I looked around the apartment with a sense of pride. It was my first place, and even though it was small, it was mine. I flopped down on the couch, a hideous green floral monstrosity I had picked up for twenty bucks at a yard sale. The cushions were threadbare, and one of the legs was actually a chunk of 2×4 nailed to the frame, but it folded out into a full size bed, which was important when your living room doubled as your bedroom. I picked up the remote control and turned on the television. At least basic cable was included in the rent. I flipped through the channels, glad to see that basic cable included the history channel, and TNT.

Now, when I say my apartment was small, I’m not joking. The living room/bedroom was barely ten by ten, with a small closet that only went halfway to the floor, the bottom half was a series of three drawers. The kitchen, well I could stand in the middle and touch both walls in one direction and if I laid down, I could touch the door while my feet stuck into the living room in the other. The bathroom, however was big, at least by comparison. It had a huge claw foot tub, big enough to lay down in, two cupboards, a washer and dryer, as well as a four foot vanity, and toilet. Unfortunately it also had another door that led into the next apartment who shared it with me.

The only window in the place was in the living room, and had a wonderful view of a brick wall barely six feet away. If I stood close I could see down to the alleyway, three floors below where several cats had taken up residence. Still, it was my place, and I was looking forward to a bit of independence. College didn’t start for another three weeks, which gave me plenty of time to get acquainted with the neighborhood, and the campus. My counselor had set me up with a part time job working in maintenance, but I hoped to find another job as well.

The next week passed quickly. I managed to pick up a bookcase, and a used stereo from another yard sale, and had found a job working nights at a little restaurant a few blocks from the house. I got a phone turned on, and even stocked up on groceries. Lot’s of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pop tarts. What the hell, if I needed variety, I could always order pizza.

I had been in the place just over a week when I finally met my neighbor. It was a mutually embarrassing moment. I had just gotten back from work. It was almost two in the morning and the boss had given me the left over stew from the daily special. I put the stew in a pan and set it on the stove adjusting the burner to low. For those of you who have never worked in a restaurant, it is a dirty job, and when you get off, the first thing you want to do is take a bath.

I stepped into the bathroom, and froze. There was a shriek of surprise, and I quickly stepped back out of the room, pulling the door closed. “Sorry.” I called out through the door. Apparently my neighbor had finally come home. At that point all I could tell was that it was definitely a she, with bright red shoulder length hair, and a loud voice. I went back to the kitchen to stare at my stew, waiting for it to heat up.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I walked over and pulled it open. Standing in the doorway dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top was my neighbor. Her hair was wet, hanging down past her shoulders. She had pretty green eyes and lot’s of freckles. She was also tall, almost six inches taller than me, which isn’t saying much as I’m only five foot two.

“Hi, I’m Gwen.” she said, holding out her hand and smiling.

“I’m Chris.” I stammered, “And, once again, I’m sorry about that.”

“No sweat.” she said, looking past me into the apartment. “It’s my fault really. I forgot to lock the door.”

“You want to come in?” I said, stepping back to give her room to enter.

As walked in, nodding at the place. “Pretty much same as mine.” she said, walking over and glancing at the hallway that served as a kitchen. “At least you have a couch.” she said, standing beside it, her hand resting on the back.

“I was just heating up some stew.” I said, nodding toward the kitchen. “You’re welcome to join me.”

“You sure?” she said, “I mean, you don’t even know me, and well.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Besides, it’s the least I could do to sort of apologize for, well …”

“Oh, yeah.” she said, smiling. “You needed to use the bathroom. Tell you what, I’ll keep an eye on the food, while you uhm …”

“Oh, I was going to take a quick bath. I wash dishes at Junior’s, and, well you can imagine what I get to handle.”

“Oh, go ahead.” she said. “I’ll get the food ready.”

I went into the bathroom, and started the tub. While the water was filling, I brushed my teeth, and shaved, my mind running with a wild fantasy. I had just stepped into the tub when there was a knock on the bathroom escort bayan door. The door opened, and Gwen was standing there holding a pair of my jeans.

“I figured you would need these.” she said, stepping in and putting them on the counter. “Besides,” she giggled, “I figured you owed me a peek.”

I just sat there, unsure what to do. In turn, she just stood by the vanity, staring at me. My cock, unlike the rest of me, seemed to know exactly what to do. As it slowly started to rise out of the water, it was like she woke up.

“Oh.” she said, her face turning red. “I better go check on that stew. Don’t want it to burn.” In a flash she was out the door, pulling it closed behind her.

I hurried through my bath, all sorts of thoughts running through my head. Thoughts so vivid I had a difficult time tucking myself inside my jeans. Even after I managed to, my cock was pressing against the material creating a noticeable bulge. Finally, knowing waiting would do no good, I walked back into the apartment, keeping one hand draped over my crotch to try and hide my erection.

Gwen had just set two bowls of stew on the makeshift table, and turned as I walked in.

“I’m sorry.” she said, giggling. “I just had to do that.”

“It’s alright. I guess I had it coming.” I replied, walking over to stand on the opposite side of the table.

“Friends?” she said, holding out her hand.

“Friends.” I agreed. shaking her hand, and smiling.

As we ate, we talked about school, and discovered we were taking several of the same classes. She was excited when she learned I had a car and offered to split gas cost if she could ride with me. We talked about where we were from, and what it was like. Before we knew it, the sun was coming up.

“Oh, shit.” she said, looking at the alarm clock. “I gotta go. I have to be at the financial aide office by seven.”

“No problem.” I said, grabbing the bowls and heading to the kitchen. “I can give you a ride. I have to go to the book store anyway.”

“I’ll grab my paperwork, and be right back.” she said, rushing into the bathroom.

As I pulled up in front of the finance center, Gwen leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“By the way,” I said, as she climbed out of the car. “The bathroom thing. We’re not really even. You stared.”

She smiled and closed the door, before rushing up the sidewalk. I sat there for several seconds watching her.

The day seemed to drag by, and I was grateful that the restaurant was slow, and I was glad when my boss sent me home early. I walked into the apartment and was surprised to see the dishes done, and a pan of macaroni and cheese. The television was going, and as I walked into the living room, I saw Gwen sitting on the couch.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Just thought you might be hungry.” she said, looking up at me and smiling. “Besides, I don’t have a TV.” she added nodding toward my television.

“I appreciate it, but how’d you get in?” I asked, not really caring. I was actually glad to see her.

“You didn’t lock your bathroom door.” she said, standing up and switching off the television. “I’ll heat things up if you want to take a bath.” she said, walking past me and into the kitchen. “Smells like you need one.”

“Gee, nice to see you too.” I said, acting hurt.

“Oh, just take a bath. I’ll get you some food ready.” She flipped the burner on, and grabbed a package of hot dogs from the fridge.

I walked into the bathroom, feeling like I was walking on clouds. I had just slipped into the tub when the door opened. Gwen was standing there, a devilish smile on her face. She stepped in, pulling the door closed behind her. I just sat in the tub, staring at her.

“You know, ” she said, her hands grasping the edges of her top and lifting it upward. “I bet we could save money on our water bill by bathing together.”

I sat there staring as she unzipped her shorts and let them drop to the floor. She stood there several seconds, turning slightly as I stared at her.

“Well?” she said, finally, stepping to the side of the tub, and splashing the water at me.

“I, uhm, well?” I stammered, my tongue as hard as my cock.

“Does that mean I can get in?” she said, lifting one leg and resting it on the edge of the tub which gave me a clear view of her neatly trimmed pussy, the lips glistening with moisture.

She laughed as I slid sideways, making room for her to step in. She slowly lowered into the water, kneeling down facing me. She reached out and took the washcloth from my hand, and began lathering it up with soap. Her eyes were locked on mine as she slowly ran the washcloth over her breasts, leaving a trail of thin suds that slowly ran off them dropping into the water. She washed her neck and face before rinsing the washcloth and wiping away the tuzla genç escort suds. I sat motionless, my eyes going from her face to her breasts to her pubic area, barely visible under the water.

“Could you do my back?” she said, turning around, and sliding toward me.

Her ass brushed against my legs as she continued sliding backwards. She didn’t stop until my cock was brushing against her lower back. My hands were shaking as I lathered up the washcloth and started washing her back. She kept wiggling backward until my cock was firmly pressed between my stomach and her ass. Then she leaned back, her body pressing against mine, as her hand reached around, grabbing mine and pulling it around to her front.

“I think I missed a spot.” she said, her voice sounding almost innocent as she placed my hand directly on her breast.

“Or maybe two.” I said, reaching my other hand around to grab the other breast.

“Maybe.” she said, “But I think it might have been a bit lower.” She grasped my hand guiding it across the flatness of her belly, until my fingers brushed against her pubic hair.

“Think you can find it from there.” she said, leaning her head back against me.

“I’ll try.” I gasped, my fingers fumbling awkwardly through her pubic hair. She jumped slightly, as I finally found the spot, my finger brushing against her swollen clit, before gentle tracing a path across her opening.

“I think that’s it.” she whispered, her breathing quickening, as her hand reached down to cover mine, her fingers pressing against mine, guiding them into her. “Uh-huh. I think you got it.” she said, her hips beginning to gyrate slightly, as my fingers slowly penetrated her.

“Oh god, you got it.” she cried, her hips moving faster, water splashing out of the tub onto the floor.

Her hand squeezed mine, forcing my fingers further into her as she began humping wildly, her back slamming against my cock, then letting it spring free.

Suddenly her legs closed squeezing my hand as she pressed back against me, her whole body shaking as she came. I could fell her pussy clenching and unclenching, around my fingers, her whole body shaking in time to the contractions. Gradually she began to relax, her breathing slowed, and her legs parted slightly. She reached up to grab my head turning it towards hers. Her mouth opened, and her tongue darted out, seeking my mouth. As our mouths met, she twisted around, kneeling on top of me as her tongue invaded my mouth.

Her body pressed against mine, her breasts pressing into me, the heat burning holes into my flesh.

She broke of the kiss, pushing herself up, and staring down at me.

“Come on.” she said, the need clear in her voice as she grabbed my arm and stood up.

She stepped out of the tub, splashing more water onto the floor as she half drug me through the door and into my apartment. The hide abed was opened, the blankets pulled back. She turned and encircled my waist, her mouth seeking mine as she stepped backwards, until her legs touched the bed. Then she just fell back, pulling me with her, her legs moving up to encircle my waist as her hand reached down between us, searching, and finding my cock.

I gasped, as her hand encircled me, guiding me toward her warm wet entrance. For the briefest moment I paused, thinking about protection, but my cock brushed against her opening, parting the lips slightly and all thought of anything else was gone. I pushed forward, my cock forcing her open, sliding into her as she grabbed my ass, pulling me into her even further. Her legs raised up, locking around my waist as our pelvic bones met, my cock fully engulfed in her hot gripping glove.

Convinced I was as deep as I could go, her hands moved up my back, grasping my head and pulling my mouth to hers. She didn’t say a word, just pulled my face close, her mouth hungry for mine, her body beginning to respond to my intrusion. I could feel her nipples burning into me as her hips began undulating, moving in little circles. I tried moving my hips, but her legs had me clamped to her, I tried again, and she broke off the kiss, her hands reaching down to grab my ass, pulling me back inside her.

I wanted to pound into her as fast and hard as I could, but she held me to her, controlling my movements, keeping the thrusts slow, deliberate. Her breathing began to quicken, and her hips started moving more erratically, the strokes getting longer with each thrust until she cried out, her head thrown back, her fingers digging into my back. I felt like a cowboy trying to ride a wild horse that was doing everything in its power to throw me off. The only thing keeping me in the saddle were her legs locked firmly around my waist.

She started to relax, her legs losing their grip on my waist, her hips quivering, as she slowed to a stop. As I felt her tuzla kendi evi olan escort grip loosen, I pulled back, withdrawing my cock until only the tip was still inside, before sliding back in, struggling to keep my movements slow and deliberate. She stared up at me, her face a mask of pure animal lust, as I slid into her again, only to pull nearly out. Her hands reached back up, grasping at my ass, pulling hard, slamming me into her, before releasing, letting me withdraw slowly, only to pull me quickly back in. My own desire was out of control, and I began slamming into her with every once of strength I could muster.

Every time our hips slammed together she let out a little gasp. It took only a few strokes and I felt my cock swelling, pulsing as our pubic bones collided. She felt it too, her eyes opening wide, as my cock spewed deep inside her, emptying my seed deep in her. Her hands traced lightly down my back, making me shiver as my cock continued to explode inside her. Gwen started grinding against me, my exploding cock lodged deep inside her. Suddenly she went completely rigid, her eyes wide, her mouth held open in the shape of an “O”.

My orgasm subsiding, I collapsed on top of her, our breathing seeming to synchronize. We lay there for several minutes, neither of us speaking, my cock slowly shrinking and slipping from her pussy. Her hands traced light circles in the middle of my back, as her breathing slowed.

“You hungry?” she asked, her fingers slowly moving up and down my back.

An image came to my mind, and without thinking, I acted on it. I started moving down her body, leaving a trail of light kisses until my mouth reached her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect. I slipped one into my mouth, amazed by the heat I felt. I sucked on it for a few moments, swirling my tongue across the very tip, before slowly tracing a path across her chest to the other nipple. Her hands moved to my shoulders, not guiding, merely resting there. I gave her other nipple the same treatment then move down across the flatness of her stomach, stopping to invade her belly button.

By now her breathing had started to quicken, and her fingers were starting to dig into my shoulders.

“What are you doing?” she laughed, as I slowly withdrew my tongue from her belly button and moved downward, my tongue tracing a path through her pubic hair.

“Oh, god!” she cried out, as my tongue brushed across her clit. Her hands released my shoulders, moving to the back of my head, as I wrapped my lips around her clit, sucking lightly, my tongue barely brushing against it.

She spread her legs wide, holding my head, but not forcing, as I slid downward, my tongue slipping between the fold of her drenched pussy. The taste was exhilarating, the mix of our fluids serving to spur me on. My tongue slid deep into her pussy, soaking in the mixture of our sex. I flexed my tongue muscles, curling my tongue into a cylindrical shape, then rolled it backward. I unrolled, and flattened it, then did it again, smiling as Gwen began squirming, her hips thrusting frantically, her hands beginning to tighten on my head.

Her hips lifted, thrusting her pussy into my mouth, her hands holding me tightly. The spasms started suddenly, her legs closing involuntarily, as she cried out, her hands releasing my head to flail about wildly. I shifted my head slightly, shoving my tongue as far into her as it would go, at the same time, pressing my nose against her swollen clit. It was like pressing the launch button on a rocket, as she exploded, her whole body shaking and flailing wildly, as I struggled to maintain contact. Gradually her orgasm slowed, and she started to relax, as she lowered her hips. I let my tongue slip from her pussy, sliding upward across her clit, which sent her into another explosive spasm, my tongue flicking lightly across her pleasure button.

I slowly raised my head, looking up at her. My face was covered in a mixture of our fluids, as I smiled up at her. I slowly slid back up her body, my tongue leaving a wet trail across her skin. My cock, once again rock hard, slid easily into her. She smiled up at me, tears running down her face, as I slid slowly into her.

“Oh god, I’ve never.” she said, her legs slowly raising, slipping behind my legs, her strength so sapped she could raise them no farther. I moved slowly, my cock pulsing, already on the verge of exploding. She reached up, grasping my head, pulling me down, her lips parting, allowing my tongue to slide into her mouth. She held me, her arms wrapped around my back, as I slid in and out, my cock pulsing. I kept moving slowly, letting my orgasm build. I felt her cunt tightening, the muscles flexing. I shoved deep into her, feeling my cock pulse, my cum spewing forth. She gasped, feeling me cumming deep inside her. I dropped my head down, slipping into the crook of her neck, my mouth latching onto the skin, drawing her in, as the flexing of my cock pushed her over the edge, her orgasm sweeping through her one more time.

I collapsed on top of her, my body completely spent. We lay like that holding each other drifting off to sleep.

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