels good… not the way I thought they would. They feel real.” I was rather turned on by now. “And I’ve never felt another girl’s tits,” I muttered, not intending Lizzie to hear.“What, you’ve never been with another girl?” I shook my head. “I think that needs to change, Connie. But not here. Come on, pick up your things and follow me.” We behaved like naughty teenagers, giggling and poking each other on the way to Lizzie’s chalet. Inside, I saw it was a similar layout to mine and, as I turned around, she caught me by surprise, standing just inches away from me with a lusty look in her eyes. The moment our lips met, the softness was simply divine and she tasted so sweet. It was awkward at first because I’d never really kissed a woman apart from a peck on girlfriends’ lips.Lizzie broke the kiss. “If you need to stop, let me know and we won’t continue.” I nodded and we resumed the passionate kiss. I got more into it the longer it went on and Lizzie put a hand on the back of my head while our tongues danced and twirled. She slid her other hand inside my bikini and cupped my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples. They hardened instantly and heat built up in my groin.We stopped kissing, she removed my top, and I felt her warm breath on my right breast. Her tongue brushed over my nipple, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body and my knees almost gave way. I moaned when she sucked a nipple into her mouth and my eyes rolled back; I was in heaven. My nipples were as hard as rocks, standing to attention like miniature soldiers. The pleasure was almost unbearable and Çankaya escort bayan I moaned loudly when Lizzie got one nipple between her teeth and gently nipped and pulled.I couldn’t believe the effect she had on my body. I’d never felt like this when men played with my breasts. My legs buckled and I felt something mounting which needed to be released. I came hard — the first time I’d climaxed from attention solely on my breasts.When she realised what had happened, Lizzie whispered into my ear, “I think, I need a taste after that.” I could only muster a slight smile after my exhausting orgasm but she gripped my hand and led me to the bed. She gently pushed me, I clutched at her, and we tumbled into a heap and kissed passionately. I could definitely get used to that.I watched her untie her bikini top and fling it away. She leaned over me and softly kissed my lips, our breasts pressing against each other. It felt strangely different from when my breasts were against a man’s chest. I loved the firmness of Lizzie’s orbs on mine.She slithered down my stomach, leaving a trail of kisses over my chest and stomach. A soft moan escaped my lips when she hooked fingers into the waistband of my bikini pants and slid them down my legs before tossing them aside.I felt the warmth of her breath on my pussy and groaned when a finger stroked between the lips of my slit before poking inside. My moans got considerably louder as the movement of her finger deep inside me and her tongue on my clit became too much to bear. As I got close, Lizzie obviously sensed it — and stopped, leaving me on the edge.“Why have you stopped?” I gasped and tried to catch my breath. I was frustrated and she gave me a wicked smile but didn’t speak. Instead, she licked my pussy. Oh God, it was heaven! My eyes rolled back again and I moaned louder when she lapped my innermost parts. I gripped the sheets as my orgasm built deep inside, a growing tide of sensations that needed to escape. Lizzie lapped up my juices — God, so much better than a man’s tongue — and I suddenly came, screaming while I bucked and spasmed, gripping the sheets until my knuckles turned white.I think I passed out. Next thing I knew, Lizzie was naked and I watched her gasp when she inserted one end of a long dildo and I realised she was about to fuck me. I was so horny I needed something inside me.Lizzie got between my legs and I spread my thighs wide, giving her access to my needy pussy. I felt the cold toy parting my pussy lips and I exhaled loudly when it entered.We moaned together and, as the dildo slowly slid in and out of me, I swear anyone walking past would have heard us. I tried to match her thrusts and we got into a rhythm, making love for a long time until, marvellously, we came together, both screaming with pleasure.Our breathing was very laboured and I wanted to return the favour. But I was too weak after my orgasms. I couldn’t believe they were the best orgasms of my life and they’d been provided by a woman.~~~~~I was still dazed the next morning when I woke next to Lizzie. What had happened the previous day was really intense and I wouldn’t change it for the world.Lizzie noticed the glow on my skin. “Wow, Connie, you look radiant this morning.” I had to admit I liked how I felt. “Why thank you, Lizzie, you also look beautiful.” Lizzie smiled and I realised there was a question I still needed to ask. “I meant to ask you this yesterday but… well, I was distracted… how come you’re in this resort?” “On these long hauls, I normally get around forty-eight hours to chill between flights. Whenever I’m in this part of the world, I try to spend my time here.” I knew we would soon part but I said, “I’m going on a trip to Limpopo National Park to see the animals. Would you like to join me?”“Yes, I’d love that, Connie.”I was excited to see the animals in their natural habitat and I chatted with Lizzie, learning that she was twenty-five-years old and lived in Escort Cebeci Bath, only twenty miles from my hometown. I discovered her hobbies and that we had a lot in common.It was a marvellous time and I took countless numbers of photos of rhinos, giraffes, elephants, lions, and impala. I even got an odd selfie with Lizzie, a memento of the best day of my life.Returning to the resort not long after dark, we went to Lizzie’s chalet. I was determined to return the favour from the previous night. She was leaving in the morning and I wanted it to be a special night, particularly as it might be our last time together.The moment we got inside, we kissed passionately and ripped at each other’s clothes. They were strewn across the floor on our path to the bedroom where Lizzie nearly pushed me onto the bed. “No, not this time, Lizzie,” I ordered, and sensed that Lizzie never expected to be told what to do.But she submitted and lay on the bed. I crawled on top, kissed her lips, and moved a hand down to feel the wetness of her pussy. She moaned when I kissed down to her stomach and circled her clit with a finger. I saw the most beautiful sight: her pussy inner lips playing peek-a-boo. Her pussy was perfect and I admired the view for a few more seconds before I flicked my tongue along her groove. She tasted so sweet.I clearly did something right because she moaned while I licked her pussy. Carefully, I took her inner lips into my mouth, gave a slight tug, and she squirmed and bucked and, without warning, coated my face with her juices. I tried to lap them up and when her waves of pleasure subsided, I crawled back up her body and kissed her softly, providing a taste of herself from my lips.I shrieked when she flipped me onto my back and slid down my body. I sighed when I felt the warmth of her breath on my pussy and her tongue flicking between the lips. I moaned louder when she went to work on my insides. I was very turned on, slick from when I’d eaten her, and I soon erupted, my juices flowing with Lizzie lapping up what she could.By the time I came down, she was next to me, our breasts touching, and we kissed. I ran my fingers through her hair and gazed lovingly into her green eyes. I was in love. ~~~~~Next morning, Lizzie had gone. I was upset that she hadn’t said goodbye but I found a note on the bedside table.‘Sorry I left without a word of goodbye. I wanted to wake you, but you slept like a baby. I thought I’d leave this note instead. Here’s my number for you to be in touch. Bye, Connie. I hope to see you back in England one day. Please message me. Love, Lizzie.’I saved her number on my phone and spent the rest of the holiday either sunbathing — I even had the courage to be nude — or going on excursions. Lizzie was constantly in my thoughts and I wanted her in my arms again.Approaching the end of my vacation, I wanted it to last forever. I had to return to the bump and grind of everyday life but, even though it had been a spontaneous booking, it was the best holiday of my life. Not least because it took me into the arms of the woman I loved.~~~~~A couple of months after returning to England, I was walking toward my apartment block while looking at my phone. I noticed Lizzie’s number and felt extremely guilty that I’d not managed to message her. Damn my hectic lifestyle! I decided that on reaching my apartment in a few moments I would definitely message her. I really wasn’t looking where I was going and I bumped into somebody near the elevator. I looked up, apologies forming on my lips — and saw Lizzie.I threw my arms around her, hugging her tight. “Oh my God, Lizzie… what are you doing here?” I shrieked and kissed her cheek.Lizzie seemed equally as shocked. “I’ve recently moved into an apartment. But why are you here, Connie?”I virtually dragged her into the elevator and pressed the button for my penthouse apartment. When the door slid shut, and without saying another word, we kissed passionately. In my apartment, we tore at each other’s clothes as I led her to my bed…~~~~~Over the last few months, I’ve gone from being a straight girl with bi-curious tendencies to having my first lesbian experience and discovering that I prefer the soft touch of a woman. Better still, I know I’ve found the person with whom I want to share my life.

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