Giving My Ass To Him


As you all know my wife and I had been waiting to get into our new house. The two months had come and gone. The oral sex with my brother-in-law had come to an end temporarily. Time was spent moving everything in and getting settled in. She had taken time off work and was home for a week. I was expected to be there to help which I did.

All was now done and the wife went back to work during the day. I was still laid off so took up a hobby doing woodcraft. I had set up some power tools in the basement. I would do craft shows and sell some of my creations. We had put our son in a day care center during the day being he was now over a year old. Figured it would be good for him to be with other children and learn social skills. We had become friends with her and her husband and we would get together on weekends and play cards.

I would spend part of my day down at the gravel pit mentioned in the earlier story. The rest would be spent woodworking or watching porn. I loved jacking off to porn and still do. Only now I watch more incest and gay porn than back then.

My ex brother-in-law and I picked u[p where we had left off. Getting together several times a week during the weekdays to suck each other. Our house was just two houses down from theirs so he would walk down and we would sometimes watch a little porn together before doing our 69. Both our wives worked day shift and he worked the late shift. So it worked out well for us. He had come to love sucking cock as much as I did and wanted it as often as possible. So did I.

We would go in the bedroom and get undressed and get on the bed. Facing opposite directions laying on our sides. I loved Kadıköy Escort that position. Loved how great it felt sliding my mouth down over his beautiful cock and him doing the same to me. We would take our time so that we could enjoy it as long as possible. When neither of us could hold out any longer we would cum in each others mouth. Sucking until we had swallowed every drop of each others cum.

It had never been anything more than stroking and sucking each other. On one of our get togethers we were sucking each other and he stopped.

“Can I ask you something.” He said.

I said, “Yes. What is it?”

He asked, “Can I fuck you?” I think you have a really nice ass and I would like to fuck you.” “I will suck you first until you cum if you will let me.”

I had been thinking about it for some time. Wondering what it would feel like and just the thought of having a cock in my ass excited me. And I loved how it felt when him and I got together and thought if I did he would be my first. So I didn’t hesitate.

I said, “Yes.”

He said. “Really.” More excited than a question.

“Yes you can fuck me. I want you to.”

He told me to roll onto my back which I did. He got between my legs and bent down and started sucking me as he said he would. It didn’t take long for me to cum both because he was good and the thought of him fucking me. I unloaded in his mouth and he swallowed every last bit.

I was ready to give up my anal virginity to his beautiful cock.

“I’ll go get the Vaseline out of the bathroom.” I said.

“I’ll get it.” he said. “You get ready.”

He knew where it was Ataşehir Escort as he had been in the house a number of times. He knew where the medicine cabinet was and that the Vaseline would be in there. He got up off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I had gotten on my hands and knees and was waiting for him. He returned with the Vaseline jar in hand. He got up on the bed behind me and opened the jar. I knew he was applying a good coating to his cock. Then I felt him rubbing some on my asshole and working a finger in to coat the inside of the opening.

After he had gotten us both lubed up I felt him place the tip of his cock at my opening.

“Let me work it in,” I said.

“Okay,” was his reply.

I figured if I was allowed to do that there would be less pain. I was right. It didn’t hurt at all. He was very good and didn’t try to rush it.

I started pushing back against his hard cock. It took a few tries but I finally felt the head enter me. I held it like that for a few seconds than started to take more of his cock. I worked inch by inch until I had all 8 inches of his lovely cock buried to the hilt in my ass. I started sliding back and forth on his cock taking it completely and then back to the head. Then would slide all the way onto his cock again. I worked back and forth on his cock loving how good it felt. I fucked his cock for a few minutes than he stopped me.

“Hold still and let me fuck you,” he said.

I held still and let him proceed to fuck me.

“Yes, Fuck me,” I said.

“Your ass feels good. So hot and tight.” he said.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it.” Your cock Bostancı Escort feels really good in me.”

He had his hands on my hips fucking me like some cheap whore. I was loving it and could tell he was too. He would draw back slowly then shove his cock in my ass to the hilt. I knew he was getting close. Then he asked a question that told me he was getting close to cummimg.

“Can I cum in your ass or do you want me to pull out?”

“You can cum in me.” “I want you to.” I want to feel how it feels to have a cock filling me with hot cum.” “Your beautiful cock and your hot cum.”

“Oh God your ass feels so good.” I’m going to cum.”

With that he started to fuck me hard and fast. Driving his hard cock deep into my ass. I felt him hesitate then felt the first shot of his hot cum going inside me. He started pumping me fast until he had shot every string of hot cum he had in him into my ass. He fucked me until he went soft.

“Thank you.” “That was wonderful.” “You really have a nice ass.” Can we do it again sometime.”

“Yes,” I said. “I would like that.

We got cleaned up and he headed home. I let him fuck me a couple times after that. At his place the next two times. He and my sister-in-law had gotten a divorce and he ended up renting a house in another small town not to far away. So I would go visit and we would hang out and at some point suck each other. Not as often as I would have liked or was used to. But I couldn’t take off every night of the week. But it was enough that we were both satisfied. The wife and I had sold our house and moved out of town. But it was closer to where he lived so it worked out well. Eventually the wife and I got a divorce and I ended up moving. Met a lady at a flea market I was set up in and ended moving up north and living with her for about a year. From there my life was a series of men and women. Good for more true adventures in my life. Thank you for reading. Watch for more.

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