I’m a handyman, residential or commercial I can fix it. This week I am working in an office building in Marion, Indiana. The place is still open for business; I work around their clients and employees. I am rewiring the building for electronic and security upgrades. There are more women working this lawyer’s office than men, some nice looking young legal aids running around here.

I am forty years old and not that bad looking, at least that is what I am told. They are flirting with me; I am not that outgoing with people, I like to get my work done and be left alone. But hell, I won’t pass a chance at someone that much younger than me. I travel around taking work and affection where I can. I have a list of references a mile long. Right now, I am subcontracted with a security company to wire several buildings inside the city limits. I had to hire a couple of local men to help. We were three weeks into this building; six floors over two hundred offices. I worked late most nights, because I had nothing else to do. I don’t drink or party anymore, not since the last time cost me a major job. Missing three days of work on a million dollar contract hurt, that set my business back a couple of years. This new contract would bring me back onto my schedule.

It was Friday afternoon, after working five twelve hour days here on the jobsite then one or two hours every night on paperwork. I was ready for the weekend, tonight was a dinner then maybe a movie alone as usual. One of the secretaries had been making special trips to see if I needed anything, like coffee, water. She was going out of her way to attend my needs, that afternoon I decided to see just what she would do. It wasn’t the first time a woman had shown interest while I was working in her office.

“Jack, would you like a cup of coffee?” She asks.

“Alyna, I would love a cup. You know, black, no sugar or cream.” I said.

“I’ll be right back.” Alyna said.

Alyna born in the Ukraine, her folks immigrated here when she was a child. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and beautifully tall, with the heels she wore. She was about six foot four inches, and maybe one hundred, twenty pounds. She had my attention. When she returned, I said, “Thank you, Alyna.” I paused, “Say, what are you doing tonight? I was thinking of quitting a little early and going out for supper. Would you like to join me for dinner and a movie of your choice?”

“I…. Yes, I would. I need to run home first, I have pets to care for.” She said.

“That’s fine. I need to go home and clean up first.” I said.

“Where do you live?” She asks.

“I’m in a campground outside town.” I said.

“Do you have clothes with you?” She asks.

“Yes, I always carry extra clothing with me.” I said.

“I usually take a bus to work and back home. If you want, you can take me home and use my shower and bathroom to clean up.” She said.

I smiled, “That would save me sometime, sure I can do that.”

“Fine, I get off at five, meet me at my desk; you can take me home tonight.” She said.

I had a hard time focusing on my work the rest of the day. Five o’clock just didn’t want to arrive, but at four-thirty I ordered a cleanup and put the tools away. At five till five I was standing a ways from her desk waiting. I had two bottles of cold water, one for her and one for me. The clock struck five; she stood and walked towards me. I held my arm out for her, she took it and we walked to the elevator. She held my arm all the way down-and-out to the truck. I opened her door and helped her in and attached her seat belt for her. I climbed in the truck; Alyna guided me to her house.

The place was across town, a new large modern house. “How did she afford this on her pay?” I wondered.

“You can park in the driveway.” She said and waited till I opened her door for her. I followed her into the house. Two cats meet us at the door, I was carrying my duffel back, it was my emergency kit. I often run into problems where afterwards I needed to clean up. I had two sets of clothes, one for work, one for dress. There was a shave kit, soap and shampoo plus socks and underwear and a pair of dress boots.

She led me through the house, “You can use the guest bath,” She said, “its right there.” She guided me into the bedroom and pointed at a door. “There” She said.

“What about your husband?” I ask.

“What are you asking that for, you know I am not married or you wouldn’t be here.” She said, “Besides he run off two years ago with a young redhead.”

“Sorry to hear that.” I said.

“So was I, she was my favorite niece, my youngest brother’s daughter. The little bitch.” She said.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“Get ready; while you are in here I will change into something more fitting.” She said. She left the room, I went into the bathroom. I shaved then showered. I dried off and dressed. Out in the bedroom, I sat on the bed and put my socks and boots on. I stuff my things back in the bag. I dropped it by the bedroom door. I walked out into the livingroom. Alyna was standing there in a black pleaded kartal escort bayan cotton skirt the come to just above her knees, a white thin cotton blouse with a black vest over it. The blouse was open down to where the vest closed over her breast showing a lot of cleavage. Her thick full blonde hair was draped down over her shoulder about six inches below her breast. She wore heels that had to be seven inches high. I stood there staring at the beauty before me.

“Put your eyes and tongue back into your head, I know I am a sight, but please.” She said.

“Sorry, the look is so much different than your office look.” I said.

“I know men just can’t handle it.” She said.

“I wouldn’t know why, I have never seen a better view anywhere.” I said.

She blushed, “Thank you, are we ready?”

“Where do you want to eat?” I ask.

She studied me, I was dress in black slacks and a blue shirt, not formal but not jeans and a t. “You look nice too.” She said, “I was thinking about going to Ft. Wayne. There is a little diner on the south side that serves a good home cooked style menu; it’s classy and not overstuffed.”

“I’ll drive, you guide me.” I said.

“Let’s take my car; your truck will be out of style for the night.” She said handing me the keys. I looked at the key. It was an old Ford key. She took me out into the garage, there was a 1974 Ford Maverick Grabber sitting there. I marveled, “Shit, sorry, forgive me, but this is a 1974 Maverick Grabber with a 302 Boss under the hood. This is your car, your only car?” I ask.

“Yes, I haven’t found the other one I want yet.” She said.

I looked at her, “Don’t tell me, you want the custom build Drag-n-fly that matches this.” I said.

“You know of the Drag-n-fly, not many know about that rare car.” She said.

“I know of one in existence, the man wants an arm, a leg from my two kids.” I said.

“Yeah, I know him too.” She said.

“I had some great memories in a Maverick. I am honored to drive this tonight, if you don’t mind me driving it hard” I said.

“Drive her like she’s supposed to be driven, it is fully-insured.” She said.

I held the door for her; she put on her own seat belt. I slid in behind the wheel. She reached over and pushed the remote for the garage door, it started up. I started the engine, the roar was beautiful. I put it in gear; the four speed shifter on the floor brought back memories. I backed out of the garage and waited till the door went down, my truck was locked. I backed out onto the street and stopped, “May I?” I ask.

“She smiled, “Of course, how could you drive it without smoking the tires once.”

I revved the engine, dumped the clutch. The car didn’t move forward but the rear tires were spinning. I slammed it into second gear and the tires never stopped, but we started moving forward. I was smiling, not only was I taking this woman on a date but now I was driving her muscle car. I had it smoking the tires in front of her house; I just hope I was spending the night in her bed.

I looked over, she was smiling at me. “What, I haven’t done this in twenty years; we are not taking the interstate tonight.” I said. I headed out of town on a state route. The traffic was heavy; I made a turn I found a county road running north. I opened it up. I hit one-thirty before I backed it down to within the speed limits. She was white. “Are you Ok?” I ask.

“Are you crazy? That was wild; I never run it that fast.” She said.

“My Maverick topped at one thirty. I don’t know what this car would top at. I would like to find out, but I don’ know the roads around here, trying this speed on the interstate is stupid.

We reached the diner, and had our meal. As we were finishing, “Do you know what movie you would like to see?” I ask.

“I thought maybe we could go back to my place and watch some stuff I have. If you take the interstate home and try to reach top speed. The trip here got me wet and horny, the return trip should take me over the edge.” She said.

We left the diner, I thought hard on how to get the state boys off of the highway before I started south. I couldn’t think of anything that would work without causing a massive problem. Hell, I would chance it, she would be worth it. If I got arrested so be it, maybe she would bail me out. I turned onto the ramp to the interstate. I slid into traffic as we leave the city the traffic thins out a lot. I am already pushing eighty; I pushed the pedal to the floor. It’s less than twenty miles to our exit. I hold the pedal down; cars are flying backwards as we go by them. Alyna is smiling and has one hand between her legs with her skirt pulled up to her waist. She is getting off on this, her legs look good but I have little time to study them. Mere minutes go by when I see the sign telling of the exit we need. I have hit one hundred and fifty-five miles an hour, not bad for this machine. I let off the pedal and the car starts is slow down. Two miles later I stop at the turn at the end of the off-ramp. I look over at Alyna, she is leaning into the yakacık escort door her head back, eyes closed, her fingers are busy as she comes. Her breathing is labored and she is stiff. I make the turn and head for her place. She comes out of it, “You look damn hot like that. Alyna, I hope you saved some for me.” I said.

“There is plenty for you. I just hope you can handle it all night.” She said.

“Woman, don’t you worry about me, I can handle you and your sister.” I said.

I pulled up to a stop light; this Camaro pulls up on my side. I look over, the Camaro is beefed, the driver signals he wants to run. I look at Alyna, she smiles and reaches to the dash and pushes a panel above the stereo. The panel drops down revealing a gauge, a switch and a light. She flips the switch, the light says, “Armed” on it. That is when I first really notice the red button on the steering wheel. “Shit, NOS” I said. I turn to the other driver and give him the bird. The light turns green; I dump the clutch and the Maverick shot forward. We are almost a full car length in front of the Camaro when I hit fourth gear. The Camaro ease up beside me, I give the red button a five-count push. The Maverick shoots out in front leaving the Camaro behind. I don’t watch the loser as I slid the Maverick into a right hand ninety degree turn at sixty miles an hour. I hear sirens and leave the area, minutes later I am backing into the garage. I never saw a red light flashing behind me. Damn, another good night behind the wheel of a Maverick.

“Push the seat back” She said. I leaned down and pushed the full bench seat back. She leans over and grabs my belt; she undoes the belt and pulls the zipper down. I raise my ass and lower my pants. “No one has ever driven this car like that. I have never cum so hard in my life. I need to taste your shifter.” She cried.

I sat back as she lowered her head around my cock. She sucked my cock hard, licking and tonguing the head. I laid my left hand on her blonde head; my right hand snaked between her legs. She was so wet, her juices spreading along both thighs; I pushed two fingers into her cunt. She spreads her legs to give me room. I finger-fucked her pussy while she swallowed the head of my cock, pulling free, sucking one ball into her mouth then the second one, she swirled her tongue around my balls and she popped them out one at a time. I about popped right there. I lain my head back, she said, “Come in my mouth this time.”

“I can do that.” I said. She engulfed my cock and sucked hard on it. I said, “Shit.” My fingers driving in and out of her cunt, she squeezed my balls, her lips locked just below the head, her tongue swirling over the soft sensitive flesh. I blew my load into her mouth; she swallowed like it was nothing. I enjoyed the head and fingering her.

“Woman, time to get away from this teenage sex and find a carpeted floor with some room, so we can fuck like adults.” I said.

“Yes, I need cock in pussy.” She said with a Russian accent. She laughed.

“Funny” I said as I stood beside the car pulling my pants up. I helped her slid under the steering wheel and out beside me. I had a good idea; I pushed her down over the trunk from the side of the car. I flipped her skirt up and knelt behind her. I buried my face in her twat, she screamed as my tongue slid inside her. She pounded her fist on the car, “Fuck, eat me you prick, shove that tongue deeper.” She screamed.

I put my right arm around her leg and fingered her clit. My tongue pushing in and out of her hole, my left hand rose up and I pushed two fingers into her asshole. “Fuck, yes, please god fucking yes” She shouted. She cum in my mouth, her hot juices squirted out into my mouth, it about choked me. I had not been expecting her to ejaculate her cum. I recovered quickly and lapped her juices up, it is the sweetest nectar on the planet, I’m not going to waste it. She had come so many times since we left the diner. Her knees buckled, I scooped her beautiful little ass up and carried her into the house.

“Take me into bedroom, to all my toys.” She said.

I carried her into her bedroom; I put her down on the bed. Before she could move I had her vest and blouse off and was pulling her skirt off. She laid there in her garterbelt, stockings and heels. I moved and found the bindings on the headboard. I cuffed her right wrist and crawled across her and cuffed her left wrist. She cried, “No, you’re supposed to be here.”

I smile at her and cuffed her left ankle then her right ankle. She was cussing now, “Fuck, you prick, this is my place, I am the Dom here.”

“Not this time, my sweet,” I said, “, now to find the rest of your stuff.” I looked around the room, the hope chest at the foot of the bed, “Here I bet,” I opened it to find many toys. I dug through it till I found a ball-gag. I moved to her, I kissed her. She tried to bite me. “My love, it is your turn to lie back and let me care for you.” I said. She couldn’t respond because when she opened her mouth I pushed the ball gag in. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, down hürriyet mahallesi escort her neck. I worked my way slowly down her naked tanned body, trailing kisses to her tits that firm nice breast, I licked each one of them round and around them, sucking and nipping the nipples. Alyna is moaning and crying, happy and mad, as I covered every inches of her breast inside and outside. I move down her abdomen licking and kissing till I reach her bellybutton. She is fighting the bindings, pulling her hips away but she can only go so far. I move between her legs, I return to her bellybutton, the piercing is beautiful I scrape my teeth across it, she moans. I lick lower and lower into her blonde trimmed bush. I lick each side of the bush along the upper thigh. She is wiggling like mad, I am driving her crazy, I can see it in her eyes. I reach around and pull something from my hip pocket, her eyes grow huge in surprise, I have a large dildo I found in her box of toys. I lay it against her pussy; I work the tip of it up and down her pussy lips. She is about to come again, slowly I work the tip into her cunt. She screams a muffled, “FUCK”

I ease the fifteen inch dildo into her pussy. It fills her up, she is gasping around the gag, her arms are pulling against the restrains, her mind is so fucked she is gone. I pull the dildo out and push it back in, I start fucking her with it. She is flopping on the bed now, the orgasms have taken her, she has come and come. She has reached a place that she has never known.

I pull the dildo out and lay it aside, I moved around the bed, uncuffing her. I crawl up and pull her head to my shoulder, I hold her as she comes down from her heights. She lays still now curled up against me, she is breathing normal. I just hold my woman, as she sleeps. I drift off holding her.

Morning comes, I awake, she is still curled up against me asleep. I pull loose and go into the bathroom to clean up. I return she is stirring. I kneel on the bed and kiss her, “Time to rise, clean up and put on something light and airy. Not covering too much, I want my woman open to me. I will be down fixing some breakfast.” I said and left the room.

As I was fixing breakfast, Alyna come into the room wearing a see-through cover, white stockings and white wedge sandals. Her hair freshly washed and almost dry, the smile on her face reflected a million pearls.

“That was great, that ride and what you did to me afterwards. I have never been bound like that, I was always the dominator, but being dominated sent me places I never knew.” She said.

I smiled at her. “I can’t stay” I said.

“What, can’t stay today?” She asks.

“No, once this job’s done, I will move on.” I said.

“No, you must stay, I will give you anything you want, me, the house, my bank account, whatever you want, even other women, but you can’t leave me.” She cried.

“I don’t want anything but maybe you, but I can’t stay it’s not in my blood anymore. If I settled down my life will go wrong.” I said.

“Then take me with you, I will quit my job, I have enough for us to live on.” She said.

“Damn it, Alyna. I love you but it won’t work, it will destroy us. I have tried this before, though they were nothing like you. I can’t have a woman in my life, like that. I will hurt you just as I am now.” I said.

“I can’t live without you; I am ruined to others after last night. I belong to you now; no one will fill me like that again. I will follow you where ever you go.” She said.

“Damn it, Alyna. I have two months on this job, we can try it here. I will store my trailer and move in with you. I want you to continue working. Nothing is to change, except me in your bed. If I can keep jobs here or within an hour’s drive, I will stay till we go south.

She attacked me kissing and hugging, I stood there laughing because I wanted this just as bad as she did. I would try to make it work. I took her and threw her over my shoulder. She had come so much last night. I wanted some more fun. I carried her up to the bedroom; I chained her face down on the bed with the same shackles I had used last night. I stuffed several large pillows under her torso lifting her body into the air. I dug through the box till I found a butt plug and a ring gag. I put the ring gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. I pushed the butt plug into her ass and turned it on. She was cumming already; I lowered my head and licked her cunt tasting her pussy. I found a ten inch vibrator and pushed it into her twat and set it to high. I moved around to her head. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Slowly I pushed my stiff meat into her mouth through the ring gag. She moaned she now had all three holes full with something. I forced my cock down her throat. She choked but I kept pushing.

“My beautiful Russian slut, you are going to take this down your throat till I feel your nose against my skin. You belong to me now; I am your master in this bedroom.” I said. I shoved my cock deep into her throat. She didn’t cry and just opened her throat and let it slid in; I started fucking her mouth, holding her head with both hands so she couldn’t move. I pushed all ten inches down her throat, her nose pushed into my hair and skin at the base of my cock. I held there till she choked trying to breathe. I pulled out and removed the ring gag.

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