Hospital Happy Ending


Hospital Happy EndingYou see all these ads on TV about heart attacks and wonder will it happen to you. You never know! I was having what I thought was a bit of indigestion so I decided to go to the local hospital and have them take a look at me. I usually would just take some antacid for something like that but I felt like this time I was passed that stage of treatment and needed a more in depth treatment. So I drove myself to the hospital and checked in. Once there I sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes and waited my turn. When they finally called me I went in, got on a gurney and gave the nurse the rundown of what was going on. She was a middle aged nurse, not too bad looking for her age and a very friendly gal. After taking my vitals and an EKG she informed me that she was calling in a Doctor to talk to me. When he arrived he told me that my basic vitals were good but that my EKG showed that I was having extremely bad cardiac problems and that they were going to admit me right away to the telemetry ward and call in a Cardiologist for a consult. I sure as hell wasn’t going to argue with them. After all, my family has a history of heart problems and though I had never had a problem I wasn’t going to argue with them. So, they shipped me up to a room and got me settled in and all hooked up with all the gadgets and wires.Since it was late afternoon they told me the cardiologist wouldn’t see me until early morning. And based on what he was told about my family history and the EKG report he ordered a procedure to be done in the morning. To prep me for this procedure it required they shave from my neck down to toes. I was a bit nervous when the nurse told me that and asked her why. She told me that in the surgery rooms they require that there be as little hair contamination as possible these days to insure the patient’s protection from infection. I have no medical knowledge so I was not going güvenilir bahis to argue. I just wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to be shaved and then knowing I was going to have stubble a few days later and knowing the itching I would experience. The nurse told me not to worry and that women do it every day and that men should be able to handle it.Later that evening, after dinner, two other nurses, LPN’s, came in and announced they were there to give me my “beauty treatment”. They were being cute about it and at least one of them was cute when she said it. The other was flat out homely as hell and didn’t even crack a smile. She kind of reminded me of the daughter from the TV show “The Adams family” … dead pan faced! Since my room was a single bed room we didn’t have to worry about privacy so all they did was close the door. After pulling off my covers and making me undress they had me get off the bed for a moment while they covered the bed with a sheet and then lay back down again on top of the new sheet. Then they simply started to shave me starting at my neck and working their way down, one nurse on each side. It felt weird getting my arm pits and arms shaved. Hell, they even shaved the back of my hands and knuckles. Why my knuckles? Oh well, at least I was enjoying the pampering. When they got down to my stomach it began to get to me. As they pulled to towel that was covering my junk I felt a little “violated” … but at the same time a little proud. At least the room wasn’t cold as I expected it might be. At least “the boys” were warm and hanging nice and low. And “Junior” was hanging nice and low right next to them. As the cute one, Carol, got down to my thigh the homely one, Fran, was still working on my stomach area above my pubic area. Carol, without saying a word simply grabbed “Junior”, lifted him up with one hand and using the other hand moved my legs apart so she could bahis firmaları shave my inner thigh. While she shaved my inner thigh up close to my balls with one hand she was still holding Junior. Of course he started to firm up a bit in her hand. I looked at her while he did and she glimpsed at him then me and grinned then went back to her task. Then as she got closer to my balls she let go of him and pushed my balls up out of the way. After she finished with my balls she went down my legs and finished doing them. All this time I never realized that Fran was working the other side of me and also did my inner thighs. But she skipped Junior and the “the boys” and went right down to my legs. As Carol finished my legs the head nurse comes to the room, opens the door and asks Carol to assist her in another room. She asked Fran if she could finish up and Fran said she could so Carol heads out the open door. I though GREAT! I get the homely one who didn’t’ do anything.So Fran continues doing my legs. Then she has me flip over so she can do my back. My back is fairly clean of any hair except a little on my lower back and ass so she didn’t spend too much time there. After she was done she had me flip back over again and told me she wanted to double check the work. Looking me over she said she noticed she missed an area. Before she starts she goes over and closes the door Carol left open. Laying there with my eyes closed not knowing what to expect I suddenly feel her hands just above my pubic area again. She is shaving the area she already shaved but is now going further down towards Junior and her free hand is pulling the skin taut so she can get all the hair. She pulls my one leg outwards almost to the point that my foot is at the edge of the bed and begins shaving the inside of my thighs right up against my balls. She gently grabs my balls and softly pushes them up against my cock as she slowly canlı bahis siteleri shaves almost like she is watching one hair at a time being shaved. All this time she and Carol have been dry shaving me. But now I hear the familiar sound of a can of shaving cream as she applies some around my balls. Even though it isn’t hot it feels warm from her hands as she gently rubs it over my balls and around my thigh. One again she shaves the area. I can tell by the gliding of the razor that now it is really smooth. As she goes over my scrotum I tense up a bit worried she might knick me but she does a great job and manages to shave me without one knick. Moving to the other side she does the same treatment to my other thigh and the upper pubic area. Then she tells me that I also have some small hairs on my shaft and she’ll have to shave them as well. I just shake my head and mumble out a “uh-huh”. My half hard cock doesn’t take much coaxing to get harder as she raps her hand filled with shaving lather in it around it and stroked it a few times. She says to me it is better that it is hard saying she can get all the hairs that way and begins to shave it.As she shaves it I not only feel a bit of chill going through me like someone holding a knife to your throat but also an exhilarating thrill as her free hand strokes my cock feeling for hairs to cut. As she finishes the shaving she says she wants to make sure that she has all the hairs gone and that she’ll use more lather to make sure they’re all gone. Applying more lather she begins stroking my cock. With just a few strokes my cock is stiff as steel and it doesn’t take too long before I am spewing a fantastic load of cum all over her hand and my stomach.Fran takes the time to not only clean me up but also to re-dress me and remake my bed for the evening. The funny thing is all this time I had my telemetry monitor on and it never sent any warnings. And the next morning I went for the test and passed with flying colors. The Doctor told me that my heart was just fine and that I probably just had an anxiety attack and needed some rest.I did itch like a son-of-a-bitch for a few weeks after!

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