Happy Cucky Birthday Baby


Marcus has been trying to get me to have sex with another man since the third year of our marriage. I can’t understand why. We have a great sex life. Every other night we fuck like bunnies for hours. When he enters me I have an orgasm almost immediately. He knows how to touch me and give me those special feelings.

He seems happy in our marriage. We live comfortably and he is a good provider. But lately after we gave had a good screw, he turns over once he has caught his breath and whispers, “I would have loved to see you do that with a big black cock!”

“Didn’t you enjoy it,” I always ask.

“Sure, baby, but I long to see your pretty, clean shaved cunt filled with something big enough to give you the pleasure and enjoyment you deserve. I want you to have Earth shattering climaxes, baby! And my six inches just don’t have the power it takes to give you that,” he explains.

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” I always ask.

“Sure, baby! There’s nothing more I enjoy than holding you in my arms and feeling the warmth of you silky pussy over my hard cock. Most times I have to count backwards by fives to keep from cumming the instant I enter that wet box of yours,” he tries to explain.

I usually sigh and roll off the bed to take my shower. He falls asleep and when I climb back into the bed, he’s snoring. I cuddle next to him and eventually fall asleep.

This week he’s been real excited about something. He keeps reminding me that my thirtieth birthday is just around the corner. He knows I don’t want to think of it let alone be reminded of it. I just want the day to come and go like any other day.

“My pretty, Alexa, I have the most wonderful present for your birthday this year!” he teases me.

“Oh? What is that Marcus, a new toaster oven or some more sexy lingerie? I think I have enough of those. What I would love is for you to take me on a nice vacation!” I told him straight out.

His only response was “I promise you, Alexa, you will love your birthday presents!”

We have a few friends that call from time to time asking us out to dance or have dinner or to someone’s birthday party. Then we get calls from our parents about once a week and Marcus’ and my sisters’ call occasionally, but normally we don’t have our phone ringing off the hook.

But in the past few weeks our phone has been ringing “off the wall” as they say. All of the sudden Marcus is getting fifteen to twenty calls a day and night. All are men and now are voices I know.

“Hello?” I answer.

“Hey! Is Marcus around?” a strange voice comes over the line.

“No, may I take a message?” I inquire.

“Nah, I’ll just call him back, thanks sweetie! When do you think he’ll be there?” This has become the dialogue of the phone calls.

If Marcus is home, he takes the calls in the den. When I ask who it was, he tells me “Just a new guy at work. He’s trying to set up with me a time that is convenient for us to get together so I can show him this new technique we’re implementing at work. He doesn’t quiet get the idea of it. He wants me to help him that’s all. Then he shrugs it off.

Marcus was getting more and more adventurous lately in the bedroom. “Alexa, I know we have really good time in here. I love our sex together. But have you ever thought how it much better it might be if we tried some new things?”

“Like what, Marcus? You know I don’t like kinky stuff!” I would tell him.

“I don’t want to do anything kinky, sweetheart, just experiment with a little deviation from the missionary position. Things like sucking my cock and me licking your pussy. I think that would be tasty, the smell of you after my cock has filled you with my seed,” he tried to persuade me.

I had to admit that it turned me on to think of those things. My girlfriends had told me how wonderful it was when their husbands licked their clits. I know when I masturbate, my clit gets really hard and when I rub it gently, I explode with the most wonderful orgasms.

“I would love to feel your mouth on my prick too. You have never given me a blowjob in all the years we’ve been married,” he complained.

“I can’t get pregnant from your seed in my mouth,” I explained.

“We don’t always try to get pregnant; sometimes we have sex just to enjoy ourselves, you know,” he pleaded.

“Okay, okay, we’ll try some of these new things. Maybe it will help me learn to relax more,” I conceded.

A broad smile crossed his face when I gave in to his desires. “You won’t regret this, Alexa, I know you will enjoy it more than you think and I will be happier for our adventures!”

“I want to try something tonight,” he whispered as he crawled onto the bed where I had been sitting while he paced the floor trying to convince me to move into the twenty-first century.

“What would that be?” I ask starting to feel uncomfortable already.

“I want to fuck you in the ass; I think its time to throw away the missionary position. It’s boring and you almost fall asleep by the time I am ready to come. Your ass is so much tighter that I know görükle escort I’ll come much faster, please baby, PLEASE!” he cried.

“That will hurt!” I protested.

“I bought some lubrication and some condoms so it would be a smooth entry,” he explained, “and if it does hurt, you just tell me and I’ll quit immediately, I swear!”

“Are you going through a mid-life crisis?” I asked seriously.

“No, baby, I just want to improve our sex lives and get closer to you,” he convinced me. “We’re getting older and I want to keep the spark alive in our lives.”

“I see, okay, I’m game. Let’s have some wild sex!” I agreed.

“Oh, thank you baby; you won’t regret this decision!” he cried with glee and a sparkle in his eyes.

“And one more thing,” he began, “would you like to give me a spanking before I fuck your ass? I would like to know how that feels. Some of the guys at work said it is so stimulating, please!”

I thought a minute. Then said, “Absolutely! You are such a bad boy sometimes, I’ve often wanted to turn you over my knee and spank you with a paddle until that tight ass of yours is warm and red,” I teased him.

“Really baby?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah, sometimes I get really tired of you thinking that you’re so macho and can boss me around. A good spanking at those times would put you in your rightful place,” I told him.

He rolled off the bed and out of the room. I thought I had made him really angry. When he returned, he had a Ping-Pong paddle in his hand.

“What are you going to do with that?” I asked.

“Nothing, baby, I’m giving it to you so that you may spank me as much as your wish. Take all of your pent up anger and frustrations out on my ass,” he said as he handed me the instrument of punishment.

I thought, “Wow! I can make him pay for all those times he got his way.”

Marcus stood before me and said, “I will do your biding for you my dear Alexa, just command me.

I laughed out loud. I was slapping the paddle against the palm of my hand. Thoughts of him lying across my lap naked and vulnerable were making me excited and wet. I had a sadistic streak I wasn’t aware of.

“Take your clothes off, little boy!” I demanded, “all of them!”

He looked at me a bit surprised. Smiling, he said, “Yes, Ma’am!” and started disrobing. Marcus scrambled to drop his pants. Then he pulled his shirt off so fast that three buttons fell to the floor.

I thought to myself, “he’ll be sewing those back on tonight because I’m not going to do it.”

“Come lay across the bed, baby,” I whispered now rubbing the smooth surface on the back of the paddle on my hand.

Marcus lay face down on the bed. His arms raised above his head with his face resting on the forearms. I crawled up on my knees so I would have so leverage. “You’ve been a bad boy for a long time, Marcus, always messing up the house and expecting me to clean up after you. Expecting dinner to be on the table and beer in the house when you get home without so much as a thank you when it is,” I told him as my arm quickly descended on his bare bottom.

The sound of the wood slapping against his skin shocked me at first. It was a loud crack and his buttocks instantly turned a bright red. I saw him wince slightly as the wood collided with the fleshy surface.

“Did that hurt baby?” I asked but I didn’t really care actually. It was a strange feeling. I wasn’t mad at him, but I felt that I had the right to spank him.

“No Ma’am, it was quite exciting; I just wasn’t completely ready for it to happen,” he explained.

“Good, I didn’t want to hurt you, just tantalize you,” I teased.

“Do it again, please!” he requested.

I raised my arm and again the paddle hit its target with a crack. Without even asking, I repeated the motion several more times and after a short time I saw his white skin turning pink.

I ran my hand over the area and could feel extra warmth coming from the area. I rubbed it for a few minutes to try to cool the sting. Then I rose my hand again and slapped his buttocks several more times.

“Okay, I feel much better now, but I’m keeping this in the nightstand drawer for the next time I feel the need to spank you,” I told him.

When Marcus turned over, his cock was standing out like am arrow.

“Wow, did those spankings turn you on or does the thought of doing me in the butt do that to you?” I asked.

It was the spanking, baby; it really excited me. And now I’m hard enough to stick this pole in your tight little butt,” he smiled as he licked his lips.

He climbed off the bed and pulled his underwear drawer open. He took something out them returned to the bed. He sat up on his knees and took what he had taken out of the drawer and opened it. I realized it was a condom.

Marcus then reached in his nightstand and took out a small tube of something. He unscrewed the top and said, “Would you please get on your hands and knees, my Lady?”

I did as he requested. He crawled behind me and first moved my legs a little görükle escort bayan further apart. Then I felt coldness on my butt. I knew it had to be the lubrication. His thumb then went into my ass hole and the cool fluid flowed in with it.

I heard the sound of him placing the condom on his cock then there was more coldness on my butt. The pressure of his prick head against my ass was scary for me. He must have been holding his dick in his hand and trying to force it into the tight little opening.

He was grunting and breathing heavily. More coldness as the opening expanded to allow his head into the tight orifice.

I took a deep breath to try to stay off the pain. It didn’t work. I felt the rip of my skin as the shaft of his prick penetrated this unwilling area of my body. I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Marcus breathed as about half of his prick made its way into my butt.

I felt pain and tightness, as his pole filled this new territory but it also felt good. It made my clit cry for attention. I braced myself with one hand on the bed and gave my clit her desired attention with the other hand.

Slowly, Marcus moved his cock in and out of the tight hole it had discovered. I could tell by the sounds he was making that it was enjoyable for him. It didn’t take long though, for him to climax and I felt his hot seed pumping into the lambs skin.

“Baby, baby, oh baby!” he cried as the energy of his sex seeped from his body to mine. His hands gripped my sides tightly and his nails dug into my soft skin causing me additional pain.

His cock slipped out of my ass with a pop and I felt the condom as it stuck in my ass and the tacky cum trickled down my legs.

“Oh gosh! Get that thing out of me!” I cried.

He grabbed the deflated lambs skin and tossed it into the trash. He was stroking his prick with the other hand as he did this.

“Suck me, baby, please!” he looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

“You just came,” I said and rolled off the bed. I don’t like to suck you off and you know it. I didn’t even get an orgasm except the one I gave myself,” I informed him.

“Then let me go down on you,” he smiled.

I lay back and spread my legs. I really wanted him to do this. He had never done it before. I just couldn’t imagine what had made him change so.

His tongue darted between my lips and parted them as it ran from my butt to my clit. At my clit, he lingered and his tongue flicked it gently at first. Then the point of it seemed to become stiff and it flicked the little prick faster causing me to take a deep breath.

Marcus pulled his tongue back into his mouth and his lips covered the head of my clit. He sucked it like I knew he wanted me to suck his cock. I pushed my pelvis toward his face and grinded my clit into his face.

My hands grabbed his head and held it in place as his sucked and licked that most erotic place on my body. I couldn’t get enough of his mouth. Marcus tried to come up for air but my hands pressed him deeper into my garden of love.

Once I released him he came up for air. I could smell my sex on his face as he leaned over and kissed me. I felt younger and I was so turned on that the thought of thirty didn’t seem to bother me at that moment.

My orgasms were strong and violent. I felt a warmth flow through my entire body. My toes even felt like they curled. My nerves rattled throughout my entire body. When Marcus came up for air, my juices were on his chin. He stuck his tongue out and tried to lick them off.

“Now me?” he begged. Those eyes big and round pleaded as well.

I licked my lips and my hand reached for his fully hard prick. Its head flared and there were already drops of precum on the acorn head. I licked my hand and stroked its length then ran my thumb over the wetness at the crest.

“Yeah,” Marcus moaned at my touch. I slid my hand up and down his shaft preparing it to be placed in my sticky, nearly dry mouth. I licked my lips and tried to call forth more moisture to lubricate my mouth. Finally, the fluids found there way to my tongue and I opened my mouth and took the salty head into it.

At first, I just let my tongue toy with the acorn. Sucking it in then out and in again. Marcus tried to force it deeper into my throat, but I gagged and pulled my head back. The he pushed again and got a short ways down my windpipe.

“Yes!” he cried as if he had achieved a victory.

His hands grabbed my shoulders and his hips pivoted toward my nose. His cock slid smoothly in and out of my mouth while I tried desperately not to let my teeth cut into the delicate skin that covered his tool.

This was almost as exciting for Marcus as fucking my butt had been. His hands were on the top of my head and I could hear he whispering, “Yes, oh baby, you are so good to me. I want you to suck me dry. Take it all baby, take it ALL!”

He face fucked me for what seemed a long time. I could feel the pressure as the sperm in his balls made their way up toward my mouth. bursa escort I did not want to swallow his salty cum. I didn’t like the smell of it and knew I would throw up if he forced it down my throat.

I started pulling back as he pumped his hips closer to my face and his prick deeper down my throat. When I tasted the first salt as it surfaced on the head I loosened my lips and started backing off.

Marcs’ hands pushed me back to the fur that surrounded his pole. I pulled back again. He pushed me once more. Finally, I placed my hand on his sac and started squeezing.

“Stop it! That hurts!” he cried and let go of my head.

As he did so, I pulled back just as the stream of hot sticky fluid spurted from his pulsating cock. His seed fell onto his side of the bed.

“Damn woman! Why’d you do that?” he screamed.

I just smiled, rolled over and went to take a shower.

When I returned to the bed, he was laying there stroking his penis.

“Haven’t you had enough Marcus?” I asked.

He jumped; he hadn’t heard me come into the room. “No! I want to fuck you, Alexa!”

I lay beside him and kissed him hard on the lips. His fingers started caressing my breasts and exploring my smooth shaven lovebox. He was getting me hot and sticky all over again.

His prick was like a stone pressing against my leg. His mouth covered my left nipple and warmth slowly found its way to my now wet cunt. “Fuck me,” I whispered as I pulled him on top of me.

He led his boner toward my hungry hole and it slid in without resistance. He moaned as it hit the back of my pussy. Then he lifted himself over me and his body began to rise and fall as his cock hit its mark time after time.

Sweat was pouring from his forehead after about a half an hour. He had not been this horny in a long time. I was being rained on from his brow. But I was also extremely turned on. I don’t know if it was his attention or the new things that we had tried earlier.

By the time his orgasm came the sheets were so wet that they would have to be changed and we both were in need of a shower.

As his emptied cock slipped out of my moist pussy, Marcus took his fingers and squeezed my alert clit. My pussy increased its moisture and fire tingled all the way to my toes. My body shook from the excitement.

“Let’s to take a shower,” Marcus said as he held his hand out for me to take.

I felt like jelly, but my legs did support me as we walked arm in arm to the bathroom for a cool, refreshing shower.

Marcus changed the sheets while I dried my hair. I was surprised when I walked back into the room.

He was in the bed and I could tell he was fighting the sleep that was trying to overtake him. I curled up beside him and whispered, “That’s the best sex we’ve had in a long time, baby. I love you,” then fell asleep in his arms.

Marcus was gone when I woke the next morning. He had left a note thanking me the fantastic sex we had and apologized for falling asleep on me.

I cleaned house and did some reading in the morning. The doorbell rang about eleven o’clock. When I answered it there was a floral deliveryman with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses.

I thought, “He hasn’t done anything wrong, wonder why he’s sending these.”

When I opened the card it said, “You were wonderful last night… let’s do it again, Love Marcus.”

I laughed and the thought of it made me wet again.

I busied myself for the rest of the day running here and there and trying not to think about the upcoming evening. I ended up at the mall and found myself in Your Deepest Dreams. It is a lingerie store I seldom frequent. I decided to just browse.

A salesperson approached me and asked if she could help me. For some reason I poured out my life to her.

“I’m turning thirty next week and the thought of it has me feeling frumpy. I thought a sexy piece of lingerie might help me feel …not so old,” I confessed.

She looked at me, smiled and said, “How sexy do you wish to go?”

“I think I’d like to be real daring; I’ve always wore those long flannel gowns or pajamas with feet in then; thirty should be bold and brave, don’t you think?”

“Let’s look over here,” she suggested.

She led me to what she called a Merry Widow. My first thought was that I didn’t want to kill him; I want to fuck him.

“The nice thing about the Merry Widow is that it puts everything back where it use to be and accents those important areas that the male so desires, if you know what I mean?” she giggled.

I laughed too and we browsed the selection. “Here’s your size,” she said without even asking my size. “Why not at least try it on?” she asked.

I took the black, lacy, miniscule piece of fabric from her hand and found the dressing room. I had on jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes and socks. I really didn’t want to go through the drudgery of taking all this stuff off.

But I sucked it up and took it all off. I was glad I had shaved everything this morning. I pulled on the lingerie and was amazed that she was correct; it was my size — only better! When I pulled it over my hips, it smoothed out all those dimples I had from pounds that didn’t really belong there and it looked like it pushed all those pounds to my breasts because the somehow filled in the cups perfectly.

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