Fun on the Class Trip Ch. 04


“Ok everyone, load up!” shouted Mr. Brady.

All around us, classmates started grabbing their bags and loading them into the storage compartment below the greyhound style bus which had been transporting us during the trip. This morning had been peaceful. Emma and I slept together in the big king bed in my room, holding each other and enjoying the soft heat that radiated from our bodies. I woke up a few minutes before Emma had and went to use the bathroom. When I returned from using the restroom and washing my face and such, Emma was just waking up. She looked adorable sitting there in my t-shirt which was huge on her, yawning and stretching cutely. I went to her and we shared a passionate good morning kiss, our tongues swirling together as we held each other.

We broke off our embrace as a knock came on my door and I heard Mr. Brady say, “Ten minutes, meet downstairs in the lobby.”

We reluctantly released each other and I began to pack my stuff while she snuck down the hallway, still in my shirt, to her hotel room to collect her belongings and be down in time to make the meeting.

I finished packing in about five minutes and went downstairs. Emma was already down there standing with a group of friends talking and laughing. She had changed into one of her own t-shirts and was wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts which accentuated her bubble butt. As I entered the lobby, she gave me a loving look and smiled at me but smartly stayed with her group of friends. I, in like fashion, met up with my friends across the lobby and struck up a conversation with them about the upcoming NFL season and different teams and other guy stuff.

When the time came several minutes later, Mr. Brady walked to the center of the lobby and made his announcements about what the ride back to school would be like and where we would be stopping and that we would be back at about ten o’clock tonight. So, that’s where we pick up. He yells at us to load up and here we are. I shuffled out the hotel door and towards the bus along with the one hundred plus other students and threw my duffel bag in the storage compartment and then made my way onto the bus.

As I was about to board, a figure slipped past me, grabbing my hand on the way and pulling me up the stairs and down the aisle towards the back. I was surprised at the suddenness of the situation that I didn’t even realize who was leading me along until she pulled me into the very back seat and I sat down in the aisle seat next to them. I finally looked over and realized that it had been Emma who had swooped in and snagged my arm.

“What’s going on?” I whispered to Emma. “I thought we were trying to be secretive about….you know…us.”

“Yeah I know but I wanted some quiet and my friends are really talkative if you haven’t noticed. I hoped you don’t mind.” She replied.

“No I don’t mind…” I started.

“Good.” She said, cutting me off before snuggling in close to me and falling asleep.

I shook my head wondering what I had started. This had originated as an angry forcefuck at a paintball arena but now I had started having feelings for her and cared about her. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close to me, savoring the feeling of her small, warm body against mine and watched the other people around me find seats. The other back seat was eventually occupied by two girls, a skinny girl with black hair that took the window seat and her friend, Mellissa, a pretty girl with straight dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders took the aisle seat closest to me. They both ignored us and immediately pulled out their phones and started checking snapchat and Instagram.

Along the way back, we stopped at various museums and historical landmarks, as requested by the school educational department, so the trip went from being kurtköy escort a few hours to being all day long. I walked around with my friends and Emma stayed with her friends during each stop. The museums were extremely boring. They were just an excuse by the school to make this trip “educational”. By the time we finally pulled out of the last museum’s parking lot, it was dark and we still had another two or three hours of driving to go. I settled into my seat with Emma next to me and fell asleep pretty quickly only to be awakened thirty minutes later by a slight pressure on the crotch part of my jeans.

I opened my eyes and looked down to find Emma slowly unzipping my jeans. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was awake but the two girls next to us were asleep and so were the four people in the next row. I breathed a sigh of relief then refocused on the situation at hand.

“What are you doing?” I whispered to Emma, who was still trying to release my now hard cock from its denim prison.

“Relax I’m just bored is all.” She whispered back as she successfully pulled my dick from my pants.

I stifled a groan as she ran her soft, warm hand up and down my penis, stiffening it to its full size. I could feel my pent up frustration from the long trip and was bursting to get it out, but I felt bad for the way I had forced myself on Emma three times, so I restrained myself and let her take charge. She gave my cock a few more strokes before leaning over and encircling the head of my dick in her wet, warm mouth. I stifled another groan as she began to lightly suck on my cock, slowly bobbing up and down and taking a bit more each time. I rested my hand on the back of her head but allowed her to do her thing as she skillfully fellated me, her soft tongue swirling around the shaft of my rock hard penis.

It felt heavenly to have her slowly suck me off, especially after such a long and boring day. She moaned quietly as she continued to bob up and down taking a few inches each time into her mouth. I felt the urge to use the hand on the back of her head and shove her face down on my cock and ram my cock down her throat until she was kissing my balls, but I resisted the primal urges that were filling me and just sat there as she had her fun sucking on my dick.

After a few minutes of lightly blowing me, she pulled off my cock and smiled at me, breathing a little heavy. She stood up in front of her seat and slowly peeled off her jean shorts, wiggling her hips and shaking her beautiful ass for me. God, how I wanted to bend her over right there and cram my dick into her tight little ass. She finished her teasing removal of her pants and panties and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. Now bottomless, she turned towards me and climbed onto my lap, straddling me. She spit on her hand and rubbed it up and down my shaft a few times, lubing me up before raising herself up and placing the head of my cock against her pussy lips. I placed my hands on her curvaceous hips, wanting to yank her down on me and penetrate her deep, but I held back and reminded myself that this was for her.

She slowly began to lower herself down onto my penis. My cockhead split her pussy lips and slid slowly inside her tight pussy. She bit her lip and held back a moan as she stretched to accommodate my large girth. I reached up to her chest and pulled her tight fitting t-shirt up over her large breasts revealing her black lace bra. I pulled the bra down, releasing her tits from their lacey prison in all their gorgeous glory. My hands moved their way up her voluptuous body and groped her beautiful breasts. Emma moaned lightly in pleasure at the touch and continued to slide further and further down my shaft.

I continued to grope her big tits and she moaned as she stretched around me, aydıntepe escort about half of my cock in her tight little pussy. Finally, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. It felt too good and I wanted more. I let go of her breasts and wrapped my arms around her small body and thrust up into her shoving all eight plus inches into her soft warm hole. Before she could let out a noise which would immediately alert everyone around us to our actions, I mashed our lips together in a hot, passionate kiss, suppressing the surprised and pleasure filled scream that Emma let out when I pulled her down. She kissed me back and we fought for dominance of each other’s mouth as Emma stayed still letting her tight little cunt adjust to the large object that was filling her completely.

After a couple minutes of just hugging and making out, Emma began to grind her ass into my crotch, moving my dick around in her pussy and causing both of us to groan quietly in pleasure. I moved my hands down her back and grabbed her big, voluptuous ass with both hands as her hips moved back and forth. She spent a few more minutes just grinding and getting used to my cock buried inside her before she slowly raised her hips up and began to lightly bounce on my lap. I gripped her ass firmly and helped to lift her up and lower her down on me. It was heavenly, feeling her walls grip me tightly and before I knew it, she was cumming, her pussy spasming on my penis. She kissed me even harder to contain the pleasure from escaping her in the form of a sound.

As Emma’s orgasm finished, I suddenly heard a sound, a muffled shriek from the chair next to me. I glanced over across to me and to my horror, Melissa, the pretty brunette girl who had previously been asleep, was staring at us, her eyes wide and her hand covering her mouth. I felt the panic rising inside of me as I realized that we were fucked but Emma had other thoughts. She winked at me and climbed off my lap, quietly crossing the isle to Melissa. She took the shocked girl’s arm and lightly pulled her over into our seat. Emma put her hands on Melissa’s shoulders and gently pushed her down to her knees in front of me. Melissa was so surprised that she didn’t resist any of this. She just did was Emma was directing her to do.

Emma climbed down on her knees too next to Melissa and pulled the girl’s arms behind her back and looped one of her own arms through Melissa’s holding them there. With her free hand, Emma gently took hold of Melissa’s hair and lightly pushed her head down towards my crotch. I was horny as fuck and totally ready to have my dick pleasured again so I took hold of my penis and directed it into the shocked girl’s open mouth. I stroked her cheek as she stared up at my wide eyed.

“That’s it sweetie.” whispered Emma as she pushed Melissa’s head further down, “Take it in. Nice and deep.”

After three or so inches, my cockhead hit the entrance to Melissa’s throat and she gagged.

“Shhh sweetie. Don’t want anyone hearing you and catching you doing such naughty things now do we?” cautioned Emma. “Now let’s keep going”

She again began applying pressure to the back of Melissa’s head until finally, my cockhead popped into her tight, teen throat. Melissa gagged and choked but remembered Emma’s warning and, not wanting to get caught with a dick in her mouth, kept her gagging noises quiet. Meanwhile Emma kept on pushing as more of my rock hard penis slid down poor Melissa’s hot, inexperienced throat.

“Good job baby. Just a few more inches to go and you’ll be kissing balls in no time.” Whispered Emma encouragingly.

Unable to wait that long, I took hold of Melissa’s head in my hands and jammed her face down into my crotch. The entire length of my cock disappeared into Melissa’s mouth and down her throat. Melissa choked and tuzla içmeler escort gagged quietly and tried to pull off, butt Emma held her head with one hand and her arms with the other rendering the girl unable to extricate the thick member lodged firmly in her throat.

“That’s a good girl. I knew you could do it.” Whispered Emma in Melissa’s ear.

I stroked the face of the pretty girl who had her lips wrapped around the base of my cock. She gagged and coughed, her eyes watering and silently pleading with me to let her off but I just smiled at her and held up my empty hands, showing her that I wasn’t the one holding her down. After a minute of gagging Melissa, Emma pulled her head off of me, my cock sliding out of her abused throat.

“Let’s try something more fun, shall we?” whispered Emma happily.

She helped Melissa up, turned her around and pushed her down into a sitting position on my lap. My shaft settled between her bubble butt and nestled in her cheeks and up her backside. I now looped my arm through Melissa’s keep her still and grabbed her perky tits through her shirt with the other hand. Emma, still on her knees, reached up beneath Melissa’s short skirt and pulled her panties down and off. I used both hands to hold Melissa’s wrists together behind her back and Emma used the panties to tie the girl’s wrists together. Emma then turned her attention to the skirt and pulled it up leaving Melissa’s gorgeous pussy and ass exposed to the world.

“You got a cute little ass sweetie.” Whispered Emma, “Let’s break it in, shall we?”

At that, Melissa’s eyes widened and she began to struggle a bit but I wrapped one powerful arm around her body, pinning her arms to her sides further immobilizing her, and covered her mouth with my other hand to muffle her protests. I used the arm holding her to lift her small body up and Emma directed my cockhead to Melissa’s virgin asshole.

“Like a shot baby. One prick and it will be in.”

With that, Emma grabbed Melissa’s hips and yanked her down, forcing my cock into her tight, teen ass. It was a good thing I had my hand covering her mouth or her shriek would have woke the whole bus up right there. Emma continued to pull Melissa down until she was all the way down on me, her butt pressed firmly against my crotch and eight inches of thick steel splitting her poor asshole. Emma moved my hand away from Melissa’s mouth and replaced it with her lips, kissing the girl sweetly and softly. This refueled my lust and I began to raise and lower Melissa, slamming her onto my dick over and over. Emma suppressed the noises that came from her with the kiss and so I continued thrusting in and out of her tight little butthole.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was a volcano way past due and I was about to erupt. I locked eyes with Emma and she realized this and broke her kiss with Melissa only to replace her lips with her hand.

“You’re doing great sweetie, but now comes the big finale.” Whispered Emma, “He’s gonna fill up your tight little ass with his man juice. Lucky girl! Give it to her baby!”

I stifled a groan and thrust up into Melissa, burying my cock in her tight, hot ass and unleashed the orgasm that I had been prolonging for a while. An enormous wave of pleasure washed over me as I shot gallons of cum into Melissa’s ass. It was truly blissful, sitting there having a pretty girl’s tight ass milk my cock dry of everything it had. I finished cumming and slowly pulled out of Melissa’s abused asshole letting her skirt fall back into place. Emma had pulled her pants back on and I tucked my softening cock back into my jeans. Melissa turned into me and snuggled into my chest, exhausted from the intense assfucking she had just received. Emma climbed into the seat next to me and snuggled against me on that side of me leaving me with two gorgeous girls cuddled against me, asleep. A few minutes later, Ms. Bayer made her garbage rounds, picking up loose trash items. As she turned back down the aisle towards the front of the bus, I admired her curvy hips as they swayed with her walk. Who knows what the future holds now?

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