Half Priced Taxi Part 2


Half Priced Taxi Part 2Once inside the party, Linda wasted no time grabbing us some drinks and getting into the mood, i myself was finding it hard to get into the party spirit as all i could think about was the events from earlier and the possibilities of what could happen later on if i didnt get things under control.I looked at Linda chatting to one of her friends in the corner, what a slut i thought looking at Linda, it wasnt more than 30 minutes ago she was sucking off the taxi drivers black cock, swallowing his cum and giving a show to passers by, now she wanted to go to his house later to have sex with him? i wasnt sure how i felt about this one, what was in it for me? but at the same time i felt as though this was mostly my fault as i had encouraged her.Linda looked hot as the sun tonight, her hair looked a little more messed than usual for the obvious reasons but she just had a certain sexiness about her tonight that was irresistable.The night went really quick and the party was winding down.Linda came over to me and sat on my lap.”Whats wrong, you seem a bit quiet tonight” she asked”I’m ok, just thinking about things” i answered”Is it about before? did i cross the line? she said”No what you did before was super hot, its just im not sure how i feel about you…Linda cut me off by pashing me, she deeply started to kiss me.Even though she had washed her mouth out with Listerine all i could think about was where her mouth had been. When Linda gets drunk she loves to makeout and this was one of those nights.”So whats going to happen after” she asked?”What you mean? i said”You know what i mean, am i going to Raheem’s house? she asked”I’m really unsure about this Linda, i’m in two minds, i’m worried about your safety for a start” i said”If you don’t want me to just say, i won’t do anything like this ever again, we can just go back to how it used to be” she said This was almost like a trick question, she knew what she was doing.”It’s not that i don’t want you to it’s just…Linda butted in.”Sounds to me like you want everthing your own way and want to control me, what about if i want to have a bit of fun? she asked”Yeah that’s it, it sounds like you want to have all the fun” i said sarcastically”And whats wrong with klasbahis yeni giriş that? i mean last time i checked it was you that encouraged me , i thought it was just a once off thing on holiday that we could keep a secret for our own fun, then you kept bringing it up for me to do it again, now your unsure because i want to?”What do i get out of it? what if i want to go have sex with a girl tonight? i said abruptly”There you go being selfish again, it’s not about you, you created this whole scenario yourself remember? she saidI was speechles, i didnt know what to say, she had a point and i had no leg to stand on.”Cmon it will be hot” she said trying to convince me”Yeah it might be but i won’t see it or know whats going on, plus you could be in danger and i wouldnt know” i said”Sweetie, it will be fine, maybe i could send you pictures and video of me while im there, maybe give you a call while i’m doing it, what you say? she asked”Hmmm that would be hot, i’m just still not sure if this would ruin things” i said concerned”It won’t, it will make it better, i promise, maybe we can talk about having a threesome with another girl and fufilling one of your fantasies after this” she teased”Now your making it hard for me to say no” i said”Haha thought that would change your mind” she laughed”Just think of the incredibly hot sex we will have when i come home, i can tell you all about it, how hot will that be” she said excited.”Ok….. lets get you there safe” i said reluctantly as i dialed for another cab to pick us up.”Your great, this is going to be so hot” she said as she kissed me passionetely.The cab arrived and away we went to the destination, luckily the cabbie was a old guy and didnt look like he would know Raheem or would know what was on the agenda. I felt up Linda for a lot of the journey there, her pussy was absolutely soaking through her panties, it got me kind of jealous because it wasnt all caused by me.The moment had arrived as we came to Raheem’s address, Linda grabbed me one more time and kissed me again before she got out of the door and waved goodbye with a cheeky smile, we began to back out the driveway and made the long drive to my place.My heart had sunk, What had i just klasbahis giriş done, i just dropped my girlfriend off to get fucked by a black guy who wasnt just going to have sex with her, he was going to fuck the shit out of her, he proberbly had his toungue in every orafice by now.We were almost home when i recieved the first text messege:”Ok i have arrived safely, Raheem is a gentleman, he is going to give me a full body massage but the catch is i have to get naked first, what u think ;)I didnt expect this to be the first messege, i thought it would be a bit more further along.”Lucky guy getting to see you naked” i repliedI had arrived home now and sat on the couch not knowing what to do with myself, i had mixed emotions, excitement, jealousy and annoyance at not knowing what was going on.”Beep Beep” it was another text, it was a picture messege, i opened it to see what was inside.It was a pic of Linda with Raheems black hand’s covering her naked breasts with Linda with her hands covering her pussy, she had a cheeky smirk on her face.Holy shit did she look hot!, there was no way i would be able to get any sleep tonight. I decided to pour myself a strong whiskey to get myself over feeling the way i did. Another 5 minutes had passed when i recieved another text, it read:”He is massaging my ass and thighs right now, feels soooo good, i have oil all over my body, how are you feeling? ;)i answered “Uhhh Jealous!!! your killing me! what’s next on the agenda?It was a bit longer before i recieved the next messege, every minute seemed to go on forever, it was agony! it was a picture messege this time, I breathed deep before opening it not knowing what was next:I opened it, it was Linda lying on her belly looking into the phone camera with a lusty look in her eyes, in the background you could see Raheem’s face buried in her butt!This was a even dirtier than the last messege and i hated to admit it but it was hot!Suddenly my phone rang, it was Linda.”Heyyy ughhh i thought you would huuuh like to listen in” LInda said as she was breathing deep”Whats going on” i asked curiously”uhhhh he is licking my pussy and my ass uhhhh” she answered”Judging by your breathing sounds like you are enjoying it” i said”uhhhh klasbahis güvenilirmi uhhh yeah feels amazing uhhh uhhh i got to go i cant concentrate bye” she said then hungup.What a bitch i thought, it was almost like she did that on purpose to tease me! I waited several minutes before recieving another messege, it was a video msg, title: mouths full.I opened it and pressed play…… it was a short 20 second p.o.v clip of Linda in the 69 position and she was getting majority of his black meat down her throat, it was short clip but by hell it was hot! i watched it several times before i recieved another messege.”Ok i cant msg you for a bit, im gonna be too busy ;)” What? i thought, ripped off!almost 15 minutes had passed and i was getting impatiant untill i recieved another video messege, i opened it. It was Linda in doggystyle position looking into the camera getting drilled from behind by Raheem, Linda was loving it, she was moaning like crazy! it was only another short 20 second clip but it painted the picture very clearly.I recieved another messege 5 mins later, it read “Raheem wants to cum in my pussy, should i let him? ;)What about pregnancy i thought to myself? Linda was on the pill but what if she had missed a day, there was always a risk and it worried me.i replied “No, on your face would be hotter :)” i said not trying to sound that i was bothered but i really was. Another 5 minutes had passed and i was wondering what was going on.Beep Beep another messege Title: Too lateIt was a pic of Linda with cum dripping out of her sloppy vagina!Shit! i thought, he had filled her up alright! Linda was being careless but a part of me was finding it hot and another part of me was angry with her.I sent her a messege “Wow you are filled up! tell me when you want me to come get you” i said trying not to sound upset, all i wanted to do was fuck her like the slut she had became!Another 15 minutes had went by with no word, i was going to give her a ring untill i recieved a text that read “Im tired, im gonna stay here and sleep, plus Raheem wants some morning sex anyway 😉 want to come get me tommorow? i will make it up to you ;)What? i couldnt believe it, i was annoyed but still turned on by the prospect of what a slut she had become, i wasnt sure how she would react tommorow when she sobered up, would she still fuck him?I ended up passing out on the couch, i was awoken by my phone going off in the morning, it was Linda:”Hey babe, im ready to be picked up, im exausted” To be continued…..The End

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