Goddess Given Choice


He was sure it was a dream. But one of those dreams that never feels like a dream. He was standing in the tall grass of a field that stretched on forever, at least it seemed too. And, being a dream, he reasoned it did. A dark, cloudless sky loomed above him, seeming to reach long shadowy lengths toward him. The swirling fog thickened and brightened all at once, intense waves washing over him. A warm, comfortable wind eddied around him. Drowsy happiness coursed through him and he felt light. He was naked. He shrugged. Dreams were always weird right? Then he was on his knees. He glanced around, no knowledge of how got there. He was moving. Well his arms were. He found he could not control his body but strangely it did not frighten him. The waves of fog continued to roll over him, calming him. The surrounding area began to darken more dramatically and he could now only see a couple feet in front of him. His arms were crossed at the wrist behind his back and he could no longer move his head. He could do nothing at all but stare ahead at a point of light somewhere in the distance which was steadily moving toward him. As it drew near his eyes slowly fluttered closed as an intense feeling of longing sunk into his mind. His breath came in short gasps and, finally, a small spark of panic began to buzz in the back of his mind.

Something soft touched his face. A small stroke against his cheek which came to rest at his chin. The rather small part of his brain that was still rational told him it must be a hand, but the way that single touch seemed to light his body on fire begged to differ. Then… a voice.


It echoed in his ears and his head. The world was too bright. The darkness had closed around him but it was still too bright. She was too bright. His eyes burned and tears slipped down his cheeks as he fought to keep his eyes open. The hand at his chin tilted his head up, with no movement or effort exerted at all. It just was. The sheer force of will she exuded görükle escort completely clouded his own. His eyes met the powerful gaze of two deep black eyes. He assumed they were eyes. He could register no movement but the voice again blew through his mind like a cool breeze on his skin.


A feeling of euphoria, warm and tingly, filled his mind and chest, seeping to his arms, legs, all the way down to the tips of his fingers and toes. He found himself smiling, a wide elated grin stretching over his face. There came a throaty chuckle and he felt a dark blush heat his cheeks. He wanted desperately to close his eyes, hide his blush, hide every part of himself from this gloriously powerful being. But somehow he knew that whatever creature controlled his limbs knew all of him, even the most intimate parts of his heart. There was nothing he could hide. No way of disappearing form the unflinching burrowing eyes which thoroughly examined him inside and out.

Suddenly nothing was holding him upright anymore, the force holding him in place gone. With full motor control restored to him, he fell forward. For a moment he did not understand what had happened and lay still, prostrate at the brightly glowing bare feet before him. Then he gingerly pulled himself to his knees but no further. Blinking several times, shining afterimages plastered to the backs of his eyelids, he focused, settling his eyes on the ground in front of him. He became aware of a warm presence. A hand on his head, slowly stroking his shaggy hair. Another surge of calm euphoria slithered through him and he sighed happily. Felt the voice again reverberate inside his skull.


A pause and the stroking hand stopped and became a tight painful grip in his hair, wrenching his head back to stare again görükle escort bayan into the too-bright light. His eyes watered and a small whimper escaped his lips. A familiar craving pounded in his chest and groin.


He was gasping for breath, eyes straining, frozen to the spot. Another hand gripped him around the throat and slowly squeezed. Agonizingly the pressure built and he could not break the glaring gaze of the powerful creature that at clutched him. There was pain. Searing, harshly lashing at his skin. Unable to stop himself, he screamed.


He bolted upright in bed, terror and a lingering excitement swirling in his head. Words, thoughts echoed in his brain. Supplication. Serve. Mind and body and soul. A shiver tore through his body as his hand moved to his neck. The skin there was tender and painful to the touch. He remembered screaming and realized his throat was sore as well. Curiously he was naked, though he normally slept in his boxers. Tentatively he slipped off his bed and moved to the mirror hanging on the opposite side of the room on the back of the bathroom door.

In the reflection he saw a short, skinny man around 5’1″. At twenty-six he still sort of resembled a sixteen year old. Shaggy brown hair hung down just beginning to cover his eyes. He would need a hair-cut soon. Thin but slightly muscular shoulders gave way to small wrists. He was proud of his flat chest and momentarily forgot his neck to trace a finger over the scars of the double mastectomy he’d had two years before. A toned stomach with a happy trail that met his pubic hair just further down. He could see the beginning of glistening wetness at his pubic lips and idly stroked a couple fingers through the hair above them. Again he reached for his neck, carefully turning his face this way and that bursa escort to gently examine the dark bruise, the shape of fingers and palm which circled almost all the way around. Like a collar, he thought suddenly.

His mind a mass of confusion, he continued to study himself. I guess it was real then, he supposed, not knowing quite how he felt about that. It was all too weird. “Couldn’t have been a dream,” he muttered quietly. He thought back to the words. A choice. Whatever he decided would be his fate. Could it all be real?

Curling back up into bed, he fished a dog collar from under his pillow. It slipped easily around his neck, the familiar presence creating surety in his mind, adding a slight pressure to the deep black bruising. He was wet. He could feel it between his legs and he slowly eased a finger around his clit. His body shuddered and he gasped in pleasure as two fingers found a firm nipple and twisted it. Began grinding his pelvis against his hand, humping his fingers as they slid over his erect bud, ever increasing the pressure until he could no longer hold back his climax. It didn’t take long. As he came hard, one hand furiously rubbing himself, his other hand gripped the collar and yanked at it, feeling the intense bruising sending electricity streaming through him. He became aware of his own voice whimpering, “Oh god, oh god, oh god…” He moaned loudly, still slightly working his clit as he came down from the best orgasm he’d had in months. He sighed, eyes drifting closed.

He knew he may come to regret it. I don’t know anything about this situation… I have no idea what could even happen, he thought nervously. But he knew his answer, knew he would possibly regret it even more if he gave up this strange opportunity. He felt anxious—but more at peace than he had in years. He sighed again, then hefted himself up and off the bed. He stood and watched himself in the mirror as he removed the collar and dressed. Then he shook his head, unable to contemplate that his dream was anything other than just that: a dream. A brilliant, absorbing dream that seemed to play off of some of his deepest desires. But still just a dream. He tied his shoes, grabbed his keys, and left for work. It’s going to be a long day, he considered drowsily.

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