Her Boy’s Toys


**This is a follow-up to “Her Boy Toy”**

dedicated to “S” and “H”

* * * * *

It had been several days since my amazing encounter with Amy in New York. I was constantly thinking about how great her plastic cock had felt in my ass, how much I had loved eating her sweet asshole, and just generally how damn hot the whole experience was. Even at work, my mind would wonder to thoughts of that day, and my cock would grow hard.

Returning home from work after just such an occasion, I sat in front of my computer and punched up some of my favorite adult sites. Sooner than later, my cock was out of my fly and I was stroking it as I browsed various naughty images as they flashed across my screen.

One site I happened upon had an ad for an online adult store. Remembering how great Amy’s strap-on had felt, I decided it was time to get some toys of my own.

After browsing the e-store for a while, I decided upon a 6″ silicone butt plug, and a 10″ length of rubber beads. Adding some anal lube to my “shopping cart”, I checked out. The package would arrive in 5-7 days…

When I returned to Escort Başakşehir my apartment after work, about a week later, there was a plain brown box sitting outside my door. My cock sprang up with anticipation. Finally I would get to play with my new toys.

As soon as I was inside I stripped out of my clothes and headed, box in hand, to my bed. I ripped the package open like a kid at Christmas, and began inspecting the contents.

I removed the toys from their packaging and examined them. The butt plug looked less intimidating than the beads, so I decided it would be the first to be inside my waiting asshole.

I popped a porno in the DVD player, put the toys and lube on my night stand, and lay back on the bed.

On the TV, the chapter I had chosen was underway- a scene with a sexy black woman and a scrawny white guy. Soon, she had his large tool in her mouth and was giving him a typical porn-star blow job. Suddenly, she spread his legs, lifted his balls, and thrust her tongue up his ass. Perfect time, I thought…

My right index finger wandered to my Bayrampaşa escort anus, and I began rubbing my hole gently as I stroked my hard cock. I felt my asshole becoming wet, and I spread some lube on my finger. Pushing slowly, I worked my long finger up into my tight ass. With my finger all the way up my asshole, my cock began dripping pre-cum. I was definitely ready for something bigger.

Reaching to my stand, I smeared the butt plug with lube. Spreading my legs wide, I placed the tip of the purple toy at my anal opening. With a deep breath, I quickly slid the entire length of the plug into my hot asshole. This immediately caused my cock to explode, spraying my cum all over my stomach. I used my left hand to lick up most of my semen, and then began pumping the toy in and out of my ass.

With my cock in a semi-hard state, I focused all of my attention on my own anal assault. I worked the plug in and out, fast and slow, sometimes in a twisting motion. I felt like my ass was gonna cum, it was so good. After several minutes of this, with my cock hard again, I decided Beşiktaş escort bayan to try the other toy.

The butt plug slid out of my ass with a *pop*, and I laid it down on a towel next to my bed. I could feel my gaping asshole asking for more, it wasn’t satisfied yet.

I examined the long bead toy, it was the kind that is all rubber, not string, between the individual beads. My cock dripped in anticipation as I lubed up the long toy.

Grasping the beads, I placed the first, smallest bead at my anus. It took no effort for the first two to slide inside my ass. I gave another push, and the next four all slid in. I now had six of the ten beads in my rectum, and the next four were even bigger. As I went to push the next bead in, I could feel the toy hit a curve in my anal passage. I forced the next four beads in, and my cock flowed with pre-cum as the beads rubbed against my prostate.

All ten beads inside of me felt fucking amazing, and I began stroking my cock fast, remembering Amy fucking me with her big toy…

I felt my cum building in my balls again, and at just the right moment, pulled the entire length of beads out of my asshole. My cum sprayed all the way up to my neck this time, shooting what must have been 10 streams of semen all over my chest.

I tossed the beads onto the towel with the butt plug, and lay there wondering when I would get to see Amy again…

To Be Continued…

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