Gifts Honestly Given


I recently came across a story here on Literotica that I highly enjoyed. It had a refreshing through line, and a setting that resonated with me. But as I read through it, I realized the author had missed a huge opportunity. Its third-person POV wasn’t as effective as if the story would have been written from the POV of its young protagonist. The author even wrote the line “(They) wondered what was going through (the protagonist’s) mind.” As a reader, I was jumping up and down saying “I agree!! Tell us!!” In a fit of passion (needing a creative outlet in this age of covid, and seeing something so good just missing so little) I sat down and started rewriting the story. As part of my challenge to myself, I tried to include as much of the original story as possible, both for the challenge and the homage to the original author. There were challenges, but I surprised myself by just how much of the original I was able to preserve while rebuilding and adding around it. I guess it ended up a literary “This Old House” job. The original form of the building is still there. But I fixed a ton of things that didn’t work for me and maybe added a new room or two. I did make an effort to contact the original author for a blessing of this rewrite, but was not able to make contact.

“Did you have a nice time?”

The Wingers were a nice couple I had been baby sitting for a few years now. They had just gotten back from a Friday evening out with friends.

“We did.” replied Kathy, with a smile.

I always enjoyed babysitting for Kathy and Jerry. They were great employers. Little Billy and Lisa were still young enough that bedtime came early, and I essentially got paid generously to do the homework I would be doing anyway. Plus when I wasn’t studying, they allowed me to use their incredible media center. Yeah, my folks were fellow members of the county club with the Wingers, but Ma and Pops were too busy running their restaurant to justify investing in such a premium rig.

As Kathy handed over my night’s earnings, she said “Tara, Jerry and I want to take you out for a celebratory dinner. We’re just so happy you were accepted into Bentley College. You have always been the best babysitter we ever had, and would like to take you out for a very interesting dinner event. We are looking to do it tomorrow night.”

“That sounds amazing. I would love to go. That is so nice of you. What should I wear?”

“Just wear a dress and heels. Something special like you would wear on a date.”

“Okay. I can do that. I am so excited.”

“Will pick you up at around seven o’clock tomorrow evening. Sound good?”

“I cannot wait.”

Kathy smiled again. She was such a beautiful woman. Always perfectly dressed, I had often been inspired by her style and manner. As great as my Ma is, she is a bit nouveau riche. While I had learned from her the love, drive, and ability that made her rise in the world possible, she still had some of the base coarseness that didn’t play well in some of the parlors we now found ourselves in. Mrs. Winger was an excellent role model to emulate in those ways.

Jerry walked me out to my car. “Sorry we were running late tonight.” he said as I swung my purse onto the passenger seat. “Would you like to stay over? We can set up the guest room for you.”

‘No that’s okay. I will be fine. I told my parents I would be coming home. Thanks anyway.” I replied a bit sheepishly.

“Tomorrow let them know that you will be spending the night out. Just so they know ahead of time.”

“Will do. My folks are trying to let me, you know, “Adult” now, but after nineteen years, ‘Tiger Mama’ doesn’t quite know how to, you know, let go…” I said with a bit of goofy smile. “Just the other she was telling me that, in her day, she … I’m sorry, Mr. Winger. I won’t keep you with that rambling story.”

As I departed, I laughed at myself. I always seemed to get so flustered when alone with Mr. Winger. But could you blame me? He was successful, intelligent, kind, and charismatic. And looks wise, he was almost beyond desire. He was what all the guys on the Bachelor wanted to be. There was this time last summer where the Wingers had hired me for an afternoon to corral Billy and Lisa while they hosted a pool party. Jerry wore this incredible tangerine speedo that just made me melt. After the party, I made an impromptu beeline for my then-boyfriend Jean-Paul’s house for what he later called “a highly memorable evening.” What Jean-Paul never knew about that evening was that in my mind, he didn’t even register. It was all me, the beach, and the contents of a tangerine speedo.

As I pulled into my parent’s driveway, the memory of the tangerine speedo was getting me all hot and bothered. I made way way to my bedroom where I quickly stripped down to nothing. As I laid down on my bed, I reached for the drawer where I kept my toys. After pondering between Lightyear and Goodyear, I decided to go with both. I know it is a sophomoric humor, but I liked the puns involved. My Buzzing vibe makes me feel Light-headed, and my rubber kaynarca escort dildo fills me up Good. I flicked the switch on Lightyear, laid back, and the fantasy began. I was here in my bedroom with the Good-Looking Man. We were in a naked embrace, deeply kissing. As Lightyear and my free hand drifted over my body, I could feel the good looking man’s hands stroking me. His big, strong hands were gentle, stroking each of my erogenous zones just right, putting me right on the edge of orgasm and keeping me there. He was so expert. When I couldn’t stand it any more, I told I him I needed him inside me. I needed to feel his big cock, stroking me long and hard. The good looking man smiled, and pulled me over to the edge of the bed where he could stand over me as he buried his cock deep into my pussy. With long strokes, in and out, he used his hands on my hips to control the rhythm. I then felt a second pair of hands on my breasts, stroking my hard nipples. After feeling a nibble on my ear lobe, I heard Kathy Winger whisper softly, “You are such a naughty girl, fucking my husband.” I came, and I came HARD.

When I finally regained consciousness, I pulled Goodyear out from his position deep in my pussy. I was able to stagger to my feet, and started towards the bathroom to clean up. As I wiped myself down with the washcloth, I had to look at myself in the mirror. First, that orgasm was incredible. It was far and away the most intense I had ever had. I had gone far beyond earth shaking to something that had to have made the galaxy wobble a bit. Being honest with myself, I had to admit the reason why. Like most people my age, I had done my share of exploring porno on the net. Girl on girl was cool in that I could relate to how all the actors felt, but it wasn’t that sexy to me. No big deal, I just guessed I was straight. But somehow the tiniest thought of Kathy Winger nibbling my ear had epically rocked my world. I couldn’t explain it. Mr. Winger was a bit more explainable I guess. While I can’t say I ever dreamed of fucking him exactly, I was forced to admit the avatar in my dreams of the Good-Looking Man was mostly him, mixed with a few whisps of old boy friends and maybe a ghost of a teenybopper boy band. Laughing at myself, I figured I may as well wish to win a million bucks too. They were such a beautiful, perfect couple, and I am just a bookish babysitter from the neighborhood.


The next day I was able to laugh at myself some more. “Look honey, here comes babysitter Tara. Should we fuck her brains out?”

“Sure, Kathy dear, the gawky neighborhood girl is SO much better than being with you! HAHAHA!”

I was going to make the best of it though. Kathy had said dress like it was a date. So what if I took her at her word, and dressed like it was a third date? I did all the extra shaving and primping, and put on the yellow dress I had been saving for graduation over a racy bra and panty set. Kathy and Jerry would never know, and after dinner at whatever jumped up Applebee’s clone they were taking me to, I’d be ready for a bit of sexy time. It was really a shame I was between boyfriends…

My phone beeped with the text that Kathy and Jerry were on their way to pick me up. I grabbed my purse and went out to the end of the driveway, looking for the Winger’s BMW. I was shocked when a limo pulled up. I knew Kathy had said “nice date”, but a limo said something akin to “once-in-a-lifetime” like prom. The driver opened the door for me, and I slid in.

“Tara please come inside.” said Kathy. “You look amazing. We will be taking you to a wonderful little restaurant we know. It is kind of different, but very amazing. We’ll be taken to a location where ten people will enjoy a scrumptious dinner.”

“You two look incredible as well!” I said, taking note of their finely tailored clothes. Kathy was wearing a black slip dress with black high heels, and Jerry was wearing a nice shirt and a jacket with slacks.

“Tonight will be fun. I can’t wait for you to experience the restaurant.” said Jerry.

The limo drove on for a while. I was glad for a chance to compose myself a bit. I was doing my best to set aside my fantasy from last night because nothing good could come from unpacking that here. It was hard though to sit calmly across from the embodiment of my Good-Looking Man, and every time Kathy spoke, I heard “You are such a naughty girl” echoing. Then there was the mystery of the restaurant. Being the child of restaurateurs, you get a bit jaded about the business because you know too much about the “magic” being done. Going to a place that stays open serving only ten people a night means only one of two things. We were going to a foodcart, or someplace deep in Michelin Star territory. Based on the fact I was sitting in a limo with two of the richer people in town made me doubt a taco truck was our evening’s destination. I had never eaten haute cuisine before. When your Mom’s home cooking was better than most restaurants, why bother? It was a bit intimidating to be anticipating eating such sophisticated orhanlı escort fare.

We finally arrived at the destination. The limo driver helped us out and we walked into the establishment. We were greeted by a man in a tuxedo who was wearing a mask and holding a lit candle. We followed him into the building.

“My name is Paul Johnson and this is my restaurant. You will drink wonderful champagne and eat sumptuous cuisine. My staff will entertain you in more ways than one. Soft erotic touches, naughty whispers and lots of flirting. You may touch back, but there will be no touching below the belt. Have fun and enjoy.”

We were led into a comfortable lounge area. The Wingers were given glasses of champagne and we were invited to enjoy ourselves while the other guests arrived. I was looking all around. There were red lights flickering in the room, giving the room a sensual and romantic feeling. The staff all wore black and white outfits. The women staff members were wearing tight white shirts that were unbuttoned so you could see their black bras. They wore short skirts with fishnet stockings and black heels. They wore cute bow ties around their necks. The men wore white dress shirts that were unbuttoned showing their flat stomachs and rippled abdomens. They too wore a black bow tie around their necks. All the staff dripped sex and looked amazing in their attire.

“So what do you think so far?” asked Jerry.

I felt a little like Cinderella at the ball. The raw beauty and elegance of my surroundings was just so beyond my normal life. “This is really something, Jerry. I’ve never been to a place like this!”

Jerry chuckled. “The evening is just beginning, my dear. It will just keep getting better.”

“You will love it Tara. Just have an opened mind,” Mrs. Winger said with a smile.

Kathy and Jerry took me by my hand and they led the way around the room towards an empty sofa.

We sat down on one of the couches and several male entertainers moved in front of us. The entertainers were dressed fairly scantily. The women wore bras and panties with garters and hold up stockings. The men wore black silk boxers. They danced very sensually with a female dancer. They performed mime and other performance art routines. Some of the skits were very sexually themed. It all just so forward. I wasn’t an innocent, but the confidence of the dancers, their ease and openness with their sexuality was just so foreign to me as to be otherworldly. Even Jean-Paul and I’s most sensual sessions together seemed childlike fumbling in comparison.

As one of the dances came to a close, one of the female waitresses walked over with a gravy boat filled with caviar and put it down on the low table in front of us. The male dancer put the female dancer onto the coffee table and put caviar onto her body. He licked the fish eggs off her stomach and collarbone. It was very sexy to watch. That was a trick I would have to remember, though I doubted caviar would fit in a student’s budget. Is nacho cheese sauce sexy? I giggled a bit. As the female dancer shifted off the table onto Jerry’s lap, one of the male shined his attention onto Kathy. He whispered something in her ear, and she replied “Certainly!” He then put his hand on her thighs, slowly pushing her dress up, up well past mid-thigh. He took spoonfuls of the caviar, lay a line of the caviar along the top of each of her thighs, and then proceeded to sensuously lick up the caviar. Kathy proceeded to turn her head over to passionately kiss Jerry, whose dancer was slowly grinding away on his leg, nuzzling his ear.

I was starring slack-jawed at the sight next to me. It was the absolute hottest thing I had ever seen, live or on film. My mind was completely blown away. So when the masculine voice beside me asked if I would like some caviar as well, I mindlessly nodded and said yes. I watched transfixed as Jerry and Kathy broke their kiss, and each started making out with their dancers. It was only when I felt the dancer’s hands on my thighs could I convince myself something more interesting than the Wingers seeking pleasure might be happening. Looking down at my own lap, I saw my dancer’s hands slowly making my hemline rise. I could feel it, millimeter by millimeter, baring my skin to the air. It was so surreal. My mind was both racing, and moving so slow as to make time extend towards infinity. When the cool caviar touched my skin, I could count precisely how many neurons were firing. When he licked, I could feel each ridge of his tastebuds rippling across my skin. As time restarted flowing in a normal way, I looked down at my dancer, who smile told me he knew just how much he had stimulated me. I was a bit embarrassed as I turned to look over at the Wingers. Surely, acting that wanton in public was a faux pas. They were both looking at me smiling largely. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt. My dancer stood up and gallantly kissed my hand before turning to go.

Across the room I heard the host announce “Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s time for dinner. Please follow us into tepeören escort the dining area.”


As we all stood up, Jerry offered a hand to both Kathy and I. “Ladies, can I escort you to dinner?”

Kathy did a little curtsy. “Absolutely, dear sir.”

I took his hand. “Yes, uh… Thanks.”

As the three of us walked across the room arm in arm, my mind was racing, trying to digest everything happening to me. The lines of reality seemed to be sliding askew in odd ways. I was being escorted to dinner by the Good-Looking Man in a setting worthy of Astors and Rockefellers. That’s fantasy, right? But the details of that handsome dancer’s tongue sliding so delicately across my thigh were more present than any dream I had EVER had. So that means it was real? I was enjoying all the mind-blowing eroticism I was experiencing, but there is no way it could be real. There was also no way I could have imagined such fantastic things either.

The dining room was lit with candles. All the guests sat at a single long table. The tablecloths were white with lace and they used bone china and crystal flutes and wine glasses filled with exotic looking beverages. Jerry led Kathy a chair, pulling it out for her, and helped her sit down. He then repeated the process with me in the next chair. His gentlemanly duties fulfilled, he joined us at the table beside me. Romantic music played. Everybody sat down while the sexy waiters and waitresses started bringing out the food.

The first course was served and it was a butternut squash risotto. OMG, it was incredible. Smooth and creamy, it was perfect. As I ate, I looked around the room. The entertainers performed a few ensemble pieces. And you could see some of the staff dancing intimately with various guests. Mid spoonful, I suddenly felt a quick lick of my ear.

“You are such a beauty” was whispered. I whipped my head around, swearing I subliminally heard “dirty girl” instead. It was a cute red-headed waitress. “Do you want to dance?”

I managed to stutter out “Sure.”

As we started to dance, gathering the rhythm, I took stock of my partner. She was a bit taller than me, barely older, slightly androgynous with red hair done in a pixie cut with a pixie’s bright smile. As she moved in closer, I panicked. I quickly looked for a name tag, not wanting to be rude, but came up short.

“I’m sorry Red, but I’m a bit freaked out. This is all a bit much.”

Red smiled. “No problem. I was just trying to get me a bit of time with the belle of the ball before her dance card filled.”

I stood shocked at all she was implying. She put her hands on either side of head, and placed a peck on my forehead.

With a huge smirk, Red said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.”

As I approached my chair, the Wingers broke the hand hold they were sharing across my seat. They had been holding hands while getting a shoulder massage from two of the waiters.

“How’s it going Tara?” asked Jerry.

“I am having a wonderful time. I want to thank you both for allowing me to join you.”

Kathy smiled, “But…”

I giggled. “But I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.”

“How so?” asked Kathy.

“It’s like it is Christmas. You open the first gift, and it is great. You then open the next gift, and it is the biggest gift you asked for. You start thanking everyone for making your holiday, and they tell you things are just getting started. A couple gifts later, you are a Nobel Prize winning billionaire princess from Switzerland. And I just don’t know how to handle it. All the gifts are great, but I don’t know how to act to be a Swiss Princess. I am just me, Han’s daughter Tara.”

Looking deeply into my my eyes, Kathy answered, “What makes you think a billionaire scientist Swiss princess has to act any different than you do naturally? I’d bet in just about any situation, the action considered best is near universal.”

Jerry answered “Quite true. Here’s a different way of looking at it. If a gift is honestly given, the gifter thinks the giftee is worthy of the gift, and can figure it out. Hmm. I think the next course is inbound.”

The next course was the salad course which was mixed greens, pear, duck confit and champagne vinaigrette. The entertainers were dancing and flirting with the guests while they fed them their salads. Some of the entertainers helped the gentlemen remove their suit jackets. They kissed and flirted with each other.

I was thinking deeply about considered actions and honest gifts when one of the waiters came over to me.

“Are you enjoying yourself? You are breathtaking to look at. Would you like a massage?”

I nodded yes. A small giggle escaped when I closed my eyes. The dark-skinned god massaging me would have made Michelangelo’s David look his role as the shepherd boy. His strong hands and fingers working my tensed muscles was a perfect compliment to the mental release Kathy and Jerry’s wisdom was providing. I had received so many honest gifts today. And how to react to them was not a hard puzzle to figure out. I just had to react as best I could. My parents had raised me well, and mentor’s such as my teachers, friends, and yes, the Wingers helped keep me in line. I’d figure it out. My body gave off a shiver when my masseuse kissed my neck, bringing me back to the real world.

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