Goddess Taylor Pt. 02


Two days later I await for Goddess Taylor in her bedroom on my knees. Iv finished all her chores for today hoping to receive something special. My pulses are through the roof just thinking about what Goddess will have me do today. My heart is beating fast, feeling weak for Goddesses sweaty socked feet. The door opens. Its Goddess Taylor! Goddess sits on the chair crossing her well fit muscular legs together. Goddess slowly pulls off her shoe lace. My eyes wide open itching to see how perfect her socked feet are today, and how smelly they’re going to be.

Goddess Taylor pulls one shoe off revealing her perfect sweaty socked foot, the aroma travels through my nostrils, with a wiggle of Goddess Taylors toes, I could feel my cock stimulating in sensation with out even touching it. Goddess could make me cum like this if she wanted to, Goddess slowly peels her sock off, throwing it onto my hard cock, and with her divine words she spoke.

“My pathetic slave, You’ve done such a good job maintaining the place that Im going to reward you for your obedience. Iv been on my feet all day, istanbul escorts especially to the gym, I want you to put my perfect sock around your little cock, over your balls, and start massaging my feet.”

I respond back with “Yes Goddess.” I slip the sweaty sock around my cock until it’s over my ball sack. The sweaty fabric brushes all over my cock including the sensitive parts rubbing under my knob. It feels so sensitive that it makes me want to jump. I gasp at the feeling, my cock jumps up and down repeatedly, I begin pressing my fingers against the balls of her naked foot beginning to massage them in circular motions. I do this repeatedly, tracing my fingers to the arch, down to the heel when suddenly she shoves her other socked foot against my face.

The smell of her aroma clouded up my nostrils, I am now in her control again. The pleasure of the scent and her sock covering my whole cock is turning me on so much, that pre cum is oozing out. I want to cum for my Goddess so bad, hoping she’ll allow me too, Iv been a good slave, and I’ll do anything istanbul eskort for a climatic release. I start to inhale harder after each time my cock pulsated bringing me closer and closer.

I spoke out with in a submissive voice “Oh please Goddess Taylor! allow me to cum in your sweaty dirty sock. Its so beautiful that it was worn in your foot, the tip of your sock pressing against my knob where your sweaty toes were feels so good! Oh Goddess Taylor! I think I’m gonna blow in it, please let me cum my Goddess! I’ll do anything ANYTHING to cum for you!”

As my cries for release traveled through Goddess Taylors ears, she laughed at me, and without a minute to spare she commanded “CUM! Cum for your Goddess, scream my name out as you cum for me.”

Without touching my cock I cum harder than I ever did in my life in her sweaty sock. The orgasm is so intense, I screamed but stuttered through Goddesses socked foot on my face, inhaling at the same time “GODDESS TAYLOR!” until every last drop is gone.

I feel so light headed my hands are on the ground, eskort istanbul Goddess Taylor takes her other sock off, and shoves it in my mouth. With the sock in my mouth, and the sock now filled with my hot cum still on wrapped around my cock, Goddess Taylor sends me back in my cage until next time.

As she locks the cage up, Goddess Taylor says “I’ll let you enjoy my socks a bit longer, I’ll allow you to cum inside my nasty sock ONCE tonight, then I’ll need them back. Do I make myself clear, Slave?”

I nodded speaking with the the sock still stuffed in my mouth muffling “Yes Goddess Taylor.” Through out the night I jerked once more in Goddesses sock as allowed, while hearing my Goddess fuck herself with one of her dildos. Her moaning voice echoed through the house, and as she started to cum hard, I did the same, creaming once more in her soggy cum filled sock. The next day sleeping next to her sock, and the other one over my cock Goddess wakes me up commanding me to give her socks back.

As I give her Goddess socks back she turns the one full of my cum inside out, and forces me to lick all my sticky cold cum off her sock clean. I stick my tongue out and Goddess Taylor rubs the excess cum all over my tongue like a icecream cone, the taste is salty, my cum feels so cold all over my tongue. I don’t like it, but I’ll do it, and only for Goddess Taylor.

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