Hard Time


I was doing thirty days on a bogus DWUI charge at the local county jail. I was there about a week when they moved me back to the trustee section. No big deal washing dishes, laundry, mopping some floors and what ever else the guards needed. I’d been there before and they like me, so I get moved back to work. The guys had all been there a few years, but since the last time I was in they had hired a female officer. Deputy Snider stood not much over five foot and had bright red hair, lots of freckles, large breasts and a plump ass, not really fat but plump.

While in general population she treated us like the male guards did sort of stand offish and strict. But once you moved back to trustee she backed off and let us do pretty much what we wanted. Her husband was the state trooper that busted me, he liked to come in the jail and watch her work while he gave us flack. Then she moved to night shift and my time became much more enjoyable. The night shift only had one officer on at a time, she started having me come out to the commons area to sweep and mop the floor, or do the laundry after everyone else had been locked down for the night. I didn’t mind much since I was sleeping most the day anyway, besides it was nice talking with a lady any lady. The only female we get near besides the cook and the cook was in her sixties.

The first couple nights I noticed Deputy Snider watching me as I did my job, her eyes followed me around the jail. On the third day I was in the backroom doing laundry when she came in jumped kartal escort up on the dryer and started talking to me, her shirt appeared to be unbuttoned farther than normal. But cop shirts are different they only look like they button, there’s a button at the top and a zipper running down to another button at the bottom. Usually she wore hers buttoned up regulation style, her breasts were very large for her size and always looked like the were trying to bust out of her shirt, but tonight it was unzipped down past the crest of her large breasts. The zipper still strained with the pressure her tits were still putting on the shirt, as the dryer shook and she talked, her the zipper slipped lower exposing more of her breast and the bra that appeared to small to contain their cargo. The phone rang and she jumped up leaving the room, zipping her shirt as she went out the door.

Fifteen minutes later she came back and hopped back on the dryer, something about her was different as she sat there talking and bouncing she seemed to be bouncing more. That was it, while she was gone she had removed her bra. The fabric of her shirt seemed even more strained than before with nothing keeping her mountains of flesh restrained, the zipper was making the same migration as before each time I turned away from her it lowered an inch or so. It had worked its way past the top of her breast and was headed down the front of them when I turned to put the last load away. I turned as she yawned and stretched like a cat, arms up, back kartal otele gelen escort arched and her shirt exploded away from the largest set of tits I have ever seen.

“Oops! This could be a problem” she said as she took her shirt off and set it on the washing machine. Hopping off the dryer she unfastened her belt wiggling out of her tight brown pants, as her panties went down with her pants her fiery red pussy hair flashing in the light. Moments ago she was a cop keeping me a prisoner, now a beautiful naked woman stood looking at me. “Well??” she giggled at me and I moved reaching for her. “Hold it Convict!” she might be nude but her tone still said “COP” “put your hands on the wall, it’s time you were properly ‘strip’ searched”. She spun me towards the wall, my hands catching the wall to keep from hitting my face. She reached around doing a standard pat down search, she grabbed my crotch and squeezed “this feels like a weapon to me”. She shoved me forward grabbing the collar of my uniform pulling the orange coveralls off over my shoulders the Velcro closures parting as she pulled they fell to my feet “kick them to the side” came the flat hard command.

My underwear were torn from me next, I started to turn and was slammed into the wall again her tits smashed into my back holding me off balance against the wall, she knew her business. “Don’t move till your told to she growled. Her hands started at my head and she covered every inch as she worked her way down to kartal eve gelen escort my legs. Her hand knife bladed into my ass bringing me to attention, she reached around me grabbing my nine-inch member and spun me around to face her. Her tits smashed into my belly keeping my back to the wall, who was I to resist? “Is this thing loaded?” She smiled as she started fucking me with her tits, as the head of my cock pushed its way to the top of her ample breasts; she licked the precum slowly from it. “Now Tiger let’s see what you can do”.

I lifted her up by her waist setting her on the vibrating dryer and started working my tongue down her neck and chest spending time pleasuring each nipple on my way to her fiery love patch. By the time I reached her clitoris her juices were flowing and the top of the dryer was getting slick. I lifted her slightly sliding deep into her, she wrapped her legs around me pulling me deep inside. She slammed up and down onto my shaft her large breasts slamming in my face. She came with a force, her juices flowing over me and down my legs. As we came her heels dug into me nearly breaking my back, our spasms sub sided and she released her grip on me.

“Back up Johnson!” her voice was all cop again. She slipped her pants back on, tucking her breasts into her shirt and the shirt into the pants, covering her marvelous red pussy. “Clean this up, and finish your work” she winked and went out the door back to her desk. For a minute I stood wondering about her, then went back to work cleaning the laundry room. She came back later and put me back in the cell “keep this between us, it’ll make time easier for you” she ran her finger up and down my chest. As she locked the door behind me I had a feeling this was going to be the “best Jail sentence” I ever had, and you know… it was.

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