Great fun at the mens club


The men’s club was always a great place to go to meet guys who didn’t have some where to meet, and if all else failed gave me more choice of cocks to play with as well.

I often went there mid week, to meet one nice guy, Mike who loved to fuck my ass, and although he was a bit older than me was good for 3 or 4 cum loads in a session, and each load was a good load too, his cock wasn’t to big, but the loved using toys or fisting my ass as well, and didn’t mind sharing me with other guys too, so all up my nights with him turned out pretty rewarding.

Mike though didn’t finish work until 9pm, so I would more often then not arrive at the club around 5 pm, when a fair few guys dropped in after work before going home, often by the time Mike arrived I had been fucked for 4 hours and had a nice wet ass for him to play in.

The more regular guys got to know me and we soon headed into the group room most times for a group fuck, I prefered top guys as they spent their time feeding my ass with their cocks, but I didn’t mind fucking a nice ass too, so when there was a choice of guys, tops or versatile, I too would dip my cock in a nice warm ass, and feed him my cum.

I remember one night with pride, I was being fucked in the group room by several guys, when şişli bayan escort a fresh load of hard cocks turned up, it appeared to be 4 or 5 friends out for the evening as they knew one another well, seeing me taking a dp from 2 guys, got one ot them really keen to try my ass, so after they had finished fucking me and emptied their ball sacks into me, he moved in, licking their cum from my ass as his fingers sunk deeper by the second, this sent me into a great orgasm.

Next up he fingered me harder, then four fingers now in my ass, kept my orgasm going, I told him if he wanted he could fist my ass too, he didn’t need a second invite, with some spit and cum as lube his fist shot hard up my ass, forcing me forward onto the bench.

He fisted for some time, pulling out cum and licking his fingers, then just as quick, plunged his cock fully home and fucked me hard. his mates now face fucking me, playing with my cock and body, some times they tend to get a bit rough pinching my nipples hard, is not always what I want, but when I’m in a group orgy, I don’t care.

I then asked if he wanted to dp my ass with his mate, before I knew, they had both cocks fully home and I was in bliss, I sucked as many cocks as I could, guys turned on seeing the show wanted şişli escort to be next, I liked this group room as it was roomy and dimly lit, but people could see every thing, and plenty of room for spectators, which I love, my sexual state is always highend when I have people watching me, especially when they are jerking of and cheering me on.

Being youngish they fucked long and hard, my ass on fire with feelings, then two nice cum loads rewarding my efforts.Loads of cum flooded my bowels, but no sooner had they cum then he pulled his cock out, fist me again and licked his cum from his fingers, I love kinky guys.

Between him and his friends the night was one constant fuck session, at no time was my ass empty for more than a few seconds, if they took a rest there were enought spare guys around to fill my hole, each time some one blew a load in me, he would lick me out or finger the cum from my ass.

After swollowig a few loads I asked the guy if he wanted to share my oral loads of cum too, now each time I took a mouth full of cum, he would lie under me and let it drop into his mouth. I also had guys bring cum to me from their head jobs too, any way i got cum from guys i loved it all.

I lost count of how many used my hole, but when I heard a voice mecidiyeköy escort say,”looks like your having fun” and a cock went in my mouth I knew Mike had
turned up, I had been going for 4 hours so far.

Mike waited his turn, then fist me for awhile before fucking me and giving me his first load, the same guy went down and ate his cum out, Mike liked seeing that and soon was hard for his next fuck, the same thing again, when he blew, his cum was eaten out of me.

I got Mike to fist me while others fucked my ass, he played with their cocks inside me making them cum quicker, now he fed the guy his fingers
covered in cum to eat. I know Mike had his four cums, but I think he might have made five that night, I was hot and sweaty with sex juices all over me by now.

The manager even came into the group room at one time, he had been told what was going on, and decided to get a bit of action himself, I was more than happy when he fucked and fisted me, before heading back to the office.

As the night drew on, guy started to leave and head of home, Mike spent some time using his toys in me, he liked to do that, as he did cum kept spilling out, as always I sucked his cock to keep him happy, but soon the manager told us it was closing time, 1 am, so with a quick shower, Mike also pissed over me, some thing we often did for extra kink.

I looked forward to the same time next week hoping they would all be back.

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