His Obsession, The Final Return!

Group Sex

It has well over a year since her last visit from him. She has put him completely out of her mind and concentrated on the new man in her life. She comes home from work, it was an earlier shift than normal. It is a very nice summer morning, so she walks over to the sliding glass door leading to her balcony and opens it before heading to the shower. She goes to her room, takes off her work clothes and places them in the laundry basket. Then goes into the bathroom and turns on the water to prepare it for her shower. She steps into the tub, pulls the shower curtain closed, and pulls the knob for the shower to run.

She takes her time in the shower, making sure that she is nice and clean and the hot water has her good and relaxed before she goes to bed for a nap after a long night at work. As always, she walks into the living room to shut and lock the sliding glass door and turn on the air conditioner. As she reaches the end of the hallway leading to the living room, he grabs her and covers her mouth so she can not scream. He tells her, you are so predictable coming home and opening your door to your balcony before showering slut. She tries to fight and get away, but he is so much stronger than she and she can not break the hold he has on her.

This time he has brought a gag with him and he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls it out. He quickly and methodically places it over her mouth and ties it in the back. He has also brought some rope with him and quickly grabs that out of his pants pocket also. He takes her arms and pulls them behind her. He quickly takes the rope and secures her arms behind her so she may not fight him with her arms. Then he proceeds to tell her that he has come to retrieve what is rightfully his. I am talking about you. You thought you could have a life with someone else, but your mine he tells her. There will be no one touching you again unless I say they can and I am telling you that the guy you are trying to see, is never gonna touch you again. Then he pulls his pants and underwear off and thorws them on the floor.

Then he grabs her arms from behind her, takes her over to the sliding glass door and shuts and locks it. He tells her that he does not want anyone else getting in the same way he did. He had been waiting on her balcony for her to get home and when she opened the door before her shower, that was his way in. Because he had always been watching her, he knew that she came home and opened the door each nice day before taking a shower.

Once he had the door shut and locked, he closes the shades so that no one will know what is he has in store for her. Then he takes her over to the couch where he bends her over the back of it, he takes his cock and slaps her ass with it. He takes one foot and kicks her legs open and forces his big hard cock right into her pussy, making her moan slightly through the gag. Oh yeah he says, you remember this cock, don’t you slut. She is in tears by this point, just wanting him to leave, but what she doesn’t know, is that this time, he intends on staying.

He continues to fuck her, bent over the couch, making her pussy wet and excited as she cries. He is slamming his cock as far into her hungry pussy taksim escort as it will go. Making her tears fade and slight moans of pleasure come from behind the gag. He knows that he has her where he wants her once again. Her body is wanting him to take control of her. Making her body his playground. Using it as he sees fit and her wanting more and more of his use. He loves the fact that he has such a hold over her body and knowing her mind will not take long to follow. She will be his slut to command as he wishes to use her.

He pulls out of her all the way and slams right back into her with such a force that she looses her breath for a second. As she gasps for a breath he slams in harder. He is methodial in his use of her. Making her want and get to the point of craving him and his use. He pulls out of her, grabs her by her hair, yanks her up and spins her around so that she is facing him. Then he spread her legs wide with his and leans her back to shove his cock into her again. He tells her, look at me while I fuck you bitch. She looks into his eyes without hesitation, he smiles in approval. Thats my good little slut he tells her.

He slams in and out of her, harder and faster with each stroke as he watches her eyes as they reveal how much she is enjoying this time with him. She is trying to hide how much pleasure he is bringing to her, but her eyes and body give it away for her. He leans in and whispers, I know how much you are loving the way I am taking your body bitch. Now can I take off the gag without you screaming? She shakes her head back and forth in a no pattern and he then says, have things your way slut as he begins to fuck her even harder than before. He laughs as he slams into her, enjoying each and every stroke as he hears her gasps come from under the gag. He is enjoying his abouse of her body so much and wants her to give into him. He reaches up and grabs her be the throat, not hard enough to hurt her, just hard enough for her to notice and feel him taking complete control.

As he slams into her with his hand on her throat, he feels her pussy start to tighten around his cock. He knows all to well what is coming from his previous times of taking her body. He begins to fuck her even faster and harder as he tightens his grip on her neck ever so slightly. She can’t stop what is happening and before she knows what is happening, her orgasm is gushing all over him, her, the back of the couch and the floor. He smiles in approval and lets go of her throat when she has stopped errupting all over them. He slams into her a few more times and then pulls out of her. That is the reaction I was waiting for my slut. I own this body of yours and you can’t deny it slut.

Then he grabs her by her arms, sits her down on a kitchen chair and tells her, now that I have ownership of your body slut, I am taking the gag off of you and you will not scream, understand? She shakes her head yes and he removes the gag. He tells her open your mouth bitch and she opens it wide for him, knowing what he is going to do next. He takes his cock and shoves it into her mouth as far as it will go, making her gag and choke on his cock as it reaches her throat. Sliding down beşiktaş escort her throat and back out again. I love it when you gag on my big cock he tells her as he slides it back into he mouth and down her throat.

He now starts to fuck her mouth. She gags and chokes with each stroke he takes. He tells her, you are such a good cock sucking whore. I now see why I have missed you so much since the last visit I made to you slut. You are going to be a good slut for me, aren’t you bitch he says. All she can do is look up at him as he slams his cock in and out of her mouth. He is getting close to cumming and she can feel his cock throbbing inside of her mouth. She wants him to cum, so that he stops gagging her with his cock, but she doesn’t want him to cum, because she knows that he shoots big loads each time he cums and she is not ready to take a big load yet. But before she knows what is happening, he is shooting his load right down her throat. She tries to swallow with his cock in her throat, but it is hard to do and she has cum dripping out of her mouth onto her tits.

After he pulls out of her mouth, he scoops up the cum that she let drip out and feeds it to her from his fingers. He tells her to lick it all off like a good little slut. She does as she is told, not wanting to anger him. Then he puts the gag back into her mouth, then moves her from the chair into the bedroom. There he takes the ropes that he has around her wrists along with another piece that he had in his pants pocket and restrains her spread eagle to the bed. He notices the flogger she has hanging from her mirror and grabs it off the corner of the mirror. He starts out by lightly whipping her with the flogger over her breasts, down her stomach and on her now very moist pussy. He take time to whip her pussy, watching as it seems to get wetter with each stroke of the whip. She tries to squirm, but has no luck because of how tightly she is bound to the bed. He uses his open hand and smacks her pussy hard making her scream through the ball gag. He tells her, do not try to move again or I will give you more of the same slut.

Then he goes back to using the flogger on her once again. He has her tits and pussy quite red with the use of the flogger and he goes over to where he knows her toys are kept, opens the drawer and finds a riding crop laying right on top in the drawer. He looks over his shoulder at her and says, it seems that you have become quite the pain slut haven’t you? She shakes her head no and he laughs. I know you like the things I do to your body, you let me know with the moistness in your pussy, whore. You are so wet right now that I could fuck you hard and fast without any lube and I would slide in with ease. You are my fucking slut and you know it. From here on in, you will be with me and only me. I am moving in with you to assure you have no other cocks in my holes unless I order it. Then he takes the riding crop and begins to work his magic on her tits and pussy once again. Smacking her harder with the crop than he had done with the flogger, making her tits and pussy a very nice shade of red before he stops. When he looks at her face, he can see that there are tears welling nişantaşı escort in her eyes. He tells her, oh did I get a little rough with that body of mine. When she shakes her head yes, he just smiles wickedly and says good, that will teach you to forget about me like you did bitch.

Then he unties her legs, loosens the ties around her wrists so that he can lengthen them, tightens them back on her wrists and takes her by the ankles, pulls her down on the bed so that her feet are on the floor, flips her over onto her stomack and spreads her legs and reties them to each side of the bed. He now has her spread eagle over the end of the bed. He takes the riding crop and immidiately goes to work on her ass. As he is whipping her ass with the crop, he can see the juices flowing down her legs from her dripping pussy. She feels his hand stroke one of her legs and smack her on the ass while he says, you are such a nasty bitch getting off on my abuse of your body. Then you wonder why I am taking you as mine he says. Now that her ass is nice and red from the crop, he moves up behind her, grabs her by the hair, and slams his cock right into her dripping wet pussy. He leans over and whispers in her ear, you love how I make your body feel and respond to my use so just admit it to yourself.

Then he starts fucking her long and hard, making her feel each and every stroke of his cock as it slides in and out of her pussy. When he has had enough of her pussy, he pulls out, takes one hand and scoops some of the juice from her pussy and uses it to lube her ass, with his slick cock and her lubed ass, it takes him no time or effort to stick his cock all the way in her ass. He starts to slam his cock in and out of her tight hot ass. She can feel every stroke of his cock in her ass just as she could in her pussy. He slowly slides in and out making her want his cock farther in her ass. He can feel her ass contract and tighten around his cock and knows that she is reaching another orgasm very soon. He starts to fuck her harder and faster. With each stroke, he can feel her tighten even harder around his cock and suddenly he can feel her squirting all over their legs and onto the floor. He slams his cock into her a few more times before pulling out and moving over to her head, he pulls the gag out of her mouth, grabs her by the hair and shoves his cock all the way into her mouth with one stroke. He starts to fuck her face not caring that she is gagging and choking on his cock. Slamming in and out of her mouth he can’t help but shoot his load deep down her throat which makes her choke even more. He keeps his cock in her mouth to ensure that she swallows all of his load and doesn’t waste a drop. When she is finished gobbling up his cum, he then pulls out of her mouth and says, you are such a good little slut.

Then he unties her ankles and wrists, brings her into the bathroom where he turns on the shower and says, let me help you get cleaned up and ready for bed my little angel. All she wants to do is run and hide, but at the same time, she likes that fact that he has finally come back to claim what is truely his. He is the only one who has made her body respond the way he has and she knows deep down inside, that her body, mind and soul belong to him. He is her true Master.

They live as a true Master and slave for the rest of their lives. She sbmits completely to her one true Master.

The End!

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