HARRY POTTER FROM PEEPING TO A STEAMY ENCOUNTERThe Prefect’s Bathroom was quite large. It actually consisted of a few connected rooms. As you entered, the entry hall split off two ways for the prefects to get changed. Harry Potter slipped through the passageway to the left. He entered a small room where a handful of benches sat on the ground. A dozen open lockers sat empty along the walls. Harry passed them by without a second glance.Re-entering the hall where the two changing rooms connected, Harry passed through a doorway to enter into the large bathing area. A massive room was fitted with a long, rectangular bath that practically acted as a swimming pool for the prefects. A wide stone walkway wrapped around the pool. Walking along the right side of the pool, Harry walked through another doorway which led to the small pools.This next room was significantly smaller than the main bathing room but it was still fairly large. There were a series of small pools in the floor, around a dozen in total. They came in unique shapes. There was a perfect circle, a crescent moon, an isosceles triangle, a winding ‘S.’ They were all large enough to fit at least three people in each. It was in this room that he found her, nestled in a spoke of a sun-shaped pool.Resting in the very back of the room was Ginny Weasley. She was faced away from him and all that Harry could see of her was her head resting back against a pillow on the edge of the pool. Slowly, Harry walked forward. He was confident that he wouldn’t be seen as he was hidden under his invisibility cloak but he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be heard. He walked along the wall that led to the corner of the room where Ginny bathed.There was a long table up against the wall which held a number of towels, washcloths, soaps, shampoos, and other bathing supplies. Harry stopped right beside it, he was only a few meters away from Ginny now. Her eyes were closed, she hadn’t noticed him. As Harry looked at her, he bit back a groan of annoyance as he saw that the water was opaque due to the soap and bubbles that filled the small oval-shaped pool. The water climbed all the way up to her collarbone, covering everything beneath it.Without warning, Ginny let out a low sigh. Harry watched as her face scrunched up before relaxing again. That was when he noticed that both of her hands were underwater. As he watched, Harry saw that her left arm was moving inside of the water. As Ginny let out another soft moan, Harry realized that she was masturbating. He could feel his already hard cock twitch at the revelation.Abruptly, Ginny’s body shook slightly and her back arched upward. Harry bit back a gasp as Ginny’s breasts briefly breached the surface of the water. Suds of soapy water ran off her perfectly round breasts. Her light-pink nipples were hard, causing them to point outward, and they contrasted beautifully with her creamy-white skin. Harry stared in amazement at Ginny’s breasts. They were larger than he had imagined but still fit her lithe figure. They looked like they would fit wonderfully in his hands.Slowly, Ginny’s body lowered back into the water. Her left arm continued to move around underneath the water. Harry’s mind went wild imagining what it looked like. Was she fingering herself? Maybe she was rubbing her clit around? Or was she just teasing herself gently, letting her hand run around her silky-smooth skin?One of Harry’s hands subconsciously found its way into his trousers. His hand wrapped around his cock and he slowly started stroking it up and down. Within the confines of his pants, Harry’s movements were limited. He stroked himself slowly to avoid making sound.Ginny gently bit down on her lips before releasing it in a long, low sigh. Slowly, she opened her eyes and brought her right arm up out of the water. Harry glimpsed the top of her breasts poking out of the water, the curve of them looked tantalizing. Ginny’s hand reached her wand and she twirled it in her fingers. Abruptly, she waved it at a stack of towels on the floor at the side of the pool. The towels soared through the air before hanging in the air beside the pool, waiting for Ginny to enter their warm embrace.Slowly, Ginny pushed herself up out of the pool of water. Harry stifled a groan as her breasts emerged from the water, wet and soapy. Her taunt stomach followed before her navel appeared. Harry only got a quick look before the towels wrapped themselves around Ginny’s lithe body. The towels were quite large and so they blocked Harry’s vision quite well. They dried Ginny’s body automatically before wrapping around her comfortably.Harry couldn’t help but let out a slightly disappointed sigh. He nearly gasped as he made the sound. His eyes locked onto Ginny to see if she noticed anything but it didn’t seem that she did.This wasn’t the first time that Harry had come to watch Ginny. At first it had happened by accident, Ginny hadn’t noticed him underwater in the main pool. The running water into the pool masked the sound of his head emerging from the water. Ginny had already stripped down completely nude and was walked over to the small pools in the next room over. After that event, Harry went back the following Wednesday night. Sure enough, Ginny was there and didn’t notice him again.After the first night that he saw her, he had returned to his bed and masturbated to the memory of what he had witnessed. He couldn’t get enough of the sight of her body, nor would it leave his mind. For the past five weeks now, Harry continued to visit the Prefect’s Bathroom every Wednesday night. Ginny never missed a night and no one else disturbed them.Normally after Ginny was finished bathing, she would get dressed and leave quickly. Not tonight though. Instead, she walked over to a bench up against the wall and just sat. She leaned her head up against the wall, adjusting herself which inadvertently made her chest stick out. The towel was wrapped tightly around her so Harry could still see the curve of Ginny’s breasts.Harry accidentally groaned as his penis throbbed in his hand and sent a wave of tingly pleasure through his body. Instantly, Ginny looked over to where he was hidden. She had a frown on her face and she stood up from her seat, wand in hand.“Hello?” Ginny said cautiously. Her eyes flickered around, looking for anyone. She slowly started to walk over to where Harry was hidden.Harry güvenilir bahis walked backwards as silently as he could. He jumped as he backed into the wall. Ginny clearly heard the muffled thud of him hitting the wall. “Homenum Revelio,” Ginny muttered. Harry felt the spell wash over him and he knew Ginny would see a bright blue glow from his position. Before he could react, Ginny moved with impressive speed to lunge forward and grab the front of his cloak and robes. Ginny shoved Harry back against the wall and tore off the cloak that was protecting him. Her eyes went wide when she saw him. “Harry?” She asked, incredulous. Suddenly, due to the commotion, Ginny’s towel loosened and began to slip.Ginny stared at Harry for several seconds, looking into his eyes. Harry’s face erupted into a bright red blush and he was looking anywhere but at Ginny. As she opened her mouth to speak again, the two of them heard a noise from the other room.A deep laugh came from the changing room. They both recognized it as Anthony Goldstein, a Ravenclaw prefect.“I’m telling you, she was all over me!” A second voice shouted, laughing as well. Ernie Macmillan, a Hufflepuff prefect.As Ginny and Harry’s eyes both looked over to the doorway to the main room, Ginny’s towel fell from her body. Instantly she snatched it off the ground but they could hear the two boys approaching. “In here,” Ginny said, shoving Harry to a door in the wall a few feet away from them. Harry pushed open the door cautiously and Ginny followed close behind him. She shut the door quickly behind them and locked the door with a spell.The two students found themselves in a sauna room. It was a small square room with a long, two-tiered wooden bench lining three of the walls in a ‘U’ shape. A large container of hot stones sat in the sole bare wall of the room. The room seemed to recognize that someone entered and so a little fountain of water fell onto the hot stones. A little bit of steam began to fill the room.Ginny turned from the store to see Harry staring at her naked body. Bashfully she wrapped the towel around herself quickly and gave Harry a good, hard shove. Harry let himself fall back onto the wooden bench.“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Ginny exclaimed.“Uhh…” Harry hesitated.“Gods, I can’t believe that you were peeping on me when I was taking a bath. How creepy can you get? Maybe if you had even bothered to talk to me we could have seen where things went. But no, you just had to be the biggest creep at Hogwarts!” Ginny huffed angrily and shook her head.One line stuck in Harry’s head. “Wait, if I had talked to you then . . . “Ginny shoved her face into her hands. “I can’t believe that that was what you took away. You are so daft sometimes.” Frustrated, Ginny sat down on the bench opposite Harry.Harry wasn’t sure what to say, so he didn’t say anything. The room continued to slowly fill with steam and it was beginning to become uncomfortable in his robes. Ginny was staring daggers at him from across the room.After sitting in silent for a few minutes, Harry relented. “I’m really sorry, Ginny. I didn’t . . . well, I did mean to but . . . I didn’t intend for it to go this far. I was just so caught up with how beautiful you are that I made a mistake.”Ginny snorted. “So because I’m so beautiful you decided to creep on me for weeks? Come on Potter, surely you could come up with something better than that.”Harry frowned. “I never said that I had been watching you for weeks.”Ginny’s mouth formed a small ‘o’ and a blush came over her face. “You knew that I’ve been watching you!” Harry exclaimed.“So?” Ginny replied, embarrassed but also a little angry. “You’re the one that kept coming back.”“If you knew that I was there watching you, then why were you playing with yourself?” Suddenly it clicked in Harry’s mind. “You wanted me to see that!”“So what if I did? It’s not like you were brave enough to talk to me yourself. I had to do something to get your attention,” Ginny sighed.“You really do like me, don’t you?” Harry’s face lit up in a grin.“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, Potter,” Ginny glared at him. Harry’s grin only grew bigger.“You do like me!” Harry laughed aloud.Ginny rolled her eyes at him but didn’t reply. She just stared at Harry with that stupidly adorable grin on his face. The room was getting quite warm now from all of the steam and the hot rocks. Ginny felt some beads of sweat start to drip down her face. Harry looked in far worse shape than she did. His clothes were all damp and his face was bright red from the heat. Suddenly, a plan came to her mind.“Take off your clothes,” Ginny replied, smiling sweetly.Harry gave her a nervous look. “Why?”“Well, it’s only fair that I get to see you naked since you’ve seen me naked. Besides, it does seem to be getting quite warm in here,” Ginny said, gesturing at the state of his clothes.Harry quickly was filled with nerves but it was too hot to do anything but what Ginny suggested. Standing up, Harry quickly shed his outer robes before taking off his shirt underneath. Then came his pants and socks until he was only clad in his dark underwear. His erection had subsided from before but Harry was nervous that it would soon start to return. Harry quickly sat back down, putting his discarded clothes on the second tier of the benches. Ginny merely smiled politely at him as he sat back down.“Do you think we should check to see if the guys are gone?” Harry suggested nervously.“No,” Ginny replied firmly. “They always take a while in the baths, they won’t be gone for a while yet.” A small grin came over her face but it was gone in an instant. “We may as well relax in here until then.”With that said, Ginny gave an exaggerated yawn, stretching her arms above her head before pushing her shoulders back. That pushed her breasts forward and the towel tightened around them to keep them contained. She saw Harry gulp and she had to suppress a grin.Ginny swung her legs up onto the bench. The towel covered only down to her mid-thigh so Harry got a good look at her legs. Ginny put her head down on the bench, giving Harry a tantalizing view of her side profile. The towel which had hastily put on before slipped slightly, revealing a bit more of her cleavage but it didn’t come off. Ginny let out a slow sigh, eyes looking up at the ceiling.Harry’s breath caught in his throat as he looked güvenilir bahis siteleri at Ginny. He could feel his penis beginning to harden so he quickly crossed his legs. His dark underwear was damp and sticking to his skin. Ginny saw Harry’s movements out of the corner of her eye.A few minutes passed. Ginny pretended that Harry wasn’t there while trying to look as seductive as possible in the tight towel wrapped around her body. Harry was desperately trying to get his erection to subside but his eyes couldn’t leave Ginny’s body for long.“Oh, sod it!” Ginny exclaimed. Pushing herself up from the bench roughly, she stood a few feet away from Harry. Harry gulped as he took her in. She looked beautiful standing amid the swirling steam. Her skin glistened and her form was striking.Suddenly, the towel slipped off Ginny’s body. In an instant, she pounced on Harry. She straddled him and pulled his lips onto hers. Harry’s eyes were wide in surprise but they soon slid closed as they kissed. His arms wrapped around Ginny’s back. She responded by pressing her breasts against Harry’s chest. Harry moaned into Ginny’s mouth and one of his hands moved up and down her side, cautiously brushing the side of her breast.Ginny’s hands slid down Harry’s body until they reached his waist. She tugged at his underwear and Harry shifted himself in his seat to allow Ginny to pull them down. Ginny got off of Harry to pull his underwear off fully before getting back on top of him. Harry’s firm erection was trapped between their bodies. As they returned to making out, Ginny moved her body slowly to stimulate Harry’s cock.Harry was lost in the passion of the moment. With Ginny’s lips on his, her arms wrapped around his torso, his hands running up and down her body, and his cock trapped between their two bodies, he was in complete bliss. His tongue bashed against her roughly before it slipped past and darted slightly into her mouth. Harry groaned as Ginny thrust her body even tighter against his, sending pleasure through his cock and the wonderful sensation of her breasts pushed up against his muscled chest.Slowly, one of Harry’s hands made it down Ginny’s back to cup her butt. A couple of his fingers strayed between her legs and he managed to brush up against her hot pussy. Ginny practically purred into his mouth as his fingers played with her folds. One of them moved further to gently touch her clit. Ginny’s mouth broke off from Harry’s as she let out a gasp of pleasure.“Was this what you were thinking about when you were bathing earlier?” Harry asked, emboldened by how the evening had progressed. “You knew I was watching you every week and all you could think about was actually having me here with you, touching you like this.”Before Ginny could respond, Harry’s head darted forward and he began to kiss Ginny’s neck. His fingers continued to play with her clit. Ginny’s arms loosened around him.“Actually, I wanted to do this,” she breathed heavily into his ear.With little warning, Ginny raised her body up slightly. With one hand, Ginny deftly positioned Harry’s cock beneath her. She quickly sunk back down slightly and the head of Harry’s cock breached her pussy. Ginny let out a shuddering gasp as she slid further and further down Harry’s cock. Harry practically went slack-jawed as his cock was overloaded with pleasure from Ginny’s hot and tight pussy.Ginny took him all the way inside of her and then stopped moving so that she could get used to the sensation. She quickly returned to kissing Harry as his hips bucked against Ginny’s. His body was trying fuck her even though his mind wanted to wait for Ginny to adjust.Slowly, Ginny began moving back and forth on Harry’s cock, grinding their pelvises together. The pleasure of Harry’s cock being inside of her, stirring up her insides, was great enough to elicit sounds of pleasure from Ginny’s lips. Her clip continued to grind on Harry’s body which further heightened the pleasure Ginny was experiencing.Taking some more initiative, Harry captured one of Ginny’s nipples in his mouth. He sucked on her breast as his tongue flicked her nipple, causing it stiffen in his mouth. His hips bucked upward awkwardly as he did this, wanting to thrust in and out Ginny’s perfect pussy.Finally, Ginny began to move up and down on Harry’s cock. With her legs on either side of Harry’s, she was able to effectively bounce up and down cock. Rather than taking things more slowly, Ginny started at a faster pace. Harry was forced to remove his mouth from her breast as Ginny bounced up and down on his cock, sending waves of pleasure crashing through both of their bodies.“Fuck,” Ginny cried out as Harry’s cock hit just the right spot inside of pussy. The burst of pleasure surprised her and her upper body crashed into Harry’s. “God, I don’t know if I can ride you like this right now. You feel so good, my legs aren’t working the way I want them to,” Ginny laughed.“Wrap your legs around my waist,” Harry told her before recapturing her lips in a kiss.Ginny shifted, with Harry’s cock still inside of her, and wrapped her legs around his waist. Harry firmly grasped Ginny’s butt with both hands before abruptly standing up. Ginny giggled in pleasure as the shift in position sent another wave of pleasure through her body. Her lithe form was easy for Harry to carry, especially since he was fairly strong from his many years of playing Quidditch.Harry make sure Ginny was stable. Her arms and legs were still wrapped around his body and he was helping to hold her up. Slowly, making sure he didn’t accidentally lose balance, Harry pulled his cock almost all the way out of Ginny’s pussy. Then, he slowly pushed his hips forward while also pulling Ginny’s body to meet him. Ginny let out a low sigh.Feeling more confident that he wouldn’t lose balance or drop her, Harry began to fuck Ginny. The sensation was amazing for Ginny, her body was being held up by Harry’s cock and his strong arms. She bit gently into his shoulder as her body was wracked from pleasure.“I’m close to cumming, Harry,” Ginny said breathlessly.Harry merely grunted in reply. His thrusts continued but it was clear that this awkward position would be difficult to maintain for much longer. Eyeing the bench they had been on a minute or two ago, Harry pulled Ginny close to his body. His cock sunk all the way into Ginny’s pussy, bumping iddaa siteleri against the wall of it. Taking careful steps, Harry got to the edge of the bench and gently lowered Ginny down onto it while he remained on top of her.Harry kissed Ginny deeply and slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out of her before slowly pushing it back in. He braced himself with one of his hands while the other moved down to where their bodies met so that he could pleasure Ginny’s clit. Ginny broke off the kiss. “Faster, I’m so close.”No wanting to disappoint, Harry pulled back and then roughly slammed his cock into Ginny’s tight pussy. She let out a shriek of surprise and pleasure before giving way to loud moans of pure bliss. Harry quickly worked up his thrusts to a fast pace.“Fuck!” Ginny cried out as Harry fucked her hard. Suddenly, her body shivered beneath Harry and her pussy tightened up immensely around his cock. The added tightness stopped Harry’s movements briefly as he too was hit by a strong burst of pleasure, though it was clearly not as strong as Ginny’s. His hand continued to play with Ginny’s clit as she orgasmed beneath him. Harry smiled as he kissed her neck. Ginny’s arms were wrapped around his back and she pulled him as close to her as she could. Her nails dug in to the flesh of his back, stinging slightly.It took a few moments for Ginny to recover but when she did, she captured Harry’s lips in a deep kiss. As the kiss broke she let out a beautiful laugh that made Harry’s heart soar. “If I had known that you could have done that to me, I would have shagged you weeks ago,” Ginny grinned. She rolled her hips against Harry’s. “I’m ready for more,” she added.“Good, because I’m not done with you yet tonight,” Harry replied cheekily with a grin of his own. His cock throbbed inside of Ginny’s pussy, ready to return to action.After her orgasm, Ginny remained a little tighter than she was before. Though, Harry wasn’t sure how that was possible considering how perfect she had been before. Moving at a slower pace now, Harry rolled his hips to thrust his cock into Ginny’s pussy. He knew that he didn’t have much longer to go either before he came.Ginny moaned quietly again and looked up at Harry. Their eyes met as Harry continued to gently fuck Ginny. Abruptly, Ginny’s hands moved from his muscled back to his cheeks. She pulled his head in for a kiss, lost in the passion of the moment. They stayed like that for a while, kissing, showing each other that this evening was much more than a one time thing. Soon though, Harry’s cock was getting close to erupting.“I’m getting really close, Gin,” Harry murmured into her ear.“Let me get on top,” she replied.Harry obliged and slowly pulled his cock out of her hot pussy, disappointed with the feeling of loss that came with it. He stood up beside the bench and helped Ginny to her feet.“Lie down on the bench,” Ginny told him as she wiped her damp and sweaty hair out of face.Just as Harry laid down on the bench, Ginny practically jumped on top of him. Her body was all over his. Harry’s cock was trapped between them again. Ginny wiggled around, sending waves of pleasure through his body. Harry quite liked the feel of her soft breasts on his chest.Positioning a hand on the bench on either side of Harry’s head, Ginny readied herself. Harry’s cock twitched to attention and Ginny gently rubbed her pussy against it. The natural lubrication made it easy enough for Harry’s cock to slip into her pussy again. They both sighed in pleasure as they reconnected.Instead of bouncing up and down on his cock this time, Ginny merely positioned her body so that she could thrust her hips up and down to ride Harry’s cock. Without hesitation, Ginny moved all the way up until only the head of Harry’s cock was inside of her before slamming her pussy all the way down. She let out a cry of pleasure and Harry moaned in surprise.With impressive speed, Ginny’s hips flew up and down. Her slick pussy pleasured Harry’s cock. Her hips moved incredibly fast. The sounds of their skin slapping together roughly brought pleasure to the both of them. Harry reached up and palmed one of Ginny’s breasts while she continued slam her pussy down on his cock.“Ginny!” Harry cried out after only a minute of her riding him like this.Harry saw stars as burst of his hot white cum shot deep inside of Ginny’s pussy. For her part, Ginny could feel Harry’s cum spurt inside of her and she found a deep satisfaction in that. She continued to fuck him as he came. Her hips moving up and down coaxed more and more cum from his balls to flow into her eagerly waiting pussy. Harry was overwhelmed by the pleasure of it all.After a few moments, Ginny collapsed onto Harry’s chest breathlessly. The two of them stayed like that for a minute, not saying anything, just basking in the afterglow of sex.“I think the guys might be gone by now,” Ginny commented. The steam had mostly evaporated from the sauna, the rocks had cooled as well.“We should be getting back soon,” Harry agreed.Slowly, Ginny got off of Harry. As his cock was still inside of her and still mostly erect, she moved slowly to savour the last remaining feelings of his cock. Finally, it plopped out of pussy, damp from her juices. Ginny stood up on the floor beside Harry. Rather than get up right away, Harry turned to look at her. He was eye-level with her waist. Harry looked at her pussy just in time to see his milky-white cum begin to drip out of pussy. It was mixed with her juices and slowly ran down her thighs. Ginny grabbed her towel off the floor and wiped herself clean.“I think we should do this every week,” Harry smiled at Ginny.“Please, you think that I can last a week? I’ll see you back here tomorrow night,” Ginny told him with a chuckle.Harry got up and grabbed his still damp clothes. Ginny led the two of them back to the changing room where her clothes were waiting for her. She dressed quickly and put her wand away inside her robes inner pocket. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Ginny told Harry, turning to leave.“Wait, Ginny,” Harry called out.Ginny stopped to turn back and look at him. “What is it?” She asked.“Umm,” Harry looked at his damp clothes awkwardly and then down to his naked body. “I forgot my wand back in my room, any chance you could dry off my clothes for me?”Ginny stared at Harry and blinked. A second later she burst out laughing. “No way, you can have fun making it back to the common room by yourself. Who knows, maybe someone will peep on you,” Ginny said in between bursts of laughter.“Please!” Harry called out even as Ginny was walking to the door.“Goodnight Harry!”

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